Part 9

Joey and JC had joined him in a heartbeat, following him out to the cars. Joe had opened his phone and was talking in urgent low tones to whom Josh presumed was his police officer brother.

“Ok, Steve is going to talk to his boss and get a warrant to search Trace’s house he will meet us there. He doesn’t want us to do anything until he gets there.” Joey got into the back of the car leaving the front seat free for Josh.

“What if he has already killed …” JC started to ask

“He hasn’t. Justin was killed the morning they found him. They told me he hadn’t been dead long. We’re going to save him JC. You have to believe that.” Josh interrupted.

JC nodded and let the older version of himself hug him. He gave a small ironic laugh. Josh pulled back to look at him confusion written over his face.

JC gave him a half-hearted smile. “It just felt weird. Like I was wrapping my arms around myself. Feels safe.”

Joe placed a hand on JC’s shoulder. “JC we have to go, now.”

JC nodded knowingly and started the car. “I think you had better drive Joe,” he whispered softly and held out his hand to demonstrate how badly he was shaking.

“It’s no problem babes,” Joey said reassuringly as he switched places with his friend. “It’s no problem at all.”

Justin tensed his muscles against the course rope that bound him then let them relax again. He had been repeating the action over and over since Trace had left him alone in the dark, damp of the unused basement. He was hoping the action would loosen his restraints but so far it hadn’t done any good. His mouth was dry and his jaw ached from where the gag was holding it open. Justin shifted in the darkness and tried to ease the pressure on his hands. Tied as he was, the whole of his weight was pressing down on his arms and he had lost feeling in his fingers a long time ago.

He didn’t understand what was happening. Trace was meant to his best friend, someone he could trust. How could this have happened? How could he not have known the intense feelings that were hidden away? How could he not have seen the jealousy that was brimming under the surface of the usually cool and laid back man that he had know since childhood? Justin had always known that Trace didn’t approve of JC and that he thought the slender pale man was using him but Justin knew he wasn’t and had tried very hard to convince his best friend that JC was just a simple good hearted boy that desperately needed love and security, something that Justin had in abundance to give.

He wondered what the time was; would JC be wearing his suit by now, chewing his nails nervously as he waited for him to go get him. He’d be worried and frightened that he hadn’t arrived. Justin squeezed his eyes tightly shut in an attempt to push away the image of his beautiful lover pacing up and down, his phone pressed to his ear as he called everyone he knew looking for him. JC would be crying. It hurt Justin so much to think of his lover crying. Joey would be there, JC and Joe had been friends since high school, he would be telling him not to worry and that Justin was just held up and would be there soon. Only he wouldn’t be.

The lock rattling shook Justin from his thoughts and he winced as the basement lights flicked on.

Justin scowled at Trace as he walked slowly down the stairs one step at a time. His former best friend had obviously been drinking and was dressed in the suit he had picked for him to wear as his best man. His shirt collar was undone and his bow tie was hanging loosely around his neck.

“Comfortable?” Trace asked. Then he sniggered drunkenly. “Too bad if you’re not.” The inebriated man sat down sloppily on a pile of discarded linen and slipped sideways giggling. Justin glared at him, willing his bonds to fall away so he could wipe that smug victorious look off his face.

“Been to see JC,” Trace divulged in a whisper. “He’s very upset. He thinks you’ve run out on him.” Trace laughed nastily. “Of course he only thinks that because I planted the idea in his head. He looks pathetic when he cries.”

Justin screamed into his gag and tried to lunge at his former friend. Trace fell back giggling. “Hit a raw spot did I Jay. Don’t worry the little shit will soon get over you especially when I start playing with his emotions, maybe I’ll even sleep with him, you know a comfort fuck.”

Justin's heart sunk. Not only did Trace intend not to let him go any time soon he intended to seduce his sweet trusting JC as well.

