How I love to see you cry

Well people first a WARNING. This is not a nice story (somehow I can’t do nice or funny with Justin and Jc, i have tried honest i have) Justin is a sadist and Jc his unwilling victim. don’t ask me to rate it you know I can’t. extreme violence, bondage and rape are the order of the day if you like to think that justin is a fluffy loving bunny PLEASE DONT READ. if you think JC is untouchable and Butch again DON'T READ.

Things weren’t right, He had become convinced Jc was cheating on him. When he called he’d only get the machine. On the rare occasion Jc actually took the phone he had said he was in a hurry and could he call back. Of course he hadn’t. Then he saw him in Starbucks drinking coffee and looking all cosy with Wade. Laughing, smiling that smile that was only meant for him. Justin went crazy . It wasn’t like he was madly in love with Jc. He considered him a possession, a trophy that he held up and said look what I won. In a jealous rage he smashed up his living room and ripped up his pictures of them both together. Then he plotted his revenge.

Step 1; Find a nice place to stay out in the middle of nowhere. No neighbours. Preferably so far off the beaten track no-one will find it. CHECK.

Step 2; Stock up with the essentials plus a few extras from the hardware store. CHECK.

Step 3; Get Jc to go along. Ok that last one was going to take some work. But he had a plan.

‘OH Justin ... Hey how are you? I meant to call really ... I just got kinda busy. Work you know ‘ Jc was surprised to open his front door and find Justin standing there with a wide smile plastered across his face. Fuck, fuck, fuck he was expecting Wade now Justin had turned up. ‘Come in babe. wow it so good to see you. Just go through to the living room, I got to go pee. Justin watched Jc turn and run up the stairs not quite managing to hide the contempt in his eyes. ‘going to ring lover boy no doubt’ Justin murmured. Jc ran into his bedroom and grabbed up his cell phone. quickly dialling Wade. He got his machine. ‘hey , its Jc. Justin turned up so stay away. you know how he gets man. we’ll finish up later in the week. I think I got the last of the melodies down, I’ll call you. bye.’

By the time Jc had got back downstairs Justin had set up dinner. ‘Thought I’d be nice’ Justin grinned ‘Tuna salad. Good white to wash it down with.’ The brunette grinned ‘ I’ll get the glasses.’ Justin’s smile slipped as soon as his lovers back was turned his eyes bored into Jc’s back. He plastered his smile back on. ‘So Jace, whats happening? you know with us.’ The older man swallowed hard, it was now or never. ‘Justin. I been thinking. I think we should call this thing off. You know you got your solo thing going down and I been writing, I got some irons in the fire so to speak.’ Jc missed the smirk that crossed Justin’s face. ‘ I just think its time we both moved on’ Justin ran his fingers through his newly shorn hair and passed Jc a glass ‘to new beginnings’ he drained his glass ‘lets eat’ He watched every mouthful that his former lover swallowed. It shouldn’t take long not with the wine. He wondered if he had crushed enough sleeping pills in the tuna. he’d made it spicy in an attempt to cover the bitter taste. It seemed to work. Jc was eating the sandwich with gusto. He stopped wondering when Jc’s head slipped slowly sideways . He lifted the older mans arm the dropped it checking that he was really asleep. Then he set about tiding up. pushing the leftover food down the waste disposal. washing and putting away the glasses. He put the half drank wine into the fridge. curiosity got the better of him and he went upstairs to Jc’s room, picked up his cell phone and pressed radial. Justin nearly threw the phone across the room when he heard Wades machine click on. Instead he sent a text,

Hey man, you wanna meet? see you in Starbucks 1 hour, Jace.

That should keep him busy. Now for lover boy downstairs. ‘Its a good thing your skinny Jace’ He had the brunette slung over his shoulder and was struggling to open the rear door of his car. ‘Fuck it,’ opening the trunk he deposited Jc inside. ‘like you know anyway.’ Justin climbed behind the wheel, slammed in a Nelly CD and set off. Two hours later he went over his list again.

