Someone to love me

The little boy shrank down the side of his bed, tears running down his face. “Momma,” he cried “Momma,” but no one came. The only answer he got was the television exploding from the intense heat in the downstairs lounge. He wriggled further under the bed, scrubbing at his nose, coughing as the thick black smoke seeped under his bedroom door. “Momma,” he sobbed again, his terror consuming him, compelling him to hide from the raging fire that was creeping ever closer. The bedroom door splintered and split as an axe struck it from the far side. The axe struck again and the little boy whimpered even more frightened than before as the roar of the flames reached his ears.

“Joshua,” the fire fighter shouted out to the child he knew must be in the house. ”Joshua, honey, don’t be frightened.” he listened carefully; knowing time was vital to the little boys survival. Soft coughing and tiny whimpers reached his ears and he dived for the bed, upending it. The tiny brunette child’s chin shook and his eyes filled with terror as the stranger picked him up and wrapped his jacket around him before running as fast as he could towards the stairwell. The fire fighter burst through the doorway into the street, handing the child to waiting paramedics. “Momma,” came the soft whimper.

The medic looked to the fire chief who shook his head. He wiped the soot from around the tiny boys nose and mouth, placing an oxygen mask over them as the child slipped into unconsciousness. ”Where’s his momma?” he asked. A police officer motioned with his head over to the door as a body was carried out. “Is there anyone else?”

“No, apparently she was a single mother, just her and Joshua.

“Oh no, poor kid, what’s going to happen to him now?” the paramedic asked as he rushed to carry the child to the waiting ambulance.

“He’ll be made ward of court until they can track down his next of kin, hopefully they’ll take him.”

The fireman took off his helmet and wiped his brow. “If they don’t?” he asked.

“The policeman shook his head. “He’ll end up in an orphanage.”

The three men looked at the tiny boy, dwarfed by the medical equipment that surrounded him. “I’d take him.” the fireman, stroked away the brunette curls for the little boys forehead. “He’s adorable.”

The medic ushered the fire fighter and police officer out of the ambulance and closed the doors. “Lets hope his family feel the same way.”

“Hi baby, I’m your uncle Roy, but you can call me daddy.” Joshua stood hugging his teddy bear to his chest, his blue eyes brimming with tears. “And this, is your Auntie Karen, she’s going to be your new mommy.” Joshua sucked his bottom lip into his mouth, regarding the stern looking woman.

“Where’s my momma?” he asked tearfully.

Roy crouched down so he was eyelevel with the little boy that had been suddenly thrust upon them. “Your momma has gone to live with Jesus sweetie.”

Joshua hid his face in his bears fur, weeping uncontrollably. “Why didn’t momma take me with her?” he sobbed, “don’t she love me no more?”

It was all Roy could do not to cry at his nephew’s innocent but heart-wrenching question. “Of course she loves you angel, but she couldn’t take you with her, Jesus wanted you to stay here with us. He wants you to grow up to be a big strong man before you go to live with him too.”

“I want my mommy.”

“I know you do angel.” Roy picked up the little boy and Joshua snuggled close to him, crying into his sweater. “Karen, we have to take him. He’s my nephew, my sisters only child.”

Karen pouted and spat bitterly “I suppose we’ll have to, but don’t expect me to love the brat, he’s a bastard child. God punished his mother for her sins and he’ll punish him too.” Roy gasped and covered Joshua’s ears. “How could you say something that venomous? That is my sister you are talking about and this is my sister’s child Karen, and I will care for him.

“Well it seems that your mind is made up regardless of what I say.” the little boy snuggled close to his new daddy, he felt safe with the strange man. The lady seemed angry with him and he didn’t understand why, but the man wanted him so he sat quietly while he was strapped into the back of their car. The man rubbed the teddy bear against Joshua’s nose making him sneeze and grin. The little boy reached out and grabbed the stuffed toy, hugging it tightly and pushing his thumb into his mouth. His eyes began to drift shut, lulled to sleep by the motion of the car, and in his dreams his momma told him to be a good brave boy, that she loved him so much and that they would be together again one day.

“You sit there and put your hands on your head Mister, don’t you dare move until I tell you, you can.”

Joshua sniffed back his tears as his ‘momma’ towered over him. She had thrust him onto a dining chair and pulled his hands up onto the top of his head. His little lip trembled as she pushed her face into his. “You are a bad little boy and bad little boys need to be punished.” she walked out of the kitchen, making sure she left the door open so she could keep her eye on him while she played on the floor with Heather and Tyler, her own children with Roy. Joshua watched sadly, but never moved he didn’t want his bottom spanked again like it had been yesterday. He wracked his brain trying to think what he had done wrong but couldn’t think of anything other than Heather had knocked over her cup and he had picked it up for her. He wriggled slightly he needed to go potty but he had been told he mustn’t move or talk. Squeezing his legs together he tried really hard to think of nice things, things like playing in the park and eating ice cream, but it didn’t stop the warm wet patch that spread over his pants. Still he didn’t say anything, he just sat and waited for Karen to tell him he could move.

Karen walked into the kitchen to check that Joshua hadn’t fallen asleep, getting angry when she saw he had wet himself.

“Why you dirty little heathen, well you can just stay in them wet pants till you learn to control yourself.” she yanked his right hand off his head, slapping it hard before repeating it with his left hand. “Put your hands back on your head,” she hissed. She looked at the clock; Roy wouldn’t be home for three more hours, plenty of time to teach little bastard boys what they were worth. She busied herself preparing dinner for her children calling them to the table when it was ready. Joshua sat with tears running down his face, his hands still stinging from the slaps. His little belly rumbled and his mouth watered as his siblings’ stuffed sausage and waffles into their mouths, but he knew better than to ask for any, it would just get him another smack. He glanced up at the kitchen clock trying to work out when his daddy would get home. Daddy seemed to at least like him a little, he’d play with him and read him stories sometimes.”

“I told you to sit still mister.” Joshua dropped his head so he was staring back at the tabletop and his empty plate. All he could do was wonder why his new mommy didn’t love him.

“I’m home sweets, where’s my little babies?” Roy scooped up Heather and Tyler in his arms and kissed them sloppily on their cheeks. “Now where’s my big boy don’t you want a hug honey?” he opened his arms expectantly. Joshua looked cautiously at Karen moving only when she discreetly nodded to him. He jumped off the high chair and ran to his daddy, throwing his chubby little arms around his neck. “Did you miss me baby?”

