Part 5

“We need to talk Justin.” Johnny Wright came into the den and flopped onto the couch next to the younger man who just ignored him and carried on staring at the big TV screen channel hopping pretending to look for something to watch. “You can’t carry on like this curly, look at yourself. When was the last time you took a shower? Had a shave? Cut your hair? Your tour starts in 30 days. Have you turned in for rehearsals? Even looked at the itinerary? No.” Justin switched off the television and hauled himself up off of the low seating couch. “Justin, you signed a contract now get your head out of your ass and pull yourself together.”

“Get my head out of my ass! Can you hear yourself? JC is missing; he’s been missing for nearly two months. I couldn’t care fucking less about some half-assed tour, Christina will understand so will the fans.”

“Yeah well the suits won’t Justin and neither will the judge when he busts your ass and your bank balance. Now your band mates are out there worried to death about you, go talk to them. Don’t let them lose you too.”

The shaggy haired blond wiped a tear away as it rolled slowly down his cheek. “Where is he Johnny? He wouldn’t just up and leave I know he wouldn’t.”

The big manager stood up and gave his young client a hug, “Come on, the guys said they had something to tell us.”

“About JC?” Justin ran from the room, charging down the stairs taking them two at time. He burst into the kitchen where the three members of Nsync were swigging beer. “Johnny said you have news about JC,” he blurted out. The three friends looked at each other then at the baby of the group, Johnny came up behind him placing his hands on his shoulders guiding him to a stool.

Four sets of eyes rested on him trying to gauge just how much more the 22 year old could take before he broke. Lance broke the silence “We haven’t heard anything really.”

“Then why did Johnny say you had?”

“I didn’t! I said they had something to tell you that’s all.” The manager desperately tried to clarify.

“Don’t you care? Don’t any of you care? JC is missing! He disappeared from a fucking charity venue, vanished into thin air.” Justin slumped forward his head resting on his arms across the kitchen counter. “I wanna call the police, they will find him I know they will. Why won’t you call the police?”

“I did Justin.”

“What? When?”

Lance put his beer down and took a step towards his friend. “I called them the same night, they didn’t want to know at first. I had to wait two days before they would make it official.”


“Nothing, they took his house apart, Tony verified that none of his clothes were missing and they found his passport still in his nightstand drawer.” Lance continued, “Also none of his accounts have been touched, all he would have is the money he was carrying on him. Which knowing JC wasn’t much. They are investigating but they don’t hold up much hope of finding him, they think he just did a moonlight flit.”

Justin lifted up his head and stared at the green-eyed blond “Did you tell them he was kidnapped, he wouldn’t just leave, what about the magician?”

“No one knows anything about him, He left the gala as soon as he finished his spot.”

“What about the check, who was it made out to?” Justin asked.

Joey sighed, “That’s the big problem, no one was paid, it was a charity gala remember.”

Lance hugged Justin round his shoulders. “I want to hire a private detective, I just want to have your approval.”

“Yes, you really thought you needed to ask yes, yes, yes. Lance if you think it will help do it, shit if it will help I’ll go on TV and tell the world that JC and me are lovers.”

“Honey I don’t think you need to go that far.” Chris said cracking open another beer. “But I think the private investigator is a good way to go.”


The big Italian took a swig of his beer “I’m in.”


A black limo pulled up outside the plantation house it’s tyres crunching on the gravel drive. A man in his late forties wearing an Armani deep grey suit climbed out of the car. His neat business brown hair tinged with silver grey shone in the sunlight. He turned and reached into the car helping the much younger longhaired man out of the vehicle. The frail mans step faltered as he was led towards the huge southern house, he cast a look over his shoulder at the retreating car, his shoulders slumped as he allowed himself to be led inside the unfamiliar building.

JC looked around him nothing was familiar at all, the hallway was lined with pictures of strangers, some with their arms wrapped around him some without. He paused looking at a photograph of himself in army uniform posing proudly with four other men. His chin quivered as he struggled to remember. The older man gently caressed the back of his neck, his thumb stroking softly at the sensitive skin. “Do you remember them?” He asked. JC shook his head “No” He whispered, “Was I in the army? I don’t remember being in the army.”

“You wasn’t in for long my darling, you got a medical discharge after the incident in Cyprus.”


“You and your friends had a 24hr pass, so you went into town. On the way back you were attacked, the jeep you were travelling in was blown up, you survived the blast along with Harry but you had a bad head injury, that’s when you started to get these episodes. It’s my fault I could have bought you out before you were posted but you so wanted to go…. I’ll never forgive myself.”

“I’m tired.”

The older man took his husband hand drawing him into the elaborate living room and laid him on the cream velvet couch. “I’ll get you your medication Jason, then you can take a nap.” He went to the drinks cabernet and poured a glass of mineral water, bringing it back he handed it to the younger man. He then reached into his pocket and produced a small bottle of pills; he tipped one into his hand. “Open wide Baby.” JC obediently opened his mouth to accept the drug washing it down with the water. He curled up on his side and closed his eyes as David lowered a throw over him and then went into the kitchen leaving the door open so he could watch his husband as he slept. He picked up his cell phone and dialled.


“No, they still haven’t said anything to the press.”

“What about the police?”

“If they have been informed it’s being hushed up.”

David heaved a sigh of relief “If you hear anything regarding JC I want to know about it you understand, I paid good money for him and I intend on keeping him.” He hung up and pushed the tiny phone back into his jacket pocket. He went back into the living room and sat on the edge of the couch, playing with JC’s hair “I can make you happy baby.” He whispered, “Trust me.”