Part 1

Rumours start with just one word in the wrong ear. Then someone adds a little and then someone adds something else. Sometimes they start from a lie deliberately spread to cause anguish. Only one thing remains the truth; rumours ruin lives.

Another move. This one further away. Another school, another start. How many starts had he had now? And still the rumours followed him. He knew in his heart that this one would be no exception but he had put on his brave face and got on the bus because his daddy wanted him to. Every new school was torture for him, wondering how long it would be before his past caught up with him again. Sometimes it had taken weeks and other times mere days, and when it caught him up the pain was always as fresh as it was the first time.

He remembered clearly the rumours starting. They had started with him getting pregnant and having to leave school until Jamie had been born. Naively he thought that no one would notice or care, he was wrong. The muttering started as soon as he returned to school. The nudges, the winks, the Alpha males flirting heavily with him and the Beta males at best ignoring him and at worse cussing him and spitting at him in the corridor.

He begged his daddy to let him stay home, promising that he would work really hard on his studies but they couldn’t afford a home tutor so he had no choice he had to go back.

The rumours grew.

He acquired a new name, an insulting name that people called him behind his back, a name that hurt him deeply because it just wasn’t true but they called him it anyway.

He took to walking with his head down, pretending that everything was alright and that he wasn’t lonely. He pretended that the rumours didn’t hurt, but they did.

And then it happened. He ducked into the bathroom to avoid a gang of Betas that hated his guts and stopped dead staring at the wall. There in two inch high letters and bold black ink was written,


He couldn’t move. Behind him the Beta males had entered the bathroom and stood giggling at his expense. JC gave a strangled cry as the image of what he was seeing slowly registered in his brain. The tears that he had struggled the last year to hide started to fall and he dashed forward pulling handfuls of paper towels from the holder and soaking them under the faucet before scrubbing desperately at the hateful words.

“Not true … not true,” he mumbled over and over, his words getting lost in the anguished sobs that racked though his body.

He was still scrubbing, hysterical, when Mr. Golding found him half and hour later. The old maths teacher took him gently by his shoulders and steered him out of the bathroom and into his study, sitting him down and phoning his daddy to come and get him.

The rumours thickened as his daddy led him to their beat up old ford and helped him inside. These rumours said that he was pregnant again, that he didn’t know who the father was because he’d had sex with the entire football team.

JC never went back to that school.

The next two schools went the same way, some how the rumours always found him and now here he was again, a new school, a new start, a new body of students to point the finger and call him SLUT.


The muttering started almost straight away taking JC totally by surprise. Usually he had at least a weeks grace before the looks started. He stood against the wall, his book bag hanging from his fingers, waiting for the school bell to ring when two Betas walked right up to him and spat in his face.

“You’re the Bike, we know you whore. Don’t think you can whore our Alphas.” The two boys dragged JC into the middle of the corridor. “This is JC; they call him the local Bike because everyone has had a ride.”

JC’s bottom lip began to tremble and his eyes watered, then the lesson bell rang saving him from further humiliation as the students rushed to their classes.

He slunk into the back of his class room and sat in an empty chair, praying that he hadn’t attracted anyone’s attention. He had been totally unnerved. Never had he been found out so fast and it left him reeling. Gone was the opportunity to put on his stone face, the one that screamed at people that they weren’t hurting him, but now they knew that they were. He slumped down in his seat and tried to pretend he was invisible.

“We have a new student in class. I hope you will all make him welcome,” the thirty something year old teacher announced. “Please stand up JC and tell us about yourself.”

JC swallowed hard and stood slowly, not wanting to do this at all. “My name is JC and I just moved here with my daddy.” He sat back down and hung his head.

“Is that it JC?” the teacher asked, confused.

JC nodded and pulled his text book from his bag. He could hear the muttering starting and could feel the eyes of his peers burning into him.

The teacher wrote his name on the board. “I’m Mr. Gardener as you all know. Today we are going to examine sentence structure. Some one give me an example of a well rounded sentence.”

A young Alpha raised his hand.

“Well this is a surprise Gavin. Please go ahead.”

The Alpha smirked. “Today I saw a Bike and this weekend me and my friends are going to ride it.” The Alpha stared straight at JC and winked.

“Good try but it’s wrong. The correct way would be to say ‘my friends and I.’ can anyone give me another example? “

JC held up his hand. “Yes JC?”

“Sir may I be excused?”

The teacher frowned but nodded and JC got up from his desk and hurried out of the room his eyes beginning to burn again as behind him he heard someone start to hum ‘The Pushbike Song’.

On the right hand side of the class room Justin watched in silence as the new boy dashed out of the classroom obviously close to tears. He scowled at Lance, chief bitch Beta of the school who had started to hum a song by Philip Quast, the title of which escaped him. He raised his hand. “Sir may I be excused?”

“Yes, if you see JC on your travels tell him to hurry up.”

Justin left his book open on the desk and left the room. He wandered down the hall and peered through a classroom door. Making sure he wasn’t seen by the tutor he beckoned to his best friend Joe then stood back as the tutor looked up. He waited a few seconds then dared to look back in. he saw the tutor nod and Joe stood up covering his grin as he made his way to the door.

Justin stood back, leaning against the wall. “What room is Chris in?” he asked.

Joe grinned. “12c.”

Justin pushed away from the wall. “Let’s get him.”

Chris spotted Joe through the small door window and was out before they could even call him. “Thought you were never coming,” he moaned. “I nearly had to admit I hadn’t done my assignment.”

Justin rolled his eyes. “Have you done any work this year?” he asked.

“Not much,” Chris admitted. “Hey have you heard about the new boy?”

Joe grabbed the back of Chris’ neck. “Now you know it’s not nice to gossip. What they saying about him?”

“That he had a kid when he was thirteen and an abortion when he was fourteen. Apparently he’s a bit of a nymphomaniac, fuck anything that moves. The queens are screaming already and want him out.”

“Wow,” Joe gasped grinning from ear to ear. “I wonder if he likes wrestlers.”

“I don’t believe you two!” he exclaimed. “You haven’t even seen him yet and you are already pre-judging him and planning to fuck him. He could be a total dog for all you know.”

Chris held up his hands in fake horror. “No problem, if he’s a dog just put him on his hands and knees and fuck him from behind.”

“Or,” Joey quipped getting in on the joke. “Put a bag over his head and pin a picture of Brad Pitt on it.”

Justin grinned and shook his head in disbelief. “Tell me again, why do I hang with you guys?”