Joshua nodded as he rubbed his nose. Roy sniffed the air, then sniffed the little boy in his arms. “did you pee yourself sweetie?” again Joshua nodded, his lip trembling, now his daddy was angry with him too. “Why didn’t you tell mommy you had an accident honey?”

“Frightened, I didn’t mean to be a bad boy.”

Roy hugged the child. “Of course you didn’t sweetie, accidents happen. Come on lets go get you bathed and get your PJ’s on.”

(five years later)

“Ok people, let me have your consent forms.” Everyone in the class rummage for the little slips of paper that gave permission for them to spend the day at the local water park. Casey nudged her best friend “Josh, didn’t you bring your slip?”

Joshua shrugged. “I’m not going.”

Casey gasped, “But why?”


“That’s not a good reason Joshua Scott. Did you even ask?”

Josh shrugged again. “She would say no so why give her the pleasure?”

“Oh Josh, couldn’t you ask your dad?”

“He’d just tell me to ask her anyways.”

Casey folded her arms angrily across her chest. “Well she let Tyler and Heather go on their school trips!”

“I’m not Heather or Tyler. I’m not their kid, she didn’t want me, I’m only there because of dad.”

“Well I think its mean and when I see her I’ll tell her so.”

Panic filled Joshua’s eyes. “No! Casey no don’t, you’ll just make it worse.”

“Ok I won’t. Meet me for dinner?” the blond haired ten year old asked hopefully, pouting when Josh shook his head again.

“She said I have to go home for lunch.”

“But it’s such a long way Josh!”

“It don’t matter none.” the bell rang signalling first period and Josh grabbed his bag, pulling out his history book, silently dismissing his only friend and closing their conversation before he broke down and told her everything.

He walked home slowly, there was no use rushing, there wouldn’t be any lunch waiting for him anyways. He wasn’t even allowed to go in the house, he had to stand outside the back door until it was time to go back to school again. He sighed and knocked on the door, letting his ‘mother’ know he was there. Then stood with his head down and his hands on his head until she came out and told him to go back to school again. He made a point to walk past MacDonald’s on his way back. He hovered outside the door watching people as they threw away their rubbish, waiting for someone to discard some burger or fries, snatching them up when someone finally did and running as fast as he could until he was far enough away for people not to know what he had done. He sat down under a low hanging tree and tucked into the scraps, savouring every bite. When he was old enough he was going to get a job in a fast food joint then he’d never feel hungry again. He sucked the ketchup off his fingers and got up, making his way back to school.

(four years later)

“They’re holding auditions for the Mouseclub, why don’t you go Josh?”

Roy looked at his adopted son over the top of his paper, I’m sure your mother would drive you if you asked her.”

“No, it’s ok, I don’t think I would get it anyways.” Joshua drew circles on the piece of paper that was meant to contain his four thousand-word essay on what family meant to him.

“Well if you don’t go, you won’t know that.” Roy didn’t want to give up. He had heard Joshua singing and seen him dance, he had faith that the timid teenager would do well. “You’ll drive him won’t you Karen?”

“Drive who where sweetie?”

“Joshua to the auditions for the mouse club.”

“Sure I will.”

Joshua’s head shot up, now that he wasn’t expecting.”

“Are you sure you don’t mind ma’am?”

Karen smiled nastily, “Of course not honey, when is it?”

“Saturday afternoon.”

“So long as you’ve finished your chores then yes.” she smirked pleased with her quick thinking.

Josh sighed, he knew there would be a catch, he’d never be finished in time to go and she knew it.

“Oh Karen, come on it’s one Saturday. Give the boy a break, I’ll do your chores for you Josh, you go and get yourself picked and make me a proud daddy.”

Karen snorted, “like that would happen,” she mumbled. “Daddy’s little precious gonna make him proud, not.” Josh recoiled from the venom in her words and looked to his dad realising he hadn‘t heard what had been said.

“Joshua I need you to take out the trash,” she snapped.

“Yes ma’am.” he followed her to the kitchen, stumbling backwards when she turned and grabbed his shirt, pulling him close to her face.

“You don’t do your chores you don’t eat this weekend got it?”

He nodded rapidly, his eyes tearing up. The weekend was the only time he could guarantee eating with the rest of the family. “Yes ma’am.”

“Good,” she hissed. “Now empty the trash, then go to your room.”

He’d never seen so many kids in one place, he chewed his nails nervously as Karen smiled smugly.

“Well I’m not staying here to watch you make a complete ass of yourself. You can walk home I’m going shopping.” Watching her walk away Josh breathed a sigh of relief, now he could relax and let go. He stood at the back of the room, just feeling the music that was playing loudly. He flashed a grin at a couple of girls that were watching him appreciatively. Then it was his turn. He shuffled enviously in front of the interviewers self conscious of the crowd that were watching him closely, comparing him to themselves.

“Introduce yourself and tell me what you are going to sing for us.”

“I …. I …. I …” Josh stuttered unable to get his words to leave his mouth.

A tall blondish man smiled kindly. “Take your time. Deep breath in, then try again.”

Josh took a really deep breath. “My name is Joshua Chasez, and I’m going to sing Right Here Waiting.”

The panel sat silently appraising his performance until he finished his song. “Alright Joshua that was very nice, can you show us your dancing skills now.”

Josh did the routine he had been practicing

The panel discussed quietly between themselves. “Joshua, can we call you Josh?”

“Yes sir.”

“Josh, maybe you should call your folks have them come talk to us, its pretty much decided your going to need to move to Florida. Congratulations.”

Josh grinned widely and rushed to the nearest pay phone, pulling out the quarter he had squirreled away for emergencies. “I’m going to Disneyland, he screamed as Roy picked up the phone. Tears of happiness streamed down his face as he excitedly told his dad everything that had happened, making an excuse when Roy asked to talk to Karen.

“We’ll talk when you get home son. See you soon.” Josh hung up his grin infecting everyone around him. At last he was going to escape his stepmother.

“With her?” Josh couldn’t believe his ears, his dad had really said that He was going to stay in DC and Karen and the kids would go live in Florida with him. “But dad, couldn’t I go on my own?”

Roy laughed. “Joshy you are 14 years old, even if I said yes it’s illegal. No, the best thing is that your mother goes with you and I’ll come visit when I can. Stop pouting Josh.”

A heavy sigh escaped Josh’s lips, “Yes sir.” he accepted his fathers solution reluctantly not looking at the triumphant gloat he knew would be plastered over her face.

