Justin had never really thought he was weird or perverted. He thought he was an average Joe with average tastes. So when what happened, happened, he was unnerved to say the least. He wasn’t even sure why it happened. Why JC walking across the living room bare footed should send shock waves spiralling into his groin. Causing him to develop a raging hard on that could rival the Eiffel tower for height and stiffness. JC was oblivious as he sauntered across to the TV dressed only in a pair of skimpy black boxer briefs. He flipped the television on then draped his long lean limbs over the armchair, his butt sunk into the seat and his legs hooked over one of the arms.

Justin stared, following the curve of his calves with his eyes, taking in the sight of his shapely ankles, finally letting his eyes rest on his feet. He licked his lips as he watched JC flexing his toes in time to the music that was now playing on MTV. He stifled a low groan as JC suddenly stretched like a cat the spent the next five minutes studying his toes before he curled his feet up under him and snuggled back down into the chair and closed his eyes to take a nap.

JC felt Justin’s eyes follow him to the TV and back and a feeling of awkwardness settled over him. He spent a good five minutes contemplating his toes and admiring the frosty pink varnish that his pedicurist had talked him into, before he dared to cast a glance at his friend only to discover that Justin was still staring at him. Well not actually at him but at his feet, that made JC feel even more uncomfortable. He pulled his feet up under him and pretended to go to sleep. He could still feel Justin’s eyes crawling over him and snuggled down into a tighter ball, wishing he had taken time put his clothes on before he had come downstairs. He would have done if it hadn’t been so hot and if he had known that he wasn’t alone in the house to start with. Carefully he opened one eye and breathed a sigh of relief. Justin had gone. Quickly he stood up and dashed for the stairs.

Confused, Justin had bolted as soon as he was certain JC had gone to sleep, hiding away in his den where he was sure JC wouldn’t venture. He booted up his computer, waiting patiently for all the splash screens to run their course. As soon as his internet connection had become established he opened his explorer and typed JC Chasez into the search bar. Long minutes passed before a long list loaded up. He scrolled down slowly looking for sites that advertised photos. Pausing his mouse pointer over one particular site. He double clicked and his screen went blue, then burst to life with thousands of thumbnail pictures of his band mate. He caught his breath and enlarged one of the pictures, wetting his lips with anticipation. A photo of JC filled his screen. He was reclining on a sun bed wearing a white tee shirt and blue jeans. His bare feet pressed against a metal frame. Justin swallowed and saved the picture to disc. He opened it again, this time clicking on the little magnifying glass that was at the bottom of his screen until JC’s feet had been enlarged enough that he could make out the tiny gold toe ring that JC had taken to wearing. Oh this was wrong, so very wrong, Justin thought as he drooled over the pretty picture, his fingers tracing the outline of JC’s feet. Why did he have an overwhelming desire to pin JC down and lick around those toes? Suck on each one individually and see if he could make the older man whimper with pleasure.

The sound of the front door slamming shut and heavy footsteps coming down the stairs shook Justin from his fantasy. He slammed the lid of the laptop down and leaned back in his chair, pretending that he was just sitting listening to music.

Chris stuck his head around the door, giving Justin a puzzled look. “What you doing down here?”

“Just chillin.” Justin tried to sound as casual as he could. What he had failed to take into consideration was the massive tent that protruded from his pants.

“Dude, I’d get some ice on that, you’ll take someone’s eye out.”

Justin blushed beetroot and bolted out of the den and back up the stairs, knocking Lance flying as he barged past him. The green-eyed blond slid the last couple of steps on his ass, landing with a loud “Humph” at Chris’ feet.

“What the fuck got up his ass?” he snarled as he got up and rubbed his sore rump.

“It’s more like a case of what didn’t get up his ass. He was acting really weird and he had a stiffy you could hang your hat on.” Chris sat in the swivel chair twisting from side to side his feet up on the desk.

“So what was he looking at?”

Chris shrugged. “Nothing he was just listening to the sound system.”

“You really are gullible, dude he heard you coming and snapped shut the lid. Open it.”

Chris grinned, “You think he was jerking off to porn don’t ya?”

“What do you think?”

The two friends huddled around the laptop, opening it. Lance sat back and took a deep breath in.

“Well that was unexpected!” Chris breathed softly when he got over the initial shock of seeing JC staring back at him. “Now why would Justin get a hard on from looking at pictures of JC?”

“Maybe our solo artist is batting for the away team?”

Chris smirked. “Oh this is good. This is so good.”

Lance licked up the side of the brunette’s neck. “We could double date.”

Chris rested his hands on his boyfriend’s hips and pulled him into the V of his legs. “And you really think that the world is ready for America’s sweethearts to all come out on the same day?” He cocked his head to the side and waited while his lover thought about it.

