Power failure happened at 20:00 hours dome time. The only person with prior warning had packed and left along with his new partner, Chris. Lance marvelled at how much damage Justin had managed to cause with such a small virus. The whole tracking program had been derailed and would take years to recover, only he and Chris wouldn’t be there to see it. The message he had received I hour before the virus struck had left him with no time to think, no time for debate. He quickly downloaded to disk everything that was special to him and Chris then packed for a hunt. He and his lover exited the dome with barely minutes to spare. The two looked back at the only home they had ever known, knowing that it had sealed itself again this time maybe forever.

The small tracking device Chris held in his hand blipped loudly, picking up its sister unit somewhere in the forest. They trekked through the undergrowth following the device until the found the small cave.

Justin had carried JC outside and the Sub was leaning with his back against a tree nursing his newborn baby. Ju-cee was reclining between his legs, stroking the inside of JC’s thigh with his little hand while sucking the thumb of the other one peacefully.

JC eyed Chris uneasily and closed his arms protectively around his children. Justin tousled JC’s curls. “Chris and Lance friends,” he said.

JC raised an eyebrow sceptically and held out his palm, wanting the Elite to sign for him.

Justin shook his head. “No Jay-cee, learn speak.” The Sub pouted and glared at his lover making Chris laugh out loud.

“He’s so precious Justin.” The brunette Elite knelt beside the Sub and picked up his hand, speaking only to him. The Sub giggled and looked up shyly at Justin.

Lance sat down and played with the new baby’s hand until he grasped his fingers. “Who baby Jay-cee?” he asked.

“Jus-in, like dada,” Ju-cee chirped happily deciding he wanted some attention too.

Lance chuckled and lifted the little boy on to his lap. “You can talk!” he exclaimed.

Chris stopped blowing bubbles at Jus-in. “Well you said they were really intelligent. This little fella will grow up speaking both languages and with Justin as his teacher it won’t be long until Jay-cee is chattering away too.” The brunette grimaced as JC popped a beetle into his mouth and began munching away contentedly.

“No Jay-cee, beetle bad!” Justin exclaimed, trying to scrape the insect out of his lover’s mouth. Ju-cee giggled at the sight of Justin fighting to prise his daddy’s mouth open. He looked at the beetle he had been playing with and quickly bit into it.

“Justin's got his hands full with those two,” Chris observed.

“He’s happier than I’ve ever seen him,” Lance answered, chuckling as Justin suddenly noticed that Ju-cee was now chomping away as well.

Chris cuddled his husband. “Does it make you sad knowing that we probably will never be able to be parents ourselves?”

Lance sighed. “A bit. But there’s nothing to stop us from trying.”

Chris kissed Lance’s forehead. ”Where there’s a will there’s a way,” he said lovingly. “There is one thing though.”

Lance snuggled back against his husband’s chest. “What’s that?”

“Ju-cee and Jus-in, are they male or female?”

Lance watched the small family as they giggled and touched lovingly, without a care in the world. “You know I don’t think it even matters to them. Jay-cee probably doesn’t know himself. I guess we’ll find out when they hit puberty.”

The end.

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