(two years later)

“Mom, mom, its JC look!” the curly haired 12 year old tugged at his mothers sleeve excitedly as the mouseketeer

known as JC wandered aimlessly across the stage area. Lyn gazed over at the boy, he breath catching in her throat, he was a walking skeleton, she could see that even through the baggy clothes. “God he’s awesome mom, he’s my favourite. Do you think I’ll get selected?”

Lynn smiled lovingly at her only son. “Now darlin’ we discussed this on the drive down here. There’s no guarantee , but Mike said that you were the best he’d seen so far. She squeezed Justin tightly trying not to look too closely at her son’s idol.

“Justin Timberlake.”

“Wish me luck momma?”

“Why? You won’t need it sweetie.” Thirty minutes later Justin bounded out of the room a smile that would light the Manhattan skyline.

“I’m in mom -- I’m in! and -- and my first sketch is with JC, how cool is that?”

Lynn felt herself swept away with her baby’s enthusiasm and let him squeeze her tightly. “Well,” she said jokingly. “I guess I had better cash those return tickets in then. Justin kissed her hard. Too right, cus now I’m here I am never leaving.”

From across the room JC couldn’t help but notice the love between mother and son. His heart hurt as he remembered his own mother so cruelly ripped from him.

“Hey JC, you ready?”

The brunette turned to face Dale and Tony, he nodded slowly and followed them into a janitors closet. He stood with his back to the wall waiting for the two older boys to speak. Tony pulled out a chocolate bar out of his pocket and opened it slowly, waving it under JC’s nose. “Are you hungry JC? I know you are. We know your secret, how momma doesn’t love you.” JC’s eyes welled up, and a teardrop slowly leaked from the corner of his eye. Tony broke a square off the bar, and rubbed it over JC’s lips, taunting him. “Open your mouth.” JC’s lips parted, his body trembling as Tony rested the square on his tongue. Dale, moved behind him, muttering in his ear, making the younger boy shudder.

“That piece is free JC, eat it.” JC slowly chewed the candy, his eyes closing as he savoured the creamy texture and flavour. “You like that?” Tony rasped. JC nodded, not able to speak. “You want the rest?” JC nodded again. “Then you know what you got to do?” JC slipped down the wall then reached up and unzipped Tony’s fly. He reached inside, pulling out the solid thickness that he found waiting for his attention.

“Do it,” Tony rasped. “Eat my dick and I’ll give you the rest of the bar.” JC felt Dales hand lace into his hair, guiding him forward. He opened his lips and took the purplish head into his mouth, sucking hard, wanting nothing more than to get this over with. He knew they would make him suck off Dale too before they parted with the prized chocolate. “Nah-ha Jacy, take it slow baby. JC forced himself to slow down, using his tongue to caress Tony’s cock, tanking him deeper and deeper with each slow thrust. He’d had plenty of practice at this. The minute dale had found out about how his adoptive mother liked to make him starve he had gone running to Tony with a little plan designed to keep them de-spunked and JC fed. The first time he had been approached he had shook his head and backed away disgusted with what the pair was proposing he did to earn his candy bar. Eventually hunger forced him to give in to the older boys, he never knew when his next meal would come and a chocolate bar went a long way to filling the void in the pit of his stomach. Now it was a regular occurrence, every day after everyone had eaten lunch JC went into the janitors closet and sucked them off.

Tony shot his load down JC’s throat and staggered back against the wall panting. Quickly Dale replaced him in JC’s mouth. JC never had to work that hard on the second boy, they were usually so far gone from jerking off while watching him suck the other. Dale came with a low grunt and pulled out of the slim brunettes mouth. He reached into his pocket and dropped the candy bar into JC’s waiting hands.

“You okay?” Tony squatted down to where JC still remained on his knees.

“I’m ok -- it just - I hate that you make me do this.” JC turned the chocolate bar over and over in his hands.

“You don’t have to do this JC, you could go to Mike, tell him what is going on with your mom, with us.” Tony smiled knowing the younger boy would never let another soul know how badly his mom treated him and he certainly didn’t want anyone to know how low he would sink for a 50-cent candy bar.

JC sniffed back a half sob, he knew when he was trapped.

Tony lifted his chin , stroking his thumb down the still smooth cheek. “You’ll meet us here tomorrow then?”

JC nodded sadly.

“Good.” Tony ruffled his hair and stood up, “come on Dale, lets leave jacy to eat his dessert.” he reached into his pocket and tossed JC a second bar, surprising both him and the other boy. “Consider it a raise.” he opened the closet door a crack and peered out making sure the coast was clear. Then he and Dale darted out into the hall leaving JC alone.

The skinny boy covered his face with his hands and cried till he couldn’t cry anymore. He dried his eyes and tore the wrapper off the already open bar, biting into the thick chocolate, he rolled it around in his mouth, letting it melt slowly, coating his tongue and masking the taste of semen that still lingered. He ate half the bar then tucked the rest into his pocket alongside the second candy bar. He opened the door, checking he wasn’t seen before he left too.

Justin watched curiously from around the corner as the tall thin boy slipped out of the closet. He couldn’t help wondering what he had been doing in there.

(one year later)

“Jace, why do you go into the closet?”

JC blanched and stammered not knowing what to say to the 12-year-old boy sitting at his table.


“I got - got to go, I have a scene. I - with erm.”

Justin studied the older boys face, reaching out and grabbing his hand. “JC, talk to me. I know something is going on with you. I known you six months and never ate a meal with you. I see you sneaking out of a closet at least three times in one week. I just want to help you.”

JC recovered his voice and snatched his hand back. “You’re just a little boy Justin, you think the world is all hearts and flowers with a fluffy kitten thrown in for good measure. Well its not. Now go back to mommy and leave me alone.”


“”I said leave me alone kid, I don’t need your help.”

(six months later)

“Momma, do you think JC is okay?” Justin was beginning to worry about his idol, he had continued seeing the slender singer slip into the closet. Once he saw Tony and Dale follow him in, leaving again 30 minutes later. The closet played on his mind. Obviously what ever they were doing they didn’t want anyone to know about it.

“Why honey?”

“I’m just worried about him you know.”

Lynn considered her sons words and couldn’t help glancing at the painfully thin boy sitting on the far side of the canteen. “There must be a reason you’re worried honey.”

Justin shrugged nonchalantly. “Do you think he’s taking drugs?”

