JC walked down the row of chairs that his friends and Justin's family occupied. His dark suit pressed and his ivory shirt crisp. He stopped under the altar that was decorated in pale pink flowers and turned to face his lover. Justin smiled and straightened JC’s pink bow tie making the older man pull a face. Taking JC’s hand in his they turned to face the pastor.

The ceremony was simple and short but was the most meaningful thing either man had ever experienced. During the wedding party they gazed at each other longingly across the crowded marques knowing that until their guests had left they couldn’t be together in the way they wanted to. When the last person had left Justin grabbed his husband’s hand and dragged him giggling up to the bedroom, throwing him on the bed and diving on top of him.

They kissed sweetly, both men sinking into each other grasping each other tightly their eyes squeezed shut, not wanting to let go just in case it was a dream and when they opened them again they were both alone.

Without a word spoken they made love, entwining their naked bodies around each other, exploring with their mouths and tongues, shivering with desire for each other.

“I love you,” JC breathed as Justin slipped inside him. The rest of his words were cut off by Justin's mouth and the next sounds to pass his lips were his cries of ecstasy as he came.

Justin propped himself up on his elbow and traced patterns on JC’s sweat covered skin with his fingers. “I’m sorry you had to wait another year for your special day but until I saw Trace put away forever I just couldn’t…. ”

JC looked up smiling. He caressed Justin's jaw line and then placed his finger over Justin's lips, silencing him. “I would wait forever for you Justin. You had to heal; no one knows more than I do how long that takes. I love you. I’m just so happy that we have each other, it could have ended up so differently.”

“I still don’t understand what happened to Josh. I never saw him leave. One minute he was there and then he was gone.”

JC lifted his lips tempting Justin to kiss him again. “Josh had to go home but he said you would see him again one day.”

Justin sighed. “But who was he really? No one really seems to know and how did he know what was going to happen?”

JC chuckled softly. “Don’t ask too many questions baby. When the time is right you will understand. Now make love to me again. I have waited a long time for this.”

Justin stared down at his young husband slightly confused, shrugged and decided to oblige his demands, very happy he was still alive to do so.

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