Part 5

JC was bursting. He knew he couldn’t hold out much longer but Justin’s breathy threats kept whispering in his ear forcing him to hold back longer and longer. He had been impaled on Justin’s hand for nearly an hour and had to keep reaching between his own legs and squeezing his cock to stop himself from coming. The last time Justin had slapped his hand hard and forbidden him from doing it again but that had been ten minutes ago and JC was reaching climax again. Lights burst behind his eyes as Justin jabbed at his prostate once more making him groan loudly and sag back bonelessly in the older man’s arms. His mouth hung open and his breath had started to come in short pants. His head rolled backwards resting on Justin’s shoulder and his back arched as wave after wave of pleasure swept over him.

Chris smirked at the torture the teenager was being subjected to and placed his cards on the table. “Gin,” he shouted in triumph.

“That would be correct . . . That was if we were playing Gin not Poker,” Justin twisted his fingers inside JC. “Heads up baby, it’s your deal.” JC whimpered pathetically and reached a shaking hand out to gather up the cards.

“Jesus, and I thought I was a bastard,” Chris said with begrudging respect. “How much more do you think he can take?”

“JC won’t come till I tell him he can, will you baby?” He circled his fingers inside of JC’s ass, catching his prostate yet again. JC screamed and tried to pull off but was held firmly in place. “That just earned you another thirty minutes baby.” JC let out a high pitched whine and reached for his cock again, he was going to be lucky to last thirty more seconds forget thirty minutes. “Do I have to tie your hands baby?”

JC gasped and shook his head. “No . . . No . . . can’t . . . please . . . cum . . . need to . . . cum.”

Justin chuckled and licked JC’s ear. There was a quick rap at the door and Chris jumped from his chair drawing his pistol. “Who is it? He asked.

“Joey and Mississippi.”

Chris opened the door and the two mobsters entered, their eyes instantly drawn to the naked boy writhing on Justin’s lap.

Justin grinned and winked at them. He leaned close to JC’s ear, licking the outer shell then blowing gently over it. “Come for me baby,” he breathed. With a loud cry of relief JC arched his back and spurted his load, Justin massaging his prostate the whole time. By the time he had finished coming JC hung limply in Justin’s arms, barely able to breathe.

Chris broke the stunned silence. “Now that had to be one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen.”

“I’ll put him to bed then we can talk.” Justin hooked his arm under JC’s legs; instinctively the brunette wrapped his arms around Justin’s neck and buried his beetroot red face into his shoulder. “I’ll be right back.”

Justin carried JC to the bedroom, lying him down on the black silk comforter. “Get some sleep baby, you earned It.” He turned to leave but stopped twisting to look back at the slender brunette. “Do I need to chain you or will you stay?” he asked.

JC lifted his sleepy head a slow sloping smile brushing his lips. “I’ll stay Justin.” Justin grinned and started to leave again. “Justin?”

“Yes baby?”

“Do you love me?” JC’s voice shook as he asked.

The older man walked back to the bed and sat down beside JC. He cupped the brunettes face in the palm of his hand and leaned in brushing his lips lovingly with his tongue before he crushed the younger man’s mouth beneath his own. “Go to sleep JC.”

The brunette curled almost happily into the quilt ignoring the stinging in his back and the throbbing of his abused asshole. Justin loved him.


JC lay wrapped in the quilt listening to the four men in the other room as they got steadily drunk. His mind was caught in a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions. He was confused. The sensations that he had experienced while impaled on Justin’s hand wouldn’t leave his head. The way Justin’s fingers knew just where to touch and how far to dig. How good it had felt to lean back on the toned chest and feel as if it was the most natural place for him to be. Then there was the way Justin had kissed him when he had asked if he loved him. Slow and sensuous, he hadn’t said the words but his actions had screamed them into JC’s mind.

JC wished he hadn’t cried now, it was a stupid thing to do. He hadn’t been in that much pain, it was the pure frustration of being restrained that had encouraged the tears to fall. He cursed himself for showing the weakness to his . . . Just what was he to Justin? His lover? His boyfriend? His fuck toy? No not a fuck toy. The kiss was too meaningful, too sincere to make him that. JC smiled to himself and curled tighter into the soft silk, almost purring at the luxurious texture. If he was clever he could make this into something more lasting. JC closed his eyes and forced his body to relax. His spine throbbed from where Justin had scraped and inked his skin, but it was a soothing throb, one made him feel alive. The next time Justin got out his inks JC decided that he would sit without being asked, that he would give himself over to Justin and accept the gift of Justin’s art on his body.

