One night, Orlando style

From across the crowded room the dark eyed man watched as the willowy brunette glided across the floor. He was riveted by the slow sway of the narrow hips and slightly concerned that he was feeling a strong stirring in his groin for a member of his own sex. He reached blindly for a glass of champagne from a passing waitress, mumbling his apologies when he knocked two glasses off her tray. The petite blond haired girl smiled sweetly and cleared up the mess of broken glass before hurrying on her way. Cursing under his breath Orlando scoured the room for the object of his distraction, panicking slightly when he couldn’t locate him. Finally he spotted him, giggling girlishly with a tall heavy set bearded man. He watched fascinated by the man’s nervous energy, hopping from foot to foot as he tried to be interested in the conversation he was involved in.

Orlando studied the brunettes face, high perfectly sculptured cheekbones, and full pouting lips. He couldn’t help but notice the bottom lip was much thicker than the top, he found himself wondering how it would feel to sink his teeth into the plump cushion of flesh, taste that pretty mouth. Envy flooded over him as a green-eyed blond with short spiky hair gathered the brunette playfully in his arms, hugging and patting him exuberantly on the back, laughing and joking as the trio were joined by a shorter brunette sporting a shaggy goatee beard.

The young Englishman moved closer, trying not to be obvious, but desperate to be near to the delicate creature.

“Beautiful isn’t he?” Orlando jumped, stammering as his face burned. “The guy you are watching,” the shaven-headed, stubble-chinned blond that had moved behind him murmured in his ear.

“I’m sure I have no idea what you mean,” Orlando bluffed.

The blond beamed his billion-dollar smile. “Yes you do. You’ve been watching him all night. The brunette, in the orange and blue tie-dyed tee shirt and low cut jeans. His name’s JC, I could introduce you if you like.”

“JC. I mean, err.” the brunette actor stammered over his words blushing pink at being found out.

“It’s ok to find him attractive you know. Jace has that effect even on the straightest of men. My name’s Justin by the way.” The shaven-headed man held out his hand.

“Orlando,” the dark eyed man took Justin’s hand shaking it firmly.

“I can arrange for you to fuck him.”

The Englishman choked on his drink, gulping for breath, “I should have known! You’re his pimp aren’t you?”

Justin grinned. “Actually,” he said, “I’m his boyfriend.”

Orlando raked his fingers through his curls. “Your boyfriend!” he exclaimed. “What kind of man offers his boyfriend to another man?”

Justin brought his lips up to the dark-eyed man’s ear. “One that loves to watch his lover being fucked hard by another man and gets off on it,” Justin whispered his voice husky and oozing sexual tension. “Just look at him. Can you honestly tell me you’re not tempted? Imagine him naked and covered in sweat, writhing underneath you, panting your name over and over as you plunge into him again and again, Justin beamed that brilliant smile again as he watched the older man trying to discreetly adjust his pants.

“What makes you think I’d want that?”

Justin chuckled, his laugh rumbling in his chest, “every man in here wants JC, look how they all look at him, he’s the thinking mans sex kitten and I know the exact buttons to push that make him purr, I’m willing to share that knowledge with you. Think about it, I’ll be back for your answer, and Orlando, I only offer once.” Justin clapped him on the back. “Keep watching,” he said grinning. Justin glided over to where JC was chatting animatedly with his friends and slid his hand down the back of his low pants. The slim brunette pretended not to notice, but as soon as he was confident that no one was watching he wriggled his ass backwards, his eyes closing briefly from the intimate caress. Orlando almost groaned as Justin slipped his arm around the slender waist, pulling JC backwards, bending closer to whisper in his ear. The smile slid from the brunettes face, he shook his head frantically, pulling away from the strong arms holding him tightly. Justin yanked him back, speaking forcefully in his ear. Orlando watched as the brunette stopped struggling and started to chew on that plump bottom lip. Justin released him, turning him to face him; lifting his chin and making him look him in the eye. The blond ran his fingers lovingly down the side of his boyfriends face speaking to him softly. The Englishman suddenly wished he had learned to lip-read.

JC shook his head once more and Justin took hold of his pointed chin, staring into his eyes as he spoke. Orlando watched in amazement as the lovely man backed down, nodding meekly. Justin beamed and kissed him on the nose, squeezing his ass once more as he winked at the green-eyed blond that had walked back over to join them. The shaven headed man grinned over to where Orlando stood rooted to the spot and gave him the thumbs up. Orlando groaned again to himself wondering just how the hell he had gotten himself into this.

Nervously the dark-eyed man watched JC for the rest of the night, his balls tightened at the thought of the gracile man. Before he knew it Justin was behind him again.

