The stake

Smoke hung heavy in the air, the smell of beer, whiskey and sweat added to the ambiance. Six young men sat studying their cards around a large green felted poker table. Half filled ashtrays were dotted on each side, cigarettes burning down to stubs.

“I’m in.” The stubble-chinned man threw a $10 bill into the middle of the table. “And I’ll raise you five.”

The tall dark haired man studied him, his green eyes flashing with amusement. He looked to the man sitting next to him, the green-eyed blond folded his cards, “I’m out.”

“Lance you always fold.” Chris Kirkpatrick laughed as he dropped $15 onto the pile. “I’m in, raise you two.” He added another two dollars to the pile.

“Too rich for me!” AJ dropped his cards face down on the table.

The shorthaired blond sitting next to him sniggered. “Pussy,” he said as he added his stake. “I’m in.” He dropped his fifteen dollars to the rapidly growing pile. “Justin, balls in your court, dude.”

Justin studied his cards shuffling them around; he cast a look over his shoulder at his boyfriend, who was draped over an easy chair deeply engrossed in a book. “Jaycee, get off your ass and get us all a drink.” He turned his attention back to the game. “I’ll meet your seventeen and raise you another five.” He grinned at Kevin who was watching the slender brunette as he got up off his chair and walked over to the refrigerator. “Going cost you $22 just to stay in dude.” The buzz haired man frowned seeing where the Backstreet Boy was looking. “Jaycee, pull your damn pants up.”

The brunette sighed and pulled his low-slung jeans up as far as he could, knowing better than to argue with his domineering lover. He carried six bottles of beer to the table opening them one at a time. He handed one to Justin, who took it and swigged it without one word of thanks. JC lowered his eyes and proceeded to hand out the other bottles. As he handed one to Kevin his hand brushed the older mans.

He looked up, straight into Kevin’s emerald eyes. “Thank you Jaycee.”

The younger brunette blushed slightly. “You’re welcome,” he muttered. Feeling Justin’s eyes burning into his back, he lowered his eyes again, and hanging his head went back to his chair.

Justin’s eyes flashed, his temper rising. How dare Kevin flirt with his boyfriend in front of him? “Are you in or not?” He snapped.

Kevin’s eyes sparkled. “I’m in,” he said. “Your twenty-two raise you ten.” he grinned widely. “Your move Tricky.”

Chris groaned, “Fold.” He slammed his cards down on the table. Too fucking rich for this hand. Lance rubbed his leg sympathetically and tried not to smirk.

Nick considered his hand. “Fold.” He slapped his cards on the table and rubbed his eyes with his thumb and forefinger. “Anyone else hungry? He asked as he started to get up.

“Stay where you are Nick.” Justin instructed as he turned is again to look at JC. “Hey, food.” the 26 year old silently slipped his marker back into his book, got up, and went into the kitchen. He started to prepare bowls of nibbles and dips to bring back to the card players.

Lance glared at the youngest band member. “Do you have to be so mean to him?”

Justin laughed. “I’m not mean. JC get your skinny ass in here.” He waited till JC was by his side then he took hold of his hand, holding it out of view beneath the table. “Jaycee, am I mean to you?” The slim brunette shook his head. Beneath the table Justin squeezed hard, crushing the delicate hand in his own. JC hid the pain.

“No Justin, you’re not mean to me,” The pressure on his hand subsided.

“Now go get the food.” Justin slapped his boyfriend’s ass hard, much harder than was necessary.

JC scurried into the kitchen quickly brushing the tears that were forming in his eyes away. If he cried Justin would just get pissed with him. He took a couple of minutes to compose himself, then returned to the table carrying a tray of chips and dips. “Do you want anything else?” He asked quietly.

Justin grinned his million-dollar smile. “Not yet honey, I’ll call if I do.” Justin’s smile remained when he won the hand, then the next hand too. One by one the guys drifted from the table, sitting down and watching TV, till only Justin and Kevin remained. The game had evened out; both men were neck and neck in the winning stakes.

“How about we up the stakes Kev?”

The tall brunette grinned. “What were you thinking?”

“One hand, one card change, sudden death, five grand.”

Everyone’s attention was suddenly on the poker table. Kevin leaned back in his chair, his eyes sparkling as he thought about it. “Ok, but lets make it really interesting. I’ll put up my new Harley, you put up … JC.”

The slim brunette went ridged at the mention of his name. “Justin, I don’t think you should.”

“Shut up.” The stubble chin blond snapped at his boyfriend. “What are you proposing, I hand my boyfriend over to you, just like that.”

Kevin leaned forward again and rested his chin on his hands. “My greens, for one week of having Jace as my personal slave.”

“Justin!” JC began to panic as he saw his lover was seriously considering the proposition.

Justin turned angrily on to the slender man causing him to recoil in fear. “I told you to shut up,” he hissed. Turning back to the cocky green-eyed brunette “One week?” He clarified.

Kevin nodded. “That’s all Justin, one week, compared to a brand new Harley that’s a gift.

Justin looked at his pale boyfriend and at the bike keys dangling in the Backstreet boy’s hand. “Deal.”

JC turned to run but was grabbed round his waist by AJ, “Whoa, you’re not going anywhere sweet-pants.”

Justin went over to a desk, opened a drawer and brought out a pair of handcuffs. “Bring him over here.” AJ manhandled the struggling JC over to where Justin was waiting. He forced him down to his knees, pulling his hands above his head. Justin snapped one cuff round the delicate right wrist, threaded the free one through the door handle then cuffed the left wrist.

Really frightened JC pulled frantically at his restraints. “I won’t do this!” He screamed.

His boyfriend smiled. “I don’t remember asking you Joshua.” He pulled a roll of tape from the drawer and ripped off a strip. He pressed it over JC’s mouth. “Now lets play.”

Chris picked up the cards and shuffled them. “Ok, one hand, one card change, sudden death. JC for the Harley. Keys please gentlemen.” Two sets of keys were dropped onto the table. One to the bike, the other to JC’s handcuffs. Chris smiled “my decision is final. In the case of a draw, we play again.”