JC laughed softly to himself, he’d make Justin love him. He reached between his legs and began to gently tug on his cock, palming his balls and bringing himself to a hard erection. He then lifted his hand to his mouth, spitting on his palm before reaching down and stroking himself into orgasm. “Justin,” his breathed sigh went unheard by everyone in the world but him and Justin’s name was still on his lips when he came five minutes later. Boneless and contented JC buried his head in the soft feather pillows and fell into a deep sleep.


Joey had already settled Lance on the couch when Justin came back into the main living area and was in deep conversation with Chris, talking in hushed tones, thick as thieves together.

“Do any of you want a drink?” Justin asked as he opened the walnut drinks cabinet. He rummaged around till he found a new bottle of brandy and collecting four glasses crossed the room and sat on the couch next to Lance. He filled each brandy glass half full and handed them around. He lifted his brandy, “To Mississippi, thank god the Russians are such terrible shots.”

The blond bodyguard started to chuckle. The more he tried to stop laughing the worse he got, his laughter set Chris off with a low snigger that quickly developed into boarder-line hysterics. He lifted his glass. “To the crap shots of Russia.”

Two bottles of brandy later Justin peered drunkenly at his wristwatch. “Fuck!” he exclaimed and tried to stand up, giggling slightly when he fell back down again.

“What’s up Jup?” Joey leaned over the sofa arm and slapped Justin’s leg playfully, belching loudly.

Justin struggled back into a sitting position. “Was going to teach that fucker a fucking lesson, fucking fornicating all over my best fuck.”

Lance hiccupped and strained to focus on his best friends face. “That’s a lot of fucks Tennessee. Do I get a fuck too?”

“No, fucked you already,” Justin slurred. “

Lance opened his mouth to reply and snapped it closed again. “Yes. . You did, didn’t you. What were we talking about again?”

“The fucker that fornicated with his best fuck,” Joey said refreshing everyone’s memory.

“That’s right. The fucker that fornicated over my best fuck. Tony . . .that’s his name. Was going to kick the fuckers ass.”

“Would have deserved it he would,” Chris said as he reached forward and snatched the brandy bottle out of Lance‘s hands. “Should cut the fuckers balls off. Should never fornicate over another man’s best fuck.”

Lance giggled and tugged at Chris’ sleeve. “Do you have a best fuck Chris?”

Chris rolled his eyes and turned his back on Lance, leaned back and looked at him upside down, fluttering his eyelids at him. “No. why are you making me an offer?”

“Maybe.” A loud snore came from Joey and he slid down the couch.

Justin staggered to his feet. “Going to bed, got my best fuck to fuck.” He waved at the two very drunk bodyguards. “Spare bedroom that way.” Justin brought his finger up to his lips, “shhhh, if you fuck. Cus fucking Mississippi is a screamer.” Justin fell through the door to his bedroom. “I said shhhh, ” Justin said again chastising the two older men for the noise he had made.


Justin picked himself up off the floor and squinted at his bed before hopping about on one foot trying to take off his pants without falling over again. When eventually his trousers were on the floor he attempted to take off his shirt, swearing when he couldn’t undo the small white buttons. Frustrated he grasped the front of his shirt and ripped it open, his buttons flying in all different directions. When he was naked he staggered over to the bed and took in the sight before him. JC was asleep on his belly, the quilt slipped down to the slow rise of his ass. His left arm was tucked under his pillow, his face pressed against the softness. His right hand thumb was sucked deeply into his mouth. Justin studied his face, the high chiselled cheeks, long regal nose and pointed chin. His eyes followed the long slender neck down to his narrow shoulders and the base of his neck, then he followed the tattooed outline down his spine to his lower back. Justin smiled and tugged the quilt lower sliding it down revealing JC’s soft peach of an ass. He leaned down and flicked his tongue across his crack. When JC never moved he gently parted his cheeks and licked across JC’s opening. Justin lifted up and smacked his lips together, his boy tasted sweet. He dived back in lapping generously at JC’s asshole, pressing his tongue past the tight puckered ring of muscle.

JC moaned and pressed back, making Justin aware that he was now awake and enjoying the attention being lavished on him. Justin waggled his tongue working it into the hot cavern and JC groaned loudly.

“Justin . . . Oh my god Justin, so good . . . So very good.” JC wriggled his ass, giving Justin a better access. “Justin? Justin?” JC pushed himself up on to his elbows and peered over his shoulder. “JUSTIN!” The older man had fallen asleep his face pushed between JC’s ass cheeks. The brunette bucked his hips and Justin rolled off him and fell on the floor and then frustrated and incredibly hard JC smothered his face in his pillow and screamed.