“Well I’m not going to be a surprise to anyone.”

Chris chuckled, “maybe not hun, but I think I might be. And JC? Well I know there’s lots of rumours flying about, but I’m not sure anyone actually believes them.”

Lance laughed out loud, “especially not JC. He’s so wound up acting straight that he really doesn’t realise just how gay he is. I mean have you ever ventured into his closet? It’s categorised by style and colour and believe me the pink section stretches from wall to wall.”

“Don’t forget the sparkles, I bet he has a whole different closet for the sparkles.”

The two men giggled together at the thought of JC standing in a spangley filled closet trying to decide what sequins to wear on what given day.

“Joking aside, Justin isn’t gay, he can’t be!”

This time it was Lance that shrugged. “Why not? You are.”

Chris opened his mouth then snapped it shut. His boyfriend had a point. He pulled the front of Lance’s shirt till their faces were level then he kissed Lance’s lips softly. “So how do we get Justin to ask JC out?” he asked.

“We don’t. We watch and wait, and get ready to put the pieces back together when one of them gets broken.”

“What makes you think one will get broken?”

Lance sighed, “because we are talking about Justin and JC, one of them always gets hurt when they play together. Problem is it’s usually JC.”

Justin laid on his bed, trying to ignore the throbbing in his pants. Thank god Chris had arrived when he had and not five minutes later. Just five more minutes would have had him pulling out his cock and jerking off to a picture of JC’s feet. Justin groaned as the image of his best friends bare feet popped into his head. All pretty and neat, well manicured nails, coated in pale shiny pink polish. Long slender toes, lickable toes. Toes that just begged to be sucked into your mouth and your tongue rolled around. Justin shuddered and came hard in his pants. He pulled his pillow over his head and screamed. He was officially a pervert. Thing was he liked it.

JC took the time to get dressed when he got up the next morning. Plain cotton cargo pants and a loose tee. He looked in the mirror at his reflection and grinned. His hair was mussed up and his chin covered in stubble. If this didn’t stop Justin from staring at him nothing would. When he walked into the kitchen Justin was already there along with Lance and Chris. Justin stopped eating in mid bite, his spoon hanging aimlessly in mid air, milk dripping from it. JC blushed and padded softly over to the refrigerator. Opening it he pulled out his pineapple juice and drank straight from the carton.

Justin watched every swallow JC made, his eyes riveted on each bob of his Adam’s apple. He licked his lips as juice trickled from the corner of JC’s mouth, making him suddenly stop drinking and wiping his lips with the back of his hand. Their eyes met briefly, shaking Justin out of his stupor. He lowered his gaze and took a long slow intake of breath as his gaze landed on feet … bare feet … bare feet with frosty pink painted nails and a small gold toe ring. He was rooted to the spot, unable to move a muscle. Knowing he should look away but unable to. He was roused by a nervous giggle and he looked up meeting JC’s eyes once more before he bolted from the room.

The next time he saw JC the brunette had put on a pair of socks, white sports socks. Justin didn’t know what was worse. JC in bare feet or JC in white socks that seemed to be taunting him to pull them off with his teeth to get to the bare flesh beneath. He almost sighed with relief when JC sat down and pushed his feet into his sneakers, lacing them tightly before announcing that he was going for a run. Chris nudged Lance, and Lance shot him a blank look, that lifted with realisation after a few seconds.

“Hold up JC, I’ll join you.” JC shrugged and stood hopping from foot to foot while he waited for Lance to get changed and pull his own sneakers on. His skin prickled and he caught Justin staring again. Feeling uncomfortable he quickly made an excuse to go outside telling Chris to let Lance know that he would wait for him in the courtyard. As soon as they were alone Chris sat down opposite Justin and took his hands in his.

“What’s going on Jup?”

Justin stuttered and stammered, looking at the ceiling, the floor, the wall and the tabletop. Anything to avoid looking at Chris. The short brunette reached out and took hold of Justin’s chin, turning his head to make him look at him.

“You’re scaring JC, Jup. Now are you going to tell me what’s going on in that tiny mind of yours or do I have to drag JC in here and make the both of you talk?”

Justin looked panicked. “You wouldn’t?”

“Try me?” Chris sat back and waited for Justin to digest the threat. “What’s going on Justin?”

“I don’t know! I mean, I don’t, I mean he keeps walking around … bare footed, and, and, he looks so … so”


Justin started getting excited. “YES! Exactly, hot. He looks so fucking hot and, and I keep having these thoughts. Hot, dirty thoughts of sucking on his, his”

“Cock?” Chris volunteered trying to be helpful.