JC hurried down the corridor not meeting the eyes of the students that he passed. He burst into the boys’ room and straight into a cubical, locking the door behind him. He sat down on the toilet and the tears he had managed to control so far won the fight and rolled slowly down his chiselled cheeks.

He fumbled in his pocket for his cell phone and held it in his hands looking at the display screen, wanting to call his daddy but hesitant to do so. Someone came into the boys room and used the urinal, then washed their hands and left. JC let out the breath he had been holding and with shaking hands dialled his home.

The phone rang three or four times before his daddy answered.


Roy Chasez detected the anguish in his son’s voice and swallowed a sorrowful sigh. “Are you alright baby?” he asked.

“Daddy, they know … how do they know? One of the Betas shouted it out in front of everyone.” JC’s voice cracked and broke as sobs rolled though his slender frame.

“Oh baby, I’m so sorry.”

“They called me a whore, I’m not daddy. One mistake; I made one mistake and now I have to pay for it for the rest of my life.” JC cried softly. “Please come get me. I want to go home.”

Roy’s heart sank. This was the moment he had been dreading, the moment that he told his darling child that he had to stay.

“Joshua I can’t come and get you. I had a letter from the school governors. They basically said either you attend Meridian or they will make you and Jamie a ward of court and remove you to a state home where they will enforce your education.”

JC started to cry harder. “Please daddy, I don’t want to stay here. I don’t want to.”

Roy sighed his heart breaking. “You are staying. This time you are going to deal with this. I won’t loose you and Jamie to the state. I will pick you up at 3.30 out side school. Goodbye Josh.”

“Daddy,” JC cried as his phone went dead. He held the small silver cell in his hands looking down at it, letting his tears drip on the blank display. He made a huge sniff and composed himself before unlocking the cubical door and stepping out. The bathroom was empty to his relief and he shoved the cell back into his pocket, stepped to a sink and splashed water over his face, soothing his reddened eyes.

The door opened behind him and he spun around only to be faced with a group of Alphas. They stared at him surprised to see him in there.

“This is an Alpha restroom, you’re not an Alpha,” a redheaded boy pointed out.

“It’s alright Adam, he’s new here. He probably didn’t know we have separate Alpha and Beta rooms.” The Alpha stepped towards JC and the slim boy stepped backwards finding himself pressed up against the washbasins.

The Alpha smiled and took another step towards JC. “You don’t have to be frightened; we wouldn’t hurt a pretty little thing like you.”

The Alpha reached out and stroked the side of JC’s face and dragged his finger over his lips.

JC shuddered. “I’m not frightened,” he said even though his insides were shaking like a jelly.

“Maybe we could go out for a pizza one night and maybe take in a movie?” the Alpha suggested.

JC swallowed and shook his head slowly. “I’m not allowed out on school nights.”

The Alpha grinned and leaned in kissing a shocked JC on his mouth. JC gasped and pushed the Alpha away.

“Get away from me. You have no right do that.”

The Alpha laughed. “Like I know you don’t like it.” He grabbed JC by his arms pulling him to him again and kissing him harder this time.

JC pulled away and slapped him hard across the face.

The group of Alphas made a collective “Ooh” and waited to see what their peer would do.

The redheaded Alpha, Adam, whispered in his friend’s ear. “You going to let the little bitch get away with that Jed?”

Jed rubbed his face where JC’s handprint burned. “No. I’m going to make him kiss it better. Hold him.”

JC made a dash for the door and was grabbed and pulled back. One of the Alphas stood behind him, holding his arms behind him so that Jed could touch him without resistance. He stepped up close, rubbing his groin against the restrained Beta’s. “What’s wrong beautiful?” he asked.

The Alpha grasped JC’s face and reached down with his free hand and squeezed JC’s cock. “From what I hear you don’t play hard to get.”

He pressed his lips over JC’s and forced his tongue into his mouth making JC whimper in fright and struggle. He was still struggling when the bathroom door opened again.

Justin stood stunned for a second at the scene that was unfolding before him. “What the fuck is going on?” he demanded.

“None of your fucking business Timberlake. Piss off.” Jed hissed.

“Please help me,” JC begged.

Justin saw the panic in the Beta’s eyes and drew himself up to his full menacing height. “Leave the Beta alone, he doesn’t like it.”

Jed spun around. “I said piss off Timberlake.”

“Make me,” Justin hissed back.

Jed went to grab Justin's shirt just as Chris and Joe decided to see what was taking their friend so long. Jed backed up when he realised the football captain wasn’t alone.

Joe stepped around his smaller friend. “Let the Beta go and fuck off.” Joey grinned menacingly. “NOW.” The Alphas glared at the three sports captains but knew better than to argue and all left sneering as Joey glared back at them, Jed blowing a parting gift of a kiss to the almost distraught JC.

“Later cupcake,” he smirked and let the door slam behind him.

As soon as they had gone the slim Beta made a break for the door. Chris grabbed his arm. “Wait,” he insisted tightening his fingers around JC’s arm. “We didn’t say you could go.”

JC shook feeling the shorter dark haired man’s fingers digging into his flesh.

Justin nodded at Chris and he let JC go. “Did they hurt you?” Justin asked JC kindly.

JC shook his head and kept his eyes firmly on the floor. “Can I go please?” he asked pleadingly.

“Sure,” Justin replied. “And JC, Your name is JC isn’t it?”

JC nodded.

“The bathrooms here are segregated and are clearly marked. Beta restrooms have Pink rings on the doors, Alpha have blue.”

JC nodded his understanding and dashed out the room before the three Alpha’s changed their minds.

“That’s it?” Chris moaned. “Not even a thank you.”

“He’s scared,” Justin whispered.

Joey leaned on a sink. “That’s the whore we heard so much about? Surely if he was the bike they say he is, he would have enjoyed being in the Alpha restroom with those guys, not panicking and crying his eyes out.

Chris frowned spotting a black and red bound book on the floor he bent down scooping it up and flipping casually through the pages as he half listened to the conversation.

His eyes widened as he realised what it was he was holding. “Justin, you need to see this.”

He handed the book to the captain of the football team. Justin chewed his lip as he skipped through the pages, reading the odd one.

“What is it?” Joey asked.

“It’s his journal,” Justin replied quietly.

“Who’s journal, Jed’s?” Joe asked confused.

“JC’s,” Chris answered for Justin who was now totally engrossed, he knew he shouldn’t really read it, but curiosity got the better of him. He read the first few lines on the first page then closed the book, pushing it into his pocket.