Both participants said “Agreed.” A tiny sound of protest was ignored behind them.

Chris dealt.

Both men studied their hands. “You want to go first?” Kevin gave Justin the option.

The blond shrugged. “Can do. I’ll take three.”

A low moan was heard from JC.

Kevin sucked his lip into his mouth, “Take two.” he placed his two spare cards face down on the table.

Chris put down the deck. “Ok guys the moment of truth. Justin your cards if you please.”

The blond smiled “read them and weep Kevvy baby, flush.” He reached out to take the keys.

Kevin shook his head. “Damn.” He said. As Justin’s hand closed over the keys he stopped him. “I have to show my cards still, thems the rules.”

The men gathered round the table all grunted their agreement.

Kevin turned over his cards.

“No way!” Justin leaped to his feet as the Backstreet boy picked up the keys.

“Royal flush wins I believe,” he said with a grin and a wink. He pushed back his chair. “I believe that concludes this evenings game.” he tossed the keys to JC’s cuffs to AJ, who quickly released one of the brunettes wrists, pulled both his hands behind him and re-cuffed him, dragging him up to his feet and pushing him into Kevin. The green-eyed man made a big show of sniffing JC’s hair, before wrapping his arm round the tiny waist.

The slim man trembled in the older mans grasp, afraid to meet Justin’s eyes. He’d be blaimed for this he just knew he would. He gave little resistance as he was led out to Kevin’s car. The older brunette opened the passenger door and helped JC inside.

Justin stood scowling angrily, watching till they drove away. Lance dropped his hand onto his friend’s shoulder. “You okay Justin?”

The blond nodded. Then said “No, not really. I wanted that bike.”

Lance looked horrified at Chris who shrugged back at his lover. “I think we’ll call it a night too.” He said as he placed his hand in the small of Lance’s back, pushing him gently towards their car. “Nite.”

Justin huffed. “Night.”

As soon as they were in the car Lance let out the breath he was holding. “Kirkpatrick if you ever, ever do that to me I will…”

“I wouldn’t babe. I love you. Something Justin obviously doesn’t have for Jace.”

Lance sighed worriedly, “You don’t think Kevin will hurt him do you?”

“Nah he’s a good guy, he’ll probably let JC go in a couple of hours, just till he thinks they have both sweated enough.”

“Chris, I think Justin’s abusing JC.”

“It’s none of our business Lance, JC is a big boy.”

“He’s scared of Justin.”

“If you really think that babe then maybe the best man won after all.” Chris started the car. “Lets go home.” He said.

JC hesitated as the Backstreet boy opened the door to his house, not wanting to step inside. Kevin placed a gentle hand on the shaking mans back, pressing him forward. “Come in honey, ill take that tape off your mouth.” JC stepped inside, jumping when the door shut behind him. Kevin turned him round so they were facing each other. He peeled off the tape as gently as he could. JC hissed slightly as the skin was pulled from his lips. “Fucking Justin could have got you to suck your lips into your mouth first, he’s such an asshole. Why do you let him push you around like that?”

JC shrugged, “He’s my boyfriend.”

“You mean you’re his doormat.”

JC held his head up high. “He loves me,” he said.

Kevin shook his head, “No he don’t, if he did he’d never have risked losing you.”

JC dropped his head, staring silently at the floor because deep down in his heart he knew the older man was right. The green-eyed man lifted his ‘slaves’ pointed chin, forcing him to look into his eyes. “I’m not going to hurt you Josh, turn round.” JC did as he was told and Kevin undid the tight steel that was encircling his wrists. The Nsync lead singer rubbed at his sore arms, but never attempted to leave. “You can go if you want, I’ll call you a cab.”

JC shook his head, suddenly looking frightened. “No! … I mean no. You won fair and square. Justin would have taken your bike.”

A slight chuckle rumbled in Kevin’s throat. “Yeah I know. Come on I’ll show you where you will be sleeping, tomorrow you can begin your slavery.”

“What will you expect me to do?”

The Backstreet boy lifted the dropped face again, till JC was looking into his eyes. “You’ll find out in the morning. You are on hiatus, right?”


“Good then you have no commitments that can’t be put off.”

JC shook his shaggy head.

“Well we’ll make the phone calls in the morning, I take it you have your diary?” Again JC nodded affirmatively. “Good, come on, I’ll take you to bed.”

The younger man blushed bright red but followed obediently behind his master to a beautifully decorated bedroom. JC looked round him, “Pink?”

“Are you complaining slave?”

JC shook his head stepping away quickly from Kevin, a movement that never went unnoticed. Deciding not to comment the tall brunette said good night then left his property to get a good nights sleep. He went to his bedroom and picked up his phone, flipping through his stored numbers. Finding the one he needed he pressed the green pick-up button.

“Hello.” The voice on the other end was very sleepy.

“Hey Joey, Its Kev. Can I ask you a question?”

“Dude it like four thirty man, can’t it wait, Brianna has been up nearly all night.”



“What’s the deal with JC and Justin?”

Joey sat up, “you got to be kidding me! You wake me up at this time to ask about the glitter boys!”

“Joey it’s important.”

The phone went silent for a few minutes, and then Joey released a long slow sigh. “Justin knocks him around, lends him out to his friends, and god knows what he puts him through in the bedroom, but he stays, I told him I’d help him to break away but he stays. His problem dude. Stay out of it, you’ll just get him a kicking.”

Kevin breathed deeply. “That’s what I figured, thanks Joe, sorry I woke you.”

“Its ok, Brianna didn’t wake so no harm done, Nite”

“Nite.” Kevin hung up and laid back on his bed, one week, he had one week to win JC over, there was no way he was going to let him go back. Laying in the dark he formulated his plan.

Day one

The sun streaming through the window woke JC up, he yawned and rolled over onto his side, freezing when he didn’t recognise the pink walls that surrounded him. He sat up; chewing on his nails nervously as the evening before came flooding back. Justin had lost him in a card game and now he was slave for a whole week to Kevin Richardson. He swung his legs off the bed and opened the bedroom door, peering out into the hall.

