“Honey; its 6 am time to get up.”

Justin turned over in his bed and stretched. He slipped his hand down between his legs and slowly stroked his morning glory. He leaned back his head and let out a low groan as he felt his balls tighten.

“Honey are you going to get up or not.” Lynn walked into his bedroom and pulled open the curtains letting the sun stream in.

“MOM!” Justin flipped quickly onto his stomach, landing squarely on his hard penis. “Owww shit.”

Lynn rolled her eyes at her sons attempt to hide his erection and the fact he had been masturbating. “Oh honey please you think I don’t know you do that. You just finish up sweetie; pancakes and sausage for breakfast ok?”

“MOM!” Justin’s face burned brightly as his mom blew him a kiss and walked out of his room down the hall singing at the top of her voice. “Fiddle, fiddle dee fiddle dee said the fiddler. Every good fiddler has a fine bow and a very fine bow has he.”

The curly haired blond sighed, his dick now laying limp between his legs. “Way to kill the moment mom.” He got out of bed, scratched his ass and shuffled down the hall to the bathroom to take his shower. He wanted to be fresh today after all he was going to be a senior in a new high school. He had people to impress and friends to make.

When he arrived at the breakfast table 30 minutes later his mom was just serving up the pancakes. “Syrup is in the pantry honey I forgot it could you?”

“Sure mom.” He got back out of his chair ruffling his little brother’s hair as he passed him. The little tousled haired boy looked up from his breakfast his mouth smeared in chocolate sauce and grinned lifting a handful of sticky pancake to the older boy. “For Jusin. “ He giggled. Being the doting big brother he was Justin got down level with the little boy and dutifully opened his mouth accepting the sticky mess, chewing it thoroughly and making all the right yummy noises. Lynn smiled happily at her little brood before reminding Justin of the time and getting the syrup herself.

His new school was just a block away, within walking distance one of the reasons why they had chosen it. Since his dad had left him and his mom they could only afford to run one car and as Lynn needed it for her work Justin had to walk. Walking in through a metal detector freaked him out a little, the fact that the board of governors deemed such an item along with security guards a necessity made him feel more than a little uneasy. He made his way down to reception and signed in as a new student got his directions for his homeroom and set off to start his day.


The classroom was large, bright and airy single desks set in lines facing the big rolling blackboard. Well no big shock there he thought. He lingered at the back of the class waiting for all the students to take their usual seats before sitting in one of the empty places.

“Hey man you don’t wanna sit there.” Justin looked up to see a big dark haired youth with a neat goatee beard glaring at him from across the room, “Come sit here next to me.” Justin looked around him at the other students who were all now looking at him. All except the boy sitting next to him who stared intently at his hands wringing them together nervously. “You really should move.” He muttered so quietly Justin almost missed it.

“New boy” the youth called attracting his attention again. “Sit here.” not wanting to rock the boat on his first day he got slowly out of his chosen seat and moved so he was sitting between the tall boy and a slightly shorter blond.

“Joey Fatone.” The boy held out his hand for Justin to shake. “And you are?”

“Justin, Justin Timberlake.”

“Well Justin, these are my home boys James Bass, but every one calls him Lance.”

“Why.” Justin didn’t mean to blurt out the question.

“Cus James Bass is my daddy that why.”

Joey grinned and kicked the chair in front of him causing the occupant to spin round and give him the finger. “And this dwarf here is Chris Kirkpatrick.”

The short brunette. Grinned widely “Bite me asshole. Welcome to Orlando high.”

“Orlando high?” Justin was puzzled he was sure they he had moved to Boston.

“Private joke man don’t shit it.”

He looked back over to where the quiet boy was reading a book. “You didn’t want to sit next to Fagboy you don’t wanna catch something deadly on your first day.” Joey laughed loudly so the whole class could hear. “Isn’t that right Fagboy?” He stood up and threw a eraser at the studying youth bouncing it off his head. Lance and Chris joined in the laughter as Joey shouted “I asked you a question Fagboy! I said Justin didn’t want to catch any deadly diseases on his first day does he?”

The boy answered shaking “No Joey.” He whispered.

“I can’t hear you.”

“No Joey.” He said louder his lip trembling.

The tension in the room dispersed as the homeroom teacher entered the classroom. “Good morning class. We have a new student joining us today. Please stand up Justin and introduce yourself to the class then I think we will all take turns in introducing ourselves.”

Justin got to his feet his face flushing. “Errm ok. My name is Justin Randall Timberlake, I’m almost 18 err, I grew up in Tennessee, I transferred here with my mom and my baby brother after my dad left. I play quarterback and was team captain in my last school. That’s it really.”

The class clapped politely and the teacher indicated for Joey to rise. The tall youth drew himself to his full height. “Joey Fatone, I’m Italian in case you didn’t work that out.” He wriggled his eyebrows at Justin grinning. “My pa owns the bistro on the next block.” He sat down after taking an elaborate bow. The pupils all took turns to stand and introduce themselves. Then it was the quiet boys turn. He stood to jeers and catcalls. The bell rang and he physically relaxed as everyone leaped from their seats and hurried to their first lesson.