Justin gasped, he had thought that but had pushed it to the back of his mind, not wanting to believe the worse of his friend. “No momma, JC would never do that! It’s just that - well he never eats, he’s been in here for an hour now, everyone around him has eaten, but not him.”

Lynn thought hard, in the year and a half that she had known JC she couldn’t remember him eating either. “Justin honey do me a favour go ask JC to join us.” the curly haired teenager did as his mom asked him to, weaving his way through the tables and literally dragging the reluctant brunette back with him.

“Sit down JC,” Lynn said as she patted the chair next to her.

The nervous boy slipped into the empty chair, and stared at his hands . “Hello ma’am, you wanted to speak to me?”

“I just wanted to invite you to dinner honey.”

JC looked up shocked, exchanging his glances between mother and son. “I’m not sure . I mean I don’t know if I could, my mom doesn’t like me to go out in the evenings.” he chewed his lip nervously, his brain working at 100 miles per hour as he tried to concoct a way out of the situation.

Lynn smiled kindly, “well maybe if I ask her for you.”

“NO!, I mean - I’m not sure. I’ll ask her ma’am.”

“Good, then it’s settled. You will have your dinner with us tomorrow night.” Lynn stood up and hooked her bag over her shoulder. She held her hand out to JC to shake. The timid brunette took her hand not really noticing that when she shook it she turned his arm over, checking for track lines. “I’ll see you tomorrow sweetie. Justin are you coming or are you going to hang with your friends for a while?”

Just then Tony and Dale stood up, beckoning to JC who stood up suddenly and muttered his apologies, running after the two.

Justin looked at his mom. “Well I guess not.” he watched as Dale dropped his arm around JC’s shoulders and walked him out of the dining room. Justin knew they were going to the closet and it was all he could do to stop himself from rushing to catch them.

“Ma’am,” JC shuffled anxiously from foot to foot in the kitchen waiting for his adoptive mother to acknowledge him.

Karen carried on washing her plates, ignoring him until she was ready to respond to him. She finished the pile then dried her hands on a cloth. “What?”

“Ma’am, Mrs Harliss asked me over tomorrow night, I think she wants me to sit Justin so she can go out. Can I go - please?”

“Roy is coming tomorrow so do what you want.” she pushed past him and went into the living room, and laid back on the couch, channel hopping.

“Daddy’s coming? Can I please call Justin and tell him that I can’t make it?”


JC sighed “Yes ma’am.” he went up to his room and laid on his bed. At least he’d get a meal tomorrow, his daddy would be here. He snuggled down and tried to sleep.

“Daddy’s home.”

Heather and Tyler ran at Roy and he scooped them into his arms. Karen joined him kissing him softly on his lips. “Welcome to Orlando lover.”

“Hmm nice welcome. Now where’s my little star, or are you too big to give your daddy a hug?”

JC gave his dad a shy smile and carefully avoiding Karen moved into his father’s arms.

“I miss you dad, when are you going to come and live here with us?”

“My work is in DC son, but I’m here now and I thought we could go out for dinner tonight.”

Karen rested her arm around JC’s shoulder. “That sounds great, doesn’t it JC. Honey could you just come and help me in the kitchen for a minute?” she half pulled half pushed JC out of the room, closing the door behind her.

“You are not invited,” she hissed in his face as she pushed him up against the wall. “Tonight is family only and you are not family. Now when you go back in there you start pretending to feel ill and you make sure you stay here.”

“But ma’am, please I wanna go.”

“Now listen sonny, you tell Roy you are feeling poorly. Just remember he’s here for two days only, then it’s just you and me again. If you think I make it bad for you now just try pushing me.” Karen slapped his face gently. “Do it or else.” she stood back, smiling cruelly. “Empty that trash then come back in and give Roy the bad news. Oh and one more thing, insist that we go without you. Understand me?”

“Yes ma’am.” She left him and he pulled the bag of rubbish out of the bin, ignoring the few tears that trickled down his cheeks. He dropped the bag into the trash can then wiped his eyes looking back up at the window, watching the silhouettes of his adoptive family as the hugged and played together. He sank down to the grass, his head in his hands. All he wanted was someone to love him. A mother that cared whether he lived or died, a mother like Justin had.


He got slowly to his feet and walked dejectedly back to the house. He wouldn’t have to fake being sick, not now. He was ill, his head pounded and he felt as if he was going to vomit. He slipped silently into the living, hovering in the background, an outsider, superfluous to the situation.

“Josh or should I call you JC now, are you ready to go son?” Roy asked jokingly

JC drew circles with his toe on the carpeted floor. “No, I’m not feeling too good daddy, my head hurts. I think I might just go to bed, I have to work tomorrow.” He hung his head and walked towards the stairs.

Roy followed him, stopping him with a loving hand on his shoulder. “We can go out tomorrow night, its no big deal is it Karen?” he looked over to his wife for conformation.

“No dad, you go. Mom has been really looking forward to your getting here. I’ll be fine. I probably just need some sleep.”

“So long as you are sure JC.”

JC nodded as he bit back more tears that were gathering in his eyes. JC , he called me JC, not Josh. “Goodnight daddy, goodnight ma’am.”

JC woke up feeling someone sitting next to him on the bed. “What time is it?” he asked, rubbing his eyes, blinking at his father in the half-light.

“Just wanted to check on you JC.”

“Don’t call me that.”

“But your mom said that’s what you like to be called now.”

“You’re my dad, I should still be Josh to you. Or don’t you love me anymore?”

Roy brushed the hair from JC’s sleepy eyes. “Of course I love you Josh, you’re my little boy. What’s wrong sweetheart? Something is hurting you I can tell. Is it something at the studio? Someone hurting you?”

“Dad please don’t, I’m ok really I am. I just have a headache that’s all.”

Roy sighed, “If you say so son.” He pulled a small tub from behind his back. “I brought you something” he pulled off the lid. “strawberry cheesecake.”

A smile crept over JC’s lips and he scooped up some cream with his finger then sucked it into his mouth. “Momma will be mad, we’re not allowed food in the bedrooms.”

Roy pulled a spoon from behind him. “Then we won’t tell her,” he whispered. He watched as his eldest child ate the dessert, taking his time as he rolled it slowly around in his mouth.



“Finish up and I’ll take it downstairs.”

“Thanks daddy. I love you.”

Roy hugged the boy to him. “I love you too baby.”

“Come on Josh I’ll take you to the studio.” Roy had spent all night pondering his son’s reluctance to talk about what was wrong with him. He had tried to talk to Karen but she seemed to think that nothing was wrong with him. So he decided that he would go and check it out for himself.