He needed the bathroom but wasn’t sure where it was. He stepped out into the hallway.

“Going somewhere?”

JC jumped. “I … I’m … no… I just…”

Kevin folded his arms across his chest, waiting.”

“I needed the bathroom.” JC whispered. He cried out, staggering backwards, ducking and covering his head as Kevin swung his arm out to point the way.

“Jaycee, its ok honey, I wasn’t going to hit you.” the older man was appalled by the terror in the tiny brunettes eyes as he cowered, crouched against the wall. He bent down helping him back to his feet, “does Justin hit you?” He asked softly.

JC shook his head in denial, but his eyes told the truth. Kevin walked him to the bathroom. “Wash up Jace, then come down to the kitchen I’ll give you a list of chores I want you to do.”

JC kept his eyes lowered, “Yes sir,” he muttered. He closed the bathroom door, sliding down it till he was sitting on the floor shaking violently; he‘d almost given away his relationship with Justin. Pulling out his small silver Nokia, he pressed speed dial. The phone on the other end rang five time before a sleepy voice answered “Yo, JT here.”


Irritation sounded in Justin’s voice. “What the fuck do you want?”

JC swallowed, he’d only managed to piss off his boyfriend. “I missed you last night, I just wanted to hear your voice.”

“Well I was asleep, you’re just lucky I won’t be seeing you today.”

“You .. You’re not coming to see me?”

Justin snarled into the phone. “Just go do your little slave thing, and keep your mouth shut, you say one word and I’ll make you sorry.”

JC shuddered at the threatening tone Justin used, “ I wouldn’t … I wouldn’t Justin, I swear.”

The phone went dead, leaving JC to chew his nails nervously, he had to be more careful, Kevin was already suspicious. He pushed the tiny phone deep into his pocket, making sure it was on silent first, then relived himself. He splashed water over his face, took a deep breath and unbolted the door, time to face his master.

When he reached the kitchen Kevin had put a plate of eggs on the table. Hovering uncertainly in the doorway JC waited for Kevin to notice him. “I’d just about given up on you.” Kevin smiled reassuringly and pulled out a chair from under the table. “Breakfast,” He guided the younger man into the seat and uncovered a pan of bacon. “Eat up you are going to need your strength. I’m going out till about 2 this afternoon. In that time I have a list of things I want you to do. “ Kevin picked up his coat and car keys, biting into a slice of toast he mumbled, “I expect you’ll have done all them chores by the time I get back, ok. “

JC nodded numbly still staring at the vast amount of food on the table. “Do I have to eat all this?” He asked.

“Yes.” JC looked up dismayed, causing Kevin to chuckle, “No, you don’t I was teasing you. Just eat ok Joey says that you don’t always. I’ll see you in a couple of hours.” He dropped a kiss on JC’s forehead. As soon as he left JC cleared the table thrusting the food down the waste disposal unit, his conversation with Justin destroying his appetite. He pulled down the list that was pinned to the refrigerator door, reading it.


1) Clear kitchen and fill dishwasher,

2) Clean kitchen floor

3) Empty dryer and refill with the wet clothes in washer,

4) Skim pool

5) Take a swim and relax in the sun, after doing all this you deserve it.

Love Kev.

JC grinned at number five, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad belonging to the older man, Justin would never have given him time to himself. In fact Justin never gave him time to himself, it was always JC do this, JC fetch that, even sex was demanded, not requested. The 26 year old scratched his head looking around the kitchen, Kevin mentioned a dishwasher, what he neglected to say was which door it was hidden behind. ‘Oh well’ JC thought to himself, ‘better start opening cupboards.’

He eventually found the dishwasher hidden behind door number 9, he pulled it open and recoiled from the smell. He clamped his hand over his nose, trying not to gag. Choking he filled the machine, obviously Kevin hadn’t put it on in a while, he had probably even forgotten he’d put dishes in there. JC filled the powder compartment, then tipped another capful into the machine, just for good measure, before twisting the dial and turning it on.

Well job one out the way, now clean the kitchen floor. JC wondered if Kevin was as fussy as Justin, deciding not to take the chance he filled a pale with hot bleached water, he rooted around in the under-sink cupboard till he found an old scrubbing brush, ‘that should do the job‘ he thought. He got down on his knees and began to scrub, working the area, one square tile at a time, meticulously scouring every inch before moving on to the next. It took him an hour, but by the time he had finished he was sure that Kevin wouldn’t find fault in his work, but maybe he would do it just one more time after it had dried … just to be safe. By the time he had finished skimming the pool it was getting late, his owner would be home in 30 minutes and he still hadn’t rewashed the floor. He looked longingly at the cool water before going back to the kitchen.

Kevin walked into the rear garden at 1:45 expecting to find JC relaxing by the pool, instead there was no sign of the timid singer. Confused the brunette went into the house, maybe JC decided to go back to Justin after all. He stopped dead catching sight of a half naked JC on all fours scrubbing at a spotlessly clean kitchen floor. His breath went ragged in his throat as the slender man raised himself up on to his knees and arched his back, stretching out his cramped muscles, before lowering himself back down to scrub at an imagined mark. Kevin coughed “Err JC?”

JC jumped knocking the bucket of suds over the pristine floor. “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, I was nearly finished, I already did it once but It wasn’t clean enough, I thought I had better do it again, I’ll clean this up … don’t be mad.”

“Jace I’m not mad. Why are you on your knees? There’s a mop in the closet.”

“Justin liked the floor really clean, the only way is on your knees.”

Kevin sighed despondently. He picked his way through the watery mess to the barefooted man. He reached out cupping JC’s chin gently and tilting his face up. “Jaycee, listen to me carefully, I am not Justin. I am not going to bully you, hit you, or ridicule you. I asked you to do those few chores because I didn’t want you to be bored out of your mind while I was out. They should only have taken you an hour tops. Have you sat down at all since I left?”

