Part 3

JC lie pulling at the metal restraints that encircled his wrists till they were sore, resignedly he sagged back against the softness of the bed. It had been a long time since he actually had slept indoors and now was finding it hard to keep his eyes open, despite the painful gnawing in his belly that reminded him that he hadn’t eaten in days. His ass cheek burned from where Justin had etched his name into his flesh and JC rolled onto his side in an attempt to take the pressure off the tender spot.

He strained to hear the lowered voices on the far side of the door, listening to their low rumbling laughter and exclamations of appreciation. His eyes grew heavy and closed, within minutes he was sleeping. His hands were fastened above his head but still he was more comfortable than he had been in a long time.

Justin opened the door to his bedroom quietly and the light behind him bathed over the smooth white skin of the naked teen cuffed to the bed. He slipped onto the mattress so gently that it didn’t even indent. He studied his blank canvas. JC had rolled almost on to his stomach and was displaying a beautiful expanse of unmarred flesh. Justin’s fingers travelled lightly down the ridged spine, counting the vertebrae. He gave in to the temptation to chase the trail with his tongue and began to lick lovingly at soft skin, savouring the taste of the lovely creature displayed for his eyes alone.

His fingers found the edge of the tape holding the small protective piece of cloth over the fresh black tattoo and he peeled it back carefully, revealing the legend he had carved so lovingly into JC’s ass. ‘Property of Tennessee Fatone’, rolling off the bed Justin padded into the bathroom and soaked a nylon buffer with soap and water. He took it back to where JC still lie sleeping and carefully washed the new tattoo, patting it dry. It was only when he had finished he noticed the scared blue eyes watching his every move.

“I didn’t mean to wake you JC. I just wanted to clean your wound.” Justin picked up a pot of Vaseline and smeared more over the now clean tattoo. “Go back to sleep.”

“Could I have a sip of water please?” JC’s voice shook as he begged for a drink. He had been in the hands of the mob all day and had been given nothing to eat or drink during that time. As if to betray him his stomach let lout a large growl as it protested at the lack of food.

“Are you hungry?” Justin asked kindly.

JC nodded, his eyes turned away from his captor in shame. “I haven’t eaten in a few days.” Feeling he had to explain his actions he continued. “I don’t steal because I want to. I need to survive. No one would give me a job. I don’t have family or friends. I’m alone, completely alone. If I don’t feed me who will?” he paused sighing softly. “I didn’t mean to work your brothers patch, I only ever took a few dollars, just enough to buy some bread and sometimes some cheese. I’m not a bad person.”

Justin caressed JC’s cheek, brushing away the brunette curls that stuck to his face.

“Bad person or not JC, you belong to me now. Don’t fight me. I can be lavish with my love and gifts, but cross me and I can be just as lavish with my punishments.”

The older man leaned down claiming JC’s mouth as his once more, licking at the plush cushions of JC’s lips until the teen groaned and let them part, granting access to his tongue. Justin controlled the brunette with ease, moving from mouth to neck, from throat to ear then back to brutalise JC’s mouth once more.

“Open your legs,” Justin whispered as his lips brushed the shell of JC‘s ear once more. He frowned when the teen didn‘t comply. He lifted up and looked down, twisting JC‘s face so that he was forced to look into his eyes. “Open your legs JC,” he said again, this time his tone was harsher, more sinister.

Again JC failed to respond. Justin sighed, shaking his head with disappointment. He stood up slowly and made a show of pulling his belt from the belt-loops of his pants, doubling it in his hands.

JC yelped and quickly spread his legs wide. It was all Justin could do to stop from laughing; instead he controlled himself enough to trail the thick leather over JC’s genitals.

“Tell me why I shouldn’t teach you a lesson in obedience my dearest.” Justin brought the belt down lightly on JC’s cock and balls making him jump with the sudden stinging of the leather.

“I’m a virgin!”

Justin sat down on the bed next to the cuffed boy, dropping the belt to the floor. He reached between JC’s legs, caressing his ball sack. “A virgin. You’ve never had sex? Not even with a woman?” Justin was intrigued; he had been laid by the time he was 14 by a woman Joey had set him up with. It was only a year later that he discovered the pleasures of male flesh.

JC shook his head, his breathing increasing with every touch of Justin’s hand against his balls. “Never touched, not by anyone? That’s wonderful baby. Then I must be the first to do this to you?” Justin simultaneously squeezed JC’s balls and pulled on his cock, making the younger man gasp and twist away. Another sharp pull to JC’s penis had him lying on his back once more. “Spread them JC. I won’t ask you again.”

