Part 8

“Tennessee Fatone. You’re on the wrong side of the tracks boy.”

Justin had known coming over to this side of town had been a calculated risk. But he wanted to see his lover and he lived in the area that was controlled by the Carters.

Brian Littrell stood blocking his way, two of his stooges on either side of him. Justin tried to side step them and was met by two well-placed hands hitting him in the chest and sending his staggering back against the wall. “We know where you been fag.”

The hair on the back of Justin’s neck bristled and stood on end, this was bad, very bad. Brian advanced on him his hand shooting up to grasp Justin around the throat. The short blond laughed, “looks like we caught ourselves a cocksucker boys.”

Justin kicked out catching Brian in the balls. The small time gangster howled and fell to his knees. Justin took his chance and ran.

“Get the little fuck,” Brian’s words echoed through Justin’s ears as he ran. He tried to keep track of where he was going but soon found himself hopelessly lost in an area of town that he had only visited a handful of times in his short life. He dashed down a side road and came face to face with a brick wall. He spun around intending to back track but found his way of escape already cut off. “You are going to pay fucking dearly for that FAG.” Brian’s face was red with anger as he and his gang cornered Justin once more.

A fist hit Justin in his gut winding him, and then another caught him under his chin. “Bend him over that fucking car.”

Justin began to scream, fighting with all the strength he had as he was dragged helplessly to a parked green ford and bent over the hood. His pants were pulled down and he tried fruitlessly to twist away only to have his head slammed into the unyielding metal and held there.

He screamed as a cock was rammed up his ass, his rapist not caring about the pain he was causing or the damage he was doing. Justin could feel blood running down his legs and the pain was unbearable. Pleas for it to stop fell on deaf ears as the three took turns at him, ramming themselves into him as hard and as violently as they could.

“Put him on his knees the little cocksucker can clean me off.” Justin was dropped to the ground and before he had time to recover put on his knees and his jaw forced open. Brian stepped forward and shoved his blood-covered cock into Justin’s mouth. “That’s right faggot, eat me.”

The world around Justin swam in a bloody coloured haze as his mouth was fucked as violently as his ass had been. Brian’s filthy words started to penetrate his brain. “Eat me faggot, go on eat me.”

Justin clamped his jaw together, sinking his teeth into Brian’s cock. The short blond scream in agony and tore at Justin’s hair trying to get free, but Justin bit harder, his mouth filled with blood and still he held on. He might die but he was going to make sure that Brian never raped anyone ever again. He could see nothing, hear nothing, all he could taste was the blood in his mouth as his teeth sank deeper and deeper into the cock shoved into his mouth.

A familiar voice rang through his head. “Let him go Tennessee, we got to get out of here.” He tried to focus on the person speaking but his eyes like his mouth was filled with blood. The familiar man knocked Littrell out, ending his agony for the time being. “Justin, let him go.”

Justin relinquished his hold and spat mouthfuls of blood onto the ground as Brian fell. Soft green eyes looked down at him. “We have to get out of here. Can you stand?”


“ Justin come on, before they come too.” The green eyed blond helped his boyfriend up, half dragging, half carrying him away from the carnage.

“You came,” Justin was clinging to his lover for dear life as they reached his car.

“Frankie D’Agostinis saw Littrell and his cronies start to chase you, he came and got me. I’m sorry I was too late baby. I’m so sorry.” Lance started to cry a little as he pulled his car out into the small amount of traffic.

“I was stupid, not your fault Mississippi, I shouldn’t have come to you.” He tried to remember what had just gone down. “What happened to the other two?”

“I knocked them out with the baseball bat you gave me for my birthday.”

Justin wiped his hand over his mouth. “What about Littrell?”

Lance stared stony faced out of the window screen. “ He won’t be raping anyone, not ever.”

Justin closed his eyes and swallowed before opening them again. “He’s dead?”

Lance gulped as his stomach churned remembering what he had seen, “He’d be so lucky. You bit his dick off Tennessee, it was just sort of hanging by a piece of skin.”

“I’m going to be sick!”

Lance pulled the car to a halt and Justin opened the door, spilling his guts onto the sidewalk. After a few minutes he stopped retching and sat back up, closing the car door. “Take me home Lance,” he breathed.