JC looked meekly at the floor, his hands clasped behind his back. “And did you eat? You didn’t did you? Do I have to stand over you like you are a baby, or maybe you want me to be like Justin … slap you round till you do what I want you to … do you get off on it? Is that why you let him beat you?”

JC looked as if he was going to cry at any moment. “He doesn’t beat me, he loves me.”

“Oh yeah he loves you so much he put you up in a card game.” The snapped reply hit home and the tears JC was holding back began to roll down his smooth cheek.

“I’m sorry Jace, I didn’t mean to upset you, come here.” Kevin smiled kindly, pulling the slim man into his arms. “Come on, drinks by the pool are in order.”

“What would you like?” JC asked docilely.

The older man rolled his eyes in exasperation. “I’ll get you a drink JC!”

“but I … I usually fix the drinks. Jus..”

“If you say Justin likes you to bring him drinks I swear I will put you over my knee and spank some sense into you.” JC snapped his mouth shut and ran out to the pool, dropping onto one of the sun loungers. Kevin chuckled, he may just have found JC’s weak spot. The emerald-eyed man poured two drinks, then joined his slave. He handed a glass to JC, and sat in the chair next to him. “Lets start again JC, My name is Kevin not Justin … when I ask you to do something please do it, I don’t expect or want perfection … I want you to be happy with me.” He gazed at the younger brunette through emerald eyes, waiting for an answer.

“I’ll try.” Came the muted reply.

Kevin brought out champagne and orange juice much to JC’s delight and

they spent the rest of the day playing in and around the pool. Around 5:30 AJ turned up with Nick in tow, and while they occupied the Nsync singer, Kevin broke out the barbeque. Soon the air was filled with the delicious aroma of char grilled chicken and steak. Howie arrived, completing the meal with two huge bowls of salad, and four bottles of red wine. JC was included in all the festivities, having glass after glass of deep ruby claret thrust upon him. AJ slapped a plate of steak and salad in front of him, grinning expectantly.

The Nsync front man smiled shyly, taking the plate and nibbled fastidiously at his potato salad. Goose pimples raised on his skin as he realised he was the centre of attention.

“Don’t you like it JC?” Nick asked, “I can get you something else if you like.”

The brunette swallowed and shrank back in his chair. “This is fine, thank you.” He pushed his fork into a potato chunk, forcing himself to put it in his mouth. Kevin sat by his side and cut a piece of steak, lifting it to JC’s lips, a knowing look on his face.

“You’re my slave remember, eat it.”

The lithe brunette gulped and tentatively opened his mouth accepting the meat. he chewed slowly, concentrating hard when he swallowed. The green-eyed man sighed, “You really don’t want this do you?”

JC shook his head meekly. “I don’t really eat a lot,” he admitted, “Jus … I don’t want to get fat.”

“What you were going to say is Justin doesn’t want you to get fat! Why do you let him dictate to you what you can and can’t eat?” Nick asked appalled at the way the older man allowed himself to be controlled by a man who was so much younger. “What does he have on you Jace?”

“Can I go to bed please?”

Kevin shook his head in despair. “Go.” JC jumped to his feet, pushing his plate into Nick’s hands, running into the house before Kevin changed his mind.

AJ dropped his arm round the daddy of the groups shoulder, “Chris really owes us for this one.”

Kevin laughed and patted the younger mans leg. “too damn right he does. But the thing is after a while JC kinda gets under your skin.”

“What’s this our straightest member getting the hots for the pretty boy band singer! Shame on you.” Howie, Nick and AJ sniggered at Kevin’s squirming.

“You all need to get fucked bad.” Kevin flicked the left over potato salad from JC’s discarded plate over his three band mates, laughing and running away as the three pelted him with food from their own plates.

JC ran up to his bedroom, leaning heavily against the bedroom door as he fished the Nokia cell phone out of his pocket, he pressed speed dial. He closed his eyes waiting for Justin to answer. “What do you want JC?”

JC bit his lip. “Kevin says I don’t have to stay, he says I can come home, can I come home Justin? please?”

“What are you completely stupid?” Justin snapped venomously “You want ME … to Welch on a bet?”

“No … I just … please Justin.” JC pleaded with his lover.

The phone went dead and JC’s mouth began to tremble, he hid his face in his pillow crying, he must have fallen asleep because when he opened his eyes again it was dark. He stripped off his clothes and crawled under the covers, and went back to sleep his mind filled with thoughts of his boyfriend .

Day two

The curtains being thrown open and a spoon being banged against a saucepan roused JC from a deep sleep, he sat up blinking in the strong Californian sunlight. Kevin ripped the bedclothes from him, lifting the side of the mattress and tipping him unceremoniously onto the floor.

The slim brunette scrambled away from whom he saw as an attacker, shrinking against the wall, making himself as small as he could, thus making himself a smaller target.

“Get up JC,” the Backstreet boy stood with his feet apart and his arms crossed across his chest, his face was unreadable. “I thought I could trust you!” JC trembled mistaking disappointment for rage. Kevin threw the Nokia onto the bed waiting for an explanation. “You phoned him didn’t you?” He accused. “Once yesterday from the bathroom, then again last night!”

JC shook his head in denial.

“Don’t lie to me Joshua!”

“I missed him.”

“24 hours JC. that’s all you have been away from him for, 24 blasted hours.” The irate man grabbed JC’s arm dragging him to his feet. “Well you miss him that much you had better go back to him.”

“No!” JC screamed as Kevin dragged him down the hall, and down the stairs. He shoved him out through the front door, slamming it behind him.

The naked man pounded against the oak, pleading to be let back in. “Kevin … let me in. please …”

Kevin leaned on the other side of the door breathing deeply. “Go back to your boyfriend JC, I’m sure he’ll be happy to have you back so soon.”

“Kevin please … he’ll … he’ll be angry with me, he’ll hit me! … because I didn’t honour his bet.” JC slid down the woodwork, his head resting against the woodwork. “Please let me in.” He whispered, “I want to stay.”

