Room 807

The blond came out of the bathroom naked, a white hotel towel draped haphazardly over his shoulder. His tight short curls shone still wet. He stopped shocked to see the double bed empty. Frantically he looked round for his lover, finding him leaning on the railing of their terrace wearing a pair of black boxer briefs, looking out to sea. Justin hardened as he observed the way josh’s ass curved in the soft stretch jersey fabric. He crept silently behind the older man, wrapping his arms around his waist. His lover straightened up leaning back into his embrace. Justin kissed softly at the side of josh’s neck, working his way up capturing the soft sensitive lobe of his lovers ear in his mouth, sucking and teasing it as he pulled Josh closer into him earning a low sensual moan for his trouble. “How long have you been up Angel?” He whispered. “I been awake for about ten minutes, But I only been up since you started rubbing that beautiful naked body of yours all over me.” He squirmed round not breaking contact with his young boyfriend till they were standing chest to chest. He ground his hard organ into Justin’s proving his point as he draped his arms around his neck.

Justin leaned into a kiss, long and deep. Flicking his tongue over josh’s soft pink lips, before delving deeper into the sweetness of his lovers mouth. The older brunette allowed his boyfriend to explore, twisting his tongue in an erotic dance of need and desire with that of Justin’s. Josh had decided early in their relationship that he would allow Justin to dominate and Justin had happily obliged. It hadn’t been an easy decision, Josh had always been the dominant partner, a compulsive top that was till Justin. The younger man had also been a top lover, one of them had to relent and for the first time Josh had discovered the pleasures of being bottom. The oversexed blond had him screaming in ecstasy within minutes and now the brunette had serious doubts he would ever top again.

Justin’s mouth settled on the hollow at the base of his lovers throat sucking happily as he rolled his hips rubbing Josh mercilessly. A groan escaped the excited slender man. “J be careful, I’m going to explode if you carry on like that.” he breathed into Justin’s ear. “Well I don’t want that.” Justin broke contact and walked back into their room leaving a shell shocked JC alone on the balcony. Josh gasped at the sudden loss and after taking 20 or so seconds to register what had just happened he charged into the room ready to call Justin on his abrupt behaviour. As he stepped through the patio doors he was grabbed and pushed face down on the bed. His arms forced behind him and his wrists lashed together with what he assumed was his robe belt, His boxers were ripped off, and his legs spread wide as his eager lover worked his body between them working licks and kisses up the tied mans spine. “So” Justin purred “You are going to explode are you! Baby you have no idea.”

“Justin!” Josh warned his bandmate.

“Shh don’t talk, don’t struggle Jaycee, or I’ll leave you tied up all day.” Josh immediately stopped pulling at his bonds. “That’s better.” Justin continued to purr “Just relax baby.” He kissed down the bound mans back running his tongue over his buttocks, Josh gasped out loud as his lover began to rim him, Something he had never had done to him before, He squirmed away from the probing tongue unsure if he liked it or not and received a sharp hard slap on his prone buttocks. “I said don’t struggle Josh.” To force his will he landed another stinging blow leaving a bright red hand print on JC’s ass.

He moved in again, his tongue exploring his lovers tight puckered ring of muscle as he rolled his lovers balls in his hand. Josh moaned loudly into the pillow grinding his cock against the quilt, earning himself another hard slap.

“Oww Justin that hurt.” Josh tried to twist onto his back but was held firmly by the stronger blond. “Just for that Jaycee you get three more.” Three more painful blows where delivered leaving JC’s ass glowing red. This time he bit his lip and suffered his punishment silently.

Justin rubbed his lovers sore ass cheeks and kissed them better, He reached into the bedside drawer for the tube of lubricant. Smearing a liberal amount on his fingers and JC’s opening he began to probe. One finger to start, gently inserting his fingertip removing it then pushing it in again, sliding it in and out deeper and deeper till the whole of his finger was embedded in the moaning mans ass. He added another digit, then another stretching and teasing josh’s anus till he screamed for more. Justin reached into the drawer again pulling out a condom, he ripped it open with his teeth and slid it over his throbbing phallus before smearing it with lube. He positioned himself over his boyfriend and gently inserted the tip of his cock pushing down firmly until he was buried in his lovers tightness. He waited a few minutes allowing JC to adjust to the sudden invasion of his body before rolling his hips, thrusting in and out building into a steady rhythm.

Josh grunted and moaned, purred and growled as Justin banged into his prostate over and over again. He cried out with intense pleasure as his lover pounded in and out of him. He lifted his ass giving Justin easier access. “Baby ... oh god ....I’m ... I’m .... yessss.” Josh shot rope after rope of hot sticky cum over the bed only to have his cock rubbed in it as Justin continued to pump into him, four more thrusts and it was Justin that was screaming in ecstasy as he reached his climax. He collapsed heavily on the older man pinning him to the bed, breathing hard from his exertions.

“Justin, Juju.” Josh gasped


“Justy, can’t breath babe.” Justin sat up quickly falling off the bottom of the bed. Josh struggled to his knees his hands still tied tightly behind him. He looked down at Justin giggling as the younger man rubbed his ass.

“Not funny Jace, just for that you can stay tied up till after breakfast.

“Hey, that’s not fair, I’m hungry too.” JC pouted and sat cross legged on the sticky sheets.

“No problem” Justin picked up the phone and dialled room service. “Hi, can you send breakfast for two please. Yeah the works we’re real hungry. thanks room 807.” He hung up.

“It’ll be about 20 minutes” he said “Now what can I do for twenty minutes?” He pondered aloud. He crawled back up the bed pushing Josh down onto his back. “I know.” He grinned wickedly as he pulled a thick solid dildo out of the bedside drawer.

“JUSTIN NO” JC warned as his naughty lover prised his legs apart and set to work giggling.

The End

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