Part 18

Gosman looked at his watch, 5.29am it was still dark, just the right time of year for such a delicate operation. He watched two shadows move stealthily across the roof of the building opposite their target. More shadowy figures darted behind walls. His two way spluttered to life "All personnel deployed and ready." The disembowelled voice sounded much louder to his ears than it really was, as it carried through the silence. Gosman pressed the button of the walky talky and watched the second hand of his watch counting down the seconds to the climax of the operation. "On my mark. Three, two, one, Mark." At his signal ten armed men rushed the small house kicking in the front and rear doors simultaneously. Automatic weapons held ready to use if they had to.

Chuck Buckfield was watching morning tv when all hell broke loose, he was on the floor his hands behind his head before he had chance to react. He heard a cry form his youngest son Ryan and the sound of breakfast pans clattering to the floor as he received the same treatment. Pounding feet on the stairs then a series of almighty crashes as bedroom doors were kicked in. "ON THE FLOOR, ON THE FUCKING FLOOR, HANDS ON YOUR HEAD, SPREAD ĎEM ." Chuck was cuffed and dragged out of his family home and pushed into a waiting squad car, his younger son was thrust into another car. Two officers came out of the front door holding a struggling Garrett dressed in shorts and wifebeater between them. He spat at the watching FBI man. Gosman coolly wiped the spittle of his face. "Resisting arrest, assault of a FBI agent, on top of kidnapping and extortion, Rape. Itíll be a long time before you bother anyone again. Take him in. I got a stop to make then Iíll join you."

Lance groaned at the persistent buzzing, damn he must have had more to drink than he thought, after calling Gosman he had grabbed a bottle of whiskey sour from the bar and locked himself in his room. He didnít trust himself not to kick Justinís ass for accusing him of taking advantage of JC. He wished Justin would just sit up and smell the coffee, Josh was still so delicate, so needy of his lover and what did Justin do, he went and played 18 holes of golf leaving JC to his own devises all day in a house that scared the shit out of him. He sat up slowly waiting for his head to explode, when it didnít he chanced opening one eye, He squinted against the bright ceiling light, fuck he must have left it on all night. Now if only his head would stop buzzing. He realised with a start that it wasnít his head. Lance leaped out of bed and ran down the stairs to the main door and pressed the intercom. "Who the fuck is it?"

"Itís Agent Gosman, Sir can I come up to the house, we have made an arrest?"

Lance buzzed him in and ran back up the stairs pounding on Joeyís door before throwing open Justinís and JCís bedroom door. "They got them, Josh they got them." He threw himself on the bed grabbing a very sleepy and startled JC in his arms. planting a huge sloppy kiss on his forehead. Justin sat stunned blinking in the sudden light. "Get dressed and come down Gosman is here, I got to go wake Chris." Lance bounded out of the room to wake up his lover.

Justin stroked the side of his boyfriends face "You ok baby ?" JC nodded his eyes wide. "They got them. Itís ... itís over Justin." The older man hid his face in his lovers shoulder and began to cry.

Gosman waited patiently till the door was opened for him. Joey was still tucking in his shirt, "Sorry you had to wait man. All hells breaking loose in here."

"No problem, Itís Joshua I want to talk to."

"Heíll be right down, You want coffee?" Joey made for the kitchen the FBI man following close behind.

"Lance was right, it was Buckfield, Forensics are going over the house now, weíll know more as the morning goes on. But right now as it stands we got enough to charge all three of them."

"Thatís good to know." Gosman turned around facing the young man that had spoken from behind him. Justin pulled out a chair for a red eyed tired looking JC to sit in. "So you got them what now, will they defiantly be charged with abducting and torturing JC?" The slender brunette paled as he was talked about.

"As I said we got enough for now to charge them, obviously we want more, where they kept him, The three of them will be tested to find out which one of them raped Josh, but the other two will be charged as accomplices to rape. GBH, False imprisonment, extortion any other half assed charge we can get them on. They are going down JC, I promise you."

The youthful agent stood up and shook the five menís hands "Joshua I need you to come down to the station."

A panicked look covered his face as JC stuttered "But .... But .... I .... I did .... Didnít see their .... F ... faces."

Gosman patted his shoulder "Itís ok Josh, we know that, We want you to identify their voices only, you donít have to face them, well not yet anyway. You will have to face them in court. But for now donít worry." The agent continued "Justin can you bring him down about 3 this afternoon, we should know much more by then. See yaíll later.2

The five friends sat in silence not knowing whether or not to throw a massive party or go back to bed. Finally Chris spoke.

"Did you notice he never mentioned our money?"