“The whores?”

Justin frowned at him.

Joey rolled his eyes. “Well?” he asked. “Aren’t you going to tell us what he writes about?”

“No,” Justin said adamantly. “I’m going to give it back to him.” The bell sounded for next period.

“I got to go to this lesson,” Justin said reluctantly. “I’m on a warning. One more miss and Tate is going to fail me.”

“See you after school then?” Chris asked.

Justin shook his head. “I have to pick up Jonathan from pre-school. Dad is working late tonight.”

“See you in maths tomorrow then” Joe said.

“Yeah see ya,” Chris added as Justin left.

The journal burned a hole in Justin's pocket through out Tate’s class and all the way home. He was dying to read more of the ‘whores’ writing. He felt strangely drawn to the skinny boy. He wasn’t what you could call a classic beauty, his nose was a little too big, his chin a little too long and his hair was wild and curly, hanging just above his shoulders but he had a certain something that Justin was finding irresistible.

By the time he got home his dad had already arrived.

“You said you were working late.”

The older man smiled and gave Jonathan a hug. “I was meant to but the representative I was supposed to be meeting had a family crisis. It was some thing about his son. Anyway it was too late to call you and tell you I could pick up Jonnie. I’m sorry if I spoiled your after school plans.”

“It’s okay. I have homework anyway. I’ll just grab a snack and then I’ll go up.”

Justin kissed his father on the cheek then ran up the stairs.

JC’s journal sat temptingly on the bottom of his bed while he finished the essay that was due the next day. He reached down and picked up the book turning it over and over in his hands. He really should just take it over to JC’s and give it him back, preferably unread.

He stared at the cover for a long time and then opened it, reading the first page once more.

“Daddy said that I should start a new journal, a new start deserved a new journal. Only it won’t be a new start, it never is. Whether it takes a month, a week, a day my past will catch me; it always does.

It’s only a matter of time until I’m the whore again, or the bike; the slut … only I’m not. I made one mistake, trusted someone I shouldn’t have and I have been paying for it ever since.

I love Jamie, really I do. I couldn’t let him go, not now; but he has also ruined my life. I lost my childhood to him. I should be happy, taking my finals, dating, falling in love. But who will ever love me? I’m the bike … get on board; take a ride everybody else has …. Only they haven’t.

Why do they hate me?

I have never hurt anyone; I would never hurt anyone so why do they hurt me. A Beta spat at me yesterday. A boy that was in my last school, he just walked up to me and spat in my face. I had Jamie with me and he spat at him too. He spat at my baby … he’s just a baby, he didn’t understand why a stranger was so mean to him and he started to cry. I ran home and daddy tried to tell me that it didn’t matter, that I was better than all the others because I a good person but what’s the use of being a good person when no one cares.”

Justin wiped a tear away from his cheek and turned to the next page.

“I tried to call Scott today. I thought it was about time he knew he was a father. The number was disconnected. I know he knows about Jamie. He even bragged about having me, he was a senior, five years older than me but he was still at school when I was taken out.

He kept his mouth shut and let people think bad things about me even though he knew I was a virgin.

Christ I was 12.

What the hell was I doing at a senior’s party?

It was my one and only party. I’m not invited anymore and even if I was daddy wouldn’t let me go. He says he trusts me; that he knows I wouldn’t do anything stupid, but he wouldn’t let me go. Not that anyone asks.

I don’t know why I suddenly tried to contact Jamie’s father. I guess I just wanted him to acknowledge that Jamie was his. To kill the rumours that he could belong to anyone on the football team. I want to scream to the world, Look at me, I’m not a slut. I was a child that was gotten drunk and then seduced by an older boy.

I should have told daddy what had happened, I know that now. But if I had I wouldn’t have Jamie.

He cried when he found out I was pregnant. He held me in his arms and cried. Father wasn’t so understanding. That was the first time I was called whore. My father called me a whore. He didn’t tell me it would be alright. He never tried to reassure me. He just slapped my face and called me a whore.

I think he would have hit me again but daddy stopped him. It was then that they started to fight all the while. I would lie in bed and hear them screaming at each other over me. I killed my parent’s marriage. Father left because of me; because I was a whore.”

Justin let out a slow breath at the torment that was filling JC, the guilt of his parents splitting up, the disgrace of getting pregnant before he was even a teenager and the humiliation that he was forced to endure by those around him.

But what really got to him was the terrible loneliness that JC felt. Justin closed the journal and got up, slipping on his sneakers. He shoved the book and thrust it into his back pocket and ran down stairs.

“I’m just popping down to a friend’s dad,” he yelled.

His father peeped out of the kitchen where he was busy preparing dinner. “What friend?” he demanded to know. “Aren’t you going to be here for dinner?”

“Joe’s,” Justin lied. “He has my maths book and I need it.”

Justin's dad sighed. “Go on then,” he said reluctantly. “I want you back by nine though. It’s still a school night.”

Justin grinned and ran up the hall and kissed his fathers cheek. “I love you dad.”

“Oh no now I know something is wrong,” his father joked. “You saying you love me, you are up to something.”

Justin put a suitably hurt look on his face that shouted ‘What me?’ then grinned and dashed out of the house shouting over his shoulder.



It was a twenty minute bus ride to the area where JC and his father were living and Justin took the time to re-read the young boys writing. By the time it was his stop he was convinced that JC wasn’t the person that the rest of the world had decided he was. He walked the remaining block to the small house that was JC’s home.

The gate was broken and hanging off the hinges, and the paint work was old and chipped. Justin stared at it distastefully before he marched up to the front door and rang the bell. A lifetime seemed to pass before the door eventually opened.

A tall man in his early forties with short curly brown hair that greyed around the temples opened the door and looked at him dubiously.

“Yes,” he asked curtly.

Justin shuffled from foot to foot. “I’m looking for JC, I thought he lived here.”

“What do you want with him?” the man snapped.

“I just want to talk to him, make sure he’s alright after what happened this morning.”

JC’s father frowned. “What happened this morning?”

Justin flushed and bit his lip. JC hadn’t told his dad about the bathroom incident. “He was being picked on and I sort of told them to leave him alone. Could I see him please?”

The man stood aside and indicated for Justin to go in. “If you upset him, or abuse him in anyway I will personally break your neck. I’m trusting you, letting you into my house.”

“I just want to talk to him sir.”

The older man studied the young man’s face. “He’s up in his room getting Jamie ready for bed. It’s the first door on the left. Knock before you go in, just in case he isn’t dressed.”

