Their voices whispered through the warm night air.



"This isnít legal is it?"

"Yeah course it is."

"Itís breaking and entering."

"Itís not. I live here."

"If itís not breaking and entering then why are we going in through the window?"

Justin leaned back out of the opening he had just disappeared through, looking at his boyfriend who stood his feet apart and his hands on his hips waiting for an answer.

"Because ........ I forgot my key?"

"More like the bitch changed the locks on you." JC hissed under his breath.


"Justin why donít we just wait till she comes home, Iíll talk to her if you want. Sheís a reasonable person."

"Ha." Justin resisted the urge to laugh. Brittany reasonable that was the biggest joke of the year. "Youíll talk to her? After what she said she was going to do to you when she got her hands on you?"

"What..... What she say?"

Justin leaned down grasping his lovers outstretched hand, hauling him up onto the ledge. "Lets just say it involved two bricks colliding very violently with a part of your anatomy that a pair of bricks just shouldnít come in contact with ..... ever."

"She was just pissed right ... I mean sheís not one to hold a grudge ... Is she?" JC gulped as he was heaved through the open window.

"Who do you think posted the pictures of naked Wade on the Internet?"

"Oh fuck, Justin she doesnít have any of ....."

"No, Iím not stupid enough to leave them beauties around. Actually thatís another reason I need to get in, I got the pictures I took of you hidden in my closet." A loud crash rang out as JCís long legs caught and toppled over a vase, smashing it to smithereens. "Well now I guess we are breaking!"

"You got naked pictures of me ... here... Jesus Justin. What if sheís found them?"

"If she found them ... Iím just guessing here ... that you will be mighty popular with your fans." Justin turned his face away so that his boyfriend couldnít see the wicked grin on his face.

"Iím finished. Iíll never be able to go out in public again." JC whined as he began picking up the broken pottery. "Ruined ... my parents will have to move town ... change their name. Ohhh."

"What? did you cut yourself?" Justin grabbed JCís hand turning it over and over scrutinising every inch.

"No I didnít cut myself I just had a horrible thought. Thatís all."

"Well are you going to share?"

"What if heather sees them? I mean thatís just too gross dude, my sister seeing my ..."

Justin cut off his train of thought. "JC. No one is going to see anything but me. Iíll get the pictures and we are out of here."


"What now?"

"Please tell me this vase was a cheap copy."

The blond winced at the $6000 pile of pieces. "It was ugly anyway."

The brunette groaned as he allowed his boyfriend to take his hand and lead him through the darkness to the bedroom. Justin flipped on the light.

"I though we were being discreet?" JC almost yelled as he knocked the switch back off. Justin sighed and switched it on again. "JC, this is the back of the house, we canít be seen from the road."

"Oh ...... I knew that. I was just testing."

The younger man smirked knowing that JC was probably blushing .

The bedroom was just the same, the same lace throw draped over the king sized brass bed. Matching drapes hung round the windows framing the voile white and gold blinds. JC picked up a photo frame from the side of the bed turning his nose up in disgust. "I guess sheís not over you yet!"

He threw the mahogany and brass frame containing a picture of his boyfriend and HER onto the bed. "Lets just get the pictures and get out of here. Where did you hide them?"

"In here." Justin pulled open the wardrobe and began rooting through the shoes and bags littering the floor. He dragged out a long feather boa, throwing it over his shoulder in his haste to find the nude pictures of his lover. JC sat on the bed, winding the pink wrap round his neck, he lay back blowing at the fluffy feathers, sneezing abruptly as they tickled his nose.

"Got them." Justin cried triumphantly. He shoved then into his backpack as he turned round. He licked his lips at the sight of his lover draped over the white spread, his attention on the girlie accessory entwined round his hands. He slipped beside his oblivious boyfriend straddling him before he realised what was happening.

"You know JC this is a lovely bed."

"Itís ok." Caution crept into the brunettes voice. He gasped as his throat was attacked with a hot wet tongue.

"Brittany is out of town you know." The simple statement was breathed against the tender flesh just below JCís right ear. This wasnít right ... he knew logically that Justin was manipulating him, but somehow he couldnít get the words to form in his mouth. All he could manage was "Uh huh."

"You taste so sweet, Here" Justin kissed JCís throat just below his adamís apple. "And here." He pulled up his boyfriends sweater and kissed his nipples. "And here." He trailed his tongue down JCís belly to his abdomen, sucking and licking at his belly button while he un-zipped the tight jeans, reaching inside knowing his baby would be commando. He moved further down and engulfed the hard organ with his scolding mouth. "And especially here." JC screamed as Justin deep throated him and rolled his balls in his hand.

"Baby lose the shirt." Justinís mouth moved over JCís cock, worshipping itís fullness and length. The older man pulled his sweater over his head and dropped it on the floor. He moaned long and deep in the back of his throat as he was licked and sucked. Justinís tongue probing his slit, urging his pre-cum to flow.

He whimpered as the hot mouth broke contact with the delicate throbbing head, Justin covered his body with his own, thrusting and grinding as he claimed a passion filled kiss as his reward, tasting the cushion soft lips, duelling his lovers tongue for dominance over the sweet wetness of JCís mouth.

