“Honey, do you really think this is a good idea?”

“Baby we’re 20 storeys up, there’s no one to see, the door is locked and we are all alone.”

JC rolled his eyes, “I’m still not sure baby, it seems kinda risky to me.”

“That’s what makes it exciting.” Justin licked at his boyfriend’s ear. “I’ll let you top. You know how much you want my booty.” He ground his pelvis against JC’s bony hip making the brunette groan as he slipped his hand inside the low-slung pants.

“Oh God, that feels so good.” JC moaned sexily, letting his head roll back so Justin could attack his throat with his lips and teeth.

“You know you want me. I know, you know you want me.” Justin licked up the side of his lovers face, tracing the sharp cheekbone with his hot wet tongue. “Mmm, you taste so good honey, salty and sweet mixed together.”

JC groaned again as his cock was squeezed hard. Justin tugged at his jeans “Take ‘em off,” he drawled as he popped the button on the denim waistband.

“Justin,” JC breathed. He lowered his pants unable to resist the incorrigible blond. Justin immediately got to his knees and engulfed JC’s erect cock, making him gasp and grab at the nearly bald head bobbing up and down in front of him. “Oh god Justin, I miss your curls, I’ve got nothing to hold on to.”

The shaved headed singer let out a muffled giggle and sucked harder, pressing his tongue against JC’s solid shaft.

“Stop! …. Justin …s … stop, if you want me to fuck you, you have to stop now.”

Justin slid up his lover’s body, licking a wet trail up his chest. He stopped to suckle on a hard brownish pink nipple. Capturing the hard nub between his sharp teeth, biting passionately, making the older man hiss. JC fumbled with the fastenings on Justin’s jeans letting them pool on the floor round the younger mans feet. Their mouths met in a wild frenzy, tongues dancing together and hands groping.

“Fuck me Jaycee.”

The brunette groaned at the demand and the big strong hands kneading at his buttocks.

“Not yet.” He gasped, “Let me taste you.” JC pushed Justin back till he was sitting on a sun-bed, his legs spread to allow JC to kneel between them. The horny brunette got on to his hands and knees, nuzzling his nose into the soft downy blond pubic hair, inhaling the sweet musky scent of his lover’s groin. He snaked out his tongue, brushing the tip over the throbbing cock head, swirling it around the slit, taking the salty pre-cum into his mouth. JC used the flat of his tongue to lick up Justin’s solid shaft. He looked up, capturing his lover’s eyes as his tongue danced sensuously over the heated manhood. The look intensified and Justin moaned overcome with arousal, letting his head roll back and his eyes closed. JC smiled against Justin’s heated skin knowing that he was sending his lover spiralling into oblivion. Making one more swipe with his tongue across the head of Justin’s cock before turning his attention to the low hanging ball sack lightly covered with soft blond hair. He lapped it lovingly working his way underneath it, sucking one ball into his hot mouth, rolling it with his tongue before turning his attention to the other one. He licked and sucked, saturating Justin’s burning skin with his saliva. Justin arched his back and JC took it as a sign that his lover wanted more. Dropping his mouth lower and hooking the blonds right leg over his shoulder he licked down till his tongue danced erotically over Justin’s tight puckered hole. Pressing gently he began to prepare the younger man for penetration, using his strong oral muscle to invade Justin’s body, slowly relaxing the constricted ring, using his saliva to lubricate his way.

Justin’s breath rumbled in his chest and he wriggled forwards wanting to feel more of JC’s talented tongue inside his ass. The brunette purred with delight as he pressed deeper, making Justin scream with pleasure as he came hard, hitting JC in the face with thick milky fluid. JC smiled sexily Justin’s cum running down his face, slowly and deliberately he wiped the fluid away with his fingers, sucking them clean as he crawled up Justin’s body. The young blond whimpered at the sight, thrusting his mouth to meet that of JC’s, entwining his tongue with his lovers taking his own taste into his mouth.

“Inside Jace … please baby,” he purred.

Spitting on his hand JC lubed himself up, he lined his cock up with Justin’s opening and pressed inside. Justin hissed and went ridged. “Relax baby, it’ll pass.” JC cooed, “You’re not used to it.”

