Part 14

David pulled up outside the house and looked down at JC who had fallen asleep his head resting against his shoulder. He stroked his tangled curls before turning off the cars engine. Lifting him affectionately from him, he got and walked to the passengers’ side and lifted him out. On reaching the door he struggled with his keys unwilling to wake his sleeping husband yet. Finally the door swung open and David carried JC to the sofa, laying him on the soft leather while he went and turned off the alarm. The older man then went into the kitchen collecting a glass of milk.

“Honey, Jason, sweetie…. Wake up my darling.”

JC yawned and curled into a tighter ball his eyes still tightly shut.


The brunettes’ eyes snapped open at the viciousness of the tone now fully awake.

“That’s better sweetness. It’s time to take your medication.”

“I don’t want to David, please don’t make me. It muddles my head.”

David put the milk onto the low coffee table and leaned low over his husband. He sniffed him, his eyes closed as he savoured JC’s unique aroma. His eyes snapped open. “You can always have more treatments.” He hissed venomously.

The brunette blanched and shrank back against the cream leather shaking his head. “No …. No. I’ll take my medication, I’ll be good David … don’t take me back.”

David glared angrily at the petrified younger man. He tipped two pills into his palm. “Open your mouth.”

JC did as he was told and David thrust the medication onto his tongue. He picked up the milk and held it to JC’s lips forcing him to drink it all. “Show me.” He demanded.

JC opened his mouth wide again so that David could look inside. “Lift your tongue.” The brunette obeyed meekly pushing his tongue to the roof of his mouth then back down as low as possible providing a good view so that his husband couldn’t get annoyed with him again. The greying man smiled sweetly and took hold of JC’s ears and pulled his head down so he could place a kiss on his forehead.

“There you go, wasn’t that bad was it.”

“No David.” JC dropped his chin to his chest as he mumbled his reply his mouth quivering as the medication began to kick in.

“Shall I take you upstairs sweetness, you know how I hate seeing you laying around.” David lifted his husbands’ hand and placed a kiss on the upturned palm.

“You … you don’t mind?”

JC cringed as David’s smiled stayed fixed on his face. “ I offered didn’t I?” his annoyance was obvious. “Just a little sleep, I can get up to prepare dinner.”

Another kiss was planted on his hand and he was gathered up in David’s arms and carried towards the stairs. “No need my love, tomorrow is soon enough for you to start doing your chores again.” JC wrapped his arms round his husbands’ neck and buried his face in his shoulder, his eyes drooping. By the time they had reached their bedroom he was sleeping soundly. David threw him onto the bed in temper then stormed downstairs, he had work to do and calls to make no way was he going to play nursemaid all afternoon. He passed past the window that looked out over the drive and the fountain catching sight of a figure slinking quickly behind the gates. Curious he went down to his study and switched on the CCT camera.

He swore as the small hidden remote camera focused on Justin’s face. He panned round recognising all four men lurking outside his garden. This could have been bad but now the ball was firmly in his court. He gave silent thanks to the unseen force that made him put the car into the garage. There was still a way for him and Jason to be together forever.