Joey grabbed Justin’s right arm and Lance grabbed his left and ran him out of the homeroom. “Whoa close call, last thing we need is fagboy’s life history.” Chris came running up behind them laughing loudly.

“What you got up your ass Kirkpatrick?” Lance asked.

“Just got fagboy a good un. He’s trying to put back together his project that he spent all summer on. I just kinda bumped him.”

“Why do you call him that?”

The three friends looked at Justin as if he was speaking Greek. “Call who what?” Lance asked.

The quiet boy came out of homeroom his papers a mess, his head down, he pushed his glasses up his nose and hurried past them. Ignoring the nasty comments and lewd remarks.

“Him” Justin said “Why are you so mean to him?”

“Ohhh.” Joey said realising who Justin was asking about. “Fagboy, He’s scum, don’t worry about him. Come on lets get to maths before we get detention.”

The rest of the day passed without incident. Joey, Lance and Chris kept him occupied took him from class to class he seemed to have at least one of them in all of his lessons. He also noticed that Fagboy shared a few too. He’d sit in the furthest corner away from everyone. Quietly doing his work, adjusting his glasses as he stared intently at the board then copied down the work. Staying after the bell, moving closer to the front of the class checking he copied his work correctly.

At the end of the day Justin was standing talking to his new friends when the curly haired brunette tried to scurry past. Joey’s hand shot out clamping hard on the slim boys arm making him wince in pain. “Remember what I told you fagboy, keep out of my street.” He pushed the slender boy making him stumble down the steps, dropping his books. He quickly gathered them to him. Justin didn’t miss the way his thumb flicked under the rim of his glasses wiping a tear away. Before he ran away as fast as he could.

Justin watched him go his heart going out to him, but he knew he couldn’t get involved. “I had better be going, I have to pick my kid brother up from day-care, see y’all in the morning.”

“Yeah see ya.”

Justin settled into his new routine easily getting up at six, walking to school, hanging with Joey and his boys then dashing off at the end of the day to pick up Jon from day-care. He watched day in and day out as Fagboy sat silently on a bench feeding his lunch to the birds, he never went into the cafeteria always outside no matter what the weather. Sadness and loneliness emanated from him as people took a wide birth round him. He was at best ignored at worse humiliated and tortured.

“Lance, You know that kid.?”

“which kid?”

“The one you call fagboy.”

“Yeah, what about him?”

“I just realised I don’t know his real name.”

Lance looked pointedly at Justin. “Why you want to know?”

Justin shrugged “Just wondered that’s all.”

“His name is Joshua Chasez, he’s a fag that’s all you need to know.”

“What did he do?”

Lance looked at the curly haired youth a questioning look on his face. “You wanna know why we hate him?”

“I just wondered I mean he’s pathetic, why waste your energy on him?”

“Cus he’s a fucking fag. End of year party last year he was there, he’d had a couple of beers, so Steve decided to have a bit of fun with him.”


“Steve Fatone, Joey’s big brother. Anyway to cut a long story short Steve pretended to be interested in him. You know what I mean. we all always suspected he was a bum bandit but we had no proof. Anyway Steve gave him the come on and the little shit fell for it hook, line and sinker. Went out back with him and gave him a blowjob. What he didn’t know was we were all watching. He’s been fagboy since.”

Justin hid his repulsion for the three youths he called friends. The vision of Joshua on his knees sucking off an older boy only to be confronted and humiliated burned in his brain. The immense sorrow he felt for the gracile boy weighed heavy on his soul.

“I have to go man.” Justin said “Got to pick up Jon.”

“K dude later.”


Joshua walked slowly down the road his head down. He was so lonely, tears brimmed in his eyes. He took off his glasses and wiped his eyes on his sleeve before pushing the black-rimmed frames back onto his nose. He was wary Joey had told him he couldn’t walk home this way but he had to get home quickly tonight. His mom had been getting angry with him for making her late for work every night cus he wasn’t home in time to baby-sit his little sister and brother. He picked up his pace as he approached the Fatone’s bistro hoping to get past un-noticed. Hands shot out of an alley dragging him from the main street and slamming him up against the wall.

“Fagboy. Didn’t I tell you not to come home this way shit head?”

“The be-spectacled boy whimpered in fear. “I … I had to Joey I’m sorry. My mom wanted me home early. I’m sorry Joey, I won’t do it again.”

“Too late.” the Italian leaned his face into the trembling youth. “You walk down here you pay the price. I give you a choice. Ok. Either you give all of us a blowjob or you bend over that car there and take it up your ass. You do that and we wont kick the crap out of ya.”

Joshua began to cry. “No Joey please, I don’t want to.”

“You want me to choose? Ok bend over the car now.”

