“Fredrick Drakes rang they want another meeting about the campaign for the new wine.”

JC looked up from the progress report he was studying to look at his secretary.

“They agreed!” JC scrambled around on his desk looking for the proposal he had laid on the table three days earlier.

“Here let me, “Lance said reaching for the file on the far side of JC’s desk. “You should really be taking it easy you know.”

JC lowered himself into his chair and rested his hands on his swollen belly. “Did you take it easy?”

Lance laughed. “I didn’t have a choice. Frankie was an eye opener to the world for me.”

JC lowered his eyes. “I know what you mean.”

Lance sat down opposite his boss. “Can I ask you something JC?”

JC shifted uncomfortably his back was beginning to ache badly. “Sure.”

“Why are you so nice to me?”

Lance waited for an answer.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” JC asked answering a question with another question.

Lance laughed out loud. “Because I was a total bitch to you. Fuck I spat in your face.”

“You were a child. Children don’t understand the pain that they cause.”

“I was 16; I knew what I was doing.” Lance hesitated then said quickly “I’m a whore you know that don’t you?”

JC’s belly tightened. “You made some bad choices Lance. That doesn’t make you a whore.”

JC winced and blew a breath through pursed lips.

“Are you okay?” Lance asked.

“Mmm I just have a back ache.”

“Since when?” Lance asked concern creeping into his voice.

“Couple of hours.” JC groaned and blew a long breath out of his mouth.

“That’s not right JC. You shouldn’t be here; I can handle Fredrick Drakes so you go home and rest.”

“Nah-ha,” JC said shaking his head. “They said they wanted to deal with me. They wouldn’t even talk to Justin so they are not going to talk to my secretary.”

“But they would speak to your partner.”

“Partner? I don’t have a partner.”

Lance walked over to his desk and took a file out of his top drawer, handing it to his employer. “It’s a proposal. In the last year you have inspired me beyond belief. So much so that I took the chance and made an appointment with the bank.” He paused and chewed his nails nervously while JC flicked through the documents. “They approved my loan; all I have to do is sign the papers and get you to agree.”

JC studied a sheet of paper. “You really looked into this didn’t you?”

Lance winced. “You’re going to give birth anytime now and you are going to need help with the company. You worked hard and long to get this advertising company off the ground. I can help you.”

JC closed the file. “I’ll have my attorney look over it and if what you are proposing is feasible then I don’t see why not.”

JC let out a long pain filled breath and clutched his belly.

“JC are you okay?” Lance grasped the pregnant brunette’s hand.

“No,” JC gasped. “I think the baby is coming.”

Lance picked up the phone and called for an ambulance. As soon as he was sure it was on its way he called Justin and then Jamie. He helped JC to his feet and walked him down to the main entrance.

“Fredrick Drakes … I need you to cancel,” JC groaned.

“I’ll deal with it Jace.” Lance supported JC and grinned as he saw Justin's jeep swing into view and pull up swiftly outside.

“How long has he been in labour?” Justin demanded running through the door.

“If I had to guess I would say a couple of hours,” Lance said handing JC over to his husband. “You know what he is like, suffer in silence is JC’s motto.”

“Thanks Lance,” Justin said genuinely thankful for the former beta bitches help. The ambulance pulled up and Justin helped JC out of the agency and into the back.

JC turned and looked over his shoulder at his former adversary. “Take the meeting with Fredrick Drakes and get the account. You can do it Lance.”

Lance smiled widely. “I won’t let you down Jace.”

JC smiled back. “I know you won’t,” he said in reply.


Jamie paced outside the delivery room. He had begged and pleaded to be allowed in to see his papa but to no avail. The midwife was adamant that only baby’s father was allowed inside. Jonathan tried to comfort his boyfriend as much as he could but couldn’t help but sigh with relief when Roy and Randy eventually showed up.

Jamie’s grandfather took the distraught teenager into hand and forced him to sit down while Randy and Jonathan went to get them all coffee.

“It must have been really hard for you when I was born,” Jamie said trying to make conversation.

“It was. Your papa wasn’t even thirteen yet. I wanted them to give him a caesarean but they wouldn’t. They said he was strong enough to deliver naturally so I held his hand for six hours and felt every single pain along with him.”

Jamie stared at the closed delivery door.