Justin nodded. “Yes sir,” he said as he took the stairs two at a time.

He tapped gently on the bedroom door. “It’s open,” a soft voice said.

He opened the door and peered in. not seeing anyone he stepped all the way into the room as he turned to close the door JC stepped out of the small curtained off area. He stopped dead, shocked to see the Alpha in his bedroom. Instinctively he grabbed his chair from under his desk and held it up between him and Justin.

“What do you want?” he demanded. “And how did you get in here?”

“Your father let me in,” Justin explained quietly. “He told me to come up.”

JC lowered the chair but only slightly. “You never answered my question, what do you want?”

Justin took a step towards the nervous Beta, keeping his hands in full view. “I wanted to make sure you were okay. You were pretty shaken earlier.”

“I’m fine now go. You’ve seen enough to describe my bedroom to your friends, convince them that you fucked me. Now get out.”

“I wouldn’t do that JC.”

JC laughed, it was nasty and sarcastic, unbelieving and Justin's face flushed. “I’m not stupid Alpha. I know what everyone thinks of me. You got your story to tell, so get out of my house and leave me alone.”

Justin pulled the journal from his back pocket and JC paled, dropping the chair completely.

“That’s mine,” he blurted out and tried to snatch the book back. “You have no right, give it to me.”

Justin held it just out of his reach. “Say please Justin give me my journal and I will give it to you.”

JC’s shoulders slumped, defeated. “Please Justin, it’s mine.”

The Alpha male handed the book over and JC snatched it and clenched it to his chest. “You read it didn’t you?” he whispered dejectedly.

“Yes,” Justin answered honestly. “I didn’t mean to, I thought I could resist but I couldn’t. You have been though a lot.”

“It’s mine, my personal thoughts and feelings. You had no right to read it.” JC wiped the tears away that were gathering in his eyes. “What are you going to do?”


“Nothing?” JC repeated in disbelief.

“Nothing,” Justin repeated again. “You have maths tomorrow for first lesson don’t you?”

JC nodded nervously.

“I’ll see you tomorrow then. I’ll save you a seat.”

“I’m not going to fuck you. It doesn’t matter how nice you are to me I won’t fuck you.”

“I don’t want to fuck you JC; I just want to be your friend.”

“I don’t believe you,” JC whispered as Justin left closing the door behind him.


Justin grinned widely as he swaggered up to the school doors the next morning. During the night he had come up with a plan. First thing he was going to do was fill Joey and Chris in on the gory details of JC’s heartbreaking life and recruit them into making it better.

The two brunettes listened in silence as Justin told them what he had read in JC’s journal.

Chris was the first to speak. “He was 12?”

Justin nodded. “Some jock got him drunk and took advantage of him. The dude was a senior can you believe that the Bastard.”

“Poor kid,” Joey said sympathetically shaking his head. “That’s almost like rape.”

“It’s not like rape, it is rape in my eyes,” Justin snapped. “And the shit he has been put through. He has been driven out of every school he has attended by made up lies about him being an easy lay. In his journal he says that this Scott was the only dude he ever went with and that every one else is lying.”

“You believe that?” Chris asked. “I mean there must be some truth. You know what they say no smoke without fire.”

“They also say that mud sticks Chris. And yes I do believe that. He wrote it in his private journal, why would he lie?”

“Justin's got a point Chris. Why would someone write a lie in their journal? It’s not like he would expect someone else to read it.”

The stocky brunette looked sceptical but decided not to pursue the argument, for now.

The three friends walked into the school building laughing and chatting. Justin was in good form, picking at Chris light-heartedly and then the smile slid from his face.

A group of Beta males had JC pinned against the lockers and even from the distance he stood he could see that the pretty brunette was on the verge of tears.

Suddenly the lead Beta spat full in JC’s face and Justin's blood boiled. In seconds he was at JC’s side and as JC reached up to wipe the spittle from his face Justin stopped his hand.

“Leave it,” he hissed as he stared menacingly at Lance, the Beta male who had been the one that had spat. “Wipe it away Lance.”

The bottle blonde snorted. “Fuck off,” and started to laugh. His laughter turned to groans as Chris came up behind him and snagged his left hand, twisting his wrist and bending his fingers behind his back.

“I don’t think you heard Justin,” he whispered against Lance’s ear. “Why don’t you tell him one more time Jay?”

Justin winked at his pal and looked Lance square in the face. “Wipe it up Beta.”

To emphasise Justin's words Chris bent Lance’s twisted wrist a little further. The bottle blonde yelped and reached into his pocket with his free hand and pulled out his handkerchief and wiped JC’s face.

“Now say you are sorry,” Justin demanded.

“I’m sorry,” Lance said in a tiny voice.

“Louder,” Justin hissed. “And mean it.”

“I’m sorry,” the lead Beta cried. Chris released his wrist and turned him around, kissing him hard on his mouth before pushing him away.

“Now fuck off all of you. From now on anyone that messes with JC does so through me, spread the word.”

“It didn’t take the whore long did it?” Lance hissed venomously. “To start fucking the three sports kings.”

“The only thing that’s going to be fucked around here is your face Bass when I put my fist through it,” Justin said nastily. “JC is to be left alone. If I catch anyone even looking at him funny I’ll break your faces. Now piss off.”

The Beta males ran and the bell for first period sounded. Justin turned around and faced JC and wiped his thumb over the place which the spittle had hit him.

“You’ll be okay now, they won’t bother you again. We had better get to maths.”

The three team captains walked JC to class, Justin on his right, Chris on his left and Joey behind him. The three Alpha males glared at anyone that looked at JC. On reaching their class Justin ushered JC into a desk and sat down beside him, Joey and Chris took up their places directly behind them and for the first time in three years JC was left alone.

The day continued the way it started, every lesson JC attended either Justin, Chris or Joey was sitting next to him or by him and when the bell sounded for lunch JC was ushered into the canteen and deposited at the Alpha’s regular table. The three Alphas watched as JC picked at his meal and sipped at his milk. The Beta was turning out to be hard work, encouraging a word from him was pure torture and eventually they just talked around him, nudging him every now and then to let him know that he was included if he wanted to be.

The afternoon flew past and soon it was time to catch the bus home. JC steeled himself knowing that he was now on his own again, only to be surprised when Chris guided him to the bus steps and followed him up.

“Bye JC,” Justin said leaning against the silver metal sided transport.