“You - you don’t have to, I can go on my own.” JC stammered, not meeting his father’s eyes.

“Josh I want to take you, I want to see my superstar son doing his thing. I watch you every week you know.”

“You do!”

“Of course I do. Now get your jacket.

JC laughed, “I don’t need a jacket dad, we’re in Orlando.”

Roy slapped his forehead, “That’s right, I forgot.” Half an hour later they were on the set. Roy sat to the side watching as JC wrestled on a sofa with a younger curly haired boy. He smiled at a woman sat next to him, then turned back to watch his son.

“I’m Lynn Harliss,” the woman whispered holding out her hand.

“Roy Chasez.” he shook her hand. “He’s good, I had no idea how talented Josh was.”

“He’s one of the best here, well apart from Justin that is.”

Roy turned and faced her. “Justin?”

Lynn laughed softly, “my son.” She inclined her head towards the curly haired teen rolling around in play fight with JC.

“So you’re JC’s daddy? I’m glad to meet you. Can we get some coffee?”

“Are you telling me you think Josh is on drugs?”

“No, not drugs, though I do know he’s not eating. That boy has lost more than 28lbs since I have known him, and it’s not like he could afford to do that in the first place. I think he’s anorexic.”

Roy spluttered his coffee. “Josh, anorexic! The boy could eat for the USA in the Olympics.”

“Roy, I have never seen JC eat. If you don’t believe me ask Justin, ask, I don’t know Tony, he seems to be a friend.”

“He has lost weight.”

Lynn reached over and cupped Roy’s hand. “I even invited him to dinner but he never turned up.” She let go looking up. “Hi darlin’. Have you finished for the day?”

Justin leaned down kissing his mom. “Nah, me and Jace have to shoot another sketch after lunch.”

“Where is Josh?” Roy asked.

“He’s coming, he said he had to talk to Dale. Here he comes now.”

JC slipped into the chair next to his dad. “Hello Mrs Harliss.”

“Hi JC, me and your daddy have been having a nice conversation. We thought maybe we’d take you both out for lunch, would you like that?”

“Cool.” Justin clapped his hands together “I’m famished.”

“I think JC should choose where we go.” Lynn said.

JC shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “I don’t know where do you want to go Justin?”

The younger boy looked to his mother for direction and permission to make a suggestion. She nodded discreetly.

“Maccy D’s sounds good.”

JC physically relaxed, having the decision made for him. “Yeah sure, if it’s okay with you dad.”

Roy patted JC’s knee, “sweetheart I came to spend the day with you, Macdonald’s will be great.”

“What do you want Josh?” Roy stood at the counter his wallet in his hand.

The skinny boy looked at the menu. “Could I have a cheeseburger please?”

“Is that it?” Roy asked.

“”I’m not greedy dad, really I’m not, a cheeseburger will be good.” Roy looked over to Lynn who gave him an ‘I told you so’ look.

“Okay honey. Justin what do you want?”

Justin studied the menu board. “I’ll have Ľ pounder with cheese meal, think strawberry shake, six nuggets and a salad please. Oh and make it large.”

Roy chuckled as Lynn slapped her son around the back of the head.

“What?” Justin asked totally baffled as to why he deserved that.

“That sounds good doesn’t it Josh, I think we should make that three times. What do you want Lynn?”

“I’ll have a salad thank you. Unlike you boys I have to watch my figure.”

She looked at JC who was looking a little distraught. “What is it sweetie?”

“Nothing, really its nothing.”

“Honey you look as if you are going to faint, Roy maybe you should sit JC down, Justin and I will bring the food.”

Roy took his son to a booth and sat him down. He took his shaking hand into his own much larger ones. “You have to tell me son. You are scared stiff, I’m not blind. Joshua please!”

“Don’t tell mom.”


“Don’t tell mom about coming here. She’ll get mad with me.” Lynn and Justin joined them at the table, not intruding on the conversation that had began to take place.

“Why don’t you want your mother to know baby?”

“It’s too much food, too much.”

Roy took JC’s hands again. “I don’t understand Josh.”

“I’m not greedy daddy, I’m not.” “I know that, I never thought that you were.”

“Mom does.”

Lynn had her hands covering her mouth and Justin chewed his lip to stop himself from speaking. Roy lifted JC’s chin so that he could look into the liquid blue eyes. “Listen to me Joshua, I’m not mad with you. I just need to know the truth. Does mom call you greedy?”

JC nodded, tears starting to spill down his chiselled cheeks.

“She doesn’t let me eat with Tyler and Heather. She don’t give me money for lunch, she says that I’m not family, that I’m not allowed to eat with the family, to spend family money.” JC rubbed his face against his father’s big hand. “She said I’m not wanted, not loved. That you only took me in because you felt guilty. That you don’t love me, you never loved me and that’s why you stayed in DC.”

The older mans head was spinning. The boy he had doted on since the day he had laid eyes on him was crying his heart out because he had been convinced that he was unloved. “I don’t know what to say. How can I convince you Josh that I love you?” He pushed a burger and fries at his son. “Eat your dinner angel. Justin you come and keep Josh company for me, I wanna talk with your momma.” Justin slipped into the seat next to the sobbing brunette and draped his arms around his shoulders offering what little comfort he could.

Roy drew Lynn to another booth. “Do you think he’s telling the truth?” Lynn asked appalled at what she had overheard.

“I don’t want to believe him. If I believe him then I have to believe that my wife has deliberately starved and mistreated my son since he was 3 years old.”

Roy hid his face in his hands then looked up, regarding his son who had stopped crying and was now being persuaded to eat by the younger boy.

“Joshua doesn’t lie does he?” Lynn didn’t need to ask really, she already knew the answer before Roy shook his head, saddened by what he had just learned.

“I won’t leave him with that woman again. What am I going to do? If I take him back to DC then I’m taking away his career. I can’t leave him alone, he’s only 16.”

“He can live with me.” The words were out of Lynn’s mouth before she had time to really think about them. “Justin idolises him already and I have the room.”

Roy gave her a genuine smile. “Lets go back and eat and then you take my boy home with you. I’ll drop his clothes off later.”

Two beds both covered with matching covers sat on either side of the ample sized room. Between then sat two small chests of three drawers. Over each bed there was a small reading lamp. JC stood in the open doorway waiting to be invited in. Justin was spread across the left-hand bed reading a book, unaware of the older boy standing waiting. Even though he had lived with Lynn and Justin now for nearly a year and they had welcomed him into their little family, he still felt like he was an outsider.

