Part 5

Giggling roused Justin at dawn. Jay-cee was laying on his back with Ju-cee held above him. The baby boy was giggling like mad as his parent blew bubbles and faces at him. The Elite moved to his side taking the baby from him and wrapping him tightly in his furs, ignoring the tiny noises of protests.

JC watched with innocent round eyes as Justin laid the baby to the side and stripped off his clothes. Then he turned and caressed JC’s face and the Sub nuzzled his hand lovingly. The Elite’s breath came in short pants as arousal and excitement took over him. He brought his face to JC’s, rubbing his nose against his like he had seen the bearded Sub do.

JC whimpered tenderly and flicked out his tongue, touching Justin's lips. With a groan Justin grabbed a handful of the Sub’s hair and crushed his lips with his own, forcing and dominating the slender brunette into submission. JC’s legs parted, inviting Justin to slide between them, and Justin did willingly. The Sub seemed to lift up, his right leg hooking over Justin's back. Effortlessly the Elite slipped into JC’s opening and he groaned at the tight heat that encompassed him. There had been no gentle stretching, no lubrication, so Lance was right. JC was female.

Justin rocked his hips thrusting into the she-male beneath him. JC arched and whimpered, mewing and then growling as he came closer to climax. He sank his teeth into Justin's shoulder and clawed at his back as he came. Much to Justin's surprise JC’s cock spasmed and spewed thick creamy cum between them. Justin toppled over the edge and climaxed himself filling JC’s hole with his seed. The two lay glued together, panting after their exertion.

“I’m sorry,” Justin whispered. He kissed JC’s mouth again sinking into the sweetness of his lips. “I have to go now. You can’t come with me.”

JC nuzzled Justin's face not understanding the soft words. All he understood was he had given himself and he was Justin's now. He had only ever given himself once before and that was to Jo-ee, Ju-cee was the result of that.

Justin lay with JC till the sun started to rise then he kissed JC tenderly one last time and got up and started packing his stuff. Lance had woken while Justin and JC had been making love and was glaring at Justin angrily.

“What?” Justin demanded, not meeting Lance’s eyes.

“Nothing the older Elite sighed. He shouldered his pack. “Are you ready?”

Justin nodded his pack already on his back. JC struggled to stand, his leg still painful. He scooped Ju-cee into his arms and tried to follow them. Justin turned back. “No Jay-cee. Jay-cee, Ju-cee no come.”

JC’s eyes filled with tears. “Jay-cee come,” he begged pathetically.

“NO,” Justin snapped. “Jay-cee stay, Justin go, Lance go. Jay-cee not come.”

JC took a tentative step towards the man he considered his lover.

“I said no!” Justin shouted loudly, so viciously that JC staggered back, whimpering with fear and rejection. “Stay Jay-cee. No come. I don’t want you understand? You are nothing to me. You were just a fuck. Now get out of here.” Justin picked up a handful of dirt and threw it at the whimpering Sub.

JC cried bitterly, sinking to his knees. He was unwanted by his clan and now by Justin. He lifted his head, watching Justin walk away from him and he threw back his head and gave a mournful howl.

Neither Elite spoke a word on the walk back to the jeep. All the others were waiting to see which of the two had taken the Sub's head.

“Well?” Wade demanded.

Justin pushed past him and climbed into the back of the jeep, sullenly staring into the distance.

“Justin got him,” Lance said, his voice betraying the anger he was feeling in the way that Justin had dismissed the gentle Sub.

“So where’s his head then?” Coral asked.

“The shot went through his heart; he fell into the river and was swept away before we could claim it. That’s why Justin is so pissed.” Lance glared at Justin, and then looked away bitterly.

Justin gave Lance a sorrowful look and the green eyed Elite turned away, greeting Chris, his new friend.

The journey back to the dome was filled with excited chatter as each hunter told their own adventures. Justin just stared into space. He didn’t want to remember, he just wanted to forget the Sub whose heart he had stamped all over. On reaching his building he got out of the jeep and walked away not saying a word. Behind him he heard Lance say, “He’ll be fine in a couple of days. He’s just angry at himself.”

