Part 3

JC opened his eyes, sun shone brightly through the window he blinked rapidly clearing his sight. “Hey baby, you’re awake.” JC focused on the man sitting next to him holding his hand.

“Yeah.” He was in a hospital bed, dressed in crisp cream pyjamas. His hair had been tied into a ponytail. He gulped as his eyes roamed the room filled with flowers and cards coming to rest again on the stranger that was peering at him, concern written across his face.

“Where am I? Who … who are you?”

“Baby you’re in Saint Michaels, don’t you remember?”

“I was … I was at a gala, there was a magician, I … I was sprayed … injected.. Justin? Where is Justin?” He tried to get out of bed and was pushed back down. “Baby, I thought … I hoped that maybe you wouldn’t be like this, sweetie I’m so worried about you.” The man went to hug him, he cringed back away from him. “Who are you?”

“Jason honey I’m David …. Your husband.”

JC’s eyes opened wide he began to hyperventilate shaking his head his mind whirling. “No … no I don’t know you, I got to go … Justin … I need Justin!”

He struggled with the man pulling away and running to the door. He heaved with all his might as the man sat silently watching him, “Jason sweetie it’s locked you must remember they keep the door locked?”


The man who called himself David rubbed his face. “Honey, come back to bed …. come on. Sweetheart you have to calm down if you don’t they will sedate you again.”

“Why am I here? What do you want from me.” JC sank to the floor hugging his knees shaking. “please let me go.”

David lifted JC back to his feet and walked him back to the bed. “Jason, you had another episode … baby they want me to commit you.”

JC lifted tear filled eyes “JC … my name is JC.” He whispered.

“No darling, your name is Jason, Jason Scott, I want you to look at something angel.” David pulled out a white and gold bound photo album from a backpack and sat down next to the confused thin man, he opened it “Look at these baby.” JC cast his eyes over the book, his face stared back at him, his and a hundred faces he didn’t recognise, beside him stood the strange man, his arms wrapped round him their faces close together, smiling happily. Their hands clasped together proudly showing off the identical platinum rings, the same ring that he still wore on his ring finger. “This isn’t what I remember.” he sobbed “ I’m JC, I sing with a group, I’m… I was kidnapped.”

“No baby oh baby no, You are Jason Scott angel, I’m David Scott we been married for over two years, take off your ring honey read what it says.”

JC slipped the band off his finger shaking and read the inscription. “David for eternity.”

David took off his ring and handed it to JC to read. “Jason eternally mine.”

JC wept his shoulders shaking as the strange man hugged him close and stroked his hair. “Hush my love, it will be okay I promise, the doctors will make you better, trust them angel, trust me.” JC nodded slowly as he cried on his husbands shoulder. “I want to go home.”

“I know you do honey, we’ll go home soon, it will be just you and me, like its always should have been.”