JC lifted his lash heavy eyes and met Justin's gaze for the first time. “Bye,” he said softly and went to find a seat.

Chris slapped hands with his friend. “I didn’t even know he lived in my district,” he said. “I’ll make sure he gets home un-hassled and I’ll bring him in tomorrow.”

“Cool, thanks dude.” Justin high fived Chris again and left, going back to his car while planning his next move.

JC’s father was surprised to find the bleach blonde jock from the previous day darkening his doorstep again. Justin shifted nervously on the balls of his feet while the older man decided if he could see JC or not. Finally JC’s father stood aside.

“Go straight through and out the back. Josh is playing with Jamie in the garden.”

Justin thanked him and followed the directions he had been given.

It was a small enclosed garden, surrounded with trees that provided privacy and small flower beds lined the edge of a circular well kept lawn. Justin hovered in the open doorway watching JC sitting on the grass in front of a small inflatable pool. He let his eyes travel over the smooth naked back, following the ridges of JC’s spine to his narrow waist. The Beta was oblivious to his presence with all his attention focused on the play-pool.

JC sat back on his heels and giggled as he was soaked by a big splash and then a higher, more babyish giggle joined his and he was soaked again. Justin almost gasped as the tiny boy popped up into view. His dark _mocha skin glistened in the sunshine and his tight curly black hair was beaded with water droplets. Jamie giggled again as JC lifted him up and hugged him before kissing his soft baby lips.

“Who’s dat?” Jamie asked spotting Justin in the doorway. JC looked over his shoulder expecting to see his daddy and almost dropped his child in shock.

He put Jamie down on the grass and snatched up his tee shirt, pulling it over his head and denying Justin of seeing him half naked.

“What do you want?”

Justin came down the steps that led to the lawn. “To see you and to bring this for Jamie.” He got down on his knees and held out a brightly coloured package out to the little boy.

Jamie eyed it suspiciously and then reached out to take it. “Ta,” he said politely.

“You shouldn’t have bought him a present,” JC snapped. “You shouldn’t even be here.”

“I wanted to see you,” Justin replied calmly and reached out to help Jamie who was struggling with the wrapping paper.

“Don’t touch him,” JC cried out protectively, snatching the baby to him and making him drop his precious gift. Jamie’s lip started to tremble and Justin handed the partially torn package back to him.

“I wouldn’t hurt him JC. He’s quite a cutie, a darker version of you.”

“Teddy!” Jamie exclaimed excitedly as he finally revealed the contents of his present.

“I wasn’t sure if he was an Alpha or a Beta so I though all babies like soft toys don’t they?”

JC glared at the interloper. “You’re shocked, I can tell,” he snapped. “My baby is mixed blood and now you are wondering if the rumours are true after all.”

Justin sighed; he was surprised he admitted it but not because Jamie was black it was just that he just expected the little boy to be a very pale looking blue eyed golden haired babe in arms not a dark skinned, sultry eyed afro topped toddler.

“So Scott was …”

“Jamaican … yes.”

“Did you love him?”

JC lifted Jamie onto his lap and kissed his curly head. “I didn’t really know him. He was just at the party. We talked a little and he bought me a couple of drinks. I told him I was 16.”

“And he believed you?” Justin asked in surprise.

JC shrugged. “I guess he must have done either that or he just didn’t care. He took me out to the boat house and started kissing me. It was nice; I really liked him and I thought that he was going to be my boyfriend. Next thing I know is he’s inside me. I don’t remember how or when it happened only that suddenly my pants were off and he was fucking me.” JC looked up suddenly meeting Justin's eyes. “Oh god, why did I tell you that?”

He jumped to his feet and ran back to the house, Jamie still in his arms. Justin tried to follow him and was blocked by JC’s father at the door. “You have to give him time Justin. He was badly hurt and he has been ridiculed and humiliated for so long that he has lost trust in other people and in himself. Just tell me one thing, why?”

“Because I think he deserves more,” Justin said quietly. “He’s smart, caring and pretty and I like him.”

JC’s father nodded understandingly. “Betray him and I will kill you,” he said seriously. He nodded towards a wrought iron gate in the wall. “Use the gate,” he said as he closed the door.

JC’s father tapped at his bedroom door. “Justin went home honey,” he said as he leaned against the door frame.

“Good,” JC pouted.

“He seems like a nice boy.”

JC shrugged. “So did I once.”

The older man gave a saddened sigh and sat by his son on the bed, patting the teen’s knee affectionately. “You are still a nice boy Josh. If this had happened to you when you were twenty no one would have batted an eyelid but it didn’t. It happened to you while you were still a child and other children can be so cruel.” He pulled JC to him, holding his precious only child close to his chest. He stroked JC’s soft curls lovingly and kissed the top of his head.

JC rested on his daddy’s chest listening to his heart beating. “I messed everything up didn’t I? Father would still be here if it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t be alone.”

“I’m not alone darling, I have you and I have Jamie; and I wouldn’t exchange that for the world.”

JC lifted his face so he could look at the man that had stuck by him and supported him throughout his short life. “I love you daddy,” he said sincerely.

The older man smiled. “I love you too baby.”

The days started to pass quickly turning into months and for the first time since Jamie had been born JC began to look forward to going to school and actually began to learn something for the first time in years. He was still glared at and he had no friends other than the three Alpha males but he was now left alone. There were no bitchy calls of whore or bike anymore because the other kids valued their teeth and Justin, Joey and Chris had made it plain that they would kick the shit out of anyone that picked on him.

The bell rang marking the end of yet another day and JC gathered his books from his desk and shoved them in his bag.

“Don’t forget the father and son picnic on Saturday,” the teacher shouted as the class started to leave.

Lance walked passed JC. “Father and son,” he said snidely. “JC could bring his bastard then.”

Justin leaped towards the bitchy Beta only to find JC in his way. “Leave it Justin. He’s right I could bring Jamie with me. I wasn’t going to go but why should Jamie miss out? He might find a friend all he has is me and daddy right now.”

“Jamie doesn’t have any friends?” Justin frowned.

JC shrugged resignedly. “None of the fathers at playgroup will let their kids play with him because he’s …”

Justin put his hand over JC’s mouth. “Don’t say it JC. Jamie is a beautiful little boy and he’s going to make a hell of an Alpha.”

JC beamed happily. “How did you know? Did my dad tell you?”

“Nah I just knew. Alphas carry themselves differently even at that age. You should see Chris’ twin brothers, one is an Alpha and one is a Beta and even though they are identical to look at they are also as different as hell.” Justin brushed a curl from JC’s eyes. “And talking of Chris, come on the bus waits for no man and if Chris has to walk home I’ll never hear the end of it.”