Step 3; Get Jc to go along. CHECK.

Oh man that wine must have been strong. Jc groaned and tried to turn over only to find he couldn’t. He opened his eyes and blinked, and tried to sit up. His mind went into overtime. He was laying on a big brass bed. No sheets, blankets or pillows. His hands were chained to the head of the bed and his legs had been spread wide and chained to the foot, his mouth taped. His clothes had been removed leaving him naked. Where the fuck was he? This wasn’t his room, or even his house . He was drinking with Justin .... Justin oh shit...... ‘Hello josh’ Jc struggled his eyes frightened above his gag. ‘Are you comfortable babe? Oh can’t answer can you. I forgot.’ Justin sat on the side of the bed slowly running his fingers across Jc’s naked chest. His other hand playing idly with brown curls. He leaned close to Jc’s face his nose almost touching the nose of the captive man. ‘Did you really think I wouldn’t find out baby? did you?’ he hissed. He grasped Jc’s hair twisting it cruelly, smashing his fist into the helpless mans face over and over again. ‘Did I hurt you baby? I’m sorry.’ He punched him again. ‘Ok, so I’m not sorry. But you will be.’

Jc’s head hurt, really hurt. he could barely open his eyes everything seemed to have a red tinge to it. He didn’t know where Justin had gone. He needed to pee real bad. Justin had said he knew. Knew what? that he’d been writing with Wade? Realisation Justin thought he’d been having an affair with Wade. ‘Hello lover’ the tape was ripped from Jc’s mouth ‘did you miss me?’ ‘Justin, Justin please I don’t know what you are .....’ ‘SHUT UP’ the captor brought his mouth down onto his prisoners lips crushing them beneath his own. forcing his tongue between them. sucking on Jc’s bottom lip pulling it into his mouth. Justin bit down hard Jc yelped as the pain registered in his brain. The blond pulled back licking Jc’s blood from his lips. ‘mmmmmmmmm you always did taste good baby. he lent forward swiping his tongue across the others lips. ‘Time to play baby’ a sadistic grin swept over his face. ‘Time to play.

Jc knew Justin had a vicious streak a mile wide. He closed his eyes and tried to focus his mind on anything but the cigarette burns on his genitals. He’d found out the true nature of his lover after an awards ceremony. He had been cornered by Moby who wanted him to cameo in his new video. Justin watched his eyes glaring. When it was suggested that Jc be laying on a sunbed in a pair of speedos he had blushed bright red and said he’d do it but only if he could wear pants. Moby agreed and they parted company. The limo ride home had been silent. He gave up trying to start a conversation with the younger man and when they arrived home went straight upstairs to the bathroom. He heard the door open behind him, but didn’t turn round . A fist fastened itself into his hair and slammed his face down on the counter, once then twice. Jc was forced to his knees and bent painfully backwards. Justin brought his mouth against his ear ‘I saw you’ he snarled ‘flirting with that techno freak’ Jc tried to tell him that he hadn’t been flirting that it was a job offer. But Justin didn’t want to know. He dragged the brunette and bent him over the tub and pulled down his pants. then dropping his own he rammed himself into Jc making him scream. All Jc could do was stay bent over the tub watching blood drip from his mouth and nose onto the white porcelain while his lover pounded into him. After he had finished with Jc Justin pushed him into the tub ‘YOU FUCKING STAY THERE.’ he yelled ‘YOU STAY THERE TILL I TELL YOU TO MOVE’ He slammed out the room leaving Jc terrified and crying. He stayed in the tub all night. Afraid to move. He cried thinking of how weak he was being and how the others would make fun of him if they found out. Justin was much younger than him it was true. Also he wasn’t 12 years old anymore. He was as tall if not taller then Jc and was thicker set his extra weight giving him the strength that Jc lacked. He hadn’t been able to out wrestle Justin for a few years now and that scared him.