Kevin opened the door and looked down at the distraught man, JC stared back up at him his eyes round and red, brimming with tears. “I’m sorry sir, please let me stay.” The tall brunette stepped aside giving JC access. JC crawled inside, staying on the floor unsure of what to do for the best.

“Are you going to stay down there all day?”

JC tried to stop the tremble in his voice. “No sir.” He got carefully to his feet, his hands covering his genitals. “I’ll get dressed sir.”

“you can’t.”

The blue-eyed brunette paled, the sudden thought invading his head that he was going to be humiliated further by being forced to walk round naked.

“I took your clothes to wash, that’s how I found your phone, I’ll provide you with some shorts till your clothes are dry.”

“Thank you.” JC hung his head ashamed that he had thought the worst of the man standing before him. “I really am sorry, are you going to punish me?”

“No … I’m not going to punish you. I’ll get you some boxers to put on, then I want you downstairs in the kitchen, I’ll make breakfast, which you will eat … understand?”

“Yes sir.” JC hung his head again, his eyes fixed on the floor.

“And for gods sake stop calling me sir, Kevin or Kev will do.”

“I’m sorry.”

Kevin clenched his fists resisting the urge to shake some backbone into the man standing shivering before him. “Just go upstairs Jace, my room, get some boxers out the second drawer on the left.” Kevin watched as JC’s naked ass disappeared into his bedroom, he went into the kitchen and picked up his phone.

“This isn’t working.” He said when the person on the other end answered.

“It’s only the second day Kev, give it time.”

“He’s been phoning Justin!”

“Shit, I thought you were going to stop him using the phone?”

Kevin ran his fingers though his hair, “ I thought I had, the devious little bastard had a cell phone, I took it off him now, gave him a bit of a scare.”

“You didn’t hit him?”

“What the fuck do you take me for? I want him away from Justin as much as you do, he has to trust me, a week isn’t enough.”

The man on the other end of the phone went silent; Kevin could hear whispers over the line where he was consulting with his partners in the conspiracy. “It’s going to have to be, Justin’s going to want him back at the end of the week. Maybe you can goad him into another game?”

Kevin sighed, “I will if I have too. Can you fix the cards again?”

Chris grinned down the phone line and winked at Lance who was listening best he could to the conversation. “He’ll never know what hit him.”

Kevin hung up, shouting up the stairs. “JC, COME DOWN NOW PLEASE.”

He waited for five minutes before the door clicked open upstairs and JC came down, his demeanour submissive. He had put on a pair of tight boxer briefs made out of black jersey, they emphasised the rich golden brown tan on his skin.

“You called me.” He kept his voice low and docile, his shoulders dropped and his eyes lowered, clasping his hands behind his back.

“I decided I want you to give me a massage.”

JC gulped, “A massage? I’m not sure I know how.”

“Well now’s the time to learn.” The Backstreet boy made his way into his training room, pulling out his massage table. He stripped off his clothes and laid down on his right side, leaning on one elbow.

JC blushed over every inch of his exposed skin; he met Kevin’s emerald orbs. “W … where .. d… do … I …I start,” he stammered.

The green-eyed brunette laid on the table on his belly. “Start with my shoulders, there’s oil on the shelf.”

JC collected the decorative bottle, pulling out the stopper. He inhaled the sweet aroma of Jasmine as he walked back to his long-limbed naked owner. He took a deep breath and poured a little of the sticky fluid over the smooth expanse of Kevin’s back.

Working his strong piano players fingers into the tight muscles, and using his thumbs he rubbed in small circles, digging deep beneath Kevin’s shoulder blades. The older man groaned as JC applied more pressure, leaning his half naked body close. He began to move downwards, his hands smoothing the oil into the rigged spine, working outwards, kneading and patting. He reached the small of his master’s back, pausing, gathering his courage as he poured more of the sweet smelling oil into the dip of Kevin’s back. A low moan escaped from the prone brunettes mouth as JC’s fingers brushed over the slow rise of his ass cheeks. The slave stopped, breathing heavily.

“I didn’t tell you to stop slave.” Kevin’s voice was thick with desire as he turned onto his back facing JC. “Work on my chest now,” he demanded. With a shaking hand JC dribbled a fine trail down his masters sternum, tentatively he placed his fingers onto the solid pex muscles, trailing softly over the hard brownish-pink nipples. “Harder.”

JC bit his lip and leaned further into the hard body laying before him. “Harder JC, climb up here, straddle me so you can put your weight behind you.” The slim slave shuddered as his cock brushed against his masters, his chest raising and falling rapidly as he tried to calm his breathing. Kevin’s hands snaked round the slender back pulling JC down on top of him so that their lips were mere centimetres apart, their eyes locked.

The older man held JC in place, not letting his grip relax. The slim slave shook with a mixture of arousal and fear. His cock swelled in his boxers, pressing into Kevin’s stomach. Emerald green eyes held him locked into place, staring deep into his soul. “Please sir, don’t.” JC’s barely breathed plea was enough to break the spell they had both been held in, and the tall southern singer relinquished his hold.

“Get off me and go get me a drink, please.”

JC climbed down from his precarious perch atop of the Backstreet boy and padded softly, barefooted into the kitchen. He leaned against the refrigerator, his heart beating wildly, he reached down intent on adjusting himself in an attempt to relieve the pressure building in his groin.

“Don’t touch yourself Jaycee, from now on you are forbidden to touch yourself in anyway at all.” Kevin ordered from where he stood watching in the open doorway.

“I wasn’t …I”

“I saw you JC don’t lie to me.” Kevin walked up to the Nsync singer and pressed him back against the cool metal of the fridge door. He reached down the front of JC’s boxer briefs, his warm hand closing over the throbbing phallus trapped in the tight confines. JC gasped and groaned, his head rolling back, exposing his throat as Kevin manipulated him into a more comfortable position. Resisting the temptation to sink his teeth into the tender pale flesh being displayed to him Kevin said “There, does that feel better.”