“No Joey. Please don’t, don’t.” Lance, Chris and Joey began to drag him towards the car Joshua screaming and struggling to escape. “Joey please, I’ll blow you, I’ll blow all of you. Joey please don’t rape me.”

They dropped him on the floor. “Ok” Joey opened his pants and Lance and Chris held Joshua up, forcing his mouth onto the big Italians cock. Joey pumped in and out of Joshua’s mouth fucking his face as tears ran down over the slim boys cheeks. He choked as Joey shot his load into his mouth forcing him to swallow. He pulled out making Joshua lick him clean and put him back into his pants. Joey’s cock was replaced by Chris’ as the short dark haired man followed the Italian’s lead. Spilling his jizz into the younger man he pulled out only to be replaced immediately by Lance’s thick cock. Joshua fought the urge to vomit as another load of thick goblets of cum filled his mouth. They held his mouth shut ensuring that he swallowed every drop then threw him on the floor laughing. “Now fuck off fagboy. Next time we catch you down here you will be over the car I promise you.”

Joshua scrambled to his feet and ran as fast as he could in the direction of his home, not looking back, blinded by tears his humiliation complete. He dashed into the small apartment he shared with his mom and siblings, his mother scowled at him and slammed out the door complaining loudly that he had made her late yet again, oblivious to his pain. He ran to his room and threw himself on his bed, sobbing hysterically. Why wouldn’t they leave him alone, he had been so stupid, thinking that someone like Steve was really interested in a stupid ugly geek like him. He should have known that it was a trick designed to hurt and humiliate. He couldn’t go on any longer, the loneliness was killing him, humiliated and belittled day in and day out. He curled up on his bed his schoolbooks discarded as he planned how to end his pain.

He woke the next morning and took a shower, revelling in the hot water knowing it would be the last shower he would ever take. He dried his hair carefully so not to let his ringlets frizz and tangle. He pulled on his tight blue jeans and black tee shirt, topping it off with a loose blue shirt. He pushed his glasses on to his nose and looked at himself in the mirror. They were right what they said about him, he was nothing more than a skinny, ugly fagboy. He picked up the belts he had gathered and buckled together the night before and balled them into his bag. He took one last look round his room and went into the kitchen where his mom was preparing breakfast.

“Sit down Josh it won’t be a minute.”

“I’m not hungry momma.”

“Honey you need to eat, you never eat anything. I’m beginning to worry about you.”

Joshua sighed quietly “I’m meeting friends for breakfast.” He lied. He stood up and kissed his mom on the forehead then kissed his brother and sister.

“Don’t be home late Josh.”

“I won’t be momma.” The slender curly haired youth stepped out of his home into the street. He took one last look then began to walk the long way to school.


Justin ran into his class ten minutes late. “Sorry ma’am I had to drop my brother at day care my mom had to go to work early.”

“It’s alright Justin just sit down I haven’t taken roll call yet.”

He looked over at Joshua whose head was down as usual he seemed different today, calmer almost. His mouth set in a solid line as he stared dejectedly at his work sheet. The bell rang for first lesson and the class leaped to their feet, chairs scraping, people laughing and chattering as they scampered and separated to their next lessons. As Joey passed Joshua he brought his hand up to his mouth and mimed sucking at something making the brunette pale and screw his eyes tight shut trembling. Lance and Chris fell about laughing as they pulled Justin along with them.

Justin made eye contact with Joshua as he reopened his eyes the pain there made him stagger. The contact was broken as quickly as it was made as Justin was ushered out into the hall. “What was all that about?” He asked.

“Not much, just thanking fagboy for last night.”

“What happened last night?” A feeling of dread filled Justin as Joshua scurried past, his head almost on his chest. Joey Lance and Chris chuckled and started towards their classes, Joey stopped “Coming Just?”

“Yeah be right there dude. You go on.”

The Italian shrugged “Ok dude.” The three friends slapped hands and went their separate ways.

Justin fixed his eyes on the door that he had seen Joshua disappear through. He followed the sickening feeling deepening in his gut. No one was in gym at this time of day yet the scrawny boy had defiantly gone this way. He walked through the boys changing rooms, listening carefully but hearing nothing. He carried on into the gym stopping gasping in horror at the sight that confronted him. Joshua had tied his belt round a rung of the climbing frame then looped it around his neck.

“Joshua NO.”

Joshua looked at Justin a small resigned smile playing on his lips, then he jumped. His glasses flew across the floor shook free from the force of the drop. His eyes bulged, terror registered over his face as his hand automatically grasped and pulled at the tightening noose.

“JESUS.” Justin darted forward grabbing the slim boys flaying legs lifting him, easing the pressure on his throat. He struggled with the nearest buckle fighting to hold Joshua’s weight, to stop him from choking. Finally he released the taunt strap and the two youths collapsed on to the gym floor. He wrapped his arms round the frightened boy hugging him tightly as Joshua sobbed and sobbed. “Why … why did you stop me. I never harmed you why do you want to hurt me?”

