Part 13

Fingers crawled across his belly, searching their way down pulling at his cock. He was hung by his wrists, his arms high above him and his legs tied widely apart. He whimpered as heavy weights were attached to his balls, stretching them mercilessly down. His abuser laughed as the weight began to swing , putting even more pressure on the delicate sac. Thick stubby fingers pinched and twisted at his nipples, flicking the hard nubs, sending stinging sensations through his chest. A sloppy wet tongue licked up the side of his face leaving behind a slimy trail, teeth nipped at his earlobe before the disgusting tongue dipped inside, twirling round and round in the crevice leaving behind a thick goblet of spittle in its place.

Teeth clamped down on the exposed flesh of his shoulder and he howled in pain as they broke the skin, drawing blood as his attacker chewed on his neck. The pained cry earned him a fierce slap to his face and the hissed command ĎSilence slutí. The bar his wrists were attached to was lowered until he was bent double. The fingers turned their attention to his ass, rubbing and probing at the tight orifice. That voice rasped in his ear. ĎIím going to fuck you slut. This.í The attacker thrust his fingers into the undefended hole causing his victim to yelp. ĎIs going to be ripped apart. by my dick.í A massive cock was forced deep inside the constricted confines of the taut ring of muscle, splitting it wide open.

JC screamed.

Justin shot upright shaken from his rest by a ear piercing screech, He rubbed his eyes furiously clearing the sleep enough to focus on the source of the heart rendering sobs. His lover sat knees clenched up to his chest, His eyes wide and staring, sweat drenched and hoarse as screams continued to tear from his throat. "Josh, Josh baby, its ok, I was a dream just a dream." He gathered the terrified man in his arms, smoothing his hair from his damp forehead as JC buried his face in the younger mans chest, sobbing, tearing himself into a million pieces, convulsing in fear till he was hanging exhaustedly in Justinís arms.

"It was a dream my love, just a dream." The younger man kissed at the bronze, brown curls as he hugged JC close. "We should get you up to bed angel."


Justin was unprepared for the sudden outburst and watched in a stunned silence as his older lover curled in a tiny ball and whimpered like a new born baby. "No, not upstairs, itís not safe, I donít want to stay here, nowhere here is safe, theyíll get me, they said they can get me when ever they want. They said they were coming back for me."

Justin absorbed this new piece if information, furious at the metal terror the kidnappers had inflicted on the fragile man before him. He took JCís hands in his, kissing them tenderly. "Iíll be with you kitten. I promise you, Nothing or no-one will EVER hurt you again."

"Is he ok?" The other three members of Nsync hovered uncertainly in the open doorway, all obviously roused from their sleep by the terrified screams of their band mate. Justin nodded gently and beckoned Chris and Joey over. The two brunettes lifted the slight man between them carrying him up the staircase to his bedroom, while Justin collected his next lot of medication and warmed some milk in the microwave before charging up the stairs to catch up with them. JC sobbed softly into Chrisí neck as they carried him into his bedroom, gently laying him down on the black silken quilt, then left without a word.

"D ... donít leave me .... please." The plea was made as Justin made for the bathroom. He turned. "Iíll just be in here kitten, Do you want me to leave the door open, so you can see me still?"

The brunette nodded and fixed his eyes firmly on his lovers back as he relieved himself.


The blond shook himself and zipped himself up, stopping to wash his hands.

"Yes baby?"

"Iím sorry."

Justin closed his eyes, leaning on the bathroom counter as he took a deep breath, Blinking back his own tears as he composed himself.

"Iím just so scared, what if they come back?"

"You donít have to be scared kitten, Iím here, Joey is here and Lance and Chris are just across the hall. You donít have to be scared anymore."

Justin crawled onto the bed pulling his lover into his lap. JC nuzzled at his neck. "The locks are changed, and Iím right here with you." He reached over got the pill bottle popping the top. "Itís time for your medication baby. The older man dutifully opened his mouth and accepted the oval tablet washing it down with the warm milk that Justin lifted to his lips. He allowed himself to be laid back and the comforter pulled over him. Justin wrapped himself round the slight frame of his boyfriend letting JCís head rest on his chest.

"I love you."

The words were barely breathed as JC slipped into a drug induced peaceful sleep.

* * *

Two more transactions left the ABN Amro bank in Austria, over the course of the next two months only to disappear without a trace. Leaving both staff and Agent Gosman frustrated.

* * *

JC sat on a lounger on his decking a note book by his side. It had been two weeks since the plaster had been removed but still he fumbled to hold a pencil. Tears of frustration ran down his face as he tried to manoeuvre the writing instrument over the page. He cussed loudly and threw the red pencil from him, it landed in the pool with a plop.

Chris came out on the deck and placed another on the table. JC stared at it, bit his top lip into his mouth and took a deep calming breath before picking it up and trying again.

Justin watched from the kitchen window as Chris patiently kept the pencil supply coming.

"How many is that now?"

Justin sighed.

" 8, the pool mans going to cuss us up tomorrow. Lance has gone to buy some more."

"Maybe you could buy him a laptop or something, He could only ever type with two fingers anyway."

"JOE, That is not funny dude, JC is struggling to use his hand, heís frustrated and angry. And just because the only thing you do with your right hand can be done just as well with your left."

Joey grinned "Yeah Iím ambidextrous" He made a crude pumping motion over his groin with both hands.

"Youíre sick"

"Yeah maybe but Iím not the one whoís so horny heís biting everyoneís heads off, I guess Josh still isnít opening his legs for ya!"

"What the fuck" Justin yelled "HE WAS FUCKING RAPED." the younger man made an effort to lower his voice. "He was raped Joey, held down and raped. A dick forced into his ass, Yes Joey forced inside him, unlubed , ripping his insides. You saw him Joe, he was in shreds. He wakes in the night screaming for me to help him. How can I ask him to put out knowing what he went through?"

"Then donít ask if you can fuck him, ask him to fuck you."

"Yeah right, like I want a dick up my ass." Justin laughed at the suggestion. "Joe Iím a top, Iíve always been a top. One of the reasons Josh and I are so good together is because I top and he bottoms.

Joey rubbed his nose "But as you said heís scared to bottom, scared youíll hurt him. So bottom for HIM. Let HIM see you love and trust him so much that youíll do this for him. And maybe, just maybe youíll get your lover back."

Justin glanced out the window as another pencil flew through the air and land in the pool.

"Thatís nine." He said thoughtfully.