For Justin

“Its over Justin”

“What!” The youngest member of Nsync was stunned, more than stunned he was mortified.

JC paced the room his eyes everywhere but on his boyfriend of the past two years.

“Jace if it’s about Brit you know I’m not seeing her anymore.”

“It’s not Brit.” JC poured himself a drink.

“Janet, Your made cus I made out with Janet, I had to. Management said I had to be seen with other women.”

“Its not Janet Justin.” JC drained his glass and poured himself another drink.

“Josh why then? talk to me please.” Justin’s baby blue eyes filled with tears as he pleaded with his lover for an answer.

“I don’t love you.” JC emptied his glass once more.

The blond sat down heavily in the chair, his heart breaking.

“Josh he whispered “I don’t believe you.”

The twenty six year old downed yet another glass. “Believe it, You can leave your key on the way out.”

“Josh please.” Justin began to cry unashamedly.

He threw himself at JC’s feet holding on to his legs. The brunette blinked back his tears and projected a stonic stance.

“Justin I’m sorry, but I just don’t love you anymore. You should leave .... Now ... Please.” He drained his fifth glass of neat whiskey.

“I’ll pack.” Justin said quietly and went to the closet they shared blinded by tears.

JC took another drink.

“Don’t bother, I’ll send it over. Just get out now.” He yelled “Stop fucking crying and GET OUT.”

Justin dropped his house keys on the bed taking one final look at his lover as he drained his glass yet again. “I love you Josh, Don’t do this please I beg you.”

The older man turned his back on the distraught man.


He collapsed on the bed as the front door slammed and Justin’s car roared out the drive. He sobbed for over an hour before picking up the phone and dialling.

“Johnny It’s JC, I finished it, its over. I hope you’re happy now.”

The voice on the phone sighed “I’m sorry Jace but you know your relationship was holding him back.”

JC hung up and cried again for his lost love, the only love he ever wanted, ever needed. He finished the bottle of scotch, reached into the drawer by his/their bad and drew out the pistol he had bought earlier that day. He put the barrel in his mouth, on the side was a picture of Justin smiling happy leaning against it was a plain white envelope. He looked into Justin’s eyes and pulled the trigger.

Two hours later Chris called by to see if he was ok, he’d had Justin crying on his shoulder all afternoon. He let himself in. He screamed cradling the dead young man in his arms rocking him back and forth till the police arrived.

The note JC left simply said “For Justin.”

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