“Come on,” he muttered.

“Where are we going?”

“My hotel, Jace is waiting in the car.”

Orlando hesitated. “He didn’t look too excited about this.”

“Don’t worry, JC likes to play the innocent, but he’s not, believe me.” Justin tugged at Orlando’s sleeve.

“Well he seemed pretty adamant.”

Justin laughed. “JC’s a good boy, he likes to please me and he knows that seeing the both of you together will please me, so he’ll do it.” Justin tugged the Englishman’s sleeve again. “Now come on, he gets prissy when he has to wait.”

“Justin, are you sure you’re not forcing him?”

“When we get to the car you can ask him if you like.” Orlando shrugged and despite his better judgement followed Justin to his car.

Close up Orlando would have sworn that JC was even more beautiful, his luminous steel blue eyes widened when he and Justin got in the limo. Not a word was said during the entire drive. The Englishman shifted uncomfortably in his seat under the brunette’s curious stare. Justin patted his knee reassuringly and JC wrinkled his nose, his eyes fixed on his boyfriends hand that was now resting casually in Orlando’s lap. The car came to a stop and Justin opened the door, getting out first then helping his boyfriend out. Justin grinned at Orlando and wrapped his arm around JC’s waist hugging him to him and grabbing the Englishman’s hand, dragging him behind them as they walked towards the elevator. They rode the elevator still in silence and walked the short distance to their room. JC fidgeted anxiously while Justin fumbled around in his pocket for the key-card, stopping only when he received a withering look. As soon as the door was opened he charged inside, heading straight for the mini-bar. He pulled out a full bottle of Jack Daniels he had stashed there and poured himself a full tumbler ignoring the other two men as he brought it to his lips.

“No JC.” Justin’s tone was slightly menacing and demanding, he slivered over taking the untouched drink from the brunette’s shaking hands, he tipped it down the sink, leaving the glass upturned on the side. “You don’t need that baby.”

“How the fuck do you know what I need?” JC hissed. Such language seemed wrong coming out of such a pretty mouth. Justin sighed and pulled JC into his arms once more, nuzzling into his neck.

“Sweetie,” he cooed. “I know what you need, what you want. Orlando is here to make sure that you get it.” Justin licked a trail up the side of JC’s neck making the willowy man shudder.

“You really want this Justin?” he asked in a breathed whisper.

“Yes I do.”

JC sucked his lip into his mouth, playing with it between his teeth. “Okay.” he breathed.

Justin’s thousand-watt smile lit up his face once more and he turned JC so his ass was pressed into his cock; he beckoned Orlando over. “Put your arms around his waist.” The young actor did as he was instructed, standing as close to JC as he possible could. “Touch JC’s face,” Justin said, encouraging contact between the two brunettes. Orlando trailed the backs of his fingers down the side of JC’s face starting at the side of his right eye, tenderly caressing him with his feather light touch as he gazed into the silver-blue depths. “Isn’t he beautiful?” Justin breathed, and sucked JC’s earlobe into his mouth.

“He’s fucking gorgeous.”

Justin smiled against JC’s skin, “Let Orlando taste your lovely mouth darlin’.” The slim man swallowed and closed his eyes, tilting closer till his lips brushed Orlando’s. The English man moaned softly as JC’s soft mouth moved against his own, his lips parting slightly to allow him access.”

Justin groaned low in his throat. “That looks so fucking hot, push you tongue into his mouth JC, let him suck on you.”

Orlando tried not to smile with pleasure as the thick muscle inched its way into his mouth. He caught it between his teeth, holding it, playing his own tongue over the smooth surface. JC whimpered as he was captured, pushing his hands against Orlando’s shoulders in an attempt to pull free. Justin ran his hands over JC’s arms down to his wrists, encircling them with his fingers and pulling them behind his boyfriends back. “”Relax into it darlin’. You know I won’t let him do anything that will hurt you.” JC’s whimpering stopped and he ceased struggling. “That’s it darlin’, let him suck on your tongue, you like it, I know you do.” The stubble haired man nuzzled into his lover’s neck, lapping lovingly at the sensitive spot beneath his ear.

Orlando released JC’s tongue, “Are you ok?” He asked softly, running his fingers over the stubble on JC’s sharp chin.

JC nodded, his mouth trembling slightly as Justin kept up the onslaught on the pulse spot on his neck.

Justin’s eyes glowed intense blue as he lifted his lips from the now bruised and tender spot he had been teasing. “I told you he tasted sweet didn’t I brown-eyes? Take off his shirt now, I‘ll hold his hands for you.”