"Mmmm so good baby."

He entwined his fingers through JCís, lifting the older mans hand above his head. Quickly he encircled the slender wrist with the feather boa securing it to the bedpost. JC broke the kiss a worried look smeared across his face.


"Shh baby. Trust in me."

Justin threaded the boa through to the other bedpost and secured JCís other hand. Leaving him held firmly in place, stripped to the waist, his pants wide open . His cock jumped and bounced in anticipation as Justin stripped of his own shirt and shoes. He climbed back over his lovers slim frame, rubbing his hands over the hard muscular chest. He flicked playfully at the soft brownish pink nipples causing them to form into hard buds, he squeezed and twisted the sensitive nubs till JC hissed and tried to buck his hips off the bed. Holding his lover down he used the flat of his tongue, slowly lapping each in turn, soaking them before blowing gently making JC shiver with excitement, all the time he moved relentlessly over JCís exposed manhood. making it weep more and more. The older man panted and whimpered, begging his lover to stop, not to stop, for more, for no more. Justin silenced him with his mouth, pushing his tongue deep into JC, exploring what he saw as rightfully his.

Their mouths smacked together as the kiss ended once more.

"Close your eyes." Justin breathed.

JCís eyes fluttered closed. The younger man kissed each lid softly.

Justin let his own jeans fall to the floor. "Do you trust me?"

"Justin I ....."

"Shh baby, just answer the question. No keep those pretty blues shut. Now do you trust me angel?"

More kisses feathered the brunettes face. "Do you?"


JC melted into Justinís mouth "I love you." He whispered just before his tongue was sucked into his lovers mouth. His pants were slipped down over his lean thighs, over his knees. Light kisses followed their progress down his legs, over his ankles leaving him tied naked his hands high above his head as Justin pulled him further down the bed, stretching out his long firm body. He held his eyes still tightly shut, his lips quivered as a new sensation flooded through him. Silky fabric brushed his calves, sliding effortlessly up his legs . Covering his manhood in a silken cocoon, clinging tightly to his genitals, invading the cleft of his ass. His breathing intensified as the silk heightened all his senses. He bit his lip as slow satiny touches swept across his eye lids and the soft drag of a kohl drew thick smudged lines beneath his eyes. He almost sobbed as kisses and nips were applied to his jawline. The taste of the lipstick on his mouth sent him spiralling into confusion and sensual overload.

"Justin .... what? ..... Why?"

"Hush baby, youíre beautiful, so very beautiful."

Justin rubbed his cock over the blood red painted lips of his lover, smearing his pre-cum over the lipstick, he stifled a cry of ecstasy as JCís tongue snaked out tasting what he couldnít see. Justin pushed into the willing mouth, thrusting slowly in and out hitting the back of his lovers throat, marvelling at how JC had hardly any gag reflex. He pulled out completely wanting to see the scarlet ring round his shaft, growling with excitement.

"I want you JC. I want you so badly."

He spat on his hand and worked the spittle over the his cock, mixing it with his pre-cum. He leaned into a slow possessive kiss as he pulled the thong string aside and let the purplish head press on the tight muscled orifice.

"Relax sweet heart." He pushed firmly, penetrating the writhing man below him. Inching his way into the snug confines of JCís ass. The older man twisted and tugged at the unyielding boa that held his hands immobile, crying out when his legs were lifted and hooked around his lovers back allowing Justin to slide in even deeper. Low guttural growls emanated from JCís mouth as his prostate was stabbed again and again. He howled and clenched his long legs round Justinís back as he spewed ropes of hot creamy cum into the silken panties. His ass contracted violently mimicking the ferocity of his climax, sending Justin spralling over the edge into oblivion, filling his lovers hot cavity with his own cum.


The young blond man gazed down at the angel he still held in his arms using his thumb to trace over his fine features.

"Open your eyes now baby."

Sapphire blue orbs surrounded in gun metal grey stared lovingly back at him, hooded with spent lust.

Justin couldnít resist tasting the owner of those eyes once more, claiming a chaste kiss.

"We should leave."

"In a minute baby." Justin kissed the lipstick smeared mouth of his lover once more before sliding off the bed and rooting around in his backpack. "Just one more thing before we leave." He pulled out a digital camera and snapped half a dozen pictures before dropping it back in the canvas bag. JC rolled his eyes in exasperation.

"Justin let me up."

The boa slipped free of his wrists. Justin grinned "You look fabulous."

"YouĎre a sick puppy Timberlake."

"Me sick? and this coming from a man wearing a pink feather boa, makeup and a ladies thong."

"Which you foisted onto me while I was incapacitated." JC squirmed out of the soiled silk panties and wriggled back into his jeans and sweater. He grimaced at the mess they had made on the white lace bed throw. "Er honey, what are we going to do about this and these?" he pointed to the damp patch and the stained underwear.

Justin finished fastening his belt and slung his bag and repossessed belongings over his shoulder.

"Lets just say its Brittanyís cum-uppance." He shot back his lover a grin before dragging him out through the door.

the end.

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