Justin Timberlakes new play was an outright success. Everyone wanted to congratulate the handsome 21 year old. The aftershow party was in full swing, plenty of back slapping, loads of kissing, and the champagne was flowing like water. The playwright was shining like a star. He tossed his golden curls in glee, his azure eyes flashed and his grin could have lit up New York as he received praise from critics and normal people the same. A huge cheer went up as he leaned over and cut the celebration cake. Everyone started talking at once, His best friend Trace cracked a joke causing him to cough up pieces of soggy sponge over the brunette standing staring adoringly at him as he burst into fits of laughter.

He felt him long before he saw him, people around him suddenly went silent and parted like the red sea as the old man hobbled shakily towards him. Justin turned around coming face to face with the elderly gentleman. Their eyes met and Justin found himself staring into steel blue eyes that shone much younger than they really were. The old man took Justin’s hand and pressed a beautifully carved gold pocket watch into his palm. He cupped both his ancient hands over those of the young writer “Come back to me.” he whispered his eyes filled with tears as he saw the confusion in Justin’s eyes.

“Please, come back to me.” he whispered again. Then he turned and left.

“Who was that Justin?”

The blond haired man watched as the old man walked painfully slowly out of the hall.

“I don’t know.”

He opened his hand and examined the timepiece.

“Wow” Trace gasped “That’s like really old man.”

Justin clutched it tightly and wondered who the old man was and why did he give him such a precious thing.

The old man climbed into the black stretch limousine waiting outside the theatre for him.

“Home sir” The driver inquired.

The old man just nodded and stared wistfully out the window. The car pulled up outside the Grand Hotel and the old man made his way to his rooms. His nurse smiled brightly at him as he entered.

“Did you have a good time sir?”

The old man just smiled and went into his bedroom. He walked over to a music box and opened it. He stared out the window watching the rain fall as a beautiful melody filled the air.