“You were such a beautiful baby,” Roy continued. “And your papa cried when he held you. He loved you so much. He still does and if he could have you with him right now he would.”

Jamie met his grandfather’s eyes. “I know.” He hesitated then continued speaking in hushed tones. “It’s just that. I wanted to see him born. I’m never going to see my own child born and that’s my choice I know but …”

“But you can’t help but wonder what it would be like.”

Jamie nodded his eyes filling with tears.

“Coffee,” Jonathan said coming back into the waiting room carrying a laden tray. “I got yours double strong and double sweet baby.”

Jamie hastily wiped his eyes and took the plastic beaker. “Thanks honey. I need it.”

Jonathan looked curiously at his boyfriends reddened eyes then at Roy, who shook his head and mouthed ‘worried’ at him.

One hour passed and then another and with each passing another person turned up at the waiting room until not only were both grandparents and Jamie and Jonathan there but so was Chris, Joey, Joey's husband Kelly along with their two children and Lance and his oldest child, Frankie.”

Chris slipped into an empty seat beside Lance. “How are things?”

Lance nodded. “Good. I closed a deal today for JC. I think he’ll be really pleased.”

“I’m sure he will,” Chris said reassuringly. “Frankie is looking good. How are his grades?”

“They’re not bad, could be better but I guess he takes after you in that respect.”

Chris covered Lance’s hand with his own. “Are you ok … do you need anything, money …?”

Lance snorted away a slight laugh. “No. I’m good.”

Chris watched Frankie interacting with Jamie and Jonathan. “I really fucked up didn’t I?”

Lance looked over at his son. “I don’t regret him. I love him, I love all my children. I just wish that their fathers would actually have cared a little about me.”

“I do.”

Lance started to laugh. “Yeah right.”

“I mean it Lance. I think we could have something together. I’ve been stupid, wasted all these years. I don’t want to waste any more.”

Chris took Lance’s hand. “You want to have dinner with me tonight?”

Lance blushed and lowered his eyes looking away. “You sure you want to be seen with me?”

“I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t mean it.”

The door to the delivery room opened and Justin came out his face streaked with tears.

Roy grabbed him by his arms. “What is it, tell me. Has something happened to Joshua?”

Justin sniffed back a sob. “It was amazing,” he said trance like. “JC was so brave. I couldn’t have done it and yet he did.”

“Justin for god’s sake tell us!” Roy screamed.

Justin focused on his father in law. “I’m a daddy,” he said in amazement. “JC gave birth about ten minutes ago to bouncing 8lb 10oz boy.”

Jamie pushed between Roy and Justin. “Is papa okay, can I see him?”

Justin smiled and took the teenager’s hand. “Your papa is fine. Tired but fine. The doctor is just checking him over and making sure that there is no bleeding. He said he would call me when I could see him again.”

As if on cue the midwife came out of the delivery room and beckoned Justin over. “You can see him now.”

Justin looked back at Jamie and Roy who were both hovering close by. “Can they come in as well, that’s his father and his son?”

“Sure. But just them. The rest of you will have to go home and come back tomorrow.”

The congregated friends nodded their agreement and said their goodbyes promising to come back later. Jonathan hovered by the door. “Do you want me to wait?” he asked.

Jamie shook his head. “No, I’ll call you when I get home.”

Jonathan smiled. “Okay, bye. Bye Mr. Chasez, bye Justin and congratulations ‘dad’.”

Justin beamed at his brother then followed Roy and Jamie into the delivery room.


JC was propped up in bed, his arms wrapped around a tiny bundle. Justin thought he looked pale and exhausted but the smile on his face was unmistakable. Tears leaked from his eyes and he reached out for Jamie’s drawing his older son to him and then he patted the bed next to him so that Justin would sit beside him. Roy peered into the bundle and sighed.

“He’s gorgeous,” he said as he played with the baby’s little hand.

“We thought we’d call him Euan.” JC said hopeful that everyone would agree with his choice.

“It’s a lovely name for a pretty little boy,” Roy agreed.

Justin rummaged around in JC’s bag and produced a small bottle of wine and four glasses. “Okay so I came prepared,” he joked when everyone rolled their eyes at him. He poured everyone a small glass and handed them around before hugging JC and kissing his forehead.

He lifted his glass. “To us,” he announced “we made it.”

The end.

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