Justin nodded sheepishly and groaned. “Toes.”

“His toes? You want to suck JC’s toes?” Chris was lost for words. Suck on JC’s toes? His tongue, yes. His fingers possibly. His dick definitely. But his toes!”

Justin slumped down hitting his forehead repeatedly on the table. “I’m a pervert!” he cried miserably.

Chris thought that yes, probably he was. “No, just a little kinked,” he said reassuringly, not believing it for one moment. Justin was a perverted, definitely perverted. Why would anyone want to suck JC’s toes?” Now Lance’s toes, that was different. He could just imagine wrapping his tongue around each digit, licking and sucking …. Oh god now he was a pervert too. Justin had infected him. Their eyes met. “You want my advise?” he asked.

Justin nodded enthusiastically.

“Buy him some slippers.”

The two men jogged in silence at a steady pace, both of them watching the road, they had gone half a mile when Lance spoke. “So what’s up with you and Justin.”

JC kept his eyes firmly fixed on the road in front of him. “Don’t know what you mean.”

“Liar. You practically sink through the floor very time you are both in the same room. So I ask again, what’s up?”

JC sighed and stopped running and leaned forward catching his breath, his hands resting just above his knees. “He keeps staring at me.”

“Just staring?”

“It’s unnerving. He never stared at me like that before.” JC shook out his legs and continued. “It’s like he’s undressing me with his eyes.”

“Where as you’d rather he’d just undress you?”

JC looked at his friend of the last ten years with horror.

“Oh please don’t give me that me, I’m not gay act. You have been putting on that act for the past god knows how many years. Admit it, you’re scared that if Justin comes onto you, you won’t be able to say no.”

“That’s not true!” JC began to run again, faster this time. He’d had enough of this conversation. Lance jogged along side of him.

“Running away JC?”

“Fuck you Lance!” JC sped up, increasing his pace. His singer’s lungs handling the strain with ease. Lance smiled to himself and caught up with him.

“You won’t get rid of me that easy Jace”

JC broke into a sprint. Lance shook his head and set off in pursuit. Never being less than a step behind his friend who was now running flat out, sweating profusely. Abruptly he stopped and collapsed panting on a bench. Lance sat next to him. To JC’s infuriation the blond hadn’t even broken a sweat and was breathing evenly as JC still gasped to catch his breath.

“Astronaut training,” Lance explained.

“Figures” JC panted in reply. “I want him Lance. God help me I really want him. What am I going to do?”

Lance draped his arm around JC’s shoulders and pulled him to him. “What are you really afraid of? People thinking you are gay? Or Justin not wanting you back?”

“I’m afraid that I am gay. I don’t want to lose my friends … I don’t want to lose Justin.”

“If you keep running from him you will lose him. Take a chance JC. Do what you want for once in your life.”

JC snuggled into his friends embrace. “You’re not disappointed in me … are you?”

Lance chuckled, “no Jace not at all.”

Chris met Lance at the door and they left together claiming that they had a double date later. JC looked nervously around looking for Justin. “He’s gone,” Chris pointed out.

JC almost looked sorry. “Well good. He gave Lance a half smile then went inside, shutting his band mates out.

Chris waited expectantly for Lance to fill him in, scowling when Lance just climbed into his four by four and started the engine.

He was still hot from his run, so JC decided that a swim would be a good idea. He lowered himself into the water and started to swim lazy laps up and down the pool.

Justin returned and wandered through the house looking for everyone. When he found he was alone he went onto the terrace that overlooked the pool. He sighed softly as JC kicked off his flip-flops and lowered himself feet first into the pool and started swimming. He couldn’t tear his eyes off the long limbed man as he cut through the clear water, his lovely face breaking the surface every second stoke to take a breath. He took a step back as JC hauled himself up onto the patio and walked towards a sun bed. A loud yelp made Justin jump. He ran down the short flight of steps to where JC was sitting on the ground holding his foot with tears in his eyes.

“What happened ?” Justin asked as he took the hurt appendage in his hands turning it so he could examine the sole.

“It hurts Justin, something stuck me. It really hurts.”

Justin pushed JC back s he was laying down. “Calm down baby, let me look.” Justin swept his thumb over the ball of JC’s foot making the older man yelp. “Just there?”

JC nodded, his lip caught between his teeth as he fought against the pain.

Justin looked closely, he couldn’t see anything. Then he saw it a tiny black dot. “I think it’s a thorn, I’ll see if I can get hold of it?”

JC yelped loudly as Justin squeezed the tender skin, trying to ease the offending thorn out. “Baby my nails are too short, I can’t get hold of it.”