JC nodded, his voice failing him. He panted rapidly as Kevin continued to hold his most intimate organ. “You will not touch your cock or your balls without permission, do you understand me my sweet?”

Again JC nodded, his eyes closed. He swallowed nervously, acutely aware that he was leaking pre-cum over the older mans hand. “There’s something else.” Kevin reached into his pocket and pulled out a cock ring. He slid it over JC’s penis, so his erection was held firmly. “You are not allowed to take this off, when I want you to cum I will remove it.”

“But sir … it … it hurts!”

“I told you to call me Kevin didn’t I?”

“Yes sir … I mean Kevin.” JC quickly corrected his mistake.

“Think of it as the grip Justin has over you, that’s what he is doing to you, squeezing you, stopping you from coming or should I say being ‘you’. the ring stays on Jaycee, until you understand that.” the older of the two leaned in close, inhaling JC’s scent. “He doesn’t deserve you JC,” Kevin dragged his fingers down the side of the younger mans face, lifting his pointy chin, before brushing his lips over the slightly parted, still panting mouth. JC’s knees buckled and would have fallen if he hadn’t have been pressed tightly to the fridge door. Kevin, squeezed his cock once more. “If I move away are you going to fall?” He asked.

JC nodded furiously. “Then I had better not move then.” Kevin whispered as he lowered his mouth once more over JC’s lips. The blue-eyed brunette whimpered slightly as he gave in to the caress.

“Hey Kevin .. Holy shit … sorry man I .. I’ll wait in here.” AJ covered his eyes and almost spun on one heel in his hurry to get out of the kitchen.

“AJ! Don’t you ever fucking knock?” Kevin looked at JC apologetically and removed his hand from his shorts and followed the tattooed man. JC for his part still couldn’t move, his chest rose and fell rapidly as he licked his lips, stunned by what had just taken place between him and his master. He felt guilty betraying Justin like that, but it had been so long since he had been kissed so tenderly, he had almost forgotten what a kiss should be like.

“Jace, bring in a couple of cokes with ice will you honey.” His master calling him spurred him into action. As he passed AJ his drink he kept his eyes lowered, not wanting to see the knowing smirk that would be plastered on his face. He passed Kevin his drink, the green-eyed singer stroked down the back of his hand before relieving him of the condensation-covered glass. JC shuddered at the touch and his cock jumped. JC stifled a groan as he felt the tight restrictiveness of the cock ring as it grasped him tightly. It was going to be a long day.

JC spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon curled up in the corner of the sofa, trying to ignore the persistent throbbing in his groin, while Kevin and the rest of the Backstreet Boys had a meeting. Every now and then someone would ask him to fetch them a drink or a bag of chips, but for the most part they ignored him. Around 4. Kevin stood up and stretched, ”Well if that’s it, I say we all go for a swim.”

The guys all started to drift out towards the pool area, but JC stayed in his seat not sure if he had been invited or not. Five minutes pasted and a very soggy AJ came running back into the lounge and dragged him from his perch. He threw him over his shoulder he ran back to the pool, jumping in feet first, making an almighty splash. JC kicked for the surface, coughing and spluttering only to be pushed back down again, by Nick’s big hand planted firmly on the top of his head. He resurfaced again, gasping for air. Nick prepared to push him under again.

“That’s enough guys. JC swim to me.” JC swam obediently to Kevin, still coughing and choking up the pool-water he had inadvertently swallowed. The older man encircled his arms around JC’s narrow waist. Feeling safe, the gracile brunette hung his arms around Kevin’s neck, hanging onto him as the both trod water. He sighed and snuggled closer, almost forgotten memories of when Justin used to hold him like this flooded back to him, causing him to tear up. He stifled a sob and pushed himself away.

“Can I go to my room please?” the begging tone of his voice made it impossible for Kevin to refuse. As JC padded over the grass and back into the house Kevin said. “Thanks a lot. Good one guys.”

JC lay on his bed, listening to the shouts and splashes going on outside. The strong aroma of barbequed meat drifted through his open window and his stomach rumbled. They hadn’t got round to breakfast and had skipped lunch completely, and now they decided to eat he was tucked away for the night. He stripped off his still damp boxer wincing as he saw the tight ring holding him ridged. He crawled under the duvet, maybe sleep would make his hunger pangs disappear. He stirred, his head still thick with sleep as someone sat beside him, pushing back his tangled curls.

“Honey, wake up. I brought you some chicken and salad. You left before we ate.” JC scrubbed at his face and blinked, trying to clear the remaining sleep from his eyes. Kevin smiled down at him, his hair still wet from the tomfoolery that was still going on outside.

“What time is it?” JC asked drowsily.

“It’s a little after 8. You wanna come back downstairs sweetie? The guys promise not to try and drown you again.”

JC chuckled and hid his face in the older mans shoulder. He sat back up, a slight smile gracing his full lips.

“Can I?” He asked softly.

“You never needed permission Jaycee. Look baby, lets start again … yet again. From this moment on you’re not my slave, you are a much treasured guest. Now … will you do me the honour of accompanying my down to the barbeque.”

JC cocked his head to one side, chewing his bottom lip as he contemplated what his former master had just said. “I’m not a slave anymore?”


“Then I don’t have to wear this anymore?” He exposed the cock ring that was still holding him firm.

“No, you don’t” Kevin hesitated before he continued to speak. “But I wish you would, its kinda sexy knowing that its there.”

JC blushed, “you think I’m sexy?”

The Backstreet boy caressed the brunettes cheek with his hand, “I think you are incredibly sexy.”

JC allowed himself a small smile. “I’ll keep it on.” He sighed as he was pushed back onto the pillows and a soft warm mouth covered his. Kevin’s tongue tangled against his, exploring the depths of his orifice. The kiss broke and JC arched back up asking for more. He nuzzled and kissed Kevin’s hand as it stroked lovingly down the side of his face.