Shaking JC spread his legs once more, closing his eyes as Justin’s fingers worked between his cheeks and rubbed softly over his opening. “Relax baby. Tense up and it will hurt more.” He pressed his middle finger against the tight ring of muscle, till it was sunk inside JC’s body up to his knuckle. He pulled it out again then pressed it back in, deeper this time making JC whimper as he pressed his prostate. Justin withdrew his finger and then replaced it with two, veeing and stretching at his anus, preparing him for future penetration.

“No more - please.” The barely breathed plea fell on deaf ears as Justin probed deeper and deeper. He stroked JC’s prostate and sending tantalising shockwaves of pleasure through his slender frame.

“Cum for me baby,” Justin whispered as shudders consumed the chained man laid out before him. He smiled satisfied as JC toppled over the edge, coming all over his belly. He lifted JC’s head and crushed his lips beneath his mouth once more. “I’m not going to fuck you, not yet.” Justin opened JC’s mouth by squeezing his jaw then scooped some of the cum that coated JC’s chest up onto his finger. “Have you tasted cum JC?” he asked as he rubbed the fluid over the brunettes tongue, following through with another hard kiss.

JC gagged. “Throw up and I’ll feed you more.” Justin stroked JC’s face. “Lets both get some sleep and in the morning if you give me your word that you will behave I’ll take you out with me instead of leaving you chained to the bed all alone.” Justin kissed the brunettes forehead. “I like you JC. I want us to be friends, lovers even. Go to sleep.”

Justin climbed into the bed next to the younger man and switched off the light, then he pulled the covers over them both as he snuggled in to JC’s body. The cuffed teen lay silently listening to the older mans breathing.

“Goodnight,” he whispered, and in the darkness Justin smiled.


JC shivered as he woke up. His arms were aching and his hands were frozen. He moaned softly as he shifted positions, brushing his tender tattoo against the bed sheet.

“Good morning.”

JC tried to focus his eyes on the shape lying next to him, the same shape that was now fondling him intimately.

“I said good morning JC.” Justin squeezed his cock just a little harder.

“Good morning sir,” JC’s throat was dry and still croaky with sleep. He still hadn’t been able to focus on the man lying next to him.

Justin grinned lazily and rubbed his thumb over JC’s slit. “How did you sleep?”

“My hands are cold.”

Justin left off from his intimate ministrations of JC’s genitals and reached up cupping the brunette’s hands in his. “They are, aren’t they?” He rubbed them furiously getting the circulation flowing once more. “Is that better?”

JC nodded slowly, it wasn’t really that much better but at least now he could feel his fingers again.

“Turn on to your belly baby.” As the older man helped his prisoner roll over he stroked his hand down his spine. “You have a lovely back baby, its flawless.” Justin leaned down and kissed it tenderly. “Open your legs for me baby.”

JC bit his lip and spread his legs as wide as he could, shuddering when Justin’s fingers traced over the recent tattoo. He released a soft whimper as strong forceful fingers probed between his ass cheeks and rubbed his hole before sinking in deeply. “Relax baby, I meant what I said last night. I won’t fuck you, not yet.” Justin added another finger, forcing JC’s ass hole open wider.

JC moaned and writhed against the intrusion inside his body. It felt so good and so bad at the same time. Stars burst behind his eyelids as Justin assaulted his sweet spot over and over. His face burned with humiliation as he come suddenly drenching the sheet beneath him in his cum. His abuser laughed softly and continued to delve inside the hot chasm, forcing JC to grind into the sticky mess.

“Do you want me to stop baby?”

JC gasped, “yes - stop, please stop.”

Justin’s lips brushed the shell of JC’s ear. “What will I get if I do?” he rasped sexily.

JC groaned and tried to wriggle away from the fingers that were intent on digging their way all the way up to his chest. “Anything,” was JC’s breathy reply. “You can have anything.”

The fingers pulled out and all of a sudden JC felt empty, more empty than he could ever imagine. Before he could gather his wits about him Justin’s fingers were in his mouth, the same fingers that had fucked him to climax were now rubbing over his tongue, making him taste himself.

Justin’s licked his lips as JC sucked on his fingers. “I want you to suck something else.”

The brunettes eyes widened and for exactly five seconds looked to Justin as if he might cry again. His bright blue eyes drifted down to Justin’s huge erection a slight look of panic marring his otherwise perfect features.

The mafia man released JC’s hands and re-cuffed them behind his back and lifted him to floor, dropping him to his knees. Justin then sat on the side of the bed pulling JC between his splayed legs and guided JC onto his cock. He let out a deep sigh as he was engulfed in the hot wetness of JC’s mouth.

“That’s so good baby.” The younger man’s tongue pressed against the underside of Justin’s shaft, rubbing against it as his head bobbed up and down. He deep throated and then pulled back playing his tongue inside of the heavily leaking slit.