Justin hushed the youth cradling him, rocking him till his sobs calmed into soft hiccupping.

“Why Joshua? Are thing really that bad that you see suicide as your only way out?”

Joshua lifted up his head his steel blue eyes rimmed with red his glasses lay on the floor. His mouth trembled as he struggled to speak, his voice coming out thick and husky from where his windpipe had been almost crushed. “How can you? How can you be so cruel?” He pushed away clawing and scraping at the floor in his rush to get away, He ran bare footed out of the gym side door into the rain, Justin chased after him. He could run fast, the blond couldn’t help but wonder why he wasn’t in the track team. Gradually he began to catch up, finally tackling the running youth round the knees sending him flying forward in the mud. Joshua screamed and cried kicking hard slapping and scratching fear driving him to escape. Justin sat on top of him pinning him to the ground. He recoiled from the incredible fear in the slightly older boys face.

“Don’t hurt me.”

Joshua hardly breathed the words but to Justin they were screamed at the top of his lungs.

“Please don’t hurt me.” The pathetic begging ripped a hole through Justin’s heart. He gathered Joshua into his arms his own eyes filling with tears. “I won’t hurt you.” He breathed “I’ll never hurt you.” He leaned in his lips brushing softly over Joshua’s dirt streaked forehead. Rivulets of rain dripped off Joshua’s long golden brown curls as he lifted his face, tears blending with raindrops. Justin brushed the wet hair from the crying boys eyes and cupped his chin. “You are beautiful Josh, why did I never notice that before.

“Don’t make fun of me. I know I’m ugly.”

“No, no you’re not, who told you that?”


Justin leaned in and pressed his lips on Joshua’s, deepening the kiss, tempting the terrified boy into opening his mouth. Twisting his tongue round and round tasting and savouring his mouth.

Joshua pulled away, his head lowered again his eyes darting round looking for who ever was hiding waiting to jump out, to call him fagboy and spit at him.

“I won’t hurt you Josh, it’s just you and me.” He paused briefly holding tightly to his new love. “What did they do to you Joshua, I know they hurt you the other night what did they do that made you want to kill yourself?”

Joshua stiffened in his arms and scrambled away. Pushing back with his feet his ass sliding across the wet grass. “They sent you! They sent you to humiliate me again.” His bare feet slipped from under him. Justin grabbed him again.

“Why Joshua? Why would I do that? I’m gay Josh, I’m gay too.”

The brunette stopped struggling. “You’re gay?”


“Don’t lie.”

“I’m not lying, I’m gay. I’m a gay quarterback, I’m southern and I’m poor white trailer trash. I’m not lying to you sweetie.” He leaned down kissing him sweetly lapping at the corners of his mouth, sucking on his tongue. “What did they do to you Josh? tell me.”

He held the pale slender youth tightly as he described the ordeal he had been subjected to. Justin clenched his fists and choked back a gasp as Joshua shook and stammered over the disgusting story, the forced oral sex, and the threatened rape. He held the boy while he cried and cried, spending himself completely. When eventually his weeping slowed he lifted him back to his feet and walked him back to his own home knowing his mom was at work and Jon was at day care. He left Joshua sitting on the couch and he went and turned on the shower. He came back finding Josh curled in the foetal position sucking his thumb.

“Shower is on.” He got no answer. “Josh.”

“Thank you, but you should go first it’s your house.”

“I can wait. Come on.” He helped Joshua up off the couch and walked him to the bathroom. The slight man allowed Justin to manoeuvre his body lifting his arms above his head allowing his tee shirt to be pulled off. “I’ll leave you now, clean towels are in the closet.”

“You don’t have to … go that is.” Josh blurted it out then dropped his head again ashamed of what he had just suggested.

“Well I guess we could shower together. Would you like that Josh?”

A slight nod was his reply. Justin stripped himself naked and stood in front of the shaking boy. “Look at me Josh.” Silver blue eyes lifted black pupils huge and dilated as they travelled down Justin’s sleek well-defined body. He began to shake again embarrass at his own reed thin form. He tried to cover himself with his hands, shielding himself from the slightly younger mans gaze.

“Don’t Josh, let me see.”

“But, but I’m so ugly, I can’t do this I can’t, what do you want from me, I’m nothing, I’m fagboy I spread disease remember, I’m dirt, I’m, I’m scum.”

“NO. No Josh you are not. Look at me Joshua look at me. Give me your hand.”

Josh held out his hand tentatively. Justin took it in his gentle grip and brought it to his genitals so that Josh was cupping his balls softly. He reached down cupping the thin youths balls in the same way, drawing him closer. He flicked the tip of his tongue over Joshua’s pale lips, tilting his head pressing closer harder. “Trust me,” he whispered into the sweet now willing mouth. Leading Josh by his cock into the hot shower, he held him close till he stopped shivering, littering kisses on his neck and shoulders. He took a sponge and squirted a liberal amount of body wash out of a bottle and worked it over the skinny body, cleansing him then washed himself. He rinsed them both and turned off the water. He picked up a towel and wrapped Josh in the soft fluffy fabric before doing the same for himself. He walked Joshua into his bedroom and handed him a dry pair of sweatpants and a sweater. He kissed him softly, stroking the side of his face. “Get some sleep sweetie.”

