As we forgive them

Sequel to "Thy will be done" and "Deliver us from evil (Lance Story)"

It had been nearly two years but the pain was still there. They didn’t want to be here. Not now. Not ever. But the call had come, so they went. They sat in the bright airy office with its huge picture window that looked out onto the hospital grounds. Lynn Harliss sat chewing her nails directly in front of the magnificent oak desk that dominated the room. Chris and Joey stood behind her both resting a hand on her shoulder. Lance stood staring out of the window. Staring but not really seeing anything. Joey ran his hand through his hair rubbed Lynns shoulder then walked over to Lance.


Lance turned his head, his green eyes dull expressionless, ’Hey Joey’ He turned his face back to the window ‘ Why we here Joey, I don’t wanna see him’

Lynn jumped to her feet tears streaming down her face ‘He’s sick Lance sick. Don’t you understand that?’ Joey and Chris cringed as Lance turned on her, striding across the room pushing his face up to hers as Chris grabbed his arms pulling him back


Lynn slumped back into her chair her face in her hands, her shoulders heaved with sobs. Joey ran to her side gathered her into his arms and began stroking her hair, his eyes filled with tears. The muscles in his jaw worked overtime trying to keep the words he had to say calm and low.

‘We all know what Justin did Lance. But he IS sick. He is sick now, he was sick then. Now I suggest we all calm down’ his eyes sought out Chris’ to support what he’d said. Lance got on his knees and put his head on Lynns lap, his hands seeking hers

‘I’m sorry, I know how hard this is for you Lynn. I ...I shouldn’t have yelled at you’ his tears began to fall unchecked as she held him tight. An uncomfortable silence fell over the room, broke only by an occasional sob.


Justin threw clothes from his closet over his shoulder, he was getting frantic now. He couldn’t find his shirt, the baby blue silk one that Josh had bought him for his birthday. Josh was taking him out clubbing. He had, begged, sulked and pouted till Jc had agreed. Now he needed to look good. It had taken hours for him to tame his wild curls, gelling and spraying, getting it to look like he really hadn’t bothered. But Jc would know he had. He breathed a sigh of relief as he found the missing piece of clothing lurking in the rear of his closet.

‘Justin you ready?’

The bedroom door burst open, Justin caught his breath, he looked beautiful dressed in a black tight fitting sleeveless tee shirt and tight black leather pants. His short hair swept back and gelled into place. He wore a pair of dark Oakleys that hid his eyes. Jc slipped the gasses to the end of his nose and peered over the to at his younger friend. His bright blue eyes sparkled with excitement.

‘Wow Justy you look great. You’ll be fighting the babes off tonight for sure’

Justin grinned ‘Yeah like you won’t.’ Dammit did this room just suddenly get hotter

‘You don’t think I’ll have a problem getting in do you? I mean I’m not really old enough ...’

‘It’ll be cool’ Jc cut him off ‘This is Europe remember, its not as strict as the states. Someone told me you can drink alcohol at 14 in some places. Anyway we’ll just say your eighteen. You can pass for that here no problem.’

‘What if they want id?’

Jc grabbed Justin’s leather flying jacket that was hanging over the chair.

‘They won’t Europe remember’ Justin looked puzzled ‘They don’t carry id . Can I borrow this?

‘Yea .. yeah’ Justin stuttered. Oh my god Jc was going to wear his jacket. He would be able to smell his sent for days especially after a night of dancing.

Justin watched Jc struggle into it. It was a bit big for his thin frame but it really finished his outfit. A smile spread across his face, not just a smile but one of his face splitting grins that lit up his whole face as he held out his arms and did a bit of a twirl.

‘Well Justy how do I look?’

‘ Jc you look really .. I mean really ... ok’ Justin dived out the door giggling closely chased by a very offended Jc.

Hours later the five members of Nsync staggered back to their hotel rooms.

‘Hey Jc you need a hand ?’ Chris and Joey smirked as Jc fought to keep a very drunk Justin on his feet

‘Nah man I can manage curly. You had look after Lance he looks like he’s gonna puke.’

‘Ok, see ya in the morning.’ Chris and Joey set off to deposit a barely conscious Lance to his bed.

‘ Right Curly you just stay there’ Jc pressed a Giggling Justin against the wall with one hand. Searching for his room key with the other.

‘I’m going stay with you tonight curly, I can’t be bothered to go back to my room. Also I don’t think I should leave you alone’

Justin nodded

‘No you really should sleep with me Jc’

He hiccuped pulled himself straight and walked in through the open door and promptly fell over a chair. Jc rolled his eyes this was going to be a long night.

Jc woke up suddenly. There was a hand on his cock, and it wasn’t his. The hand was moving slowly up and down his length swiping the sensitive head with each stroke.

Breathe Jc. Breathe. A mass of blond curls were on his chest. A hot tongue flicked across his nipple.

‘Justin wha......’ Justin looked up. His baby blue eyes shone in the semi light.

‘Jc, Jc I want you to make love to me.’

Jc jumped out of bed. He stood pulling at his hair at the end of the bed looking at Justin who looked like he was about to cry.

‘Jesus, Justin. I can’t.’ tears began to fall down the younger mans face.

‘You, you don’t want me?’ Justin had began to sob now.

The brunette wrung his hands together.

‘Its not that baby boy, its just. well your like my brother man. It would be wrong.’

Jc had said it himself it was wrong. What he was doing with Lance had been wrong. He had to be punished. So Justin had waited bided his time. Five years had passed since Jc rejected him. But every moment of that night had been burned into his memory. He weighed the blade in his hands not too big but razor sharp. He stood behind Jc. it was so easy. A flash and it was over. He smiled as he watched Joshua Chasez die.

End of Flashback

He had been in the hospital for three weeks when he suddenly realised what he had done.

‘JC, Jc oh god what had he done. JC. He killed the only one he ever loved. God forgive hm because he would never be able to forgive himself. Justin’s mind collapsed as he descended into insanity.

The three surviving members of Nsync stood with Justin’s mother watching him. His hair had grown back into that crazy afro. His skin looked pale almost transparent. The baby blue eyes that used to shine with mischief, were dull and devoid of life. He sat cross legged on a chair his arms wrapped round himself rocking back and forth. Back and forth. His lips mumbled over words no-one could make out or understand. Justin’s Doctor addressed his mother

‘There really is nothing more we can do for him. He has locked himself away.’

Lance approached the blond crouching before him. He spoke softly ‘I forgive you’ Lance then walked out and he would never go back.

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