“Lights,” Justin snapped as he entered his apartment.

“Welcome home Justin. Your shower is ready for you.”

“I’m going to bed,” Justin said suddenly feeling tired.

“You really should shower first Justin,” the automated voice insisted.

“I can decide for my self whether or not I want a fucking shower. Computer sleep.” Justin commanded, thankful that he had tweaked with mother’s settings before the hunt. He kicked off his shoes and crawled under his bedclothes fully dressed and willed himself to forget the mournful cry and tear filled eyes that haunted him.

Life went on. Only now it wasn’t the same. Every time a Sub was taken Justin found himself down in the holding cells praying it wasn’t Jay-cee.

Every tracking schematic that passed his way suddenly developed a fault as he subtly sabotaged new developments.

Justin was staring out of his office window at the forest beyond the dome when his computer announced he had a call.

“Put it through,” he said absentmindedly.

“Hey you are still alive then,” Lance exclaimed. “You never answered my calls.”

Justin sighed and faced his friend for the first time since the hunt. “I’ve been busy.”

“Too busy to call a friend?” Lance asked.

“What do you want Lance?”

“I thought you might like to come to my commitment ceremony tomorrow.”

Justin laughed. “You, committing to someone, funny.”

“It’s no joke Justin,” Lance said seriously.

“Who? When did this happen?” Justin stammered, shocked that his best friend hadn’t told him before now.

Lance smiled. “Remember Chris.” Justin nodded yes. “He and I got close. I told him what happened Justin, about Jay-cee. We started an awareness group together. We spend our spare time campaigning against the hunt and running interference with others that we have convinced to join us.”

Justin sat down in amazement, “how did you organise so fast?” he asked.

“It’s been nearly a year Justin.”

The blond Elite looked at his calendar. “8 months, two weeks and three days.”

“Not that you’ve been counting then?” Lance laughed sadly.

“I can’t forget. I think of him everyday. What became of him and little Ju-cee, did their clan take them back? Is he alive?”

“Don’t torture yourself Justin,” Lance said kindly. “You had to do it.”

“It doesn’t make it any easier,” Justin said quietly, sorrow sounding in his tone.

“I know. I live with it too,” Lance replied. “Come tomorrow, I’ll introduce you to the other members of our group.”

Justin shrugged. “I don’t know Lance.”

“Just come okay. Be the friend to me that you couldn’t be for Jay-cee.” The screen went blank, not giving him time to reply. He looked out over the distant forest and the sound of Jay-cee’s heartbroken howl filled his memory once more. Making a decision and before he could change his mind he accessed his home computer. Informing mother that he would be home really late then he walked out of his office taking the newest tracking device with him.


A tiny boy of about two played quietly on the floor, his blue eyes wandering every so often to where his father lay panting in pain. The boy whimpered in sympathy as JC reared up, crying out for help but getting no reply. He had tried again to return to his clan but they wouldn’t take him. So he had lived alone, just him and Ju-cee. He had managed to find an empty cave for then to shelter in and was able to keep them both fed but he was lonely. His kind were social creatures, they needed contact, touch, and when his belly started to move he knew he might not survive to see the summer, not alone. He began to teach Ju-cee how to fend for himself. Teaching him how to dig for grubs and teaching him what he could eat and what he couldn’t. Now as his time grew closer and the pain increased he could only leave his child to his fate.

Jay-cee reached between his legs, he could feel the baby’s head. Only a little longer and he could rest. He screamed and bore down, squeezing the child all the way into the world, catching it in the furs he had prepared. Exhausted he lifted the child onto his chest and left it there, too weak to even sever the cord. Instinct made the newborn seek out his sire’s nipple, suckling until the milk started to flow.

Ju-cee moved to where his father lay and rested his head on his chest. “Baby,” he said pointing at the newborn.

Jay-cee patted his head. “Ju-cee good boy.” The Sub’s voice was thin and weak.

“Baby name?” the little boy asked innocently.

Jay-cee smiled and touched his newborn son’s head. “Jus-in,” he whispered.