The Cats Whiskers

Justin thought it very apt that JC was a Leo. It wasnít just the way he was able to curl up and sleep anytime anywhere, or the way he would suddenly stretch out his long slender limbs as he yawned sleepily. Nor was it the way he purred when you were kissing down his spine or the low guttural growl that erupted from his throat when he was about to orgasm. What ever it was JC was completely feline. He could be soft and playful but boy did you have to watch out for those claws. Justin could imagine JC sprouting a long swishing tail and twitching whiskers. Licking at his paws and wiping them around sharp furry ears as he groomed himself. He swore once he saw JC circle round and round in the middle of his bed before kneading it and settling down in a small ball to sleep. Justin liked to sleep with JC because JC liked to taste. He would spend hours just running his tongue over every inch of Justinís skin, savouring his flavour, licking and suckling. The way he rubbed his lithe form all over Justinís more padded body was like a cat winding itself round the legs of its owner, scenting him as his own.

If JC was the cat then Lance was his plaything. Poor lance was totally besotted with the cat, he hung on the older mans every word. Lance reminded Justin of a butterfly trapped beneath the cats paws. Every now and then a paw would be lifted allowing the insect to rise and spread its beautiful wings, beating them madly in anticipation of escape. Only to be allowed a few inches of freedom before the cat pounced pinning it down once more, playing with the delicate creature, nipping its wings keeping it earthbound. JC could be cruel.

Just as Lance was a butterfly the Chris was the playful puppy. Bounding across the room pouncing on the sleeping cat at every opportunity, teasing and annoying, begging him to play until JC hissed and spat, then moved on to another sleeping place where hopefully the annoying pup couldnít reach him. Of course Chris always followed waiting till the cat was curled up almost sleeping before jumping on him again.

Once Justin had seen Chris grab and pin JC, pushing his arms above his head, stomach tight against the wall, trapping him tightly with the weight of his body. The cat had been startled, but soon began to purr and growl loudly as the naughty puppy dog ground his hips into JCís butt, licking at his neck, trying to tame the independent feline. He failed.

Just as Chris was the annoying puppy then Joey was the dominate pack male. Females flocked to him and he had his pick. JC couldnít use his feline powers on Joey and he avoided being alone with him if he could. Even when the cat was sleeping heíd sense the pack leaders presence. Justin could almost see his ears prick up and tail thrash in apprehension. When JC and Joey faced off the air sparked with electricity. Joey would circle and bark at the agile cat trying to back him into a corner. In return JC would hiss and arch his back ready to fight if he had to. JC had sharp claws.

Justin liked to watch the predator the most, the man-eater on the prowl. If you compared a night club to a jungle then JC was the undisputed king. Heíd lurk in the shadows and survey his kingdom, slowly and carefully selecting his prey. Then he would take time tracking and stalking his unsuspecting victim cornering him before attacking with such force he was un-resistible. Many mornings Justin would see a pathetic looking creature crawling from JCís room clothes torn, scratched and bitten, thankful that they hadnít been devoured completely. JC had a healthy appetite.

Justinís favourite cat emerges in the early hours of the morning before the sun rises. The one that stealthily slinks into Justinís own bed. Mewing and purring sweet nothings in the younger mans ear. Nibbling at his lobes and nuzzling his neck. entwining his long legs around Justinís own. That was the time that Justin became the predator, the dominate male, sinking his teeth into the cats throat rolling him onto his back in surrender. Grinding his hip into JCís making him mew in delight. Justin loved how he could turn the man eating lion into a soft fluffy kitten, arching his back and purring at his every touch. It was these times Justin knew just who was the cats whiskers and exactly where he could find the cream.

the end.

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