The slave

JC poured cinnamon grahams into a bowl and added his milk. Taking a large spoonful he made his way to his living room, draping his long thin body over his favourite easy chair and flicking the TV remote to on. He had just taken another large mouthful when his phone rang. Grabbing the reciever he garbled “Yo” into the mouthpiece as he frantically tried to swallow the spicy cereal.

“Is that anyway to address your master?” The voice on the end of the phone was icy and demanding. JC choked. He quickly put down his bowl giving the caller his full attention.

“No master” He whispered. “Forgive me.”

“Are you on your knees slut?”

The slender brunette quickly dropped to his knees, bowing his head as he replied softly to the disembodied voice. “Yes master.”

“Good. What are you wearing slut?”

“Jeans and beater master.”

“Undo your jeans, pull them down. Display your ass and cock for me.”

JC hesitated. Although he was alone in the house he felt awkward and humiliated, but he had agreed to this and now he had to follow through. His hand shakily popped the buttons on his flies one by one. He took a deep breath and yanked his jeans and underwear down to his knees. He knelt the phone pressed to his ear steadying his breathing. “Did you obey me slut?”

“Yes master.”

“I don’t believe you.” The man on the end of the phone was getting colder by the passing seconds. “Take the phone and turn on your computer, switch on your web cam and invite me to view you. You have 1 minute to comply, fail and you will be punished.”

JC leaped to his feet and holding on to his pants he charged into his study connecting quickly to his server he switched on his cam, the one that had been delivered to him only that morning with instructions to install it immediately. He tapped out the caller’s user name and pressed send.

“Good. 10 seconds to spare. Now kneel where I can see you, bared like I told you before.”

The 26 year old knelt in front of the camera, his head down, displaying himself.

“Touch yourself slut.”

JC moved his hand hesitatingly to his manhood taking it firmly in his grip, his lip caught between his teeth, face red, he began to rub. Long slow strokes, dragging his thumb over his leaking head. He closed his eyes and shuddered at the naughtiness of what he was doing. “Open your eyes slut, look into the camera. I want you to see yourself.” JC opened his eyes obeying the man on the end of the phone. He gasped to see himself looking back, his hand stopped moving.

“Did I tell you that you could stop?” the voice was irate angry.

“N … no master I’m sorry master.” the brunette began to masturbate faster, using more pressure. He moaned with pleasure, his mouth falling open as he let his head drift backwards. “Slut stop.”

He whimpered at the command but obeyed instantly, staying his hand.

“Did you buy what I told you to slut?” the man demanded to know.

“Yes master.”

“Get it now.” Again JC jumped to his feet, he dashed up the stairs to his room, holding his jeans tightly round his thighs, he hadn’t been given permission to take them off or pull them up. He found the box and ran back down to his study, kneeling and pulling his jeans back down to his knees. He waited for his master to speak again. “Show me.” The brunette struggled with the wrapping, all fingers and thumbs in his haste to be found pleasing. He freed the object and held it up for inspection. “Is that the biggest one you could find?”

“Yes master.”

“Good, now slut I want you to insert it.”

JC swallowed hard the butt plug in his hands was enormous; He hadn’t been penetrated for over three weeks. “I’m waiting slut.”

He looked around desperately looking for something anything he could use as a lubricant. “You have to the count of three slut, fail me and I will never touch you. 1 …… 2 ……”

JC gritted his teeth and plunged the butt plug into place, he stifled a scream as the hard rubber forced him open, sending burning sensations through his ass. He fell to his hands and knees panting, tears of pain in his eyes. “3” The cold voice held no compassion for the abused man. “Get back on your knees slut and touch yourself again. You have 1 minute to cum starting now.”