The actor hooked his fingers under the pale blue and orange tie-dyed tee, and pulled it up. Justin lifted JC’s arms so that Orlando could pull the shirt over his head.

“Your hands are in the way. I can’t take it off.”

“I know that. I’m going to use it to tie his hands together so that I can touch his beautiful body too.” Justin wriggled his eyebrows, pleased with his idea.

“You never said bondage, I never agreed to bondage baby,” JC whined.

“You never do darlin’, but you always cum the hardest when you are helpless in my hands.”

JC moaned softly as Orlando licked up his chest, playing his tongue around his left nipple before biting down on the hardened nub. Justin’s hands moved over JC’s abs, his fingers drawing lazy circles around his bellybutton, dipping inside the small crevice before following the thin trail of soft golden brown hair that led beneath his waistband. JC groaned as Orlando attacked his other nipple, writhing against Justin’s chest as the blondes fingers slipped beneath the tight fabric of his jeans. Justin flipped the top button open with a practiced hand, then the second and third ones, sliding his whole hand inside, making JC moan even more.

“Orlando,” Justin breathed. The Englishman stopped suckling on the hard pinkish mound in his mouth and licked up to JC’s throat, peering over the brunette’s smooth shoulder at the younger man. “Kiss me Orlando,” Justin demanded. The actor pressed his body tight against JC’s and kissed Justin deeply. Justin took control of the kiss using his free hand to hold Orlando’s head, crushing JC between them. The twenty-two year old squeezed JC’s balls making him whimper. Orlando broke his kiss with Justin, turning his attention instead to JC’s plump velvety lips, licking them indulgently, scraping his teeth against the cushiony skin. A low purr resounded through JC’s chest as he succumbed to his two attentive lovers.

“Support him Orry,” Justin murmured as the willowy brunettes knees buckled.

Orlando tightened his arm around the slim waisted man as Justin slid down to the floor licking JC’s spine. He eased the low cut jeans over JC’s narrow hips, pulling them down his legs. Justin gazed up and smiled as the enthusiastic actor attacked his lover’s mouth once more. He looked back at JC’s now naked ass and ran his fingers tenderly over the crevice sending a shiver up his lover’s spine. Using both hands he stroked the supple cheeks, parting them with his fingers. He blew slowly over the puckered circle of muscle he had revealed, unable to resist smiling again as JC groaned into Orlando’s mouth yet again and he realised that the Englishman was caressing the slim mans balls with his free hand. He blew on JC’s opening again then leaned in. Using the tip of his tongue he drew circles around the hole, moving closer and closer to the sweetness that was JC. Pressing hard he thrust his tongue inside, lapping lovingly at the internal walls of JC’s ass. The slim mans knees buckled again and he gasped pulling his mouth from Orlando’s.

“Justin,” he moaned, “Justin please.”

The blond stopped his assault, “Too much my sweet?”

JC nodded, panting against the other brunettes shoulder.

“Do you want to lay down darlin’?”

Again JC nodded and sagged in Orlando’s arms. Justin stood up but not before giving JC’s ass hole one last lick. Between them they manoeuvred JC to the bed, laying him on his side, Orlando facing him and Justin behind him.

“Is that better darlin’?”


The English actor started kissing the slightly haired chest before him, moving steadily downwards till his face was level with JC’s groin. He hesitated, not sure if he could go through with what he had intended to do.

“Do it Orry, taste what a man really tastes like,” Justin’s sultry persuasive voice purred.

The graceful actor chewed on his lip for a second, he flicked out his tongue, licking up the underside of JC’s ridged cock. Orlando pulled back smacking his lips together then he plunged his nose into the thatch of golden brown pubic hair, inhaling deeply, taking in the strong musky smell of maleness, he sighed intoxicated by JC’s scent and nuzzled his balls harder, dragging his tongue over the spongy sack, savouring the unique flavour of the 27 year old singer.

“We’re going to make you come now darlin’, the first time of many.” Justin rolled JC on to his back, getting between his legs. “ Take off your clothes then straddle his waist facing me Orry,” Justin ordered as he quickly stripped himself, throwing his clothes on the floor. Orlando stripped as quick as he could and crouched over JC’s already naked body. Justin reached out with his hands, stroking his chest, squeezing his nipples between his fingers, twisting them enough just to make the older man hiss with pleasure. Reaching to his side Justin picked up a tube and unscrewed the top. He squeezed a liberal amount of the clear gel into Orlando’s hand and some into his own. “This is where we make JC scream,” he whispered, “Follow my lead.”

