Part 10

“Room 554, take the elevator to the fifth floor, take a right. Do you need any help with your luggage Mr. Thyme?” the desk clerk asked with a thick southern accent.

“No I got it, thanks.” The shaven headed young man picked up his overnight case and made his way to the elevator and pressed his floor number. As the door closed he felt his phone vibrating. He pulled it out his pocket, cussing under his breath when he saw who was phoning him. He considered ignoring it, but he knew that wouldn’t solve the problem they would just call and call till he answered.


“Where the fuck are you Justin?”

He knew he had to expect this, Lance had made it quite clear he wasn’t to go anywhere near Georgia but he couldn’t just sit and wait.

“You’re in fucking Lawton aren’t you?”

Justin took a deep breath, “I’m in Savannah.”

“Oh well that’s alright then.” The sarcasm was hard to miss. “What are you thinking Justin? I told you to stay the fuck away!”

“I just needed to be near him.” The elevator door opened, “I’ll call you back. I’m just going into my room.”

“Hotel name and room number.”

“I said I’d call you back!”

“Now Justin.”

“Hyatt Regency, (912) 238-1234. Room 554, I’ll be here for the rest of the week.”

He could hear the scratching as Lance hastily scribbled the number down.


Justin groaned. “Lance!”

“Address Justin!”

“2 W. Bay Street, Savannah.”

“And what name did you book in under?”

Justin swore under his breath. “Mr Thyme.”

A loud groan then a giggle floated over the phone. “Justin Thyme, you have got to be kidding me!”

He could hear Joey and Chris laughing and making comments in the background.

“I guess its better than Justin Case, or what was it last time?”

“Justin Credible” Chris shouted.

“No, no,” Joey giggled, “It was Justin Dare.”

The youngest member of Nsync pouted even thought there was no one there to see him. “Well if you are going to make fun of my alias’ you can all go fuck yourselves.”

“We’ll be on the next available flight Justin.” Lance chose to ignore the foul language flowing easily from his friend’s mouth. “Just stay put and stay out of sight. If Scott gets wind of us being in Georgia you can kiss Jaycee bye bye. I’ll call you.” the phone went dead.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Justin slotted his key card into the lock. As soon as the light went green he pushed open the door. He threw his case on the bed and went over to look at the view of the river. A small light started flashing by the side of the table indicating the passing of a ship. He watched its passing, roused from the view by his phone ringing. He sighed heavily and picked up the receiver “Hello.”

“Just checking.”

“Fuck you Lance.” He slammed the phone back down into the cradle and threw himself onto the bed, flipping on the TV.


Cushiony soft moist lips pressed over his, moving relentlessly, caressingly. Cinnamon and apple filled his senses as a persistent tongue licked and probed at his lips, teasing and tempting him to open his mouth, joining his own tongue in a fight for dominance. Rubbing and tasting him as the kiss deepened, then leading him into the others mouth. Teeth clamped onto his tongue holding him captive as a gentle hand stroked from his temple to his chin. Another hand rubbed and squeezed his cock through his pants. His tongue was released. “I love you JC.” The words were breathed into his mouth.

He froze millimetres from the sweet tasting mouth, frightened to open his eyes; afraid of who he would see.


“Leave me alone.” JC began to cry, “You’re not real, you don’t exist.”

The gentle hand lifted his chin, the soft pad of a thumb swiped lovingly over his kiss-swollen lips. “Open your eyes baby.”


“I love you JC, you love me! Look at me.”

He slowly opened his eyes, “Justin!” Tears poured down his face and the man in front of him began to fade. “Justin don’t leave me. Please.”

Jason sat up, his breath catching in his chest, tears cascading down his cheeks. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness his gaze rested on the older man sleeping next to him. His skin crawled, he remembered, he remembered who he was, who he loved. He slipped tensely from under the sheets and crept out of the bedroom. His bare feet sinking into the carpet, the stair creaked as he put his weight on it. He went ridged, shaking, looking wildly back the way he had come, praying that he hadn’t been heard. His heart felt like it was going to burst from his chest as he carried on down the stairs. He ran into David’s office. He searched for the briefcase, finding it locked. JC grabbed a letter opener from the desk and jimmied it open. He sobbed aloud when his hand closed round the small cell phone. Quickly he keyed in the phone number that was swimming round inside his head. The phone on the other end rang twice.

‘Hi this is Justin; I’m not able to get to the phone right now. Leave your name and number and I’ll call you back, thanks.’ Beep.

“Justin. Justin please pick up. I need you. Help me! He says I’m mad, that you don’t exist. But you do!” He began to cry desperation tainting his voice. “Justin please pick up please.”

“What are you doing Jason?”

JC dropped the phone and backed away from his husband. “I’m sorry.”

“You are sick Jason.”

“No, no I’m not! You’re sick. I know who I am, I’m not crazy!”

“You’re sick Jason. I think you need to go back to the institute.”

“No.” He shook with fear, weeping in terror as David reached into his case and produced a syringe.

JC ran.

David shook his head taking his time to prepare the drug as he walked calmly after the terrified younger man. “You’ve no where to go Jason. The doors are all locked.” He watched almost pitifully as JC tugged at the front door frantically. He moved quickly pinning his husband to the door`. JC bawled as the sharp point of the injection punctured his skin in the side of his neck.

“Shh baby, its alright. You belong to me honey. I’ll make you better.”

JC felt himself being lifted and carried outside. He was laid on the back seat of a car, a blanket draped lovingly over him. It got darker and darker till all that was left was blackness.