Part 17

“He … he tried to kill me!” JC shuddered as he spoke. “He … he said he loved me. How could he love me if he tried to kill me?”

“JC, sweetie It’s ok it’s all over now.” Justin held onto his distraught boyfriend tightly as he tried to pull away.

The brunette looked up at the shorn headed blond “Who are you? Where’s David?”

The four members of Nsync watched in shocked silence as JC became more and more inconsolable.

“Where’s David? I need him … I need him.”

“JC please angel.” Justin was biting back tears as JC failed to recognise him.

“Not JC … no … no … not JC.” JC shook his head fearfully. “Jason, my name is Jason. JC isn’t real. He isn’t. I don’t want to go back … don’t make me go back.”

He began to shiver violently, looking round at the strangers surrounding him.

“JC!” Justin begged.

“Not JC, I’m Jason, I’m Jason, JASON.”

Sirens blasted through the night air and flashing blue lights lit up the darkness. Paramedics lifted JC away from his young saviour and police officers converged around him and the rest of Nsync, separating them, firing questions at them. At the sight of the ambulance JC became hysterical, screaming and fighting as hard as he could with his hands till confined behind him. Two police officers joined the two paramedics in restraining him. Holding him down while tough webbed straps were buckled over him. Justin began to cry, Joey Lance and Chris stood white faced and numbed by the absolute terror and panic their band-mate was experiencing. The ambulance doors were slammed shut, muffling his screams and cries for help. The four remaining young men were steered into police cars. As they drove away divers were preparing to search the lake. Justin watched stiff lipped as the first one jumped from the side of the small boat, diving down into the murky depths.

“Are you alright son?”

The soaked blond was jolted from his dark thoughts by an officer in his mid forties concerned at his passengers’ silence.

“Yeah, I just don’t understand how he could do that. He tried to hold on to JC, to make him drown too.”

“JC? That’s the young man in the ambulance?”

Justin nodded, “Yeah.” The exhausted young man leaned back in the hard seat and closed his eyes JC’s panicked screams still ringing in his head.


Hours later the four band-mates were allowed to get back together they hugged and cried with relief. Comparing the questions and answers they had been asked and had given in return.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting gentlemen.” A young detective in a dark blue suit held out his hand for them to shake. “Do you need anything? Coffee something to eat?”

“Yeah that would be good thanks.” Lance answered for the group.

“And some smokes.” Chris added.

“I thought you had given up?” Joey glared at the older man.

“I just started again.”

The detective picked up the phone and ordered breakfast. “Well I’m sure you are wondering.” He said as he replaced the receiver in its cradle. “They pulled David Scott’s body out of the car about an hour ago. It’s yet to be formally identified but its him.”

The interview rooms door opened and a young woman carried a tray of drinks and sandwiches in and placed it on the desk. She smiled at Justin and lowered her eyelids flirtatiously before leaving again. Chris snatched up the cigarettes and tore open the packet lighting one up and taking a long drag before offering them round.

“What about JC? Where is he?” Justin chewed on the side of his nail.

“Mr Chasez has been admitted to a private clinic not far from here, he’s under heavy sedation I’m afraid. His next of kin have been called and are flying down to talk to doctors.”

Justin straightened his back. “You called his mom?” He looked guiltily at Lance who tucked his head down and looked anywhere but at his friends. “We hadn’t told his family he was missing, we didn’t want to worry them.”

“We I guess that explains her reaction to the news he had been found,” the detective chuckled. “Anyway you’re free to go. We will be in touch if there’s anything else.”

“Thanks.” they shook hands and were shown the way out.

“I’m going to the clinic.” Justin announced as they all climbed into the SUV.

“They won’t let you see him.” Joey said as he slammed the door shut and started the engine.

“I’m going to the clinic.” the determination was un-miss-able. Justin folded his arms and puffed out his chest defying them to argue with him.

Lance sighed “Take him to the clinic Joey, we can be there for him even if we can’t see him. Besides I wanna be there when Karen and Roy arrive. We need to apologise.”