Justin’s eyes widened, as he tried to breath through the burning sensation flooding his ass. Taking a deep breath he nodded, indicating that he was ready for JC to continue. The brunette rolled his hips, circling methodically as he thrusted in and out. Justin laced his fingers through his lovers golden brown locks, pulling him into a passionate kiss, using his tongue in synchronisation with JC’s penetrations. “Love you Jaycee.” He mumbled into the brunette’s mouth, “Love you so much.”

JC whimpered and stiffened at the confession, feeling his orgasm building. He pumped harder and harder, throwing his head back and howling loudly as he exploded into Justin’s tightness.

The younger man inched up so JC could lay with him, both panting and sweat covered in the midday sun. JC nuzzled into Justin’s neck, snuggling up on top of his lover, covering most of the blonds body with his own.

Justin smiled and snuggled back. “are you going to let me get up?” He asked.

JC shook his head, “No … comfortable … sleepy now.”

“ok baby, but just for a few minutes ok.”

Justin woke with a start, checking his watch. “Jace! … JC, baby we need to move.”

JC stretched and yawned, looking up sleepily at his boyfriend. “what’s wrong angel?” He asked innocently.

“JC your ass and the tops of your legs, look at the colour, Jesus baby we been asleep for hours.”

JC looked over his shoulder at his ass. “Holy crap!” He moved fast trying to stand up, loosing his balance and falling over on to the floor. “Oww, shit Owww.”

Justin hurried to help him up. “I’ll call a doctor.”


“But JC those burns are pretty bad.”

“It’ll be ok, it’s … its really not that bad.”

Justin looked unconvinced “ok, we will see how you go, but the challenge is tomorrow, if you are no better then you had better not join in.”

(later that night.)

JC lay naked on the bed he shared with Justin, his buttocks and upper thighs aflame. He whimpered as Justin laid a cold wet towel over the effected area.

“Is that better baby?”

JC nodded miserably. “I knew it was a bad idea to fuck in the sun.”

“No honey, the idea was a good one, the bad idea was falling asleep afterwards without using sunscreen.”

“It hurts.” JC stuck his lip out pouting and in pain.

“I know sweets.”

“I won’t be able to the skills tomorrow, I can barely stand up.”

Justin hid a grin. “Just show up sweets, stay for a while then sneak off back to bed, hopefully no one will notice.”

JC hitched himself onto his elbows his brow wrinkling in a frown. “Are you saying I’m un-miss-able? I’ll have you know these people don’t just turn up for MR JT, there are a few that turn up to see me too!”

Justin cringed at his mistake. “I’m not saying that honey, of course they wanna see you too, they love you almost as much as I do. I just meant that if we get into a dispute about the scores, you can sneak off, after all do you really want to explain that you got sunburn on your ass while fucking your boyfriend on the hotel sun terrace?”

JC grunted, “Well I guess if you put it like that. No. but I don’t wanna miss out on the fun.”

Justin smiled and kissed JC’s shoulder, “You lay here baby, I’ll call the doctor.”

“But Justin he’ll laugh at me.”

“He’s a professional, he won’t laugh.”

(the next day)

Lance burst out laughing “He got sunburn on his what?” Joey and Chris joined in the laughter.

Justin frowned “don’t laugh at him … he’s sensitive.”

“Well if he wasn’t before he is now.” Joey chuckled, sending Lance in to further fits of giggles.

“Stop it ok! He’ll be here in a bit.”

The door opened and a rather sheepish looking JC dressed in blue jeans and a white long sleeved t shirt came into the room. “Hi guys.”

Chris sniggered and Lance slapped him. “So you’re not doing the skills then?” he said trying to keep his face as straight as possible.

JC winced “No, I don’t feel too good today.”

Lance sucked his cheeks into his mouth, containing the laughter he was dying to let out. “It’s ok so long as you show your face.”

Chris grinned wickedly and picked up his backpack. “Oh by the way Jace, your ass looks really hot in those pants.”

Raucous laughter filled the air.

“YOU TOLD THEM!” JC screamed.

“Don’t worry JC your secret is safe with us.” Joey said reassuringly, as he walked out he began to snigger and started singing at the top of his voice. “Goodness gracious great buns of fire.”

Justin shrugged apologetically at his boyfriend. “At least the doctor didn’t laugh.” He offered in way of consolation.

JC shot him a look of pure hate. “No he didn’t.” He snapped “But you did.”

The end.

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