JC laughed, his laugh high and light. “He bitches all the way home you know? About how you and Joe don’t appreciate him and how much he hates philosophy.”

Justin frowned in confusion. “Chris doesn’t take philosophy.”

“Well he goes to classes,” JC said grinning. The two boys burst out laughing and carried on laughing as they walked side by side out to where the school bus stood waiting.

Saturday morning JC woke up as a ball of nervous energy. He paced the kitchen while Jamie tucked into his boiled egg and soldiers then sat on the couch, his knee bouncing repeatedly while Jamie watched his cartoons. By the time he had to get ready for the picnic he was on the verge of hysteria.

Why had he agreed to go? No one wanted him there that was for sure. Why take Jamie? His daddy took him by the shoulders, forcing him to stand still just for the moment, and lifted his chin so he could look his petrified son in the eye.

“It will be alright,” he said slowly and clearly. “I will be there with you and so will Justin.”

“But what if someone says something? You know about Jamie being …”

“About him being what baby? … A bastard? … Black? You’re not ashamed of him are you?” JC’s father asked.

“NO,” JC cried, shocked that his father could even suggest such a thing. “I love him … but … I don’t want people to be cruel to him like …like …” JC paused not wanting to say it.

“Like they are to you?”

JC nodded.

The older man gathered JC into his arms and held him tightly. “I’ll be with you,” he whispered against JC’s brunette curls. “I’m always with you.”

JC weathered the blatantly hostile stares as he entered the park with a false smile, outwardly he displayed an air of confidence but inside was a hurricane churning to escape. His father tapped him on the shoulder, pointing to an empty space where they could set up their picnic. JC turned the stroller around on its rear wheels and headed for the gap.

JC helped lay down a big blanket. Then he extracted his extremely hyper toddler from his buggy and tipped a few toys that he had brought along into the baby’s lap.

“Mind if we join you?”

JC looked up to see a man with blond curly hair and bright blue eyes looking at him along with a little blonde toddler that was wriggling in his arms to get down.

“You want to join us?” JC asked shocked. No one had ever wanted to sit near him before other than Justin.

“Sure,” JC’s daddy answered. “I’m Roy and this is my son Joshua and his son Jamie.”

“JC, my name is JC,” JC insisted.

Roy rolled his eyes. “Teenage boys!” he said exasperated.

“Well it’s nice to meet you at last JC; Justin has told me so much about you. I’m Randy by the way Justin's daddy and this little bundle of energy is Jonathan, Justin's baby brother.”

Justin’s daddy; that explained a lot to JC.

Randy put the toddler on to the blanket and immediately he toddled up to Jamie and offered him his car to play with.

JC let out the breath he was holding and Randy laughed. “What did you think was going to happen honey? They are babies; they don’t know any difference all they see is another baby to play with.”

“It’s a shame that they have to loose that innocence,” Roy sighed looking at JC, a sad smile on his face.

JC’s eyes started to glisten knowing exactly what his father meant. “I’m sorry I let you down daddy,” he whispered.

Roy tucked a curl behind JC’s ear and kissed his forehead. “Don’t be sorry baby. I love you.”

“Stop whinging I only asked you to carry the bag of fruit.” Chris dropped his picnic hamper in the middle of JC’s blanket and snatched the bag away from the young boy that was with him. “Ollie, get your backside over here.”

Chris didn’t seem to notice that he had just interrupted a tender moment between father and son; he just made himself at home and started to unpack his hamper while sniping at his two pre-teen brothers.

Randy grinned at him. “Good morning to you too Christopher.”

Chris looked up, blinked and had the decency to look embarrassed as he realised that the man he had taken for Justin at first glance was actually Justin's father and that he wasn’t alone.

“Sorry Mr. T. the brats have been playing me up all morning.” He turned and faced JC’s father. “I’m sorry sir for being rude.”

Roy gave a light hearted laugh. “It’s alright young man; I can see you have your hands full.”

“Daddy this is Chris. I told you about him,” JC said meekly. “Chris this is my daddy.”

“Pleased to meet you Mr. C. Francis stop pinching Ollie.”

“Where is your father today Christopher?” Randy asked.

Chris snorted. “Still passed out from last night I guess. He didn’t come home again.”

JC listened in interest, he hadn’t realised that Chris had domestic problems but then again he was so wrapped up in his own that maybe he just hadn’t noticed.

Jamie toddled up to Chris and tugged at his pants. “Look,” he said brightly. “Got car.”

The stocky brunette looked down and frowned. “Where did you come from sweetie?” he bent down and picked Jamie up and started to look around for the little boys parents. “Did you get lost?” he asked.

JC reached out and took the baby from his arms. “Jamie is mine,” he said dipping his head and looking at the ground. “I thought you knew.”

“Well I do now. I should have known really.”

“What does that mean?” JC snapped defensively.

“Just that I knew you had a kid and I should have realised that he would be with you today. God you’re touchy today.” Chris snorted back.

Before JC could apologise for being snappy Justin arrived with Joey in tow, both loaded up to the hilt with baskets and towels.

“You came!” Justin was genuinely pleased to see JC had kept his word and turned up.

JC blushed. “I said I would.”

“Justin!” Jamie ran to his daddy’s friend and lifted up his arms to be picked up.

The football captain hoisted the little boy up into the air and twirled him around. “How you doing little man, is daddy being nice to you?”

“That’s not a nice thing to ask Justin,” Randy said taking the toddler from him and passing him back to JC. “I can tell just from looking at JC that he is a lovely young man and a dedicated father.”

“I never said he wasn’t. I was just teasing. You know that I was teasing don’t you JC?”

“I guess,” JC said lowering his eyes. He put Jamie back on to the blanket and the baby toddled off to play with Jonathan.

“Well let’s not all just stand about. Let’s get comfortable and have some food,” Roy suggested, sitting down and opening his hamper.

The afternoon rolled past in a lazy haze of sitting around and watching the two toddlers playing together. JC’s heart swelled with pleasure seeing how well Jamie and Jonathan got on, and Justin's father never seemed to have a problem with the fact that his little boy was playing with Jamie.

The park announcement system crackled and hissed then a voice echoed throughout the speaker system.

“The games are about to take place. Would all teams please report to the meeting area immediately.”

Justin got up and brushed biscuit crumbs off his shirt. “Come on,” he said holding his hand out to JC. “They are calling for us.”