“Stay …. Please.” Justin couldn’t refuse the massive blue eyes pleading him to stay. He climbed on the bed next to the brunette, drawing him into his arms, cuddling him till they both fell asleep.

They were still sleeping both wrapped only in towels when Lynn came home. She saw Justin’s bag on the floor and walked into his room. She stood silently as her son wrapped himself round the naked body of the thin curly haired brunette. She leaned back against the door, surprised but not shocked to find her oldest son in such a compromising position. She gathered her wits about her and soundlessly opened the closet door pulling out a fresh blanket, draping it over the two naked bodies, she smiled contentedly resisting the urge to ruffle the curls that adorned both heads. She backed out the room silently closing the door behind her. In the kitchen Jon sat his fingers dipping in the peanut butter jar. “Where Jusin?”

Lynn grinned and pulled her baby’s fingers out the sticky mess wiping them before screwing the top back on the jar tightly. “Justin is having a little nap with his friend honey. Let’s get dinner ready shall we.”

Justin’s eyes flickered open and were immediately captivated by the innocent beauty of the youth still sleeping next to him. Without his glasses his face changed shape, suddenly visible were the high chiselled cheek bones the strong aristocratic nose. The high forehead all framed with a thick mane of golden brown curls. How could he have sat by and watched this beautiful, sensitive creature ridiculed and tormented. He jumped as his bedroom door opened.

“Mom, I can explain … it’s not what it looks like.”

“It’s ok honey, I’m not shocked, surprised not shocked. Dinner will be ready in a few minutes why don’t you wake your friend, then you can both get dressed and come eat. Jon keeps asking where you are I’ve had a devil of a time keeping him out of here.”

“I’m sorry momma, we didn’t do anything, truly.” Justin sighed almost sorry that he was telling the truth.

“Come down and eat your honey there looks like he needs it.”

Waking Joshua was harder than it looked eventually the silver blue eyes fluttered open, fear filled them briefly but was washed away by Justin’s sweet kiss hello.

“How are you feeling angel?”

“Better thank you.” His voice was still thick and husky.

“You hungry?”

Joshua shook his head no. Justin linked his fingers with those of Josh’s “You should eat, just a little …. for me.”


“Come on lets get dressed my mom has made dinner.”

“You ….. your mom.”

Justin placed a chaste kiss on the nervous boys mouth. “Don’t worry she doesn’t bite my boyfriends unless they bite her first.”

“She .. She knows you’re gay and she doesn’t mind?”

“The thing I learn about my mom everyday is she is a really cool lady, come on I want her to meet you.”

The two got dressed and walked hand in hand to the kitchen. Lynn turned from her chores. “Well hello there sleepyheads, I hope you both have an appetite I made your favourite Justin chicken, rice and salad.”

“Thank you mom. Mom this is Joshua, he’s in my class at school.”

Lynn held out her hand “It’s nice to meet you Joshua, you are the first boyfriend Justin has introduced me to. Now sit down honey and Justin will serve you some rice.”

“Ohh no, no thank you I’m not hungry thank you.”

“Oh stuff and nonsense you are skin and bone, now sit you’re skinny butt down and eat my rice.”

Justin hid a giggle behind his hand at the stunned look on Joshua’s face as he pulled him down into the seat beside him.

Josh caught sight of the clock and leaped to his feet. “I have to go, my momma will be waiting to go to work.” he ran for the door. Justin caught hold of his hand.

“Calm down sweetie. Mom can I use the car to take Josh home he has to sit his brother and sister.”

“Sure honey. It was nice to meet you Joshua.”

“Thank you ma’am.”

“Call me Lynn sweetie.”


They drove home in silence, Joshua shrinking smaller and smaller the closer he got to Fat-One Bistro. As they turned into the street he whimpered and slipped down his seat shaking.

“Josh honey you ok?” the brunette nodded and hid his face as Joey and Lance came out the front door slapping and pushing each other in fun. “It’s ok sweetie they didn’t see you, you’re safe with me.”

“You, you don’t understand, what they can do to me how utterly worthless and dirty they make me feel. They know about me….. What are you doing with me Justin? What are you setting me up for, you can’t want me. I’m fagboy remember, I’m dirty, filth … stop the car … please I need to get out …you’re taking me to them aren’t you? AREN’T YOU?” He screamed.

Justin hit the central locking before the panicking youth could open the door and throw himself out onto the hard tarmac. He pulled over to the sidewalk and encircled Joshua with strong arms, soothing and calming him. All of the frail boys insecurities bubbled and spilled to the surface till he was unable to contain them any longer.