“I’ll get you some clean shorts.” JC almost screamed with frustration as his almost lover got up and left him lying on the bed alone. In the back of his mind he thought he should call Justin, but all his heart kept asking him was, Justin who?

Day three

JC was up first, he skipped happily down to the pool a thick fluffy towel thrown over his shoulder. Dropping it onto a sunbed he dived head first into the pool and began to swim laps, one lap on his stomach, the next on his back, stomach, back, stomach, back. The bright Californian sun warmed him as he stopped swimming, floating lazily on his back. Now this was the life!

“Good morning beautiful.”

JC squinted against the sunlight, only able to see a silhouette of the man standing over him.

“morning. You didn’t mind did you?”

Kevin sighed and lowered himself into the cool clear water. “I though we cleared this up last night?”

“Just checking.” JC gasped in shock as Kevin grabbed hold of his cock beneath the water.

“So was I.” Kevin said delightedly when he felt the cock ring was still in place.

The younger brunette pouted and pushed away swimming with a lazy backstroke. “You could have just asked!”

Kevin swam after him, capturing him around his waist. “Yeah, but then I wouldn’t have seen the sweet look of outrage on your face, would I?”

“You sir are a cad!” JC struggled to get away, giggling as he was held firmly.

“And you sir, are irresistible.” They melted into a chlorine-flavoured kiss, making out in the deep water while the sun beat down on their backs.

“Jace, put the black tux on honey.”

“Oh I hate dressing up, can’t I wear my jeans with the ladies on them?”

“No, this is a black tie dinner, and you my sweet will wear a black tie.” Kevin sniggered as JC pouted and wrapped the bow tie round his neck, attempting to tie it.

“It’s stupid! I can’t do the blasted thing!” the Nsync front man threw the offending piece of fabric from him and slumped back on the bed.

“Hey you get up, you’ll wrinkle!” Kevin picked the tie off the floor and said. “Come here.” He proceeded to tie a perfect bow round JC’s neck.

“Why do I have to go? I hate official function thingy’s.” JC pulled at the tie trying to loosen it.

“Stop! Jesus Jace I swear you are worse than AJ. You are going.”

“I thought I was your guest.”

“You are my sweet, and what sort of a host would I be if I left you here alone all night?”

“I don’t mind.”

“Well I do.” Kevin sighed. “Please Jaycee, for me?”

“We’ll I don’t get to go out often … so I guess I…”

“Good the car’s here come on.” Kevin grabbed JC’s hand and dragged him downstairs before he could change his mind again.

“I can’t go in here.”

Kevin pulled at JC’s hand as he stopped dead, staring at the hotel foyer. “Don’t be silly Jace, of course you can.”

“No you don’t understand, this is Jives promotion party … I can’t go .. Justin doesn’t want me here, he said I wasn’t to go.”

“He what!” the brunettes green eyes flashed angrily as JC pulled anxiously at his hand, trying to extract it from Kevin’s tight grip before he was dragged in through the open door.

“He said I wasn’t to go. Please I’ll go back to the house, I promise. I just can’t go in here.” JC looked pleadingly at his former master.

“I want you with me Jaycee, what Justin wants doesn’t matter to me.”

JC shuffled his feet and stared at the ground, “He’ll get mad.”

Kevin spun the slim suited man round so he was standing chest to chest with him. He lifted JC’s chin so he had to look in his eyes. “Justin isn’t going to touch you Jace, I won’t let him.”

“But I have to go back eventually, he’ll keep check of all my mistakes and get me later, it won’t matter to him that you made me come here. He told me not to come .. And I did.” fear glinted in JC’s bright blue eyes, he turned his face away biting at his lip.

“Why do you have to go back? You don’t have to let him beat you up Joshua. You have friends that will back you, stand up for you. Now my sweet, lets go into the party. You have been invited at least twice, once as apart of Nsync and once as my date. Smile baby, your beautiful when you smile.”

A low blush, spread over JC’s face, “You should smile more often”

“I don’t often have much to smile about.”

“Well tonight you do. AJ and the guys are inside, so are Joey, Lance and Chris. They miss you baby.”

JC breathed deeply, “So is Justin.” he whispered.

“Do you want me to enforce your slavery to me again? Then you can truthfully say I forced you to come.”

“JC thought for a moment, “You’re right, I can’t let Justin push me around.” He straightened himself up and smoothed down his jacket, smiling brightly he took hold of Kevin Richardson’s hand and walked into the party with his head held high.

The party was in full swing, the hall was decorated in drapes of gold and silver. Pictures of Jives biggest and brightest stars littered the walls. JC hid behind Kevin, peering cautiously round the room. He knew Justin had to be there somewhere. Out on the sidewalk he had felt confident at being seen, but now he wasn’t so sure. It was one thing to think about standing up to Justin, it was another thing to have to do it. AJ came sauntering over a huge grin plastered across his face. “Yo, Dudes, you made it, I guess I owe you a hundred bucks now.”

Kevin winked at his band mate as he handed over the $100 bill. “What was that for?” JC asked.

“He bet me I couldn’t get you in here and in a monkey suit too.”

“You betted on me?”

“honey it was a sure thing, I couldn’t resist talking AJ’s money.” Kevin snagged two glasses of champagne a waitress carried by on a tray. He passed one to JC who took it hesitantly. He looked as if he was going to say something then thought better of it. The willowy man sipped the sparkling wine, screwing up his nose and grinning as it was tickled by the bubbles.

“He doesn’t like you to drink either does he?” Kevin said, it was really more of a statement than a question.

JC shook his head, “he likes to control me, he gets off on the power trip.”

The green-eyed brunette led then over to a quiet spot by a table of dips he cupped JC’s chin with his hand “Why do you let him push you around.“ he asked sincerely.