Justin looked up “Jace, why are you loitering in the doorway? This is your bedroom too you know.”

JC shrugged, I didn’t want to interrupt you.”

“You’re not. JC are they really going to cancel the mouse club?”

The gangly brunette flopped down on his bed and stared at the ceiling, “so they say.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m not going home if that’s what you mean. I already told my dad, he’s not happy but he understands.”

“You could always come to Tennessee with me,” Justin said hopefully.

“I’ve put on your family too much already, besides I’ve told Tony I’d go with him to LA.”

Justin sat up startled. “Tony! But I thought -.”

“You thought what Justin?”


JC rolled onto his side so he could see his friend. “You thought what Justin?”

“I thought he was bullying you.”

JC laughed, “What made you think that?”

“You still go in the closet with him.”

The brunette rolled back onto his back and covered his eyes with his arm. “I told you that was none of your business.”


“Justin just leave it ok.”

The younger boy jumped off his bed and landed on top of JC, using his larger bodyweight to pin him down. “I want to know JC, what do you do in that closet, are you on drugs, is that it?”

“Get the fuck off me brillo head.”

“No, not till you tell me.”

“Fuck off Justin!” JC struggled but couldn’t get free, having been taken completely by surprise by the younger boy. He was acutly aware of the hard protrusion that was pressed against his own semi-hard cock.

Justin leaned down his face just inches from JC’s. “What are you hiding Jace? “

The older boy gulped, he shouldn’t be feeling what he was feeling right now. This was Justin grinding unaware on his groin, a thirteen year old boy not Tony who was 19 years old and knew what he was doing. “Get off me Justin.”

Soft lips suddenly covered his, moving slowly and tenderly, teeth captured his bottom lip, pulling it gently, teasing until JC gasped. As his mouth opened it was filled with Justin’s tongue. The sweet taste of candy assaulted JC’s taste bubs. He turned his head, reluctant to break the kiss but knowing it was completely wrong. “Stop it.” he begged. “Let me up now.”

“ I know what you do in there Jace, I saw. I just wanted you to tell me. I know you suck Tony off Jace.”

Tears burst from JC’s eyes; he had thought he had been so careful. “You don’t understand,” he whispered not able to hide the pain in his voice.

“Make me understand JC.” Justin ground himself hard against JC’s cock making the older boy moan, as he was helplessly held tight to the mattress.

“Tony helped me, he made a proposition and I accepted, I was desperate Justin. I was so hungry all the time. Tony paid me for services rendered. Made sure I got at least something to eat every day.”

“You blew him for food?”

“Yes.” JC turned his head ashamed.

“So why are you going to LA with him?”

“Because he asked me.”

“Does he fuck you?”

JC squeezed his eyes tightly shut, his face burning. He nodded slightly. “It was a natural progression, Dale wasn’t into that so he stopped, but with Tony its about the power, the control.”

Justin released his grip realising that JC had stopped struggling and was lying defeated on his back. “But you were living with us, you never needed to earn your keep anymore.”

“You don’t understand Justin. You’re just a kid. I needed it, to be touched. To feel just for a fleeting few minutes that someone loved me.”

“I could love you JC, I want to love you like that.”

JC pushed Justin off him, gaining the advantage from the younger boy. “You’re thirteen! What the hell do you know about sex, Gay sex at that? Its wrong Justin, wrong in so many ways. As soon as the mouse club closes I’m gone, it’s for the best.” he rolled off Justin and rushed out of the room leaving Justin laying on his bed.

“You know I should really tell you. I’m gay.” Justin stood waiting for a reaction from the short dark man that had invited him back to Florida for an audition.

Chris spluttered his beer. “What do you mean you’re gay? What are you 15, 16? How the hell can you know that? You shouldn’t even know what sex is.”

Justin rolled his eyes. “I’m 14 actually , and I’m old enough to know that I like my babes more as dudes with the added extras.”

“Do me a favour ok, don’t tell Lou. He’s not going to go for having a gay band member.” Chris took another swig of his beer. “So who’s this dude you want me to listen to?”

A smile spread over Justin’s lips and his face flushed a little. “His name is JC. I worked with him at Disney on the mouse club. Man he can dance up a storm and he sings like an angel.”

“When’s he arriving?”

“10:20pm, he caught the greyhound, my mom and me are picking him up.”

The older man chuckled, “Shit, he’s your boyfriend isn’t he?”

“No.” Justin folded his arms across his chest, pouting. “And don’t you go saying that to him either. He’ll be on the next bus back to LA before you can say synchronised dance moves. “

“So he’s not gay then?” Chris asked bluntly.

Justin smiled again, “Oh no he’s gay. It was him that made me realise I was too. He just has this little hang up with my age, nothing I can’t handle though.”

“You are bad Jup. I arranged for him to meet Lou Monday morning, so he’s got the weekend to settle in. If he’s as good as you say I can’t see a problem. Now if we can just find two more were set.”

Justin stood at the bus station, bouncing nervously on the balls of his feet, Chris stood to one side taking a deep drag of his cigarette, flicking the ash onto the pavement. After a long talk they had decided that it would be better for Chris and Justin to pick up JC, that way they could meet under less strained circumstances. The information board said that JC’s bus had arrived but there was still no sign of the willowy youth and almost everyone had disembarked already.

“Maybe he missed it?” Chris suggested lighting another smoke.

“Justin slapped his forehead, “I’m stupid, come on.” He led chris over to where the bus stood waiting and got on board, leaving Chris confused at the foot of the steps. Five minutes later he returned with a very sleepy looking thin teenager, his hair was long and scraggy, hanging in ringlets to his shoulders and his eyes were half closed and full of sleep, a crease ran the length of his face from where he had fallen asleep using his jacket as a pillow.

“Just as I thought he was asleep on the back seat.” Justin shouldered JC’s duffle bag. “Jace this is Chris, Chris, JC Chasez.”

JC grunted and held out his hand. “Charmed I’m sure.” he stretched long and luxuriously, yawning, his mouth opening wide before it closed again with a slight smacking of his lips. “What time is it?” he asked grumpily

Justin rolled his eyes, “Ignore him he’s a right little bitch when he first wakes up. I had nearly two years of sharing with him, he‘s not a pretty sight in the mornings.” Chris sniggered when JC shot the younger boy the finger and sauntered off towards a coffee machine. “That’s another thing about Jace, he’s a caffeine addict. Don’t bother trying to speak to him until he’s had at least three cups of coffee because he’ll just give you that infuriating blank look and blink his eyes at you. Watch.” Justin dragged the older man over to where JC was fighting with a plastic cup that refused to be pulled out of the slot. “So Jace, what have you got lined up to sing for Lou tomorrow?”