“Please Justin!”

The sight of JC in pain was killing the younger man. With renewed determination he lifted JC’s foot to his mouth and grasped the end of the thorn between his teeth and with great care pulled it out. He winced when he looked. The thorn was two inches long , no wonder it had hurt so much. He helped JC to his feet and supported him as he hopped back to the house, settling him on to the couch and elevating his leg. “Maybe you should go to the hospital and get a shot?”

The brunette paled. “No, I mean I’m up to date with my er … um …”

“Shots.” Justin finished JC’s sentence for him helpfully. JC physically recoiled and Justin couldn’t help but snigger. When JC’s bottom lip began to tremble he stopped. “Does it hurt still?”

JC nodded.

Justin picked up the injured foot, lifting it to his lips, he kissed the wound tenderly. “Better?” he asked.

JC looked at him in shock, scared to speak in case Justin kissed him again, terrified that he wouldn’t. He nodded slowly and Justin smiled. He closed his eyes and pressed another kiss to the ball of JC’s foot and a surge of excitement surged through him. He began stroking and petting, his tongue drawing delicate patterns over JC’s skin. The brunette moaned as his big toe slipped between Justin’s lips, sending shock waves shooting into his groin. He panted as Justin began to lick his instep, muttering words that sounded to JC like beautiful, delicate, mine. Justin’s lips found his heel and proceeded to plant kisses up to his ankle before running his tongue back the length of his foot to his toes, where the blond proceeded to suck each one in turn, paying special attention to the one that was encircled by JC’s toe ring.

JC was beyond speech. Never had he been touched in such an erotic way before. The feelings he had experienced before paled in comparison. He purred loudly as Justin continued to make love to his foot, kissing and caressing it until JC was shaking with the need for Justin to love his whole body.

The younger man’s fingers felt their way up JC’s legs, Justin’s lips following just behind them. He looked into JC’s steel blue eyes waiting for permission to go further, breathing a sigh of relief when he got it.

His fingers hooked into the damp waistband and pulled firmly downwards. The fabric slipped over JC’s hips catching momentarily on his hard cock, pulling it downwards till it sprung loose and thwacked solidly against JC’s taunt belly. Justin’s eyes widened at the sight of his best friends and soon to be lover’s genitals. He reached out a tentative finger, pausing just short of touching the velvet head.

“Can I?” he asked softly, almost pleadingly.

JC bit his lip and nodded, his beautiful blue eyes following Justin’s hand downward. He groaned and arched up as the younger mans hand closed around him. He sighed a long breathy sigh, his eyes fluttering shut as Justin’s hand slid effortlessly up and down his shaft. A small whimper escaped his lips as he was suddenly surrounded in wet heat. JC lost control and exploded into Justin’s mouth, the younger man swallowing every drop. Justin looked up, his eyes sparkling with desire “Lie down.”

JC hesitated slightly then swung his long legs up onto the couch, his breath coming in short pants as Justin spread himself over the top of his body, grinding his cock into JC’s pelvis. Their lips met briefly, tentatively, both new to the foreign emotions that were consuming them. Justin’s confidence grew and he began to control the kiss deepening it, tempting JC’s tongue to come out to play and to venture inside of his own mouth. JC’s chest rumbled with a purr that seemed to start deep in the pit of his stomach and roll upwards. He whimpered again as Justin caught his tongue between his teeth, holding him possessively.

The brunette struggled, then resigned himself to the domination of the man on top of him.

Justin wormed his way between JC’s legs and JC went rigid.

“What’s up Jaycee?” Justin asked, concerned that he was pushing his new lover too far, too fast.

“It’s just that…”

“You’re not ready?”

JC shook his head and hid his face into Justin’s shoulder trembling .

“Its new I know. I’m scared too Josh.”

JC looked up, meeting Justin’s eyes at the sound of his real name. “I shouldn’t be feeling like this,” he whispered. You’re male, so am I. Men shouldn’t be touching each other, not like this.”

Justin rolled his hips and JC let out a low growl. “It’s not wrong JC, not when we both feel like this.”


Justin looked up surprised. “Only your mom and family call you Josh.”

“You can too … if you like.” JC ducked his head and blushed.


“I like the way you say it.”

Justin smiled brightly. “Josh,” he said rolling the name around on his tongue, trying it out for size.

They kissed again, slow and deep. “We’ll take it slowly Josh. I don’t want to ruin this.” Justin tilted JC’s chin up so he could reach his lips easier.

“How’s your foot baby?”


“So you don’t need me to kiss it again?”

JC tilted his head to the side in confusion.

Justin grinned sheepishly. “Just call it a fetish,” he said blushing.

The end.

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