Part 8

Backstage area was bustling as artists took to the stage getting in their last minute rehearsals. Justin made his way down the dressing rooms corridor, reading the names listed on each of the doors, most of the smaller acts shared a room, only the big names had privacy. He paused finding the name he had been searching for, casting a look over his shoulder locking eyes with those of his minder he nodded indicating that they had found what they had been looking for. He rested his hand on the door handle, applying gentle pressure till he heard the latch click. He opened the door silently beckoning for the big bodyguard to follow. The room was messy and dark; the magician was napping on the couch taking the time to rest before he had to get himself ready. Justin grabbed a bottle of water from the table and unscrewed it, then he proceeded to pour the contents over the sleeping man, making him cough and splutter. He grabbed him by his shirtfront , shaking him violently. “Where is he you fuck? What you do with JC?”

“Who? what? … what do you want?”

“Don’t fucking play dumb you asshole, what the fuck you do with my boyfriend?”

The thirty something man blanched, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Bullshit! Or do you make it a fucking habit of making peoples boyfriends disappear into fucking thin air?”

The man started to struggle. “Stay the fuck there.” Justin hissed, Meaty took a step closer showing his support of the smaller man. “Want me to beat it out of the little shit?” He asked as he cracked his knuckles loudly.

“No, no!” The magician shrank back into the couch only to be hauled forward again till he was nose to nose with a very pissed off Justin. “Let me refresh your memory. NYC, four months ago, you did a charity gig.”

The scared man nodded that he understood what he was being told.

“You brought a slim dark haired man on stage and you made him disappear, a good trick only you failed to bring him back. I WANT HIM BACK, so you had better have your fucking magic wand on charge.”

“I don’t know where he is I swear.”

“You fucking took him!”

“No … I didn’t” He yelped and cringed as Meaty took another step towards him. Justin sneered with contempt as a wet patch appeared on the magic mans pants front.

“He pissed himself, he fucking pissed himself.” Justin threw the man away from him in disgust. “I’m going to ask you one more fucking time.” he leaned forward planting his hand either side of the mans head. “Where …. Is ….. Jaycee?”

The man began to cry. “ I don’t know I swear.”

“Un-no wrong answer.” Justin slapped him hard across the head. “Where is he?”

“I don’t ….”

“Buzzzzzz wrong again.” Justin pulled back his fist ready to punch the terrified magician.

“I was paid to get him on stage and put him in the box, that’s it a swear … don’t hit me!”

“Who paid you?”

“I don’t know his name.”

Justin clenched his fist pulling it back again getting ready to strike.

“I don’t know his name, a man fiftyish, dark hair, greying round the temples.”

“Go on.”

He … he paid me $100,000 just to get him in the box, that’s more money than I can make in three years. He kept whittling on about him being his husband, and wanting to talk to him. I didn’t know he was planning on kidnapping him honest I didn’t.”

“Is that all you can tell me? Where did he take him?” He shook the scared man again as Meaty glared at him over his shoulder.

“I don’t know! If I knew I’d tell you … you think I want my fucking face punched in? Look he had a real thick southern accent, Georgia I think, he’s got to be a big shot to afford a hundred grand hasn’t he, how hard can he be to find especially if he’s suddenly got your boyfriend with him. He a looker, people notice him.”

Justin relaxed his hand. “If I find out you are fucking lying to me I will rip your balls off and shove them so far up your ass you will be cumming in your mouth for the rest of your life.” He turned on his heel and stormed out of the dressing room pulling out his cell phone and speed-dialling Lance. “Lance, Jaycee was taken by a guy with a Georgian accent, got to be loaded, he paid a fucking fortune just to Jace in that magic box.”

“Justin? What … how did you find this out?”

“I found the fucker that disappeared him, he said he’s sure he was Georgian. Lance he also said that the guy said Jace was his husband.”

Justin heard a heavy sigh on the end of the phone. “It’s not much but it’s a start. I’ll pass it on to this new guy and I’ll do some digging myself. Baby J don’t get your hopes up okay? I’ll be in touch. Oh and break a leg, and I don’t mean literally.” Justin chuckled for the first time since JC vanished.


JC shifted slightly, he hadn’t slept, David’s hand still curled possessively round his cock and balls. His body was stiff from hours of standing naked at the wall and then laying unmoving for the rest of the night. He almost retched as the hand began to stroke gently at his genitals and thin wet lips worked over his back. “Jason …. Honey its time to get up. You go make me breakfast while I shower.”

JC swung his long legs out of bed and reached for his wrap. “honey its just you and me, I want you naked I love looking at you.” The slim man let the robe fall on the floor and started to the door. “Hang it up.”

“Sorry.” He murmured as he bent down and picked up the offending piece of clothing hanging it on the back of the door. “What would you like to eat?”

“Eggs Benedict’s will be fine.” JC paled. “Oh … I … er … please don’t be angry, I don’t know how … I’m sorry David … I … I’ll learn, I promise.”

“Can you cook eggs and bacon?”


“Then eggs and bacon it is honey.” David gave JC a grin and looked his husband up and down letting his eyes rest hungrily on his groin. The thin man blushed and resisted the urge to cover himself. He took a step towards the bed, repulsed by what he was about let happen. David reached out cupping him softly and moved his mouth to the tip of JC’s cock, flicking his tongue over the slit of the flaccid organ. He pulled back when he got no reaction.

“I … I think it’s the medication … I don’t seem able to ..”

“Its alright Jason I understand, I can wait. Go make our breakfast…… Jason ”


“Come here” JC climbed back on the bed and David knelt up to greet him. Pulling him into the circle of his arms, he tilted his head pressing his lips over his husbands, licking at the sides of his mouth, deepening the kiss as he forced his tongue into JC’s mouth. “Mmmm baby, you make me so horny.” He slapped his husbands’ bare ass leaving a red handprint on his flesh. “food” he demanded, JC jumped off the bed and ran downstairs to the kitchen.

As soon as he was gone David pulled out his cell phone checking his messages before he got up and went for his shower.