JC turned slowly with a totally blank look on his face and blinked rapidly four or five times, then turned back to his jammed coffee, yelping when it spilt over his fingers.

“See what I mean,” Justin said giggling as he pushed the brunette aside and withdrew the coffee with no problem then handed it over to a flustered looking JC who snarled and started sipping the steaming beverage.

“In case you were confused that’s sleepy JC talk for thanks.”

Justin’s translation was greeted by JC shooting him the bird again. Chris chuckled to himself, the band was not going to be boring with these two around, and the JC teasing alone was worth bringing them both into the group. He just knew he could get hours of fun when they were on the road, especially when they were all on the same bus.

“JC sweetie, its so good to have you home darlin’.” Lynn embraced her unofficial son as he walked into the hall. JC just seemed taken aback and stood blinking, unsure of what to say or how to react. “Oh honey you slept on the bus didn’t you?” She grabbed his hand and dragged him into the kitchen, shoving him into a chair, before thrusting a mug of black coffee at him.

Justin sniggered and nudged Chris, “see, even mom knows.”

“Honey you will be sharing with Justin, Chris is in the single room.” JC blinked blankly and Lynn sighed. “He’ll be like this for at least an hour, maybe we should just put him to bed, or we’ll have him bouncing off the ceiling all night with all this caffeine.” She went to take the coffee mug from JC’s pale hands. Chris jumped, he could have sworn the skinny kid had growled at Lynn and he now had a death grip on his cup and was glaring at her menacingly.

“Maybe we’ll just let him have that one,” she said backing off a little. “Justin hide the rest of the coffee.”

Justin giggled, “Yes momma.”

“I’m going to bed now JC, I’ll see you in the morning.” JC blinked blankly at her and she rolled her eyes, sighing. “Goodnight Chris, night sweetie.”

“Goodnight Mrs. Harliss.”

“Nite nite momma.”

Justin grabbed the coffee from the cupboard and emptied the rest of the pot down the sink. He then scribbled a note and put it on the table under JC’s nose. “Jace my room ok.” JC blinked and yawned. Justin shrugged, “Oh well if he gets into bed with you don’t worry, just push him back out and point him towards me.” Justin yawned this time. “I’m going to bed now too. Goodnight.”

“What about him?” Chris asked worriedly.

“Ah just leave him, he’ll be fine.”

When Chris got up the next morning JC was still sitting in the same chair sipping contentedly at the cup of coffee in his hands. Chris slid into the seat opposite him. “Has he been there all night?”

Lynn giggled. “Oh no honey he’s been out of bed about 45 minutes, he’ll be waking up any minute now.”

“He’s really not a morning person huh?” Chris joked.

Justin slipped into a chair on JC’s other side. “Is sleeping beauty awake yet?” he asked.

The brunette put his cup down and turned slowly to face the younger boy. “I’m going for a shower. Thanks for the coffee ma’am.”

Lynn smiled and put his empty cup in the sink. “Towels are in the closet honey.”

JC stopped and scratched his head staring blankly at Chris. “I’m sorry, do I know you?”

“Jace this is Chris, he’s who you have come to Florida to see, well him and Lou Pearlman.”

JC nodded. “Dude!”

He walked out of the kitchen humming to himself as Chris shook his head in disbelief. “He’s a fruit loop!”

“He’ll kick your ass if he hears you call him that. He’s got tough over the years. Justin said as he shovelled a spoonful of applejacks into his mouth.

Lynn sat in JC’s vacated place. “Chris, JC has had a very rough childhood. His momma was killed when he was about 3 or 4, in a fire that nearly killed him as well. He grew up with a woman that never wanted him in her home. The things he does are the things he uses to protect himself. He closes down, morning were the worse time for him. The things he told me, what she would make him do. When he was about 5 she was convinced he was autistic. He wasn’t of course, he just shut down so that he didn’t feel the pain of being unloved. he was dragged to doctor after doctor as she tried to have him certified so she could put him into care. she would have as well if Roy hadn’t put a stop to it. Give Joshua a chance sweetie. I guarantee that he’s worth it.”

Justin watched as JC dried himself from where he hid himself behind the wardrobe door. He breathed heavily as the super slim boy stood naked towel drying his long legs with his hair hanging in wet curls with rivulets of water running down over his shoulders. His pert buttocks were still pink from the heat of the water as they were encased in a pair of skin-tight denim jeans making Justin’s breath catch in his throat. JC topped off his outfit with a tight long-sleeved tee shirt. Then set about drying his hair. He stumbled back startled as he opened the closet door and was faced with Justin’s smiling face.

“What the fuck!”

“Just wanted to watch my future making himself pretty.”

JC backed away, “shoot Justin. I thought we had cleaned this up before I left for LA. You are just a kid.”

Justin advanced on the nervous boy. Over the year JC had been away Justin had grown. They were now eye to eye with Justin having the weight advantage. JC’s back hit the wall and Justin leaned against him, his hands either side of his head and his lips mere millimetres from JC’s own. JC’s heart raced as Justin’s breath wafted over his mouth. The younger man brought his nose to the brunette’s neck, making an agonisingly long show of smelling him

“ J-J-Justin. S-S-Stop.”

Justin licked up the side of JC’s face, sucking on his ear making him gasp and his knees buckle.

“Jup, JC.”

The sound of Chris’ voice made Justin pull back, he gave a half laugh “We’ll continue this later lover.” he swiped his tongue over JC’s pink lips one final time before pulling away completely.

“Are you ready to go? We’re meant to be meeting Lou at 11.” Chris looked between the two teens, one smiling cockily and the other red and flustered. Something had defiantly gone down between them but they didn’t have time for him to find out what. “We really need to go now. Lou don’t like to be kept waiting.

(A year later)

“Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday dear Justin,

Happy birthday to you.” a loud cheer went up and everyone clapped as Justin blew out the 16 candles that ringed his birthday cake.

“Don’t forget to make a wish darlin,” Lynn slurred slightly as she leaned in, placing a slightly sloppy kiss on her son’s forehead.

