Part 1

The house stood in its own grounds. Standing in front of the four apexed building you could easily forget you were in Los Angeles. It seemed that it would be more at home in the British countryside even the trees that lined the large oval drive had been picked to resemble an old English garden. In contrast the rear garden of the house was like you would expect to find at a villa on the Costa del Sol. The Californian sun shone down on the pool making the water shimmer. The surface rippled and dark curls broke out into the sunshine. The man heaved his lean body out of the water and padded over to a white plastic lounger and draped his nude form over it. One of the other delights of the house was it was set in its own grounds, completely secluded from prying eyes. The man leaned back on his towel and sighed contentedly, his eyes closed.

Another man watched from the bedroom window, Justin’s cock twitched with anticipation. He pulled on his shorts and almost ran down the stairs in his eagerness to reach his lover. His mouth watered as he reached the brunette reclining naked in the sun, he gave a tiny smile. His lovers breathing was even and unhurried, he was sleeping. Justin dropped his shorts and stepped out of them, kicking them under the recliner. Then he dropped down to his knees and leaned forward, gently blowing across his lovers cock. The brunette sighed softly and reached down and adjusted himself in his sleep before throwing his arm back above his head. Justin chuckled and lowered his mouth over the semi-hard member, engulfing the sleeping man completely.

JC woke with a start, his hips pinned down to the plastic seat and his lover sucking his cock as if his life depended on it. His shock made way into ecstasy as Justin's talented tongue did things to his dick that tongues really shouldn’t be able to do.

“Justin,” he groaned. “Stop, I’m going to cum.”

Justin smiled around JC’s swollen cock and doubled his efforts, holding his lover down firmly and not giving him an inch to squirm away. With an almost silent whimper JC came and collapsed back panting in exhausted pleasure.

“Hello sleepy head,” Justin purred as he looked up mischievously at his limp lover.

“Hi,” JC sighed back. “That was some wake up call baby. If only you could patent it, we’d be rich after a day of sales.”

Justin chuckled and crawled onto the lounger next to his lover, pressing his body the length of his. He leaned in lovingly kissing his lips. “It only works for you sugar. No other dick will ever pass these lips.”

JC cradled Justin's face in the palm of his hand. “Glad to hear it,” he whispered as he closed the gap between their mouths. “Oww, you’re poking me baby. Maybe I should take care of that for you.” JC trailed his fingertips over Justin's hard on.

“Roll over,” Justin whispered.

“Here?” JC asked innocently already turning onto his side.

“Here,” Justin clarified. He reached over to where JC’s sun oil was resting on the table and squirted a liberal handful into his palm. “I’m going to make you feel so good sugar,” he mewed as he smeared the oil over his solid length and used the surplus to tenderly stretch JC’s tight opening. The brunette lifted himself unconsciously to make it easier for his life partner to gain access to his heat. He groaned and wriggled back on the probing digits, whimpering softly as his prostate was grazed.

“You like that sugar?” Justin mewed. He leaned down and dragged his tongue from the crack of JC’s ass to just between his shoulder blades. The brunette’s skin seemed to sizzle making the willowy man rear up and cry softly with pleasure.

Justin straddled him and rubbed his cock between the peach of his ass, sliding inside him effortlessly. JC’s muscles clamped down on him hard forcing him to groan from the scolding hotness sucking him deeper and deeper. Justin came hard and sagged over his lovers body totally spent.

“I love you,” he breathed into JC’s ear. “Thank you for taking the chance, for choosing to be with me.”

The men’s fingers laced together and JC wriggled over so that he was chest to chest with the younger man. “I should thank you. I can’t believe how long I denied what I am. If it hadn’t been for you I’d still be living in confusion and fear. I’d still be alone. Don’t ever leave me alone Justin, I don’t think I could ….”

“I’m not going to leave you, why would you think that?” Justin looked JC in the eye and smoothed his hair back from his face.

JC exhaled. “I don’t know, I just have this feeling, you know. I’m just so happy and whenever I’m happy something always has to spoil it.”

Justin leaned over JC and kissed him, pecking his lips then kissing him again deeper this time, tempting the older man to part his lips and give access to his tongue. “Nothing,” Justin whispered. “Nothing is going to ever come between me and you. You’re stuck with me for the rest of our lives.”

The phone ringing interrupted Justin; he grinned and kissed JC once more. “I’ll get that. I’m expecting Trace to call about the party. Did you speak to Joe yet?”

“Shit! What’s the time? I was meant to meet him at 2.” JC jumped up and struggled to pull his towel from under Justin. When Justin refused to move JC gave up and ran back into the house still naked.

Justin watched him go, his eyes feasting on his ass as he answered his phone. “Yo bro, how’s it hanging?” Justin listened to his friend on the other end of the phone, nodding his agreement before voicing it. He hung up and checked his watch, it was ten after two. JC was already late, what would a few more minutes make? Smiling to himself Justin got up and followed his lover into the house.

Justin slouched back on the bed his legs outstretched and his ankles crossed waiting for his older lover to come out of the shower. JC had called Joey and cancelled their arrangements and reschedule for that evening. The brunette came out of the bathroom and blushed at Justin's blatant gaze.

“Come to bed,” Justin whispered huskily as he patted the mattress next to him.