Justin smoothed his hand over JC’s cock, covering it with a thin layer of lubricant. He began to drag his hand up and down the hard shaft, making sure to swipe his thumb over the leaking slit before pulling down again to JC’s throbbing balls. Orlando brought his lubed up hand to join the Nsync singer’s, as slowly and methodically they jerked the helpless man laying beneath them off, their mouths met and Justin’s tongue danced erotically in Orlando’s mouth. Beneath them JC writhed and begged for them to stop, to let him have some relief from their attentions. “Ignore him, he’s getting real close and he’s not in control. It drives him crazy.” Justin s into the actor’s mouth, “Just a little longer and he will be screaming his love for the both of us.”

Orlando chuckled, “You sure?”

“I’m positive.”

Just seconds later JC confirmed Justin’s observation by coming long and hard, shooting ropes of thick white cum in the air between his two attentive lovers. He screamed with relief and Justin rubbed the cum into his skin.

“Now, don’t give him time to catch his breath, I’ll show you a new trick.” Justin said grinning, indicating for Orlando to get off of JC he flipped the still bound man over, holding his ankles and spreading his legs wide. “Lube up your fingers Orry.”

“Justin,” JC whimpered, “no more, please baby, I can’t.”

“Hush darlin’, I know you have a lot more cum in you yet and you are going to give up every drop for me, and then one more for good measure.”


“Shhh. Orry stroke between his ass cheeks, find his asshole and push your finger inside.”

“I .. Inside!” Orlando stammered.

“Yes sweetness inside. Don’t give him too much time to recover. Quickly, push your finger inside him.”

The actor spread the transparent lube over three of his fingers, using his middle digit he rubbed the tight ring of muscle making the slender man wriggle and groan. JC arched backwards lifting himself from the mattress as Orlando touched his prostate. “There, add another finger and touch that spot again.” Justin whispered, “That‘s it, do that again.” the actor stroked JC’s spot again, and again the slender man arched in uncontrollable response. Blinding lights exploded behind his eyes as he climaxed once again.

JC collapsed panting, the sheets sticking to his sweat covered body. Justin let go of his ankle and tossed a condom to Orlando. “Put it on. Its time for that fuck I promised you.” He flipped JC back onto his back. “hook Jace’s legs over your shoulders.”

“He’s exhausted Justin, maybe we should let him rest.”

“You can take it can’t you darlin’?” Justin asked as he smoothed JC’s sweat drenched hair from his eyes.

JC nodded too tired to argue. He looked up into Orlando’s dark brown eyes, his chest rising and falling rapidly, his eyes rolled and he groaned loudly as the actor slipped inside him, his eyes closed as he sank himself into the intense heat. Orlando kissed at JC’s ankle as he thrust in and out, with every lunge JC shuddered as his prostate was jabbed over and over. Justin straddled his lover’s shoulders and lifted his head, rubbing his cock over JC’s lips. “Suck me darlin’.” JC’s lips parted and Justin pushed inside. Orlando opened his eyes only to see Justin’s ass bobbing in front of his face as he fucked his lover’s mouth. The sight pushed the actor over the edge and he came hard,. JC let out a muffled scream as his ass tightened and he came again, this time managing mere drops, his balls contracting painfully as his body attempted to expel fluid that wasn’t there.

As soon as Justin felt JC come again he pulled out of his mouth and shoved Orlando away, “My turn,” he said. He lined himself up with his lovers already well used opening and plunged himself in, throwing back his head in ecstasy, he hooked JC’s right leg over his shoulder and rolled his hips, pumping relentless, thrusting as hard as he could. Sweat dripped from him, saturating JC in the process.

Orlando watched, licking his lips as the blond drove aggressively into his lover’s ass. “Ju … Ju … Jussstinnn!” JC howled as he climaxed for a fourth time, this time not a drop leaked from his cock and he howled, his eyes watering as his balls spasm’d. Justin came a few minutes later, falling forward covering his lover’s body with his own as he lay gasping for breath. “that .. That was amazing. Thank you Joshua, thank you for letting us love you. Come here Orry.” He rolled off JC and spooned up behind him, tugging the orange and blue tie-dyed tee shirt from around his wrists. Orlando snuggled up to JC’s front, smoothing his wet hair from his eyes. He leaned in kissing him softly on his lips. “Thank you,” he whispered.

JC smiled and sighed. “need to sleep,” he said softly.

“Yes darlin’ you sleep now,” Justin breathed, his own eyes beginning to droop.

“I should go.”

JC reached out and took Orlando’s hand, “no stay … please.”

Justin nodded in agreement. “Yes Orry stay.” soft snores brought a smile to his lips. “Poor old man, he really has no staying power.”

Orlando laughed, “oh and I suppose you do?”

Well if you stay till the morning I’ll show you just how much staying power I’ve got.”

The end

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