Part 7

They had it worked out to the second. 11.35pm Chris would pick up JC and pay to take him to a hotel. Once in the room he’d lock the door and wait with Josh till 12.05am. At that time Lance would distract Carlos long enough for Chris and JC to climb out the fire escape and run down the road to where Joey would be waiting in a car. At 12.15 Lance would meet up with Alec in another car. Then the five of them would meet up with Justin at the airport, where the blond would have six tickets to Orlando waiting.


Each man un-be-known to the others said a silent prayer nothing went wrong.


Chris stood opposite Christian and the leashed JC. The whore was on his knees giving his pimp a blow job. Chris took a long drag of his smoke, business must be slow. He crossed the street and approached the pair.

“He looks like he knows what he’s doing.” Christian bailey looked up his eyes slightly glazed

“He’s the fucking best, aren’t you my little bird?” He ruffled josh’s hair.

“How much?”

JC kept sucking as he was bargained for.

“For this, $30.” the pimp moaned loudly as Josh deep throated him. “He’s worth every cent believe me.”

Chris licked his lips this was it. “I want more. At least three hours, Anything goes.” JC stopped sucking and looked wildly at Bailey, Shaking his head begging to be spared. Carlos was an anything goes kinda whore not him.

“$600 and he’s yours.” Christian tucked himself back into his pants and offered the leash to Chris with one hand while holding out the other for the cash. Chris shook his head, “Pretty steep for a piece of ass.” The pimp grinned “Yeah but what a pretty piece of ass he is, And as you asked for anything goes. Only one rule brown eyes. You break him, you pay to fix him or I’ll fix you.” He held out the leash again. Chris made a big deal of looking JC over, clasping the whores chin, turning his head from side to side, pretending he didn’t see the panic in the young mans eyes. “Anything goes.” Chris clarified once more as the pimp held out his hand for the cash. “Anything you want.” The oldest member of Nsync counted out thirty $20 bills. He snatched the leash and dragged the panic stricken man across towards the hotel.

“Room 541” Christian shouted behind them “He has the key.”

Chris unlocked the door and shoved JC inside. The young man stumbled and fell heavily on the floor, he stayed there his eyes down afraid of what was going to happen. The older brunette locked the door and hurried to the window, looking out to see Carlos just as Justin had said, sitting on the bottom step of the fire escape. He pulled the blinds shut. “Now we wait.” he said as he sat on the end of the bed. JC stayed on the floor legs drawn up defensively against his chest. He never spoke he just regarded the john with wide blue eyes not knowing what to do.

“You can get up you know. The push was for your pimps benefit.” JC still didn’t move. He trembled slightly as Chris crouched down to talk to him.

“I’m Chris. Justin sent me.”

At hearing the name of the only person to treat him as a human being in the past seven years the whores face relaxed.

“I’m, I’m Josh.” he stammered over his words “Is Justin coming?”

Chris shook his head “No, I’m taking you to him, we just have to wait a bit longer.” He held out his hand helping Josh to his feet. “Make yourself comfortable.” he said as he realised the leash and collar from JC’s neck. “We have some serious running to do.”


Lance sauntered down the alley behind the hotel, he was dressed in Alec’s best leather pants and a white wifebeater. round his wrists he had wrapped black leather thongs and round his neck he ware Alec’s silver Libra pendant. He saw Carlos sitting at the bottom of the fire escape smoking. He swallowed and walked towards him. The Hispanic grinned widely at the sexy blond.


“Well hi there.” Lanced used his sexy deep voice to full advantage letting his thick southern accent loose on the unsuspecting rent boy. “Sir I seem to have taken a wrong turning, could you by chance direct me to the main road?”

Carlos licked his lips as he eyed the bulge in Lance’s pants. The blond grabbed his crotch “Well maybe directions can wait, What say you and me go down that lil ole dark alley over there and you can show me just what you can do with that sweet, sweet mouth of yours.” Carlos looked up to the bedroom window then back at Lance. He threw his cigarette on the ground and grabbed the green eyed blond by the hand and pulled him into the shadows. Lance reached into his pocket and pressed send on his pager.

JC jumped at the sudden beeping coming from Chris’s cream pants “That’s our Que. little bird, lets fly from this gilded cage of yours.” He opened the window and climbed out pausing to help the younger man out. They crept down the steel fire stairs, Chris checked the road was clear then the pair ran to where Joey was waiting in a black saloon. Chris opened the back passenger door and pushed JC inside climbing in behind him.

“What’s up JC?”

The runaway gawped at the driver as they roared down the road.


The Italian turned round and grinned “Hey baby, who else did you expect to risk his neck to save your scrawny ass.”

Lance zipped up his pants and leaned panting against the wall. Carlos knelt on the floor a huge satisfied smirk plastered across his face. “Didn’t Carlos tell you he’d give you a good time blondie.”

“Oh yes.” Lance attempted to catch his breath “How much you want?” he asked.

“Pretty cock like yours, I give you free sample. But you come back see Carlos tomorrow I give you special rate.” He slapped Lance’s ass as he walked away. The blond walked as fast as he dared to where Alec waited in an old green beat up jeep.

“Every thing go to plan?” he asked as the blond climbed in beside him.

“Yeah. Alec do you think I’m gay?” Alec pulled into traffic not batting an eyelid as he narrowly missed colliding with a red sports car. “Hell no why?” Lance leaned back in his seat “Cus I just had the best god damned blow job of my entire life and it was from a dude man.

“Maybe your just Bi like me?” Alec grinned at lance’s reaction “wanna experiment when we get to Orlando?” Lance chuckled “Well If you can give head like Carlos then Hell Yeah.”

Justin paced back and forth anxiety marring his face, a cup of coffee sat untouched on the table along side a burnt out cigarette. He chewed his nails staring blankly down the corridor. He should have gone himself, why didn’t he tell them to phone him? He looked at his watch they were cutting it fine but there was still time. He lit another cigarette not seeing his friends as they came charging towards him.

Chris pulled JC along by the wrist as fast as he could, but the younger man kept glancing over his shoulder expecting Christian to be there. Joey grabbed his other hand “Move JC.” Josh quickened his pace, then he saw Justin and gave a little cry. He shook off Chris and Joey and ran full pelt into the waiting arms of his lover.

Christian banged on the room door. “Open up now.” He yelled. when he got no reply he kicked the door in. All that he found was the collar and leash. The pimp screamed in anger and climbed out of the escape to where Carlos was sitting smoking. He grabbed his other whore by the throat. “Where is my little bird?” He hissed. Carlos gasped for breath as the grip on his windpipe tightened. “He ...he never passed Carlos.”

“He’s gone you imbecile, you let him get away.” The furious pimp struck the Hispanic across the face savagely knocking him to the floor.

“But I was here the whole time.” The whore blanched as he remembered the hot blond in the tight pants. Bailey reached into his jacket pocket “Christian I’m sorry he tricked me, please Christian nooo.” A loud gunshot rang out. The pimp put the gun back in his holster and walked away leaving Carlos dead in a pool of blood. Ten minutes later police shot dead a white pimp in his late thirties after he pulled a gun in a gas station.

Justin sat holding JC’s hand staring into the liquid steel blue eyes of his lover as his body trembled and shook. Josh was in bad need of a fix. “Well get you to a hospital as soon as we land.” The younger man promised. Josh nodded “I’m ... I’m ok. Now I’m with you I’ll be ok.” he clasped Justin’s hand tightly and leaned his head on the blondes shoulder. And for the first time in seven years he had hope.