“Why didn’t you let me die Justin? It would be over now, no more hate, no more humiliation … no more pain.” Joshua crumbled his face buried in his hands.

“Don’t cry Josh please don’t cry.” Justin pulled the long tapered fingers away lifting the pointed chin and brushing away the tears that matted the thick dark lashes that framed his eyes. He tilted his face towards the grief stricken boy capturing his lips, licking the salty wetness that continued to flow. Justin’s tongue slipped lovingly into Joshua’s mouth moving relentlessly in tiny silky circles against the hotness of his tongue. The stiffness in his shoulders melted away as Justin stroked the back of his neck lovingly, trailing caressing touches as his mouth possessed his leaving his spine tingling.

Justin held him till the shakes ended. “I’ll take you home sweetheart.” He pushed his car back into drive and pulled into the traffic unaware the whole intimate scene had been witnessed by Chris.

The older boy tucked down his head and hurried on the wheels of his mind turning. Justin and fagboy? Together? He had to think this one through, he genuinely liked Justin. Seeing the two youths kissing so tenderly left him shocked and confused and yet somehow it hadn’t looked wrong, it was almost beautiful. Even fagboy looked different.

“Yo Chris where you been man?” The stocky youth forced a grin and waved. No he decided he’d keep this to himself till he was clear in his own mind whether or not Justin deserved his loyalty.

Justin pulled up outside the old scruffy apartment building and turned his body into Joshua snaking his arms round his waist. “You ok now?” he asked.

Josh nodded and undid his seat belt pulling on the door lock in his haste to getaway. A unyielding hand gripped his and lifted it to a warm cushiony pair of lips. “Can I come in?” Justin asked hopefully.

Joshua shook his head.

“Why not?”

“We’re not rich .. Like you.”

Justin smothered a giggle. “Oh honey my family are not rich.”

“Richer than us … my home well it’s …”

“Your home.” Justin said compassionately “and like you I’m sure your home is beautiful. Let me come in.”

Josh sighed resignedly “Ok.”

Karen was in the bathroom putting the finishing touches to her hair when Josh opened the door. She barely looked at her son as she darted out into the hallway. “Tyler is in his room and Heather is doing her homework in the kitchen, there is pasta in the pan the kids have eaten. I’m late again thanks to you.”

“I’m sorry momma really I am.”

She stopped her hands on her hips “Well mister sorry isn’t going to put food in your brother and sisters mouths or a roof over their heads if I lose this job.” Her eyes rested on Justin. “And who might you be?”

“Momma this is Justin. He’s in my homeroom class at school he gave me a lift home cus I was kept back late.”

Justin held out his hand to the slightly irate woman. “It’s a pleasure to meet you ma’am.”

Karen stared at his hand but didn’t take it. “I guess it’s nice to meet a friend of my sons at last.”

“Can I drive you into work Mrs Chasez? I don’t mind as you are already running late.”

“Why that’s very sweet of you dear.” Her demeanour softened towards the golden-haired polite young man. She grabbed her bag. “I’ll be back round 2ish Joshua please put the children to bed at 8 latest. She kissed him quickly on his cheek and hurried out of the apartment. Justin held Josh’s hand for a brief second, releasing it reluctantly. “Can I call you?”

The slender boy nodded shyly “555-845” he closed the door behind his lifesaver as he dashed to catch up Karen.


Ten past eight Josh curled up on the sofa a book of fine art in his hand. He rubbed absentmindedly at the sore band round his throat where the belt had nearly ended his life. He closed his book shaking at the thought of what he had tried to do. If it hadn’t have been for Justin he would be laying cold on a slab somewhere a tag tied to his big toe. “Who would miss me?” He asked quietly. A tear ran down his face. He knew the answer was no one. His belly grumbled protesting of the lack of food that had been consumed in the past weeks. He punched himself repeatedly in the stomach till the pangs went away then curled his long legs onto the couch and sucked his thumb, his eyes drifting slowly closed.

Ringing pulled him out of his slumber. He sat up rubbing his eyes with his fists, his mind still numb with sleep. He reached for the phone. “Hel … hello?”

Justin’s heart shattered even when answering the phone Joshua was uncertain, fearful. “Hey sweetie.” He deliberately kept his voice light and as friendly as he could. “You said I could call.”


“Yeah, it’s me. How are you feeling?”


“Can I come over?”

“”Why?” Josh was confused why would the football teams star player want to spend time with him. His insecurities flooded back to the surface. He must want to trick him, make a fool of him all over again.

“Joshua I like you, you know that. If I can’t come over tonight can I see you tomorrow?”

“It’s Saturday tomorrow.”

Justin suppressed his frustration. “ I know, I thought we could go somewhere, do something together.”



“I can’t, you can’t … I mean.”

“I’ll pick you up at nine, we can spend the day together. Say yes Josh please.”

Joshua closed his eyes his heart screamed at him yes, yes, yes. But his brain kept shouting no, don’t trust him he’ll hurt and humiliate you.

