Part 2

He leaned his face close to the open wound sniffing it. “Stay.” He ordered as he jumped to his feet and dived back into the lake. Justin studied the spot where the strange greenish tinged man had disappeared unsure of what to do. His leg throbbed unrelentingly and was beginning to swell nastily turning an ugly grey colour. He needed something to distract him from the festering wound. He flipped his wings and beat them slowly to begin with, increasing with each stroke till they had extended completely and now shone and glistened in the sunshine, fully dry from their spill in the icy waters. He looked back at the spot where the water nymph had submerged, not a ripple or an air bubble broke the surface. ‘How long could a nymph stay under water anyway’ he thought to himself.

He began to count silently to himself. ‘500’ still no sign of the amphibian. Justin carried on counting. 2001, 2002 200.… The green haired head appeared suddenly making the sprite jump. He watched in awe as JC’s inner lids flicked back revealing his beautiful grey-blue orbs. He sprung out of the lake, his hands full of long lengths of weed. He moved his mouth over the nasty puncture and spit thick green slimy gunge on to the open wound.

Justin tried to pull his leg back as he gasped a long “Ewwwww” the nymph held on tight and spat more of the vile stuff out of his mouth.

“Man-things make their weapons bad with poison, this will make it better.” He deftly began to wrap the gunged wound with the strands of weed. He smiled happily at his efforts as he sat back on his rump. “Keep the bandage on for three sunrises and it will be better.”

Justin looked at his injured limb then back at the nymph. “What was that stuff you vomited over me?”

The nymph tilted his head. “We don’t have a word for it, its just there, it grows in the deepest part of the lake.” JC looked confused as to what the problem was.

“But you had it in your mouth!”

“How else could I bring it to you?”

The sprite opened his mouth to explain then shut it again realising that the nymph had no way of understanding what he was about to say opting instead to simply say thank you.

“My name is Justin. Do you have a name?” The winged creature asked as he suddenly realised that he knew nothing about this gentle child of the lake.

“Justin,“ JC tried out the name on his tongue. “I like Justin he announced and the sprite felt as if he had suddenly become fully acceptable to the beautiful willowy lake man. The nymph looked thoughtful then spoke softly, “ You couldn’t pronounce my name. The Satyr

used to call me JC. You can name me that if you wish.”

“You talk to Satyrs?” This was certainly strange.

“Only Chris, he comes here to drink sometimes.” The pretty green tinged man looked sadly into the distance at the forest. “It’s lonely by myself, and Chris is good company at times.”

The sprite didn’t miss the tears forming in the deep ocean eyes. He reached out and lifted the pointed chin that had dropped to the perfectly formed well-muscled chest. He stared into their stormy depths. “Are you the last of your kind?” He asked gently.

The nymph nodded tearfully, turning his face away from the soft touch. Justin cradled JC’s cheek in the palm of his hand, thumbing away the pale greenish tears. “So pretty.” He mumbled. “So lonely.” He leaned in touching his soft pink lips to the trembling green mouth. The nymphs mouth tasted sweet almost heady as he groaned deeply in his chest and melted into the sprites embrace. Both of their cocks began to thicken and harden as they brushed close to each other, Justin’s mouth found the point of JC’s ear. He teased it with his tongue, dipping inside the slightly emerald shell, biting gently on the lobe.

The water nymph suddenly froze his nostrils flaying and his ears twitching. “Fly away!” He exclaimed, “Fly away now.”

“What …why?” Justin stammered thinking he had pushed the gracile creature too fast.

“Man-things.” he hissed.

He turned and leaped into the safety of the waters, pausing only to make sure that Justin had taken flight too before he dived towards the bottom of his lake.

As soon as JC had dived into the water Justin had taken flight beating his fragile wings as fast as he dared. He reached the topmost branch of a ancient oak just as the humans chopped their way free of the forest. He sat cross-legged on the branch and watched them as they made their camp not far from the waters edge. He gnawed nervously at his lip when they threw their big fishing nets over the side of the small boat they had brought with them and prayed that his new friend would be safe.

The nymph swam as fast as he could when the course rope netting sank down towards him. It missed him by inches not feet. He back paddled watching it sink lower. Whimpering when it started moving rapidly towards him again as the fishermen dragged the net hoping to scoop up a heavy cargo. He kicked towards the lakes sandy bottom and pushed himself under an outstretched rock. He had no choice but to stay there and outwait the man-things evil hoping desperately that the lovely fairy would come back when the man-things had gone away.