Justin moaned. “Ohhh baby, suck it hard, yeah like that.” Justin groaned and come in JC’s throat. He pulled JC’s head back forcing him to swallow. He fell back on the bed and ran his fingers through his hair. “That was incredible.” He sat bolt upright and looked down at the teenager that was still on the floor. “Do you want to come with me today?”

JC looked up considering his options. Justin smiled and caressed his cheek. “If you stay here, you stay alone and cuffed to the bed. If you come with me I won’t cuff you, but you have to promise that you won’t try to run away. I don’t want to have to send Mr. Kirkpatrick and Mississippi after you.”

JC gnawed his lip. “I’ll do whatever you tell me to. Just - I don’t want to work for your brother. I don’t want to be a whore.” He lowered his head and composed himself before looking up to meet Justin’s eyes once more. “I’ll be to you whatever you want me to be,” he whispered softly.

Justin seized JC by his ears and pulled him up so his could smash his lips over his mouth, forcing his tongue deep into JC’s throat. “I’m glad. I care for you Jace. You belong to me now.”

There was a knock at the door and a small cough. “Mississippi, come in.” Justin grinned bashfully at his friend and bodyguard as he stood up and walked over to the bathroom. “Unlock his wrists will you and give him some clothes. He’s coming with us today.”

Lance frowned, “Is that a good idea? You have family business today.”

“JC is family now, he gave me his word that I won’t regret trusting him.” Justin poked his head out of the bathroom, toothpaste around his mouth. “While I think of it I want to start his back tonight.”

JC made a tiny noise of protest and drew his knees up to his chest. Justin scowled slightly and JC blanched under his glare. “Sorry,” he muttered, “Needles frighten me.” He hesitated wanting to ask what exactly was he intending to do to his back but unsure if he would annoy Justin if he did so.

“Get dressed,” Lance snapped as he threw the clothes that he had been dressed in the night before at him.

Justin wrapped his arm around JC’s waist as they walked into the restaurant. The rich smell of pasta and cheese hung in the air, reminding JC that he still hadn’t eaten anything. His stomach rumbled and he ducked his head, his face flaming with embarrassment.

“Why don’t you sit down baby?” Justin pulled out a chair and guided JC into it. He snapped his fingers and a waiter came running over. “Let him have anything he wants off the menu,” he instructed the thirty something man who was fingering his notebook nervously. He knew who Justin was and knew that even though the man was almost twenty years younger, he was expected to show the up most respect.

Justin turned his attention back to the object of his current obsession. “Do I have to cuff you to the chair or will you stay put?”

Joe Fatone chose that moment to walk into the restaurant, Chris Kirkpatrick a step behind him. The dark haired hit man grinned sinisterly. JC shuddered “I’ll stay,” he said sincerely.

Justin kissed him and winked. He turned to the waiting waiter, “don’t forget anything he wants. He’s my guest respect him.” He ruffled JC’s hair then followed Joey and Chris up the steps into the back room, Lance close on his heels.

“I see you still have the sneak thief with you. Good I want to put him to work tonight.” Joey poured himself a drink then handed the bottle to his younger brother.

“I want to talk to you about that Joe. I wanna keep him.”

Joey raised an eyebrow. “Keep him! Why?” he asked.

“Because he’s beautiful, and regardless of the fact he’s a thief he’s an innocent. He only stole because he was hungry.” Justin took a swig of the scotch he held in his hand.

Chris chuckled softly from the corner of the room. “Of course all this is irrelevant cus the little fuck has probably had it away on his toes by now.” His eyes gleamed nastily as he took a drag of his cigarette. “But I’ll find him again no problem and when I do . . .”

“He gave me his word Paddy. He’ll still be there when we finish here. If he’s not Mississippi will find him and bring him back not you. He won’t be able to hide, I marked him.”

Chris straightened up in his seat. “You did! I’m impressed. Wait I never saw any mark.”

Lance giggled, covering his mouth when Justin glared at him. “Sorry boss,” he said smothering the urge to giggle some more.

Justin blushed under his brother’s scrutiny. “Ok I tattooed his ass. Put my name on him so that if anyone touches him they will know where the bullet comes from.” Justin walked over to the small window that looked out over the restaurant, lifting the slats of the Venetian blind apart so he could spy on the teenage boy that was sitting spooning food into his mouth as if he hadn’t eaten anything before in his life.

Joey moved behind him peering over his shoulder. “He is just a toy isn’t he Justin?”

“I’m not sure yet. I find myself drawn to him like a moth is drawn to a flame.” His eyes drifted back to where JC was wiping his mouth with a white linen napkin. The waiter handed him the desert menu and JC shook his head declining. Justin’s eyes narrowed as the waiter dropped his arm around JC’s shoulder and pointed to something. The brunette captured his lip between his teeth obviously tempted. The waiter whispered into JC’s ear and Justin swore softly under his breath.

