Part 7

JC shivered alone in the darkness, all he wanted now was to survive, to be able to talk to Justin again. He was so lonely, his captors never spoke to him other than to give him commands, he forgot what his own voice sounded like as he had been warned to silence. He had lost total track of time, he had no idea how long he had been held prisoner, how many days had passed? how long did he have left? It was quiet, he had heard them talking about going out. He was probably in the house alone. He leaned his head onto his knees and tried to sleep.

He was woken by the bolt being slung, the door was ripped open and he was dragged out into the room. Tape was wrapped around his ankles binding them together. The kidnapper run his hand over the bound mans leg, travelling up to his thigh.

"Bend your legs"

JCís mouth went dry and he began to gasp for breath as his heart raced. "let your knees fall open." JC tried to breath normally as the mans hand thrust between his legs weighing his balls. "You like that donít you?" The brunette shook his head no. "Youíre lying you enjoyed my finger up your ass, you know you did. Remember I promised you something to dance on." The kidnapper began to stroke his prisoners cock, JC snapped his legs shut only to receive a hard punch to his face. "Open your fucking legs slut." He rammed his hand between JCís legs yanking hard on his cock making the younger man scream. it was followed by a vicious twist to his testicles. He let his knees fall open again knowing he had no choice.

He clamped his mouth shut, as his legs were parted wider and the kidnapper moved between them, so his bound ankles were behind the mans back. He turned his head away, as the burning pain of his anus being violated ripped through him. He took deep breaths calming himself as he was pounded. He wasnít going to cry, he wasnít going to beg, not anymore. He just kept repeating in his head *Its sex, Its just sex. it doesnít matter, its just sex* He controlled his urge to gag as his attacker shot his load inside him then pulled out and forced himself into his mouth. "Clean it you fucking whore." He obeyed making sure he did a good job he just wanted to be left alone in his little cell. His mouth was suddenly empty, his hair was fisted and he was punched repeatedly in the face and stomach, his mouth filled with blood choking him. He was pushed back into his cupboard and the door was bolted.

* * *

Chris grabbed the phone as soon as it rang.

"Hello, JC?"

A small frightened voice replied.

"Chris ... Chris donít say anything just get Lance for me." JC blinked back his tears and kept his eyes firmly on the piece of paper in his hands, his eyes had been un-covered so he could read the final instructions to his bandmates. He was careful not to look at his kidnappers even though they had pulled ski masks over their faces. He could hear Justin yelling in the background. "Josh, its Josh. let me talk to him, let go of me, Josh baby, get the fuck off me." Lance came on the phone and Justin faded away.


"Hello Lance, I need you to listen, do you have a pen?"

"Josh are you ok, are they hurting you?"

"Listen to me ... please. You have to transfer the money today. The account is in the ABN Amro bank, in Vienna, Austria. Account number 1625539 Transfer the full amount $25,000,000 at exactly 3.37pm EST this afternoon. Not one minute before not one minute after. If you donít follow these instructions to the letter I will be killed. Lance .... tell Justin I love him ... tell him Iím sorry, I never meant the things I said."

"Iíll tell him Josh"

"Lance ... Iím so scared."

Lance hid his face in his hands glad his long time friend couldnít see the fear and pain in his eyes. He kept his voice steady and calm although physically he was shaking.

"I know you are baby, Everything will be ok. I promise. Tell them we got the money, tell them we are going to pay. Be strong JC, just a little longer. Youíre coming home, you are coming back home."

The phone went dead and the super cool business man dashed for the bathroom making it just in time before emptying his stomach, he heaved again and again till he was totally empty, he got shakily to his feet, rinsed out his mouth and went to tell the others what they had to do.

Justin was sitting trapped in an easy chair, Joey standing over him pressing him back in to the plush fabric. Chris looked on his eyes filled with pity.

"It was Josh" Justin sobbed, his eyes were filled with blood from crying, his face streaked with tears and his nose dripped constantly as he wiped it with a torn tissue. "It was Josh, you should have let me talk to him. You never let me say goodbye. They are going to kill him and I never got to say goodbye." He started to weep uncontrollably "You never let me say goodbye."

Lance knelt before him and gathered him in his arms, stroking his hair softly. "Justin ... Josh gave me a message for you. He said he loves you and he was sorry for the things he said. He said he didnít mean them. Oh God Justin Iím sorry Iím so sorry." Lance began to cry as Joey and Chris moved in for a group hug wiping away there own tears. Joey broke away first. "What are we going to do Lance?"

The green eyed blond scrubbed his eyes dry "We give them what we got and pray its enough."

Justin became hysterical "Weíre short, we are still short, why didnít you tell me, oh god, No."

He began to cry again harder than before "You knew we were short and you never let me say goodbye."

"Errm- ah-hem, the door was unlocked."

The four members on Nsync looked up in surprise at the two men standing shuffling their feet in front of them. Chris jumped up and hugged the tall brunette, holding him in a tight bear hug, breaking away only to greet the smaller blond. Joey recovered first. "what do you want Kevin? We really donít have time for a fight."

Kevin Richardson and Nick Carter placed a laptop on the table and booted it up. "Is this how you greet all your investors?"

"What do you mean?"

"A little bird told us that you needed a loan." Kevin typed in a url and clicked on the link opening a page to his bank account. "All you have to do is type in the amount and the account number, then enter."

Justin crawled off his chair. "Why are you doing this? You hate us, and I know you hate JC."

"Because it could so easily been one of us." Nick reached out and held Justinís hand briefly before letting it go again.

"Iíll pay you back Kev I promise."

"No problem Chris, I know youíre good for it."

"Its 4 million Kevin."

"We know, we discussed it after Chris came to see us. We all put in thereís six million available."

Justin smiled a real genuine smile "You did that Chris, you did that for us?"

The short brunette shook his head "No I did it for JC."

"I think we could all do with a drink, donít you." Kevin pulled a bottle of Jack Daniels out of his coat pocket. "Lance transfer the money to your account before AJ changes his mind."