“Stop scratching.”

“I’m not scratching.”

“I said stop scratching.”

“They itch!”

“I know baby but scratching is just going to make them worse.”

“Easy for you to say Justin you’re not the one being eaten alive.” JC reached over his shoulder and scratched furiously at the mosquito bites that covered his back.

“Stop it JC!” Justin exclaimed as he reached out and grabbed JC’s wrist, pulling his hand away. “Lay down and I’ll put some lotion on for you.”

“It doesn’t help,” JC whined childishly. “All it does is make me all white.”

“Oh stop being a baby. You were the one that opened the window in the first place,” Justin pointed out.

“The air conditioning wasn’t working, I was suffocating.” JC reached down his leg and scratched at the hard cluster of bumps on the side of his right leg.

“If you don’t stop JC I’ll tie your hands behind your back,” Justin threatened.

The brunette snorted and scratched madly at his left forearm.

“That’s it, I warned you.” Justin yanked the tie out of his robe and jumped on his itchy boyfriend, trying to overpower him with sheer determination alone.

JC put up a good fight sending Justin spilling back, almost knocking him off the bed but Justin came back, using his weight advantage to turn and pin the thinner man on his belly.

“I’ll stop, I’ll stop,” JC cried breathlessly, alarmed that Justin intended to make good his threat to tie him up.

“I know that you will try baby,” Justin said as he bound JC’s wrists together, “but you will scratch, you won’t be able to help it.” Justin sat back and slapped JC’s bare ass making him yelp before he rolled him onto his back. “Now I’ll put some lotion on you and give you an antihistamine tablet and then I want you to take a nap.”

“How can I sleep? I itch and my hands are tied.” JC whined.

“I’ll take your mind off it,” Justin said a sly grin spreading over his face.

“How?” JC pouted, he wriggled his shoulder against the blankets, finding a small amount of relief.

“Oh no you don’t!” Justin exclaimed. He flipped JC back onto his belly. “I can’t trust you on your back.”

“But Justin!” JC whinged. “I itch, please scratch for me,” he batted his eyelashes and pouted prettily and Justin almost caved, almost.

“No more scratching.” Justin insisted.

JC screamed and kicked into the mattress in frustration.

“Now baby that never worked when Britney tried it, what makes you think that it will work with you?”

“I hate you!” JC spat at his grinning lover.

“No you don’t,” Justin chuckled back.

“Yes I do,” JC insisted. “I hate you. I hate you, I hate you.”

Justin leaned forward and licked the base of JC’s spine making the thinner man shiver.

“You don’t hate me, you love me. You especially love when I do this.” Justin's fingers pulled apart the cheeks of JC’s ass and the brunette did a full body shudder as Justin's tongue flicked playfully over his ass hole.

“That’s not fair,” JC whimpered, trying not to sound as shaky as he was feeling.

“What isn’t fair?” Justin asked innocently. He grinned and blew over JC’s already wet opening making him shudder all over again.

“THAT!” JC screamed. “That isn’t fair. You are taking unfair advantage.” He moaned and wriggled as Justin's tongue probed deeper then licked from his balls to the base of his spine.

“You know JC, I like you like this, all helpless and such. I bet I can make you come at least four times.”

JC snorted, “like that would be hard. I always come at least four times a night anyway.”

Justin laid on top of JC and lowered his mouth to his ear. “Who said anything about night, I meant in an hour.”

JC went ridged, “What!”

Justin ground his pelvis into JC’s ass and licked the outer shell of his ear. “Four times Jaycee, I’m going to make you scream.”

Justin kissed down JC’s spine and began working on the bound mans ass, first lathering the opening with his tongue, pushing in and out until JC squealed like a little girl and wriggled frantically in an attempt to escape.

Justin blew over the sopping wet hole and JC shuddered uncontrollably, Whimpering when one of Justin's fingers pushed inside him.

“How many do you think I can get in there Jaycee? One … two,” Justin licked back up JC’s spine, his fingers deeply embedded in the slim man’s ass. He lapped at JC’s earlobe then whispered slyly. “Three,”

JC came.

Justin sat back and considered his next move, JC looked beautiful, naked, quivering and spread out before him. The brunette was breathing hard, still coming down from his orgasm. He stiffened as Justin's hand reached under him and started to yank gently at his soft cock.

“Justin don’t,” he begged.

Justin smiled against his sweat drenched skin and rolled him on his back. “Got to babe, you still have three more times to come and we only have 45 minutes.”

JC almost screamed as his cock was engulfed in Justin's hot wet mouth and his hips pinned down to the bed. The brunette clenched his teeth stubbornly, not wanting to give his lover the satisfaction of knowing how turned on he was getting again.

Justin knew how stubborn his boyfriend could be and put his heart into the task at hand, dragging his tongue up the rapidly thickening shaft and circling the spongy mushroom head. Soon Justin began to recognise the small desperate noises that escaped from JC’s mouth. He was getting close again and Justin knew just how to send him over the edge. Justin deep throated, swallowing JC’s cock and letting his throat muscles contract around him.

JC came again.

Justin let JC withdraw but placed tiny sweet kisses on his cock head as he did. The skinny brunette was panting now and lying boneless without even the strength to lift his head.

Justin grinned evilly as JC drew his legs up in an attempt to protect his lifeless cock and inadvertently exposed his pulsating anal bud. With one swift movement Justin scooped JC’s legs in his arms and rolled him up so his ass was fully exposed.

The poor exhausted older man groaned resignedly when he felt Justin's cock press against his opening then cried out with pleasure as he was filled. Justin pumped at him relentlessly, sliding in and out of him effortlessly, each thrust grazing JC’s prostate. Before long JC’s ass began to contract, uncontrollably tightening around Justin's cock as he got closer and closer to climaxing for the third time.

JC came, Justin's name on his lips.

Justin rolled off his lover and kissed his belly. He looked over at the bedside clock he still had five minutes left. The room smelt of sweat and cum and JC was limp and verging on sleep but Justin had made a wager and a bet was a bet.

He began stroking JC’s long slender leg, working down to the shapely ankle and then the foot it’s self. JC’s eyes snapped back open as his big toe found its way into Justin's mouth. He tried to pull his foot away but was held firmly.

JC kicked with his free foot dislodging Justin temporarily. “That wasn’t nice JC,” Justin said as he pinned the free leg with his body then turned his attention back to the tempting foot.

JC whimpered as sensations ricocheted into his groin leaving him reeling. How could having his toes sucked make his dick hard? Justin's tongue licked over the sole of his foot and he squeaked as another contraction tightened in his balls.

“Enough,” he whimpered. “Justin please the hour is up.”

Justin nipped at JC’s toes making him squeal and try to pull his foot away. “There is still a minute left.”

Justin dragged himself up JC’s prone body and sat down hard, impaling himself on JC’s cock. The tightness and heat of Justin's ass was all JC needed to tip him over the top once more and he fell whimpering and worshiping his lover’s name.

Justin rode JC’s cock until it softened then pumped himself to orgasm. He spooned against his lover and kissed his shoulder, reaching down and pulling at the cord that held his hands bound behind him.

“Are you alright baby?” he asked.

JC nodded and sighed contentedly, snuggling into Justin’s chest.

“No more itching?” Justin mischievously asked knowing that JC had forgotten about his nasty insect bites.

JC stiffened as he was reminded of how this whole lovemaking episode had started and reached over his shoulder scratching furiously at the itchy hard lumps.

Justin sniggered. “Maybe I should take your mind off it for a while,” he suggested.

JC squeaked and jumped out of bed finding the sudden strength to make a dash for the bathroom, Justin's laughter ringing in his ears.

The end.

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