Part 15

Justin watched his boyfriend as he stood looking at the pool. Last night had been the same as every other since they had got JC back safely. Although Jace would share his bed he wouldnít allow Justin to touch him. It made the blond sigh sadly as he had to watch his lover get dressed for bed. Sliding the sweat pants on top of his boxers and over his slender hips before tying them tightly round his waist. His white wifebeater taunt over his chest as he would slip between the sheets, laying on the furthest edge of the king-sized bed. It killed Justin that JC would almost cringe if he so much as brushed against him.

Then the words that always brought tears to Justinís eyes.


The blond took a deep breath and fixed on his smile. He joined his boyfriend next to the crystalline water, slipping his arms round his waist and nuzzling into his neck, savouring his smell.

Ryan watched from the hill top through the small binoculars. He stiffened as the shaven headed blond embraced JC. He couldnít help but smile as the slim brunette wriggled out of the blondes arms and tried to grin. He didnít miss the sullen look on JCís boyfriends face as the brunette sat down on the pools edge, dipping his toes in the clear water before lowering himself over the edge. He kicked off the side, lapsing into a lazy breast stroke, doing lengths up and down the pool.

A short bearded brunette came out of the house, draping his arm over the blondes shoulder and leading him back inside.

Ryan held his breath as Josh hurled himself out of the water, His shorts clinging to his firm round ass, water dripping from his hair, running over his smooth golden brown skin, his nipples hardening in the cool air. He reached down pulling the wet fabric from the crack in his ass before spreading his exquisite body over the sun lounger to dry off.

The watching man pulled out his cell phone and dialled the new number. It had taken Ryan weeks to find it but find it he did. It rang three times before he saw JC lift the receiver to his ear.



"H .... hello?"

Ryan listened letting the dulcet tones of the sweet voiced man caress his senses. He sighed as the dialling tone filled his ear. He pressed radial.

This time the voice was tentative frightened. "Hel .... hello?"

Ryan watched as the 26 year old beauty crumbled, too terrified to hang up too petrified to carry on speaking. He just clenched the phone to his ear using his good hand, his knuckles turning white till the shaven haired blond came charging out the house grabbing the receiver from him.

"Who the fuck is this?"

The stalker grinned as Josh jumped out of his chair and ran for the safety of the house.

* * *

Justin chased after his boyfriend catching him in the circle of his arms at the top of the staircase. The thin man struggled frantically. It took all the strength Justin had to keep hold of the slippery wet man. Justin fisted the damp curls pulling Joshís head down on top his chest , hushing him, soothing him. "Itís ok baby, Itís ok. Its just Justin baby. Breath ..... breath baby, Youíre holding your breath, Just breath for me." The brunette went limp as air filled his lungs. Justin swept him into his arms and carried him to the bed laying him down gently. He sat beside him stoking his head, petting him, whispering soft words. He gritted his teeth as JC withdrew as far as he could from him.

"Baby .... please donít .... donít hide from me!"

JC rolled into the foetal position. His back to his lover.

"Justin reached for him, forcing him to look at him. "No JC not this time. Iím not going to let you do this to us .... to me. I need you ... I know you went through hell ... but so did I."

JC opened his mouth to snap out a cutting answer but was silenced by Justinís hand clamping over his lips. "No Josh, nothing, say nothing. Iíve kept quiet too long. They hurt you, raped you. it was them JC .... not me. I want my boyfriend back, my lover. I want you Josh."

JC Began to cry.

"You are my life Josh, Love me, thatís all I want from you baby. I just want you to love me."

"I do love you." Justin nearly missed the whispered confession.

He held his lover, squeezing his still damp body against his own. "Josh, Iím not asking to make love to you, Just to hold you without you pulling away from me. To kiss your beautiful soft lips, to lick them, taste them. Taste you. Then maybe ..... just maybe ..... when you are ready. You ..... you could make love to .... to me."

The brunette relaxed. Capturing Justin with his limpid blue eyes. "You ... youíd do that .... I .... I canít make love to you." He sighed "Iím dirty ... so dirty ..... if .... if I touch you .... if I love you then I ... I make you dirty too. You are perfect, so lovely, untainted, Iím nothing ... you deserve so much more than me. You deserve pure, not dirty. I donít want to dirty you. I donít want to ..."

He was silenced by hot wet lips covering his own. A soft probing tongue licking at the corner of his mouth begging entry. He gasped as his groin leapt to life crushing his lips back against those of his lover as he ground hard on Justinís leg.

"Not dirty Joshua, never dirty. Beautiful, erotic, talented, mine. You will always be pure ... always." Every word that just breathed was accompanied by a tender kiss. The lovers curled together on the bed till they fell asleep.

When Justin awoke it was dark, JC still slept in the circle of his arms, his face smooth of fear and worries. The blond traced gently over the pretty face with his fingertips, touching his brow, his cheeks, running a feather light finger down the bridge of his nose. Coming to rest on the moist pink full lips. Stroking caressing the firm mouth. JC shifted slightly, frowning as he slept, small pained whimpers began to escape from between the perfect lips as he started to slip into the nightmare that haunted his nights. Justin hushed him softly kissing his forehead and began to sing

ĎNo more talk of darkness
forget these wide eyed fears.
Iím here, nothing can harm you
My words will warm and calm you
Let me be your freedom
Let daylight dry your tearsTo guard you and to guide you
Say youíll love me every waking moment
turn my head with talk of summer time
Say youíll need me with you now and always
promise me that all you say is true
thatís all I ask of you.
Let me be your shelter, let me be your light
Youíre safe no one will find you
youíre fears are far behind you
All I want is freedom a world with no more night
and you always beside me to hold me and to hide me
Then say youíll share with me one love one lifetime
Let me lead you from your solitude
Say you need me with you here beside you
Anywhere you go let me go to
JC thatís all I ask of you.

Justin smiled when he reached the words

say you love me
you know I do..
Love me ... thatís all I ask of you.

Why that particular song had popped into his head he didnít know, he remembered going to see Phantom with JC, and remembered his lovers face as the love duet was sang and the single tear that he had brushed away from Joshís chiselled cheek. Justin leaned down placing a chaste kiss on the puffy pursed lips of his boyfriend. "Love me" He whispered "Thatís all I ask of you."

All words and music by Sir Andrew LLoyd Webber (Phantom of the Opera. All I Ask Of You )