Trace moved drunkenly closer to Justin and dragged his finger over the bound mans chest till they hovered over the fastening of Justin's jeans. “I always wondered you know what you felt like … you know your dick.” Trace un-popped the studs of Justin's 501’s and slipped his hand inside. Justin whimpered and tried to pull away but his captor tightened his grip on his genitals groping and rolling his balls before jerking his cock slowly. Trace giggled insanely. “I knew you’d like it,” Trace muttered into Justin's ear. “You’re getting hard.”

The bound man flushed bright red, wanting to scream ‘it’s a dick touch it, it hardens. It means nothing.’

Justin scream was muffled as his jeans were pulled down and he was flipped onto his belly. He began shaking his head whimpering pleadingly as Trace straddled him. “I bet it feels so good inside you,” he whispered in Justin's ear. He licked the outer shell then dipped his tongue inside, chuckling as Justin shuddered beneath him. “Gonna fuck you now,” he purred. Justin shook his head frantically and tried to wriggle free but with no leverage he stood no chance.

He screamed again as his anus was invaded roughly. As a serial top he hadn’t been penetrated more than a couple of times in his life and never in the two years he had been with JC. He felt himself split and the warm sensation of blood running down his legs but Trace didn’t seem to notice, either that or he just didn’t care. Justin forced himself to think of other things of JC spread out and naked under him. “JC,” he whispered in his mind. “JC I love you, I’ll always love you. My beautiful boy, my beautiful, beautiful boy.

Justin was suddenly pinned to the floor as Trace come inside him and slumped down on top of him. Before long his soft snores filled the silence of the basement and Justin finally let the tears he had been holding back fall.

Justin struggled to breathe as Trace’s weight squeezed the breath out of his lungs. Was this it? Was he going to die, crushed to death by a drunken rapist? Trace grunted and rolled off him, swearing as he hit the cold stone floor. He clambered to his feet and staggered towards the stairs. He paused turning back and kicking Justin in the gut to get his attention.

“I’ll be back in a bit. I need a piss and a drink. Maybe I’ll give JC a call, ask him if he has heard from you yet.”

Justin grunted in protest.

“You’d love to get your hands on me wouldn’t you? Well bad luck.” Trace squatted next to his restrained friend. “You know I thought I loved you but now I’ve fucked you …. You’re nothing special. I’m going to have to kill you eventually, you know that don’t you? I wonder what JC will look like all in black, tear stained and pale as he drops a rose on your coffin. He’ll need someone to comfort him and who better than his dead lover’s best friend.” Trace sniggered as Justin began thrashing about, howling into the thick wadding that was secured in his mouth.

“Shut the fuck up,” Trace snapped. He slapped Justin violently across the face. He stood back up and left leaving Justin with the burning imprint of his hand on his cheek.

Joey pulled up just down the road from Trace’s house and turned off the engine.

“Now what?” JC asked his voice trembling with anticipation.

Joe scanned the street. “Steve isn’t here yet, he said to wait.”

Josh got out the car and stared at the white building that was imprisoning his lover. He took a step in its direction only to be pulled back by Joe. “I said we wait Josh.”

The older JC shook his head. “I can’t wait Joe.” He turned and faced the bearded man and spoke in low tone s so that only Joe could hear him. “I know what he did to him … is doing to him. I can’t stand idly by and not do anything. I don’t have the time. In just under an hour I’ll be gone from here and I need to be here. I need to see that Justin is safe.” Josh gave JC a sly look seeing that his younger self was also staring at the house. “Keep him here Joe. I’m going in; I’ll distract Trace until your brother arrives.”

Joe grasped Josh’s hand, squeezing it in undying friendship. “Be careful.”

Josh grinned confidently hiding the trepidation he was really feeling. Taking a deep breath he started towards the house. Behind him he could hear JC protesting but didn’t have to turn around to know that Joey had a firm grip around his waist so that he couldn’t follow.

As he reached the door he began to have second thoughts and started to back away, planning to go back to where Joe and JC were waiting. His eyes wandered to the garage, the door was slightly ajar. Curiously he moved closer, peering through the slight crack. He swallowed, his breath catching in his throat as he made out the sophisticated lines of Justin's BMW. Calming himself and with a renewed determination he strode up to the dark oak door and rang the bell.