Part 5

He wondered how long he had been there, to him it was one endless nightmare, He slept when he could, cramped in the tiny space that served as his prison. He went into a blind panic everytime the bolt was pulled back. He was feeling uneasy. The touches were getting longer, more intimate. He could feel something bad was going to happen.


The slow screech of the iron bolt.

Hands on his ankles, pulling him out of the relative safety of the small closet. Lifting him to his feet.

He was naked forced to stand with his legs wide apart, his hands still fastened behind his back. His right hand throbbed relentlessly, he couldnít move his fingers at all. He didnít have to see to know it was swollen to twice its original size and that it was still caked in blood, his blood. His skin crawled as he felt their eyes eating into him, devouring his flesh. A brush of stubbly beard brushed the side of his face and a tongue licked and sucked sloppily at his earlobe.

Dirty, disgusting things were whispered in his ear as someoneís fingers walked their way down his spine, stroking the cleft of his ass. He struggled to remain still, not to back away, to turn and try to run from the indecent assault he was being subjected too. His tongue flicked over his dehydrated lips as he fought to steady himself. Another pair of hand played across his chest, capturing and twisting his nipples, pulling down making him whimper in fear and pain. He was grateful he for the hateful tape wrapped round his eyes. Grateful he didnít have to see the animals that were molesting him. Grateful that they couldnít see the tears and the fear he was sure was in his eyes.

He thought of Justin, he tried to picture his face, desperately forcing himself to believe it was his boyfriends loving hands that were squeezing and stretching his balls, that it was Justinís loving caress that played across his ass cheeks and rubbed at his opening. The kidnappers laughter cut through him and he flushed with humiliation as a tongue licked hungrily at his low hanging sac.


JC sobbed silently with relief, they hadnít raped him, not this time. The gruff voice that he recognised as the leader continued to speak "Take the lad to the can, let him do his business for the day then lock him up." Noticing his captives cracked lips he added "Give him some water too and feed him."

He was lead by his cock to what he assumed was a bathroom and he was pushed forward. The cold porcelain pressed against his legs as the kidnapper pushed up close behind him, reaching round holding his cock, rubbing long strokes up his length wiping his thumb over the slit.

"Take a piss" he rasped as he sucked on the side of his prisoners neck. "JC bit his bottom lip and tried. He yelped as his cock was pulled viciously

"I said take a piss."

His face burned has he managed to obey. A fat finger was thrust inside him as his flow started causing him to cry out again.

"Shhh, hush now, we wouldnít want anyone to find us would we? hmmm?"

The digit dug deeper into him sliding smoothly in and out of his puckered entrance, gliding over the inner walls of his anus, attacking his prostate relentlessly.

"You like it donít you fag?" The voice hissed.

The hand holding his cock was moving now too. Slowly rubbing, pulling twisting at JCís defenceless organ . The abused mans shoulders shook and he swallowed the bile that rose in his throat.

"Say it fag, say you like it."

The kidnapper twisted his finger deep raking JCís insides with his too long nails.


"I ... I ... lik ... like it"

JCís voice broke and he wept as he cum. He felt dirty, disgusting, he hadnít liked it, he had hated it but he had cum, why had he cum? The kidnapper licked up the side of his face. He rubbed cum over his prisoners lips, forcing his fingers into the brunettes mouth making him lick the sticky substance away before finger fucking his mouth as he bit hard on the sensitive flesh of JCís neck.

"Itís gonna just be me and you soon sweetie, I saw you on dvd. Youíre good, that sweet voice and you really know how to move them hips boy." He brought his lips to JCís ear. "Later Iíll give you something to dance on."