Justin turned off his tattoo gun from putting the few finishing touches to JC’s tattoo. Three months had passed since Richardson and AJ kicked their way into Justin’s apartment and tortured him, Chris had immediately arranged clean up and within 20 minutes there had been no sign that anything had ever happened.

JC was a different matter, he became inconsolable. Firstly because of Justin’s injuries and secondly because it finally dawned in him that he had killed. Joey had to spend long hours consoling the boy, convincing him that it was them or Justin. Finally JC understood that he hadn’t killed because he was evil but because he was a good. He sobbed into Joey’s chest, wrapped in the big mans arms till he couldn’t cry anymore and Joey put him to bed.

It was over a week before Justin was able to get about again unaided and three before he felt able to work on JC again, and now the time was here, JC was finished. He was going to let his friends and family see his work for the first time. JC stood nude before him a nervous look on his face.

“It’s going to be fine baby. I know you are shy about being undressed but I really want them to see this.” He draped a sheet around JC’s body using it to pull the teenager closer to him. Their lips met in a tender kiss. “You are so beautiful Joshua. I love you so much.”

“Lets do this, before I lose my nerve,” JC said, urging Justin into motion.

Justin opened the bedroom door and ushered JC into the living room where his brother Joey, and the bodyguards, Chris and Lance were waiting. He led JC to the middle of the room and turned him so that his back was facing his audience.

“Stand up straight baby.”

JC lifted himself to his full height and took a deep breath as Justin pulled the sheet from him. There was a collective gasp followed by a silence that was broken by Chris’ Irish accent “That is fucking amazing Jay. It’s beautiful.”

The tattoo was thick vines that draped across JC’s shoulder and ran down the length of his spine, lethally sharp looking thorns jutted out from the greenery and blood red roses sprouted from stems. Around the blooms danced vividly coloured butterflies. On his left shoulder was an image of two male lovers, both nude, locked in a passionate kiss, an apple held in their interwoven fingers. A serpent stared menacingly at the couple from his right shoulder, its long body wound around and around JC’s right arm, it’s tail finishing at his wrist.

As the rose vine reached JC’s lower back it spread out and curled and twisted around his narrow hips and across his lower abdomen. The left side curled into his groin, butterflies again dancing on his hipbones. Tendrils reached out curling around JC’s cock. This had been a painful and tender experience for both tattoo artist and subject. JC had covered his eyes and tried to be brave as his most delicate organ was inked. Justin took his time, stopping when JC needed him to and only returning to it when JC said he was ready. The effect was stunning. On his right side the vines carried on further coiling around his leg and eventually finishing at his anklebone, a rose bud resting on the top of his foot.

The three men circled JC, absorbing every exquisite drawing. “Stunning,” Joey breathed. “Simply stunning.”

Justin stroked his hand down the back of JC’s neck. “There is one more touch I need to make but I wanted to do it here in front of you all.” He produced a small box from his pocket. “Close your eyes for me JC.”

Trembling slightly the teen did as he was asked. “I want you to take a big deep breath in when I tell you to.” Justin opened the box and knelt in front of his lover, needle in his hand poised in position. “Big breath baby.” JC took a big gulp of air and as he did Justin pushed the needle through the eye of his cock and out under the rim. The teen staggered and would have fallen if it hadn’t been for Joey grabbing him and holding him upright.

“Keep your eyes closed baby, nearly finished.” Justin pulled a thick platinum ring from the box and fixed it in the new piercing. Justin remained on his knees, JC’s cock resting in his hands. “Open your eyes baby.” Justin looked up hopefully as JC slowly opened his eyes.

“JC, I love you. I love you more than I have ever loved anything or anyone in my life. The world that we live in is unforgiving and forbids me from giving you the ring that I want to give you so much. I won’t force you to accept this ring baby and if you want to take it out now and leave I won’t try to stop you, even though it will break my heart.” Justin paused briefly then continued. “JC I want to wake up every day for the rest of my life with your name on my lips, your breath on my face and you in my arms.” Justin placed a kiss on the tip of JC’s cock. “With this ring I thee wed. With my body I thee worship and with all my worldly goods I thee endow.” He gazed up at his lover, his eyes full of hope and was met by JC’s crystalline blue orbs, brimming with tears.

The brunette’s bottom lip trembled as he considered his options. He met Justin’s eyes once more. “With this ring, I thee wed,” he whispered. “With my body I thee worship and with all my worldly goods I thee endow. Forever and ever.”

Justin leaped to his feet and crushed JC’s mouth beneath his. “Forever and ever,” he whispered, “Amen,” he breathed happily before he claimed JC’s lips once again.

The End

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