‘Wake up sleepy head’ Jc’s eyes snapped open how long had Justin been back, he hadn’t heard the door being unlocked. His captor lent down and kissed him gently on the lips. ‘Lips are a bit dry there babe. You want some water?’ Jc trembled he’d asked, well begged for water earlier, so Justin had forced two glasses of soapy water down his throat causing him to have a major vomiting spree. ‘I asked you a question Jaycee’ The bound man swallowed and nodded his head never taking his eyes off his tormentor. Justin unscrewed a bottle of water and lifted his prisoners head allowing him to drink. when the bottle was empty he gently laid this head back on to the bed. Justin stroked Jc’s hair away from his eyes. ‘You are so beautiful, so fragile.’ He brought his lips down on Jc’s licking and kissing the older man almost lovingly. He pulled back and grinned. Not the world shattering grin that he kept for on stage but the twisted evil grin that Jc knew so well. ‘Time for more games I think.’ Jc held his breath.

‘Well that was fun’ Justin lay back on the mattress next to Jc smoking. He turned his face to the sobbing man laying beside him and jabbed him hard in the ribs ‘I said that was fun wasn’t it Jaycee’ Jc stifled a moan as pain shot through him. ‘Y-Yes’ ‘ Yessss what?’ ‘Y-yes m-master.’ Justin let out a massive belly laugh, ‘ Tears of laughter poured down his face. ‘Baby, it might have taken me a couple of hours, but I made you know your place didn’t I?’ he ran his fingers over the blue black bruises that littered Jc’s body, pressing down hard chuckling at the older mans discomfort. He took a last drag of his smoke then stubbed it out on Jc’s chest ignoring his yelp. ‘Well sweet thing I’m out of here’ He slapped Jc’s belly playfully and kissed the spot he had just burned tenderly. ‘Get some sleep angel. I’ll be back soon’

After leaving the house Justin got in his car and started the long drive back to Orlando. He picked up Jc’s cell phone from the seat beside him. quickly dialled his machine and listened to Josh’s messages.

BeeP: ‘Jc, its Wade, You ok man. I waited for an hour, but had to go. Call me k’ BeeP: ‘ Jace, where are you? I called by your house. your car was there where are you?. its Wade.’ BeeP: Jaycee I’m getting worried man. call me. BeeP: Josh its Lance Wade called me. he’s worried. call him or me k.’

Justin slammed the phone onto the seat. Fuck Wade. Wade, Wade, Wade. He’d make Jaycee sorry he ever met the man. He pumped up his music and sang along to Craig David for the rest of the drive to his house. OK Lances four by four was parked in his drive. He pulled in. Before he could shut his car door he was mobbed by Lance and Joey, Chris and Wade hovered un-surely in the background. ‘Justin where the fuck you been?’ Lance bellowed ‘I been to the mall why?’ ‘Justin have you seen Josh? he’s disappeared man. Wade called over his place and it was wide open, C’s car was there but he’s nowhere.’ Justin noted that Joey seemed really worried. Justin shot the blond choreographer a look. ‘What did you want him for?’ Lance rubbed his eyes ‘does it matter Justin? Jace is missing’ ‘Well maybe Jace is hiding from Wade did you think of that?’ Justin asked. All eyes turned to the outsider. ‘We were working on some stuff. I had got some lyrics down but was struggling with the harmonies. I asked Jc for help. But he wanted to keep it quiet. That’s all.’ Justin chewed his bottom lip ‘Your not fucking him?’ ‘Jesus Justin’ all four men responded with shock at the bluntness of his question. Wade answered ‘ You know I’m straight right. Jc may rock your boat but he does nothing for me. It was work pure and simple. If you know where he is Just ...’ Justin shook his head. Well what-do-ya-know Jacy had been telling the truth. ‘I haven’t seen him for three days’ Justin lied ‘I called to see him Tuesday but he didn’t answer the door to me.’ Wade interrupted ‘That was the last time I heard from him too. he left a message on my cell that you had called.’ Justin smiled inwardly what better way to divert suspicion than to admit he’d been to see him. ‘ Its just Josh well being Jc, He’ll turn up when he’s ready.’