JC gulped. “What do you mean calling for us? I never signed up for anything.”

“I signed up for you. I didn’t think that you would have already and I needed a team mate.” Justin wiggled his fingers waiting for JC to take his hand.

“I have to look after Jamie. There’s no way I can go off and play silly Alpha games,” JC said adamantly.

“Your daddy and I will look after the babies,” Randy offered. “We’ll look after the twins too Chris. Go on, off you go.”

“But …” JC started to protest.

“No buts Joshua. You are a teenager, go and act like one for once,” Roy said smiling.

“He’ll be alright,” Randy said seeing that Roy was worried as his son walked reluctantly after the two Alphas.

“I know. It’s just that he is so vulnerable right now. Justin is the first friend he has had since he fell for Jamie.”

“It must have been hard for you both.”

Roy nodded sighing. “It has been. I’m sure that if Simon had stayed Joshua wouldn’t have been ostracised the way he has been. He broke Josh when he left, the names he called him were horrible and he hit him. I thought he was going to kill him, he hit him so hard. I had to pull him off him. It was the violence that made me kick him out in the end. Joshua was 12 and pregnant and all his father wanted to do was belt him.”

“A father like that he doesn’t need,” Randy said sympathetically. “Justin and Jonathan’s father ran off with a younger Beta while I was pregnant with Jonathan. His excuse was he wasn’t ready to be a father again. The boys are better off without him and so am I.”

Roy stoked Jamie’s curly head; the little boy was getting tired. “I think I might take this little one home. He’s not used to having so much excitement in one day.”

Randy stood up and shook Roy’s hand. “It was nice to meet you Roy. Maybe I could bring Jonathan by sometime then the boys could play together again?”

Roy smiled. “That would be really nice.” He reached into his bag and got out a pen. “Do you have some paper?” he asked.

Randy held out his hand. “Honey I will just throw a bit of paper away; write your number on my hand.”

Roy sniggered and scribbled down his phone number. “So you’ll ring me?”

Randy grinned. “Sure.”


“I’m not really a very sporty person Justin.” JC hovered as far away from the event’s sign up table as he could.

Justin grinned, picked up a pen and pulled an entry form towards him. “Come on JC it’s just a bit of fun. The three legged race is a laugh and the team relay, Chris and Joey can make up the four for that one.”

“Justin you’re not listening to me. I don’t do sport. We will lose every thing and then you will hate me and Joe and Chris will hate me too because I made them lose the relay race. That means that every one will hate me and I’ll have to leave school and then the authorities will put me into care. Then because I am in care they will take Jamie away and give him up for adoption and then he won’t have a daddy or a papa and all because you made me run races.”

“JC its just sports day; it’s meant to be a bit of fun. Really don’t take it so seriously.”

“But …”

Justin took JC’s hands in his. “JC no one will hate you for coming last. Besides you won’t.” Justin pointed to a name already on the list. “Bass will; he always does.”

“But he hasn’t ever raced against me has he?” JC pouted.

“No he hasn’t; but he will today and you will beat him.”

JC opened his mouth to protest again and Justin held up his hand, stopping him.

“The three legged race, the relay; the hundred meter sprint and the volleyball; that will do for starts.”

“Oh why stop there?” JC said sarcastically. “Just sign me up for the ping-pong, the high jump and the sack race too.”

“Ok then,” Justin said seriously ticking the appropriate boxes and passing over the form before JC could snatch it back. “Now you have to compete, if you don’t everyone will think you are too scared.”

“JC watched open mouthed as his application was processed. “Justin,” he whispered. “I can’t do this.”

Justin moved behind him and wrapped his arms around his waist, resting his chin on his shoulder. “Yes you can JC and it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, I will still be so proud of you.”

The first event turned out to be the three legged race. JC stood trembling as his leg was tied to Justin's. It had been so long since he had been so close to someone. To have them touch him, hang their arm around his neck.

Justin beamed at him. “Okay together, on the count of three. Middle legs first. One, two, three.”

The two boys stepped forward together and soon fell into an easy rhythm. Justin stroked the back of JC’s neck as they stood at the staring line. “It’s meant to be fun JC, breathe.”

JC met Justin's gaze. “I don’t want to make you look foolish,” he whispered.

“You won’t,” Justin replied.

There was a loud bang and before JC knew it they had collapsed in a heap at the finishing line, giggling madly.

“See babe, we didn’t win but it was still fun wasn’t it?”

JC met Justin's eyes once more. “”We came last.”

“No we came second to last, Chris and Bass came last.”

JC looked over to where Chris was struggling to untie his leg from Lance’s. “Yes they did didn’t they,” he giggled.”

JC and Justin were inseparable for the rest of the afternoon, wandering around watching the different races as they were called and ran. Soon it was time for the relay race. Justin squeezed JC’s hand as he deposited him at the start line.

“You’re handing to Joey. Don’t worry if you are behind, we can catch up. Just don’t drop the baton.”

JC nodded his understanding and took deep breaths as he stood along side the other Betas waiting to run.

“Is that fair?” JC blanched as the deep southern voice penetrated his ears. “I didn’t know the teams were allowed bikes.”

The words stabbed into JC’s heart like a knife. He turned slowly and looked at the speaker. Lance’s cold green eyes burned into him. “What’s wrong whore; do you really think that we want you and your half-breed bastard here?”

JC couldn’t stop the burning in his eyes or the tears as they started to fall. It was one thing to hate him but to abuse his child, his beautiful Jamie.

The firing pistol sounded and the race began, but JC just stood there, tears running down his face. Who was he trying to kid? He was nothing to anyone.

He was just the bike, the whore.

He started to run, but not towards Joey, he ran in the opposite direction, away from the finishing line, away from the people that hated him.

Joey almost choked as he saw JC take off in the opposite direction and started to run after him and Justin who had also seen JC take off.

“Go back to Chris,” Justin yelled over his shoulder. “I’ll see to Jace.” it didn’t take long for the athletic young man to catch up to the emotional boy. He grabbed JC’s arm and swung him around, pulling him in to his body.

“What is it? What happened?” he asked concernedly.

“I don’t belong here,” JC sobbed. “I was stupid to think that I did.”

“What did That Beta bitch say to you?”

“I have to go home.”

Justin tightened his grip on JC’s arm. “What did he say?”

“That me and my half breed bastard wasn’t wanted here.” JC mumbled the hate filled words, his tears burning in his eyes one again.

