Esporta Espainia

Joey and Chris came running into the apartment the five boys from Nsync had rented for the duration of their stay in the small Spanish village, their excitement evident as they spun Justin round and round, snapped shut Lance’s lap top and dragged a very sleepy and sulky JC out of his bed. “We have found the best beach ever” Chris gushed “Great surf, golden sand, beach bar, volleyball court everything” Joey added excitedly “Grab your bags boys, Fun in the sun has just begun.” Chris and Joey sang together.

JC Groaned. “Guys just leave me directions I’ll catch up with you later. I’m going back to bed.” He started to go back to his room stumbling about in his semi comatose state. “Oh no you don’t.” Joey grabbed JC, Chris grabbed his bag and they Steered him out the door into the sunshine. JC shrank back blinking against the brightness. “It’s ok JC, it’s called sunlight, and I promise you won’t burst into flames.” Chris chuckled. “well he might.” Joey added with a straight face “What with him being a vampire an all.” Joey, Chris , Justin and Lance all burst into fits of giggles as JC shot them the finger. He rooted about in his bag and pulled out his Oakley shades, covering his sleep heavy eyes from the offending sunshine and climbed into the back of the black jeep they had hired. Justin and Lance climbed in beside him. JC rested his head on the youngest members shoulder. “Yo JC” Chris shouted making the still sleepy 26 year old jump. “I know you are not going back to sleep. Cus if you do I’m going to dunk you in that pool over there.” JC sat bolt upright as they pulled away. Lance leaned across him and whispered to Justin. “You know Jace is asleep right?” Justin chuckled “Yeah he’s the only person I know who can sleep sitting upright and not fall over.”

It was an hours drive to the beach. Lance and Justin just let JC sleep all the way. Gently waking him before they arrived so that Chris and Joey wouldn’t just carry him down to the sea and throw him in. “Oh My God.” Lance and Justin chorused. JC sat blinking his eyes clearing the last remnants of sleep from them. The beach was everything Chris and Joey said it would be. The sand was fine and golden, The surf was awesome and the people were .... naked .... “JC close your mouth. You might swallow something nasty.” Chris smirked “Welcome to Espainia” Joey yelled. JC stared around him lost for words “Er .. guys... this is ... nudist beach.” “Ok I’m ready” Chris chirped as he stripped off his shorts and jumped up and down in excitement. Justin blushed, JC blanched and Lance ... well Lance gazed in wonder as a beautiful Spanish man with a phallus that hung down to his knees came jogging out of the water. Ok maybe it wasn’t to his knees but Lance had to admit it was a bloody well impressive piece of equipment, And although he wasn’t short in the wedding tackle department he suddenly developed an inferiority complex.

Joey in the meantime had stripped butt naked and was smearing suntan lotion over himself while openly leering at a nubile beauty as she bounced along the beach to the bar. “Come on you guys join the party. Yes, Yes, Yes here we go, Nsync have got the flow.” Chris and Joey sang at the tops of their voices and added a little piece of choreography for good measure. JC groaned and covered his eyes blushing furiously at their lack of modesty as Justin giggled insanely.

The young Spaniard with the large endowment had decided that blondes were defiantly more fun and had persuaded Lance into joining him further down the beach and was currently gently persuading the green eyed blond to part with his shorts. Justin looked at JC and shrugged “If you can’t beat ‘em Join ‘em I say.” he yanked his trunks down and tossed them into his bag then flopped down on to his towel his white buttocks glowing against the rest of his tan. He grinned as Joey and Chris ran cocks flapping in the breeze down to the waves. “Hey Chris.” He shouted “I thought it was meant to be small and wrinkly after you’d been in cold water not before.” Chris spun round to retaliate and was knocked face first into the sea by a giant wave. Joey helped him back to his feet coughing and spluttering. Justin grinned up at JC “That one was for waking you up so early Jace.” JC watched all his friends playing and laughing in the sunshine the only one still fully clothed and standing out like a lemon in a basket of apples. He went the colour of beetroot as he dropped his pants revealing a nice hard 8inch cock. Justin licked his lips “You know Jace I don’t know what you were worried about. You got nothing at all to be ashamed of.” JC dropped to the towel beside his young lover and brushed his lips over Justin’s. Flicking his tongue over the soft pink lips. “I’m not ashamed of what I got.” JC explained as his hands wondered over the blondes chest. “It’s just being here with you .. naked.. Well I didn’t want to be the only one on the beach with a raging hard on.” They looked down the sand to where Lance was involved in a heavy make out session with the beautiful Latin man. Joey and Chris had sat themselves down with the nubile beauty and her equally pretty friend.

Justin lent down and swiped his tongue over his older lovers cock then drew it deeper into his mouth. Playing the hot wetness over JC’s hardness making him groan in pleasure. He guided the brunettes hand to his own throbbing organ as he lifted his lips to JC’s “What make’s you think you’ll be the only one?” he whispered into his lovers mouth. A smile played over JC’s lips “I have no idea.” He breathed softly. Their mouths and tongues met forcefully as they fell back onto the sand.

This was defiantly one of Chris and Joey’s better ideas JC thought.

The End

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