“Joshua please say yes honey.”

His heart won out.


Excitement rushed through his veins as he pulled up outside Joshua’s building, he almost skipped to the heavily boarded front door ringing the bell. he shuffled nervously from foot to foot till the portal was swung open . A little girl of about eight looked up at him. “I’m not supposed to open the door.” she said then slammed it shut. Justin looked in stunned silence at the solid wood in front of him jumping when it swung back open revealing Karen an apologetic look on her face. “Sorry about that dear.” She ushered him inside. “Justin right?” She asked.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Well Justin I have a favour to ask you before Joshua comes out of his room. He has lost so much weight lately, I don’t think he’s eating. I found the pasta I left him last night in the waste and it’s not the first time.”

The worried look on his friends’ mothers face was enough to make him concerned. He thought hard trying to think when he had ever seen the stick thin boy eat, he hadn’t he realised. Even last night at his house Joshua had neatly skipped the whole eating thing by saying he was late home.

“I’ll make sure he eats something Mrs Chasez I give you my word.”

“Thank you dear, ah here he comes now. Have a good time boys. Be home for 8 please Josh I have to work again tonight.”

“I will momma.”

Justin brushed his fingers against Josh’s hand not wanting to be obvious in front of his friends’ mom but craving contact.



Justin felt suddenly nervous in front of the spectacle wearing youth whose eyes were fixed securely on his feet. Justin grinned slightly seeing that Josh was wearing thongs. Even his feet are pretty he thought as he opened the door. “Shall we go?”


“It’s a surprise.”

Josh pulled back his eyes clouding “I don’t like surprise’s”

Justin cringed at the undertones of the simple sentence.

“I give you my word Joshua you will like this one, trust me.” He leaned into a sweet chaste kiss, running his hand down the 18 year olds back letting it come to rest on the curve of his buttocks. He squeezed firmly and pulled him closer folding his free arm round the slim waist. He licked over the pale full lips , gazing deeply into the stormy depths of Joshua’s eyes, till he felt him physically relax. “Come on lets go.”


“I told you you’d like it didn’t I?”

Joshua was leaning back against the blonde’s chest Justin’s arms snaked round his waist their fingers woven together as they watched the ocean rolling in and out over the sand. Josh tucked his head into the nook of Justin’s neck contentedly. “It’s beautiful here.” He breathed he licked softly at the stubble on the blondes chin. “I can’t remember the last time I felt so happy, thank you.”

“I want you always to be happy sweetie.”

“But it can’t last Justin.”

The blonde’s arms tightened as if he could suddenly feel Josh slipping from his grasp. “Why do you say that?”

“Because soon it will be Monday, and we will have to go back to school. And you won’t want to be with me anymore. I’m fagboy remember. Joey’s not going to let you and me be together.”

Justin stared silently at the waves cuddling his boyfriend. “I’ll deal with Joey.” He stroked the back of his fingers over Joshua’s cheek.

“Kiss me.” wide blue eyes gazed lovingly up at him. “Kiss me and touch me Justin, let me touch you.”

Justin pulled his boyfriend back till they were laying side by side on the sand facing each other. Carefully, not making any sudden movements he reached out and undid the button on Joshua’s jeans, unzipping them. He slipped his hand inside groaning at the heat he found there. Josh’s eyes fluttered closed, his thick lashes laying in feathered crescents on his cheeks. He sighed deeply as Justin’s hand cupped his balls, his thumb swiping the velvety sac. Lips pressed on his. He moaned as his bottom lip was caught between straight white teeth, pulled and teased. He flicked his tongue over Justin’s top lip tasting and testing his would be lovers mouth. He began to purr loudly as his cock was tugged and massaged his pre cum being spread over his length easing the movement of his boyfriends’ hand. The blond slipped down his body pulling his pants down to his knees so his cock throbbed and pulsated in the sea breeze. He stifled a cry as he was taken between the well-padded cushions of Justin’s lips. Sliding expertly down over his shaft, the strong muscle licking and pressing against the sensitive flesh. The slipped out of Justin’s mouth his cock landing with a soft plop on his belly. His lover looked up at him his eyes full of lust and desire as he licked over the leaking slit, working the tip of his tongue deeply inside before swallowing him once more.

“Ju … Justin Ohhh Justin.” Joshua exploded lights flashing behind his eyes. Justin smiled pleased with his work as he pulled down his own pants slipping them off his ankles and discarding Josh’s jeans at the same time. He pressed himself on top of the slim youth, grinding hard against his penis, feeling him begin to harden again. “Oh Josh … my Josh.” He bit hard on the skinny shoulder as he climaxed hard smothering them both with hot sticky cum. They kissed as Justin rolled them up in the blanket they spread out on. The rest of the afternoon was spent in each others arms watch seagulls diving for fish and tasting the delicacies of each other’s mouths.

