Part 21

The last cords rang out and the five men sang the last lines ‘Bye bye bye….. Bye bye.” They ran off stage, sweat soaked and hyper. They were together again and it was new and exciting. In turn four members of Nsync grabbed JC hugging him, slapping him on the back congratulating him. He had come such a long way in the four short months since they had dragged him half drowned from that icy lake deep in Georgia.

He grinned widely and bounced on the balls of his feet unable to stand still. Willing to go back and do yet another encore. His face was flushed and his heart beat faster and faster as the screams of the thousands of girls overwhelmed his senses. There were posters with his name being held up, his name being screamed. He giggled hysterically as Justin picked him up and swung him round and round setting him down when he was dizzy and disorientated so that he could only hang helplessly in his arms laughing. Joey snatched him away and hurled him over his shoulder in a fireman’s lift running up and down the corridor before throwing him into Chris’ waiting arms. The sturdy man caught his featherweight easily and threw him down onto a long couch, pouncing on top of him pinning him down while Lance tickled him till he was screaming for mercy.

“Justin … Justin help …” tears of laughter rolled down his face as the tickling intensified with Joey joining in. Justin leaned against the wall watching his boyfriend being subjected to the tiny tortures. JC screamed and arched his back twisting and writhing, trying anything to escape the insistent fingers of his band-mates. “Just … Justin. HELP.”

“That’s enough guys he’s gonna bust something in a minute.” Justin tugged at Lance’s arm as Joey gave JC a big wet sloppy kiss and Chris let him up.

“I had forgotten how much fun it was to torture Jace.” Joey announced with a grin he took a step towards the recovering man who yelped and scrambled behind his lover.

“Save me,” he begged.

Justin laughed at his plight. “What’s it worth?”

“Anything” JC gasped breathlessly “Name your price.”

A wicked look crossed Justin’s fine features as he snatched up JC’s hand and pulled him down towards where the buses were parked. He pushed JC up the four steps his hands firmly cupped around the bubble shaped muscular buttocks. JC blushed bright crimson as the firm fingers kneaded at his posterior, he jumped as the door slammed shut behind Justin and at the sharp click if the door locking. He spun round and stared at the door, not moving.

“JC … Jace, it’s okay. They have to lock us in just till we are away from the venue. Then if you want we can get the driver to stop and unlock the door.” Justin lifted the brunettes’ chin tenderly looking into his eyes. “You are safe Jaycee.”

The trim man forced a smile and took a deep breath. “Where’s Chris?”

“He’s giving us some space.” Justin linked his fingers with JC’s. “Do you want to go and lay on the bunk?”

JC nodded “Ok.”

They made their way to the rear of the bus. “Shouldn’t I get a shower?” JC asked quietly.

“No, I want to taste you.”

“Eww, you are really weird you know that.” JC tucked his head down hiding a small smile.

“Not weird in love.”

“You love me?”

Justin chuckled at the total shock in his boyfriends’ voice. “But I cause you so much trouble, I’m unsure, clumsy, scared all the time.”

“And you’re getting better.” Justin enveloped JC in his arms and placed a quick kiss on his lips. “You recover from frights much quicker and you were amazing tonight.”


Justin nuzzled JC’s neck “Amazing….. Amazing, wonderful, fantastic, incredible ….”

“You are full of shit you know that?”

“You love it.” their mouths met, softly sliding into one another as Justin’s tongue made love to JC’s.

“Love you” JC sighed.

Justin walked him backwards till they tumbled onto the bunk. He ground his groin into that of the slender man laying beneath him. JC’s head rolled back exposing his throat to Justin’s teeth. Groaning loudly as his adams apple was nipped and sucked.

“We don’t have to Jace, if you’re not ready.”

The brunette ran his hand lovingly down the back of Justin’s neck is eyes half hooded and his voice thick with desire. “I want to…… Make love to me.”


“ Are you sure you want to do this?” Justin and JC walked arm in arm through the cemetery, the Georgia air held a floral aroma from the thick blossoms that littered the surrounding area.

“I have to, I need to see.” JC rested his head on the younger mans shoulder. “Where is it?”

Justin pointed “Over there.”

They walked through the magnolia trees to a grave set aside. A stone angel stood over it, flowers in her hands looking down at the plot. JC placed the bouquet of red roses he carried in the brass vase at the head of the grave. He hung his head and said a silent pray. Justin wrapped a comforting arm round his waist. “You okay baby?”

“That could have so easily been me.”

“But it wasn’t Jaycee.”

“You saved me.“

“Purely selfish reasons Jaycee, I wanted that fine ass for myself.” Justin stood silently as JC read the inscription. “You ready to leave now?” he asked.

JC nodded and a tear ran down his face. “Lets go.” he said quietly. The two men walked away solemnly JC finding much needed comfort in his lovers’ arms.

Neither man looked back at the grave who’s headstone read Jason Scott beloved lover and husband because now once again JC Chasez knew who he was.

The End.

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