The Sky's the limit

Nothing was more annoying than arriving at your destination on time only to have the captain announce that the plane had been placed in a holding circle. It was the worse thing about flying to England that damned holding pattern over the city. Justin was bored. He hated night flights at the best of times. Josh as usual had fallen asleep as had Lance and even Chris. Joey was up front somewhere hitting on the pretty brunette stewardess that had served them all their drinks earlier. He leaned his forehead against the window watching the twinkling lights a thousand feet below. It was as if London was taunting him, crying out hey you’re here, look at me, only haha you’re not allowed in. He sighed as the full moon passed his window for the third time, he watched till it disappeared behind the plane’s wing. Oh well only another 15 minutes then it will be back.

He glanced at Josh, the brunette had curled himself up in a ball on his seat, hugging his jacket to his head as a pillow. His breathing was slow and even, his face slightly flushed as rubbed unconsciously at his nose before settling down again. Justin reached over and brushed a stray golden brown curl from Josh’s eye causing the sleeping brunette to turn almost 180 degrees in his seat and curl into the blond tucking his tousled head onto Justin’s shoulder. He kissed the sleeping mans forehead when he heard a small whimper escape from between Josh’s lips. Hot breath tinged with the faint odour of Jack Daniels wafted over Justin’s neck as Josh settled against him. The younger man sat very still afraid to move, unwilling to allow contact to be broken. He closed his eyes and breathed in the scent that was uniquely Josh. Another small cry escaped the sleeping mans lips and he buried his head deeper into Justin’s chest. The whimpering became more and more urgent and Justin’s shirt started to feel wet. He was startled to realise that the man curled so tightly into him was crying in his sleep. He wrapped his arms tightly round his still sleeping friend kissing him softly.

"Josh, Josh sweetie. Wake up angel."

Two sleepy, wet, steel blue eyes fluttered open filled with fear and confusion.

"Justin." It was barely a whisper Josh hid his face in the younger mans chest and cried quietly "Justin ... you ... you left me! You left me behind." Justin leaned his head down and kissed the top of his lovers head blinking back the tears that threatened to fall as he hugged Josh tight.

The moon passed by the wing tip for the forth time.

"You left me, didn’t need or want me." Josh hiccuped into the soft cream fabric of Justin’s shirt.

"Josh, angel it was a dream, Just a bad dream baby, I’m here its ok." It hurt Justin so much to see how insecure his lover had become since he had made the step to solo artist. "Just a dream."

The brunette lifted his liquid eyes questioningly his dark lashes matted together with sleep and tears. His bottom lip trembled as he repeated. "A dream? But it ... it was so real." The younger man planted a kiss on josh’s cheek and batted away his tears with the pad of his thumb. "It was a bad dream baby. I promise." He tilted the brunettes face towards his and rubbed his nose against Josh’s. "I love you Josh." He whispered

This is captain Williams, we have just been allocated a landing time please expect to land in 30 minutes. Thank you.

Josh sighed and settled back against his lovers shoulder. " 30 minutes. We’re not going to get to the hotel before 11.30 and that’s if we are lucky."

Justin’s eyes shone wickedly. "Baby you know you really should go wash your face, you have streaks all down it from where you were crying."

Josh huffed "Wasn’t crying. I was just confused waking up all sudden like that and my eyes were watering that’s all. The blond smiled at his boyfriends attempts of covering up his insecurities.

"Go wash up baby."

Josh sighted deeply again and got out of his seat, making his way to the toilet. As he opened the door two strong hands pushed him forward causing him to stumble over the toilet pan. Before he could recover he heard the door snap shut and lock behind him.

"What the?"

"Shh baby." Justin’s voice was thick with desire. "30 minutes is plenty of time for me to convince you that you are both wanted and needed. He turned Josh round to face him and pushed him down on the toilet seat. The brunette giggled nervously his eyes constantly on the bathroom door. Justin pulled out a soft clean handkerchief and ran it under the tap, then lifting Josh’s chin he tenderly washed his face. On finishing he dropped the wet cloth into the sink and leaned down to place a soft loving kiss on Josh’s full pink lips. Justin lifted Josh back to his feet kissing him enthusiastically. "Let me show me how much I need you Joshua."

Justin got down on his knees and pulled down Josh’s zipper. He reached inside and grinned. "Commando baby! That one of the reasons I love you so much. He attacked the soft pliant mouth of his boyfriend making Josh gasp as his fingers closed his half hard cock, freeing it from the restricting denim. He used his free hand to pull out Josh’s ball sac, rolling it round in his hand as he planned his next move. Justin brought his tongue to the throbbing purplish cock head running his tongue up the oozing slit savouring the thick pre-cum. Josh’s breathing increased catching in his throat as Justin took him in his mouth, his tongue pressed firmly against the sensitive skin as he worked up and down his boyfriends length. Licking hard like a child with a sucker.

Justin pulled back and worked the tip of his tongue into the slit sucking eagerly as Josh’s head rolled back and his mouth hung open. Justin blew over his boyfriends cock making it jump and twitch in anticipation. He placed a tender kiss on the tip then attacked Josh’s balls with his mouth. sucking one into his hot wetness pushing the swollen testicle round with his tongue, feeling its shape and tasting its salty flavour, pushing it round the confines of his hot mouth before turning his attention to the other one and repeating the excruciatingly pleasurable experience.

Josh stifled a scream of ecstasy as Justin slipped a finger inside him. Stroking his anal walls as he sucked both balls into his mouth. Justin watched his lovers face from his place between Josh’s thighs, looking up, enjoying the look of sheer pleasure plastered on Josh’s beautiful face. He swallowed the stiff phallus again, deep throating Josh as he jabbed hard at his lovers prostate again and again. Justin’s mouth filled with hot salty cum, shooting down his throat. Josh sagged back to the wall and Justin took the opportunity to clean his lover up with his tongue lapping at the super sensitive genitals, knowing he was driving his lover insane. Satisfied he had done a good job Justin moved his mouth up to his boyfriends lips pushing some cum he had held onto josh’s mouth letting him taste himself.

He tucked the softening cock back into his lovers jeans and re-zipped him up carefully. Hugging him tightly in the confines of the tiny planes toilet room.


The seat belt sign popped up and both men giggled at the prospect of leaving the small room together. Justin unlocked the door and holding Josh’s hand he lead the blushing brunette back to his seat.

Lance rolled his eyes and stared out of the window. Joey whispered something to the pretty brunette stewardess making her giggle, and Chris gawped at them openly. "Oh please tell me you did not just get freaky in the bathroom!"

Josh blushed bright red and stared intently out of the window watching the ground get closer and closer. Justin leaned into his lover and blew evilly into his ear. "You know Josh when it comes to me loving you, The sky’s the limit.

the end

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