The low rumble of his brother’s laugh made him look around. “What’s so funny?” he demanded.

“You,” Joey replied still chuckling. “If you could have got your hands on that waiter you would have ripped his arms out.” Joey’s face changed and he became serious he spoke in a low but authoritative voice. “He’s more than a toy to you isn’t he?” He held up his hand demanding silence when Justin started to answer. “Keep him private Justin. I have no problem with the fact you much prefer tight boy asses to round female ones, but I have a reputation to keep up and I don’t want people calling my baby brother a fag.”

Justin’s head snapped up. “I’m not a fag!”

“I didn’t say you were, what I did say is that I don’t wanna have to start whacking people because they say you are.”

Kirkpatrick puffed quietly on his cigarette flicking the ash in a nearby bin. “No one will dis you Jay, I’ll see to that, but you have to respect your big brother. If you are seen not to be showing respect, how can you expect others to? I wouldn’t be wanting to have to kick your arse now.”

“Touch him and I’ll kill you.” Lance stood firm in front of his charge, his fists balled, ready to fight.

“You had better tell your pit bull to retract his fangs Justin, I don’t have reservations about beating the shit out of him.”

The two bodyguards faced each other off, each waiting for a single word from their respected bosses that it was all right to tear each other apart.

“Back down Paddy, Mississippi. We are all family here. Family doesn’t fight family, certainly not over some street rat.” Joey pulled out a chair and indicated that Justin should sit down.

Lance took up position at Justin’s shoulder and continued to glare angrily at the shorter Irishman.

Joey sat down behind his desk. “We have new business. A Russian family have set up on East 45th St. they are fronting a restaurant but reliable sources say that they are dealing and that they are running a crack house from the back.”

“Drugs?” Justin spat the word with distaste. “What do you suggest?”

“Chris and Mississippi take a few of the boys and clear them out. We take over their holding and make an example out of the main players. If people want to work our streets then they ask permission first and then they pay for the privilege. Hit them this afternoon, hit them fast and hit them hard. I want a clear message sent that if you fuck with the Fatone’s you fuck with your life.”

The two hit men grunted their agreement to the plan. “Good,” Joey said. “Then we are agreed. Item two,” Joey continued. “Steven Franklin. He’s getting sloppy with his payments. This is the second time Chris has had to bring him in. He has till Friday, if we don’t receive payment by then I told him we would take his boy.”

Justin gasped in horror. “No, no way. Matty is only ten years old you can’t do that! Even Chris wouldn’t be that callous.”

“Actually I’d do anything that Joey asked of me to, including killing my own ma,” Chris said in total seriousness. Justin’s mouth dropped open in shock.

“Don’t worry Jay, it was nothing more than a threat. I’d never whack a little kid, but I will relocate the little tyke. If Steven doesn’t pay by midday then there’s a nice Sicilian family that are over visiting with mamma, they would love a little boy to care for.” Joey grinned. “Problem solved. Franklin thinks Matty is dead but the boy is living the high life in Italy.” Joey raised his eyebrows waiting for a reaction from his little brother.

Justin shrugged. “Agreed, I just didn’t want the kid hurt. Is there anymore business?”

Chris coughed.

“What is it Paddy?” Joey asked.

“I heard a whisper that the Carters have become active again and I have it on good authority that Richardson is back.”

Justin shuddered and looked to his older brother for reassurance. “If ‘He is what’s going to stop him from carrying out his threat Joe?”

“That’s why you have Lance, sorry Mississippi. “ The blond bodyguard shrugged off the slip up with his chosen name. “He won’t get near you Jay.” Joey slapped the palms of his hands on the tabletop. “That’s it for today. Chris you and Mississippi deal with the Russians. I want to see a body count. The both of you make sure Justin gets home safe first though.”

“I’ll put a guard outside the apartment if ya feel better for it,” Chris suggested.

Justin nodded his thanks and got up walking over to the window that looked down onto the restaurant area. JC was sitting at the table where he had left him, nervously chewing on the nails of his right hand. A soft sigh slipped from between Justin’s lips when JC stretched on his chair revealing a small sliver of skin.

The same waiter that had brought JC his food came back, hovering around the thin teen. Then when he thought no one was watching he leaned in to whisper in JC’s ear. The smile on Justin’s smile twisted and fell away as he saw a look of disgust followed by a beetroot blush sweep over his boys face.

Seeing the change in his brother’s demeanour, Joey moved behind Justin and peered through the creamy slats, seeing what Justin had seen. “He gets off at 10.”

“I’ll be waiting.”