“What are you going to tell Joey?” Lance asked, worry marring his voice.

“Nothing, he’s not to know anything about this. It will start a turf war. I don’t want to be responsible for that.”

“But Tennessee you need to see a doctor, you can barely walk.”

“No Lance, no one must know. Promise me.”

Reluctantly the blond agreed. They drove the last few blocks in silence. Lance hurried around to help his lover out of the car. “ You know if you were that hungry I did have some fried chicken in the refrigerator you could have had.”

Justin woke with a start, his body covered in a thin film of sweat. JC was pressed up against him, spooned so that his bubble butt was pressed into his cock. Justin tightened his arms around his lover and kissed his shoulder. The nightmare had disturbed him deeply. It had been three years since the incident in the alley, three years since he had bitten off Brian Littrell’s cock and had made an enemy of the short blond mans cousin. Three years since Kevin Richardson had sworn that he would get Justin, make him suffer in the same way that Brian had suffered. Now the man was back and out to get him. Already JC had suffered for what he had done, albeit in self-defence.

JC made a little purring noise and rubbed back against Justin’s cock in his sleep, making the older man harden instantaneously. Pushing the terrible memories to the back of his mind, Justin licked the side of JC’s neck and wriggled around till he could feel the teen’s asshole against his cock. Excruciatingly slowly he pushed himself inside, taking care not to rush it because he was un-lubricated. JC’s body accepted him willingly, stretching to accommodate Justin’s girth with ease.

JC woke with a “Oh” on his lips, shocked and a little confused to what was happening to him, but it passed quickly and soon he was grinding back encouraging Justin to push deeper into his tight cavity. Justin covered JC’s genitals with his hand, tugging gently at the now solid cock and caressing the full balls in his hand as he whispered sweet nothings in the teen’s ears.

Words like beautiful, hot, tasty, sexy, mine, filtered through JC’s head. Love, Justin used the word love over and over as he encouraged JC to orgasm, thrusting in time with his hand that was sliding up and down JC’s penis. The brunette whimpered and came, covering Justin’s hand in his juice. Seconds later Justin came. They lie together, Justin wrapped protectively around his young lover.

“Good morning baby,” Justin whispered as he kissed JC’s shoulder once more. “How do you feel?”

JC stretched and turned so that they were now face to face. “Wanted,” he replied simply.

Justin caressed the side of his lovers face with his hand then kissed his lips lovingly and JC melted into the embrace, both ignoring their morning breaths.

“What did you have in mind for today?” JC asked. For the first time since he had met Justin he felt confident enough to start a conversation with him.”

“I thought I would work on you a little after breakfast, then maybe throw you down and make wild passionate love to you till the early hours of the morning, then we could grab a few hours sleep then do it all again tomorrow.”

JC giggled and blushed. “I’ll never be able to walk again,” he joked as Justin nuzzled his neck.

“Why do you need to walk? Your place is naked and in my bed, there should be a law passed that forbids you to wear clothes, ever.” Justin began to lick JC’s shoulder, lifting the teen’s arm up so he could nuzzle into his armpit and inhale JC’s sweet scent.

“Ewww, that’s gross, sniffing my sweaty pits.” JC pulled a face and wriggled to get free of his older lover but was held tightly in place.

“You my pet are not sweaty, you smell like sex, hot raw sex. It makes me want to turn you over and fuck you senseless.” Justin leaned in to crush JC’s mouth under his again but a knock at the door interrupted them.

Chris’ thick Irish accent drifted through the woodwork. “Justin ya brother is back, he wants to talk to ya now.”

Justin sighed. “I’ll be right out Paddy.” He rolled his eyes and kissed JC softly. “Take a shower baby and join me in the kitchen.” He rolled out of bed and pulled on his pants that were laying discarded on the floor. He winked at JC and walked over to the bedroom door. His hand had just rested on the handle when JC’s question stopped him.

“Did you mean it Justin? Did you mean it when you said last night you loved me?”

A slow contented smile spread across Justin’s face. “More than anything in the world baby,” he answered before leaving to meet in the kitchen with Joey.