“Oh Jace, he doesn’t speak for everyone. Joe and Chris want you here; I want you here.” Justin pulled JC into his arms and kissed his forehead softly. JC hung his head down on to Justin's shoulder and nuzzled into his neck, his tears wetting the slightly taller boy’s neck.

Justin stroked the back of JC’s head and threaded his fingers through his hair. “Don’t cry baby. I’m here, I won’t let anyone hurt you.” he tilted JC’s head backwards and covered his lips with his mouth. The slight boy whimpered softly and then sighed as he sank into the intimate moment. The kiss became more and more passion filled, and the touches became more and more daring.

Justin slipped his hand down JC’s back and slid his hand over the hard roundness of his ass, squeezing it hard. “You’re so beautiful JC,” Justin breathed.

The slighter boy froze and Justin found himself staggering backwards as JC’s hands hit him squarely on the shoulders, thrusting him away.

“You are like them!” JC screamed. “You just want to get into my pants.”

Justin shook his head in denial. “No,” he whispered.

“You are just using me; pretending to be my friend when all the time you just want to fuck me. I bet you already told every one that you have.” JC backed away shaking. “I’m so stupid. So stupid … I trusted you.”

Justin advanced on him. “No JC; you are wrong, you should trust me. I wouldn’t hurt you. I like you, I really like you. Please JC we need to talk about this.”

JC shook his head unbelievingly. “No. You tricked me. I hate you; I hate you.” JC spun on his heel and sprinted away leaving Justin standing shaking his head in shock. What had just happened? How could JC believe that he had been planning to seduce him? All he had ever wanted was to help him fit in, to be his friend.

Sadly Justin rubbed the tears away that were forming in his own eyes before turning back reluctantly to the green and the end of the picnic.


JC ran all the way home half blind with the grief of his betrayal. He slammed into the house and ran up the stairs. Roy came out from the kitchen where he was watching Jamie eat his supper.


He flinched as JC slammed his bedroom door. Roy took a deep breath and went back into the kitchen and lifted Jamie from his high chair. He carried him upstairs and put him into his crib. “Be a good boy baby, I need to go to your daddy for a little while.”

He walked down the landing and tapped gently on JC’s door. “Joshua, honey, can I come in?”

He was answered by soft heartbroken sobs so he tapped again. “Joshy I’m coming in baby.”

Roy opened the door and went in still uninvited. He sat down on the side of the bed and rested his hand on the small of JC’s back, rubbing in small comforting circles.

The slender youth laid face down his pretty features buried in his pillow. They sat that way for nearly an hour, neither one saying a word, the silence broken only by an occasional hiccupping sob.

“He was only using me,” JC eventually whispered.

“Roy never spoke, but he closed his eyes as he absorbed the truth as seen by his only son.

“I thought he wanted to be my friend. I thought he liked me but he was only after my ass. I really liked him daddy.”

“Josh …”

“I can’t do it anymore daddy, I can’t. I just want it to end, one way or another I want it to end. I can’t go on; I don’t want to go on.”

Roy gasped at the weight of JC’s words. Was his darling boy talking suicide?

As Roy sat rubbing his son’s back he made a decision. “Joshua,” he said softly. “When you first fell for Jamie your grandfathers begged me to let you go and live with them and I selfishly refused. I was your daddy. I wanted to be the one that was there for you, supported you. I should have listened to them and I’m sorry for all that you have gone through because of that. They still want you Joshua. It would be the new start you so desperately need.”

Roy took JC’s hand in his.

“It’s a big step baby but in Europe they won’t condemn you the way they do here. Grandpa tells me that it’s not that unusual over there for teens to have a child.”

JC sniffed. “Do you want me to go? Don’t you want me anymore?”

Roy’s heart shattered. “Of course I don’t want you to go! My life will be empty without you and Jamie. But I know I have to give you both up. It’s the only way that you both will ever be happy. I’ll come and see you baby, every chance I get and we can call and write and you can keep me updated with pictures of my precious grandchild. I won’t force you to go Joshua but think about it.”

JC wiped his eyes and nodded. “Phone grandpa daddy. If he and grandfather still want me, I’ll go.”

Roy grabbed JC roughly and crushed his frail frame to him, sobbing into his hair. Controlling himself he pulled back and placed a long lingering kiss on JC’s forehead. “I’ll make the call,” he whispered.


“So what happened?” Chris demanded to know. He liked JC but he didn’t like being made look foolish.

“Fucking Bass happened, that’s what,” Justin swore angrily and glared across the part to where the blond Beta was sitting demurely with his family as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.

“So JC has gone home then?” Chris asked.

“He ran off, got all upset with me, accused me of wanting to fuck him.” Justin dropped his head in his hands and pulled his knees up to his chest.

“Why would he think that?” Joey asked.

Justin groaned, looked up and heaved a huge sigh. “Because I kissed him.”

“YOU KISSED HIM!” Joey and Chris exclaimed.

“What the fuck did you do that for?” Joey demanded to know. “You know how defensive he can get.”

“I know; I know. It was stupid but he was just so upset and he was crying and I just wanted to make him better. I wanted to let him know how much I liked him.” Justin lowered his face into his hands again. “I really like him.”

“Then what the fuck are you doing here?” Chris snarled. “Get over to his house, tell him.”

Justin shook his head. “He won’t listen. He’s a stubborn S.O.B.”

“No Justin you’re the S.O.B. he’s vulnerable and he trusted you so you get your ass over to his house right now and tell him.” The short brunette crossed his arms over his chest stubbornly, waiting.

Justin hesitated.

“Now Justin!” the two older boys shouted.

Justin clenched a daisy in his fist and tapped nervously at JC’s door. Long agonising moments passed before it opened.

Roy turned his nose up at him. “What?” he demanded.

“Can I see JC please?” Justin asked in a small voice.

“Joshua is sleeping.” The older man went to shut the door and Justin pushed his hand hard against it.

“Please Mr. Chasez. There’s been a terrible misunderstanding.”

Roy opened the door again and looked at the bleach blond teenage jock. He sighed and rubbed his eyes. “Justin I don’t know what happened between you. What I do know is that Joshua came running back in here distraught and it has taken me forever to calm him down and I won’t allow you to upset him again.”

“But …”

Roy leaned against the door frame. “No buts Justin. Go home.”

Justin's face crumbled. “Please. Just let me talk to him, let me explain.”

Roy shook his head again and closed the door. Justin leaned against the hardwood. “But I love him,” he whimpered.