The curly haired boy looked over to where JC was sitting playing with his fingers and humming to himself in the safe little world that he liked to retreat into when there were too many people around him.

“I already did momma,” he said slyly.

One by one the party guests began to drift away. JC was all of a sudden aware that he was alone in the bedroom. He blinked blankly, wondering where everyone had gone and why he hadn’t noticed they had left. He stood up stretching then finishing his drink, before walking over to the door. He twisted the handle, pulling the door towards him. Stunned when it didn’t budge. He pulled it again, then again. He was locked in. He slapped his hands against the solid wood and yelled, trying to attract someone’s attention. He was so intent on getting out that he never noticed when a firm semi naked body slipped in close behind him. He froze as hot breath swept over the back of his neck. He closed his eyes and whispered softly through clenched teeth. “Let me out Justin.”

Big hands came to rest on his shoulders, two strong thumbs massaging circles into the nape of his neck. JC took a step forward to escape the intimate touch only to have the space he created re-closed. The firm young body pressed against him. Trapping him against the dark wood door. Nimble fingers deftly flipped open the small silver studs that held his jeans closed and they fell unaided to the floor. JC groaned as the cool air hit his naked ass and his cock was taken in a firm, yet tender grasp.

“Don’t fight me JC,” the voice oozed sex and JC shuddered as soft pliant lips began to suck on the side of his neck. Wetness trailed down to the fabric of his tee and he shivered as fingers hooked under the hem and pulled it up over his head.

“Can’t….” JC words were lost as Justin licked down his spine drawing love hearts in the small of his back with his tongue.

“Pretty , pretty skin. I love this place here.” JC shuddered and almost cum when Justin’s tongue ran down the cleft of his ass. His head was fuzzy and he couldn’t think, he knew he should be saying something, stopping this from happening but he just couldn’t make his body obey him. Justin’s teeth scrapped his ass cheek, then sunk in hard, making JC squeak from the sudden pain. The bite stopped as suddenly as it had began and Justin licked the sore spot over and over. “Marked you,” he explained breathlessly. “Marked you as mine.”

JC’s knees buckled and he was captured around the waist and supported as a hard piece of flesh probed between his buttocks, searching and prodding, looking for the heat that was concealed between the rounded mounds.”

JC shook himself from his stupor and wrenched himself free, spinning to face the rampant teen that was advancing on him once more. Justin’s face was flushed and his eyes heavily hooded with lust. He was naked and JC couldn’t pull his eyes away from the magnificent cock that stood to attention in the patch of golden curls. Unintentionally the brunette licked his lips as a pearl of pre-cum leaked from the eye of Justin’s cock, hard as he tried he couldn’t make himself see Justin as a child anymore. It was a man that stood before him, all be it a boy in a mans body. He closed his eyes as Justin’s hand closed around his cock once more, drawing him forward towards the bed. “I want to fuck you” he breathed as he squeezed and jerked on JC’s weeping cock. “But first I want to taste you.”

Justin got to his knees and guided JC’s thick penis into his open mouth, he released a muffled groan as he tasted what he had craved since he was 12 years old. JC, his idol, was at last helpless in his hands.. The older teen turned to mush staggering backwards and would have fallen if it hadn’t been for Justin’s arms wrapped around his waist not only holding him upright but pulling him deeper into his throat as well. JC came with a pained cry and Justin swallowed every drop. He carried on sucking until JC had gone limp in his mouth. He walked his lover back until his legs hit the bed, then he laid him down tenderly, climbing on top of him. He kissed JC‘s lips, possessively claiming the hot sweet space as his own, , he smiled against JC’s lips as he felt the older boy go supple in his arms, and he knew that he had won. He reached down, using his fingers to probe between JC’s cheeks until he found the tight opening he was searching for. Using a little force he slipped one finger inside and groaned into JC’s mouth at the intense heat. His cock jumped in anticipation of the searing hotness that awaited him. He rolled his hips until JC’s legs parted and wrapped desperately around his waist. Their bodies slid together as if made for each other, the brunette bucking up as he was penetrated without effort. Pretty soon they were panting and sweating as they writhed together, unaware of the world that surrounded them. At that time and place they were the beginning, the middle and the end of the universe. Inhaling each other’s breath, mouths mashing together in sync to their bodies. JC came first, fireworks exploding in his ears and behind his eyes. Four more thrusts and Justin joined him, collapsing on the slighter teen, trapping him between himself and the mattress. They laid like that for what seemed hours, neither one willing to move or speak. Eventually Justin pulled himself up onto his elbows and leaned down placing a loving kiss on JC’s lips.

“No regrets JC, please.”

The older boy looked up with half hooded eyes, gleaming with love and desire. “No regrets,” he whispered. He stayed silent for a while allowing his younger lover the luxury of licking his lips, as they snuggled together, chest to chest.

“What you thinking?” Justin propped himself up on his elbow and gazed down into JC’s eyes.

“Where do we go from here Justin. I’m 21, you’re 16. They won’t accept us.”

“They already have.”

JC sat up startled “What!” The colour drained from his face as he raked his fingers through his short hair.

“Jace calm down darlin’. I talked to my mom, that’s all . She asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year and I said You.”

JC listened flabbergasted that Justin had the guts at 16 to do what he didn’t at 21. “We had a long talk and I told her how I felt about you, how I’d always felt about you. She asked if you felt the same and I said I didn’t know. She said I needed to find out. Don’t you wonder how you ended up alone with me? Why the guys didn’t pull you out of the room when they left?”

“The ..the guys know?” the slim brunette started to hyperventilate, his hand at his throat as the colour drained from him further.

“They understand JC, Chris knew how much I loved you already, ever since that first morning you came back to Florida. The others had an idea. Even mom wasn’t surprised.” Justin cradled JC’s face, stroking his cheek with is thumb. “You’ve had so little love in your life JC. Please let me love you.”

Tears seeped from the corners of JC’s eyes and he screwed up his face as he tried hard not to cry. He shook his head slightly. I don’t deserve it Justin, I don’t.”

The younger boy thumbed away the salty trail and kissed each eye tenderly. “Yes you do Joshua. Let me love you.”

JC sobbed openly in his young lovers arms. “All I ever wanted in my life was someone to love me, I took fame as a poor substitute. I love you so much Justin, I have since that first time you kissed me, but I didn’t believe that you could really want me.”

“I’ll always want you Josh.” Justin whispered.

Sighing happily JC settled his head against his shoulder knowing that he was finally home.

The End.

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