Part 10

Coarse sacking chafed at his already tender skin. He was on his side trussed up in a sack and back in the kidnappers trunk. His mouth had been re-taped and the long bumpy journey had began. Before he had been throw in the car he had heard his abductors discussing his fate yet again, The rough voiced man still demanding his life be forfeit. The argument still continued, their muffled angry shouts reached JCís ears. The car pulled over and doors opened and closed.

This was it.

He breathed deeply through his nose his heart beating fast as the trunk opened. He stifled a howl of fear as he was lifted and thrown over a broad shoulder. He was helplessly carried for what to him felt like an eternity before he was dropped onto a wooden surface.

* * *

"Why donít they let him go?" Justin began to cry. His chest heaving massive sobs as he tried to mop up the glass of Pepsi he had just knocked off the kitchen counter. The dark fluid spread across the pale rug, staining it as the distraught blond was picked up and bodily supported to the massive leather couch that dominated JCís living room. Lance helped Justin to lay down and covered him with a blanket. "Get some sleep angel. Me, Joe and Chris will be in the kitchen. Ok?"

"Itíll stain. I got to clean it up!"

"Iíll clean it Justin, get some sleep." Lance pulled the drapes and closed the door connecting the two rooms. Joey was on the floor scrubbing the sticky mess when Lance came back in.

"Any news at all?" He asked.

"Agent Gosman called round. They are watching the money, so far it hasnít been touched."

"What about Jace?"

Lance pulled up a stool, and sat down rubbing his face deep in thought. "He seems to think Josh is dead and its just a matter of time till his body turns up."

"What do you think Lance?" Chris asked the question.

The green eyed blond stared at his two friends. "I think Justin needs us. Thereís nothing we can do for Jaycee now."

* * *

He was sat up. He let out a muffled cry of agony as his hand was trapped behind him. A clinking heavy metal chain was wrapped round his waist, pressing him tightly to the solid post that he was leaning against.

"Youíll be alright here." The soft voiced kidnapper spoke quietly. He leaned down and kissed JC through the sacking then stood up and gave the childís merry-go-round a hard spin before he left.

* * *

"Mr Timberlake, This is Agent Gosman. We believe we have found Mr Chasez."

Justin paled and his three friends rushed to his side demanding to know what was happening.

"Is .... Is he ..... dead?"

"No heís very much alive, a bit battered and under nourished but stable. Heís in Lady Margaritas. I can meet you there in say 15 minutes?"

"Weíll be there in five."

* * *

Four members of Nsync charged through Lady Margaritas hospice, knocking aside anyone foolish enough to get in their way.

"What room is Mr Chasez in?" Justin was positively bouncing in anticipation of seeing his lover again.

"Iím sorry Sir only relatives are allowed in at this stage. Mr Chasez is in recovery, The doctors had to operate on him. If you would like to take a seat ..."

"Look lady." Joey fumed "We ARE family, now this is Joshís significant other, His Boyfriend, lover, husband fuck buddy what ever the hell you want to call him. And We" He pointed at lance, Chris and himself are his brothers. Now we would be very, very grateful if you told us WHERE THE FUCK HE IS."

Lance pulled Joey away from the counter. He smiled at the enraged nurse. "Maíam Iím so sorry about him, Its just that we are so worried about our baby brother, If we could just see him ... please." He fluttered his eyelashes pouting slightly as he thickened his accent.

"Room 2152."

Lance grabbed up her hand kissing it quickly "Thank you Maíam." The four friends set off running to find an elevator.