At six o’clock they pulled their jeans back on and held each other tightly before climbing back into Justin’s station wagon. Josh curled up against his boyfriend on the drive home a gentle smile on his lips.

“You ok baby?” Justin dropped a kiss on the brunette curls.

“I’m more than ok, I’m happy.”


Hey do you have contacts?”

Joshua pushed his glasses up his nose. “No I can’t afford to buy them.”

“Lets go shopping.”

“But I can‘t … I haven‘t the money Justin?”

“My treat angel. We are going to give you a make over honey, when you walk into homeroom on Monday you are going to do it with your head held high and my hand in yours.”

Joshua began to shake again at the mention of school. “I don’t know Justin, I don’t want you to suffer because of me, maybe we shouldn’t you know let people know that we are together. We are together aren’t we?” he looked like a puppy waiting for praise, his lip quivering as he waited for his boyfriend to confirm their relationship.

“Yes honey we are together, and on Monday the whole school will know it. No one will ever call you fagboy again.”


Monday couldn’t come fast enough for Justin. He hardly slept a wink Sunday night, he was worried if he was this uptight how frightened was Joshua.

“Oh you are up!”

“Morning mom.” Justin had set the breakfast table grilled the ham and made pancake mix. Three glasses of juice sat ready poured and a pot of coffee simmered on the stove.

“Okay. Who are you and what have you done with my son?”

Justin blushed “can’t I do something nice for you?”

“Justin what is it?” Lynn knew her son too well for him to fool her.

“You know Joshua?”

“Well I know him slightly better than I ought too.” She smirked remembering him laying naked on her son’s bed.

“He tried to kill himself on Friday.”

The small blond woman gasped her hand going automatically to her mouth. “Why?” She sat down shocked “He’s such a lovely young man.”

“He has been bullied and ridiculed for more than a year because of his sexuality. They made his life hell mom.”

“Why are you telling me this honey?”

“Because when I go to school today I’m walking into homeroom holding his hand.”

Lynn nodded thinking hard of a way to talk her baby out of making a big mistake.

“I love him mom.”

Tears began to roll slowly down her face. “Then honey you must stand up for your beliefs. If you need me … if things get too much to bare…”

“I know momma, Joshua has been through so much, I have to stand by him, he can’t do it alone.”

“I’m proud of you baby. You are a good boy and you will grow up into a great man.” Lynn hugged her child tight and prayed to the good lord to give him the strength he needed to overcome this obstacle.


Joshua leaned against the wall waiting for Justin. His heart pounded and his blood roared in his ears. He felt strangely naked without his glasses. The clothes Justin had picked out for him were not what he would have picked for himself. Tight brown painted leather pants and the skin-tight sweater. His hair had been shaped and now curled prettily round his face. He hugged his arms round himself shaking. What was he doing,? It was a trick to make a fool of him once again, why did he trust Justin? He jumped as strong arms circled him and moist lips nibbled at his neck.

“You look wonderful sweetness.”

“Justin … maybe this is a bad idea .. Lets go home … please.” Justin shook his head. He was wearing black leather pants and black wife beater. He held his boyfriends hand tightly and drew him into a long passionate kiss.

“Lets get this over with.”

The class went silent as the two young men walked into the room. “Hold your head up Joshua you are beautiful don’t be ashamed.” Justin breathed so only his lover could hear him. Joshua lifted his pointed chin and took a deep breath. Justin walk him to his desk and squeezed his hand before sitting down next to him.

Joey glared with open hostility at the two. “well, well, well. What do we have here? Justin I’m surprised at you, fraternising with fagboy? Oh its still you fagboy, just cus you prettied it up don’t mean that you’re not the same disease spreading cum boy you always were.” Justin felt his lover falter beginning to tremble as the big Italian advanced on them. Justin slung his chair backwards sending it crashing to the tiled floor.

“Try that shit with me Joey … I dare you.”

The blond and the brunette stood nose to nose. Lance started to stand only to be pulled back down in his seat by Chris. “We went too far Lance, you know we did. The name calling and teasing was one thing but we overstepped the line. If Joey wants to take this further he does it without me. I suggest you do the same.” The green-eyed blond leaned back in his chair and stared at the blackboard. Joey realised that his henchmen hadn’t backed him up and began to sweat. Justin wasn’t no fagboy, no pushover like the skinny brunette was he was a star quarterback. He took a step back swallowing hard. Joshua’s eyes were wide frightened as his lover faced his tormentor. He gasped as the big Italian backed down and went back to his seat scowling. He kicked Chris’ chair to get the short boys attention and was given the finger, Lance stared sullenly at his hands. The door opened and the homeroom tutor came in “OK people I’m late I know lets do roll call quickly.” She called out name after name waiting for the reply of here.

“Joshua Chasez.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“My sweetie don’t you look nice today.” The bell rang and everyone scurried to their classes. Justin waited till his boyfriend had composed himself before dropping a light kiss on his lips then they walked hand in hand to maths.

The end.

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