“Jesus Justin! What did your momma put in your food when you were growing up, Viagra?”

The younger man laughed and sat up letting his legs open so that his hard cock was in full view. “Come to bed baby; let me taste that sugar I know you are hiding.”

JC sniggered and flicked his towel at his lover. “You are insatiable you know that? I don’t have time sweets. I have an appointment with the caterer in an hour.”

“It won’t take an hour; I’ll have you begging in five minutes flat.” Justin grabbed out at JC’s wrist, capturing it in his strong grip and pulling the slim man down on top of him. Deftly he twisted his body, pinned him to the bed and licked up the side of his face before smothering his lips with his own.

JC struggled, trying to twist his much stronger partner off of him. “Come on Justin, I just had a shower.”

Justin nuzzled their noses together; pecking softly at JC’s moist pouting mouth. “So take another shower,” he cooed amorously. He licked at JC’s lips tempting him to let them part and give him access to the sweet cavern of his mouth. Justin ground his hips into JC’s, ensuring he had his lovers naked cock trapped against his own.

The older man whimpered then let out a deeper more guttural groan, wrapping his legs around Justin's waist. “Fuck me,” he growled. “Don’t tease me. Sink your cock into my ass now.”

Justin chuckled and held JC down, shifting his weight so that their genitals were no longer grinding against each other. “Oh no baby, not yet, you’re not begging yet.”

Expertly Justin transferred his grip so that he was holding JC down with just on hand and let his free hand trail down his chest to his groin. He wrapped his fingers around JC’s shaft, jerking him painfully slowly while his mouth explored his chin and throat. He rubbed his thumb over JC’s leaking slit smoothing his pre-cum over the bulbous head. The slender man whimpered as Justin's hand slipped lower, cupping and rolling his balls before travelling even further back. In one swift movement Justin released JC’s hands and scooped up his legs, rolling him almost double and plunged his face between the cheeks of his ass. Taken by surprise JC could do little more than fist his lover’s hair, gasping as Justin's tongue delved deep inside the musky depths of his opening.

JC whimpered and mewed as his lover pushed him closer and closer to climax. “Now,” JC begged “fuck me now you bastard.” He arched up as his cock was stroked in unison of the tongue fucking he was receiving. With a pained cry the brunette came, whimpering and thrusting into Justin's hand. He collapsed back, spent of all strength, panting.

Justin wriggled his body between JC’s legs and plunged into his soaked anus. JC reared up as again he was taken by surprise, his arms encircling Justin's neck and his face buried against his throat. Justin pounded into him, not giving him a chance to breathe. Justin's mouth sought out and found JC’s lips. “I love you,” he gasped, breathing the words into JC’s mouth as he came.

An hour later they still lay wrapped around each other. Justin kissed JC’s forehead gently, tenderly rousing the sleeping man. “Wake up sleepy head.”

JC yawned and blinked in the dimmed light of the bedroom. He caught sight of the clock from the corner of his eye and jumped out of bed swearing. “Shit Justin, you let me over sleep. You know I had a meeting with the caterers. Now I missed it. Fuck!”

“Its ok sugar, I sorted everything out. You looked so beautiful and peaceful; I just didn’t want to disturb you so I went ahead and Ok’d the menu.”

“Damn it baby. I always manage to fuck it up don’t I?” JC let his head drop into his hands.

“You didn’t fuck it up sweets. I raped you remember? I could have woken you up but I didn’t. I wanted you rested that way I can ravish you again tonight.”

JC lifted his head and met his lover’s eyes. He chewed his lip for a second then his face split into a massive grin. “Is that all you ever think about?”

“Yes,” Justin answered seriously. “You really fail to realise just how fucking gorgeous your skinny ass is and how horny it gets me.”

JC blushed and leaned forward kissing Justin deeply. “I have a present for you.”

Justin grinned, “Really, again?”

JC slapped him playfully. “Not that. You are so bad. No this is something special.”

Justin peered over JC’s back at his ass. “Yep it’s pretty damn special from what I can see.”

“Justin!” JC got out of bed and went over to his sweater drawer; he rummaged around for a minute or two then pulled out an envelope, grinning all over his face. He handed it to his intrigued lover. “Happy anniversary Justin.”

Justin carefully opened the package, inside were two tickets. Justin read the destination, gasping. “LONDON! Baby you bought us tickets to London.”

JC blushed and ducked his head. “Well I knew how much you wanted to see Big Ben and Tower Bridge and I know how much you wanted to go shopping in Harrods and eat lunch on the Champs Elysees.”

Justin grabbed his lover and hugged him tight then confused he held him at arms length. “Wait a minute, the Champs Elysees is in Paris not London.”

JC grinned and rolled his eyes. “Well it’s just as well that I arranged a stop over in France then isn’t it?”

Justin screamed. “Oh my god JC you’re taking me to Paris!”

The brunette giggled as he was pushed back, pinned onto the bed and his body straddled. “You really bought me tickets to London and Paris,” Justin gushed still slightly in shock. “I love you so much baby.” He leaned down and captured JC’s mouth, sucking his plump bottom lip into his mouth. “You know I have to fuck you now don’t you?” Justin breathed.

Their eyes met. “Yes please,” JC whispered and closed his eyes, lifting up so that Justin could reach his lips once more.