JC began to play with himself again his eyes fixed on the camera, he wished he knew if the man on the other end of the phone was touching himself too. He groaned as his balls tightened, and cried out as he shot his load over his hand. “Such a good little slut. Now lick your hand clean.” The brunette lifted his cum covered hand to his mouth and closed his eyes, gingerly sticking out his tongue and tasting the creamy fluid gagging slightly. “I said clean your hand slut, I haven’t got all day.” He took a deep breath and licked his hand clean, suppressing the urge to retch. “Good” The unimpassioned voice said. “Now slut you will follow my instructions to the letter. You will pull up your pants leave the plug in place. Go to your car and drive to the interstate, at the first junction there is a motel called Goldie‘s. Stop there. Go to room 25a the door will be open. Strip naked and kneel facing the door your head down. Your hands behind your back. You will wait there till I arrive. If you do not comply with these instructions or you remove the plug I will leave immediately. No discussion. You will not speak unless given permission. Do you understand these instructions slut?”

“Yes master.”

“You have 30 minutes.” The phone went dead. JC grabbed his pants pulling them up buttoning them as he ran the best he could with the giant plug inside him to his car. He tentatively sat in the drivers seat hissing as the plug drove deeper inside him. He prayed that he didn’t get involved in an accident as he pulled into the traffic flow, he’d hate to explain this to management. He saw the junction coming up and pulled off the freeway, he cussed as he missed the turning into the motel, having to turn round and go back. He looked at the time. He was cutting it close. He parked up and as quickly as he could found the room. He hesitated before taking his courage in his hands and stripping naked, following his master’s instructions to the letter. He knelt waiting. He waited and he waited, it began to get dark outside. His legs ached, he longed to get up and walk about and stretch his legs. Instead he knelt shivering. He had only been told to wait, not how long.

The room was pitch black when the door finally opened “close your eyes slut.” JC closed his eyes. He gasped when the pungent smell of leather filled his nostrils as the blindfold was tied tightly around his head. He shuddered as the collar was fastened around his neck, the heavy metal chain dangling down his chest. A hand cupped his chin, lifting his face. “Beautiful, your so beautiful slut.” A soft thumb traced gently over his trembling lips. “Stand up, legs apart, hands behind you. Stand straight.” JC obeyed his unseen master, his whole body on edge. The tiny pressure of fingers trailing across his abdomen felt like a thousand knives tearing through his skin. A smooth hand grasped his balls, rolling them round, stretching and teasing them, making him hiss with pain as they were squeezed hard then softly petted again. “Is your ass ready for me slut?”

“Y … yes master.”

JC was turned around and lead forward. “Spread your legs.” He obeyed with out question. “Bend, hold on to the table legs.” He leaned forward cringing back as his hot skin made contact with the ice-cold metal table. He reached down holding the metal legs tightly. He stifled a scream as the butt plug was twisted hard then yanked out of him. “Silent slut.” A hard slap to his ass told him his master was getting impatient with him. He tried not to groan with excitement and pleasure as firm fingers worked their way inside him, pressing relentlessly on his prostate. “Do not cum slut” JC whimpered as the hand was withdrawn. “Are you ready slut to have me inside you?”

“Yes … oh yes master please now.” A thick hard cock plunged into JC’s already abused opening, he gritted his teeth at the initial violation but soon began to push back, panting, begging for more, begging for deeper. His master kept up a steady pace whispering dirty disgusting words in the brunette’s ears. Threatening him if he dared to cum before his master. The man behind him bit hard on his pale slender shoulder as he cum causing JC to scream. “Now slut cum now.” The mans hand closed over JC’s hard shaft pumping hard as the brunette exploded into orgasm.

“I love you, oh god I love you.”

A gentle tongue licked at the bite on JC’s shoulder. “You are amazing C, every day I thank god for giving you to me. JC turned in his lovers arms as the blindfold was removed, his lips captured in a passionate kiss. “That was amazing, you have no idea how vulnerable I felt, even my skin ached.”

“Good, But I’m not sure how we are ever going to top that.”

“Well it’s my turn to think up something for you. So I had better get my thinking cap on.”

“Mmmm I’m sure you will come up with something.”


“Yes babe.”

“Do you think we could play this game again sometime?”

Justin pulled away from his slender lover a smile plastered over his face. “I guess, why?”

“Well it just seems a shame to waste a perfectly good scenario.”

Justin giggled. “Of course its nothing to do with the butt plug is it.”

JC just smiled back shyly and slipped the plug into his backpack.

The end.

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