Justin looked at his watch, It was nearly 11pm Jc had been alone for nearly eight hours. He’d never left him that long before. But he had no choice the guys just wouldn’t go. Eventually he persuaded them to go home maybe Josh had phoned one of them. They swallowed that line and left immediately. The house was dark, empty looking. If he didn’t know that Jc was chained up in the basement he would have thought the place was totally abandoned. He crept down the stairs in total darkness silently opening the basement door. He could see the outline of his prisoner he seemed to be sleeping. His breathing laboured but steady. Justin stifled a giggle and ran full pelt at the bed and grabbed the sleeping man by the throat squeezing hard. Jc’s eyes popped open full of fear. ‘Did ya miss me babe?’. Justin settled down next to his former lover and went to sleep. The days all merged into one for Jc, he had no idea how long he had belonged to Justin. He did belong to his younger band mate. There was no denying it. He only lived because Justin let him. His days had become pain filled, with Justin thinking up ways and means to get him to scream in agony. He had become panic stricken when his eyes had been forced open and drops placed in them. the fire raged through his senses. He was quite sure he was blinded. But after an hour or so the pain had subsided and his vision cleared. It was only then he had been informed it had only been vinegar.

When Justin woke up he seemed to be in a good mood, he told Jc jokes and kissed him tenderly. Gave him water and even some food. He got a bowl of warm water and a washcloth and gave his prisoner a bed bath. Jc decided to be brave. ‘Justin’ His owner looked at him his eyebrow raised with surprise, ‘Justin? did you call me Justin?’ ‘Y-yes I- I mean n-no. I mean. I-I mean Master.’ He’d blown it, he squeezed his eyes shut and braced himself for the blow he knew was coming. When he was sure Justin wasn’t going to hit him he opened his eyes ever so slightly. Justin was looking at him with a bemused look on his face. ‘Silly mistake Jaycee, but as I’m such a nice person and I’m in a good mood I’ll forgive you. Just this once mind.’ He lit up a cigarette and took a long hard drag blowing the smoke into Jc’s face ‘whats on your mind baby?’ ‘Will you let me go?’ the question was barely a whisper ‘Let me go master please’ The plea was heart wrenching, tear drenched. The blond almost softened. Almost. ‘I’m bored. Amusement time I think’ Justin put out his cigarette ‘And I got just the game’


Everyone had stopped looking for Joshua Chasez. They stopped looking after they received a letter written by him saying he was ok. but he wasn’t coming home. It had been posted from overseas no return address. His band mates had felt hurt and abandoned but accepted it. Justin had been pleased with himself making Jc write the letter. He read somewhere that if you send a letter to the postmaster of town or country and put a sealed stamped addressed letter inside the postmaster was obliged to post it on. So he thought he’d try it. It worked out perfectly.

Jc stood before the full length mirror. His hands cuffed tightly behind his back. Justin stood behind him his arm wrapped round the brunettes waist. He nuzzled Jc’s neck kissing and licking. His right hand dropped down and caressed Jc’s genitals gently tugging and rolling his lovers balls in his hand. Jc stared at the image before him. He didn’t recognise one of the men. Bruises and scars marred his skin. Painfully thin. thinner than he had ever been before, skeletal. The eyes once luminous and full of life were dull, dead. ‘I know you never fucked Wade Jace’ Jc said nothing. He didn’t speak anymore it hurt too much. He knew deep down his throat was damaged too badly. That he’d never be able to sing again. He missed singing. He dropped his head letting his eyes drift down to the floor. He didn’t want to look anymore. He pitied the man in the mirror. He pitied himself. Justin lifted Jc’s chin ‘Look’ he demanded Jc obeyed. He knew better not to. he looked at what Justin wanted him to see. The reason Justin had dragged him upstairs. Burned deeply into his abdomen in angry red inch high letters was one word . JUSTINS.

Jc was lost and he would never be found again .


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