Tequila, Boys Games and D Rings

Josh wasn’t sure when he became the bands whore. He was pretty sure that it wasn’t by choice, its not like he got up one morning and said ‘Ok guys all of you come have a piece of me’ It really wasn’t a clear memory of the first time it happened.

They were halfway through the first leg of the Celebrity tour. He couldn’t even remember where they were, only that the two man bus had broken down and Lance and Joey were forced to move in with the rest of them. Promises had been made that it would only be for one maxim two nights. So after the show they had all ran down and clambered on the three man bus.

Justin and Chris were on a super high, wrestling and jumping on each other and any unfortunate person that got in their way. Joey threw himself in front of the tv and started searching for anything even slightly pornographic. Lance had opened his laptop and was furiously typing away, his glasses perched on the end of his nose. Every now and then he would look up at Jc and grin then start typing again with a renewed fury.

Jc had stretched out over the couch and was slowly drifting to sleep. Chris and Justin stopped fooling around and began to whisper to each other an evil grin spread over Chris’ face and Justin smothered a snigger as they split up and approached the others Justin whispered to Lance who nodded his head and smiled. Chris sought out Joey. At having the plan explained to him, broke out in a huge face splitting grin and nodded enthusiastically.

‘Hey Jc, wake up we’re bored. We going to play a game’ Justin whined shaking his sleeping friend.

Jc groaned ‘ Go play without me Just, I’m dying here’

‘Jccccccccc, Come on man don’t be a party poop, come on, Chris has got this great new game and we need a fifth.’ Justin fluttered his eye lashes at the older man. ‘Please..... Pretty please..... Pretty please with sugar...... Pretty please with sugar and cherries on top , Pretty please with sugar cherries and ...’

‘Alright, all right I’ll play your damn game just shut the fuck up’ Jc swung his legs off the couch and stood up stretching ‘I just go to go and wash up first then I’m all yours ok’

‘Ok, here’s the game. I deal the cards clockwise round the table. One card only. Highest card wins lowest one loses. In the event that two cards have the same face value black is higher than red. Spades highest, then clubs, then diamonds. Hearts are the lowest. Now for the consequences. Loser removes an item of clothing, drains his shot glass, and does a truth or dare which will be decided by the holder of the highest card. Any questions?’

Chris was greeted by a chorus of no’s.

‘Oh one more thing Jewellery does not count as clothes Justin.’

Everyone sat in a circle on the floor and Joey produced two bottles of tequila and promptly set about filling everyone’s shot glass. Jc was leaning against the armchair his head back and his eyes closed so he didn’t see the mischievous looks his band mates had shared.

‘ It’s my game I deal first’ Chris dealt the cards announcing the value as he went ‘ Joey, ohh eight of diamonds. Justy, ten of spades, Lancy poos mmmm six of hearts. Jaycee, oh bad luck Jace two of hearts’ Jc groaned as Chris shook his head in mock sympathy. ‘and for me eight of clubs. Justin wins, Jc loses.’

Jc lifted his glass to his lips and threw the contents down his throat to the chant of ‘Down in one, Down in one, Down in one.’ he then slipped off one of his socks ‘ oh no, Jc. both count as one’ Joey grinned and indicated for the other sock to come off .

‘Since when’ Jc pouted ‘Since I said so’ Chris stated ‘And its my game so its my rules.’

‘Just deal the cards Chris’ Jc was pissed that he had to lose both socks, they hadn’t told him this was a strip jack naked sort of game, he only had on socks, sweatpants, t shirt and boxers.

‘ Ohh no you got to do the dare first’ Justin interrupted, its my dare too I got the highest card. right what to make you do? mmm let me think. I know truth. Have you ever fucked in a changing room?’

Jc flushed red ‘yes, deal the fucking cards Justin’ Justin started to deal the cards

‘Who’d you fuck Jc?’ Lance couldn’t help but ask he was ignored. So he stored the question away for later when he got his chance to use it.

Jc lost the next round as well, this time he had to do a dare Joey made him stand on his head and say the alphabet backwards. The third round Chris lost. Joey made him moon to the other cars on the highway. The forth round Jc lost yet again. He drained back his shot and slipped his sweat pants off. he’d better start winning he only had his boxers left.

Chris had the highest card this time and made a big deal of considering what he wanted Jc to do, keeping the younger man occupied . while Joey sneakily changed his shot glass for a bigger one.

‘Right Jace I decided to be nice all you got to do is drain your glass two more times then I’ll deal again’ Jc eyed his glass, damn he was beginning to feel really drunk, that glass looked bigger. But a dare was a dare. He closed his eyes and drank the tequila down only to have Joey refill the glass and lift it up to his lips. ‘down in one Jaycee, you can do it.’ when the glass was empty they cheered him.

It was Chris who dealt again. Joey nine of hearts, Justin three of diamonds, Lance king of spades Jc three of hearts, He groaned and hoped the room would stop spinning, Chris got a five of spades, ‘Jc loses to Lance’ Justin announced.

‘ COME ON GUYS, gimme a break.’

‘Take em off Boy, you lost take the consequences’ Justin was enjoying this way too much he decided as he pulled his last piece of clothing off. This time the world did a somersault as he put the glass down. Lance was beginning to feel sorry for his older friend, He watched as Jc shook his head trying to clear the effects of the tequila at the same time attempting to keep himself as covered as possible. He saw Joey upgrade his glass yet again, not so much that Jc would notice but enough. Chris, Joey and Justin grinned at Lance nodding encouragement for him to carry out the plan.

‘my dare’ Lance announced ‘I dare you to take one more shot of tequila’ Justin pressed a full glass into Jc’s hands ‘ Then you have to French kiss everyone.’ Jc thought he was going to faint.

‘Errm g-guys’ He’d began to stutter ‘ Me first.’ Justin grabbed Jc’s hand and dragged him over to where he’d been leaning against the couch. He pressed his lips forcefully to Jc’s, flicking his tongue across his lower lip. He began to suck Jc’s lower lip before slipping his tongue deep into his mouth , tasting tequila. Justin pulled back allowing him to catch his breath before he guided Jc’s mouth to that of Lance’s.

Everything was pretty blurry from then, Jc remembered feeling mouths on his, hands touching his body, someone touched his cock, swiping their thumb over the head. A tongue played along his spine, who ever it was had a beard, his mouth was filled with Justin’s tongue. There was mouths on his nipples making him moan with pleasure. Hands moved him to where they wanted him . He let them manipulate him, turning him.

He gasped as someone’s fingers slipped inside him, slowly pushing in and out of him. A hand grasped his cock rubbing and stroking his growing erection. Justin had began to lick down his chest to his belly. Jc cried out as his cock was engulfed by Justin’s hot mouth, his own mouth quickly claimed by Chris’s eager lips. He wasn’t sure who entered him first, he had been taken from behind, his eyes were closed, as the room spun round him. He knew they had all had him.

Jc woke the next morning with Justin wrapped naked around him. His head pounded and his mouth was dry. He moved gently, slowly not to wake the sleeping man. Justin’s blue eyes fluttered open.

‘Morning stud’ he drawled. Jc blushed and then made a sudden dash for the bathroom, just making it before spilling the contents of his stomach. He went to the sink and rinsed out his mouth. Tequila always made him throw up the next day. He splashed water over his face and looked up into the mirror. there hanging through his right nipple, glinting in the light was a silver ring.

Behind him four grinning men,

‘I think we need to play again tonight don’t you guys?’ Justin winked at Jc and closed the bathroom door leaving Jc to stare in wonder at his newly acquired adornment.

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