“It wasn’t always like this. It sort of happened slowly. It’s not like one day he became this dominating monster, who kicked the shit out of me when he got pissed with me. He used to be so sweet, so loving. It started small, he slapped me because I wouldn’t come across one night. I was so startled that I gave in to him, let him fuck me, he was rough and mean, he hurt me. He took what he wanted then went out with Trace leaving me sore and bleeding in our bed. The next time he wanted sex I gave it him. After that he started to pick on the clothes I wore, the songs I wrote, the way I looked, every time he’d get that little bit meaner. He started to slap me when he couldn’t get his own way, or when I answered him back. Slaps became punches. Pretty soon I was too scared to answer him back. “ JC paused seeing the look of disbelief on the Backstreet boys face. “You think I’m pathetic, your right.”

“No Jace, I don’t. I think you deserve better.”

JC continued, “I know I’m older, but he’s stronger, more dominant in nature, I did hit him back a couple of times, but that just pissed him off so much, I couldn’t leave the house for a month the last time, my face was so swollen and bruised, he broke two of my rids too. So I do what he wants me to do, its less painful that way.”

“Why do you stay?”

“Because even tough love is better than no love. Who else would want me?”

Kevin drained his glass, “I would” he whispered.

From across the room two baby blue eyes stared at the two men as they talked close together. Justin’s temper began to boil when the older, taller man touched his boyfriends face tenderly, tilting his chin upwards until their lips met. Justin’s mouth twisted into a snarl as his eyes burned with fury into his boyfriends back. He grabbed a glass of champagne from a passing waitress downing it in one go still staring at JC.

JC took a step away from Kevin dropping his gaze to the floor, his face colouring. “I can’t.” He stammered as he looked around checking to see if the little scene had been witnessed. His eyes locked with Justin’s and he physically staggered backwards away from the ferocity that was being directed in his direction. “I need to go to the bathroom.”

Kevin frowned, “You ok babe?”

JC gulped, nodding. “I just need to go to take a leak.” He took a final look in Justin’s direction but the blond had gone. Excusing himself almost ran to the rest room, dodging Lance and Chris who had just arrived. The men’s room was empty as he crashed through the door, JC breathed deeply, his heart racing as he rested his forehead against the cool surface of the wall mirror. He jumped as a hand clamped on the back of his neck pressing him into the glass. He closed his eyes knowing that struggling was useless and would just make matters worse. He shuddered as Justin sniffed at his neck, moving ever-so-slowly up to his ear, wincing when Justin’s sharp teeth captured the soft flesh of his lobe, biting down hard.

“You’re shaking baby.” Justin said smoothly, his icy tones sending a chilled shiver down the brunette’s spine as he nuzzled his mouth against JC’s throat. “Why are you shaking? Could it be because you were kissing another man?” JC’s head smashed hard into the mirror.

“I didn’t mean to Justin I swear.” JC whimpered again as his head struck the glass surface again.

“I didn’t see you fighting too hard honey, to me, it seemed like you was enjoying it. Don’t shake your head at me JC, I got eyes, I saw.”

The frightened brunette stopped trying to deny the kiss and stifled a sob. “I’m sorry Justin.”

The blond licked a trail down the sharp bone of his lovers chin. “And didn’t I tell you I didn’t want you here tonight?” He emphasised his words by slamming JC’s head against the mirror again causing the glass to crack from the impact.

“He … he made me. You gave me to him … I belong to him. He made me come Justin. I told him I couldn’t but he wouldn’t listen.

Justin’s hand twisted in JC’s hair making him yelp. “You told him?” He hissed. “You told him exactly what Joshua?”

“I couldn’t come.” JC whispered. “That’s all I swear.”

“Are you sure?”

JC nodded furiously, trembling from the sheer malice emanating from his unstable boyfriend. Justin inclined his head closer, rubbing his cheek to his boyfriends. “FUCK OFF Jaycee. I don’t want to see your face again tonight.” Justin took JC by the throat, turning him so his back was pressed up against the wall. He swiped his tongue over the brunette’s lips, pressing harder as he deepened the kiss, forcing himself inside JC’s mouth, possessing and controlling the older man. He pulled back, breathing deeply. “NOW JC!” he snapped. The blue-eyed man ducked out of his grip and darted for the door, Justin’s mocking laughter ringing in his ears.

Kevin checked his watch for the fifth time, JC had been gone for nearly an hour. He wandered over to where Chris and Lance sat, they nodded acknowledging his presence “Have you seen Jace?” He asked.

The two members of Nsync looked shocked to hear their friend was even there. “No.” Chris replied “We didn’t know he was here, its not his cup of tea, he tends not to like these parties.”

“You mean Justin doesn’t let him come to these kinda things.” Kevin scanned the room for the fragile man. “Shit!”

“What?” Lance asked swinging his head round to see what had caught the Backstreet Boys eye.

“Justin’s here.” the 22 year old blond grinned and lifted his glass in mock salute before turning his attention back to the girls that surrounded him, giggling and vying for his attention. “Shit! Shit! I have to find JC.” Kevin pushed away from Chris making a direct line for the exit, the Nsync members hot on his trail.

“What’s going on Kev?” The green-eyed man hopped from foot to foot, switching his gaze from left to right as he searched out his slave in the milling throng.

“I think Justin got to Jaycee.”

Lance shrugged. “Justin is his boyfriend.”

Kevin looked at the blond southerner incredulously. “Fill your boyfriend in will ya Chris. I got to look for your so called friend.”

JC stumbled out of the hotel and ran down the street till he found a limo driver he knew, pleading with him to take him back to Kevin’s home. As the big black car pulled away JC slumped to the ground his head in his hands. In his panic he had forgotten he didn’t know the house’s gate code and even if he did he couldn’t get inside without a key. His head throbbed from where Justin had banged it against the glass, he knew he had got of lightly this time but Justin would neither forgive or forget what had happened. JC sat on the cold tarmac his arms wrapped around his legs and his forehead resting on his knees. The street was deserted so he sat unmoving until a car pulled up beside him. Standing slowly his head bowed in humiliation he waited till Kevin punched in his gate code before following him silently into the house.

He could sense the disappointment from the green-eyed brunette as he went straight into the kitchen, grabbing himself a beer. JC waited timidly by the living room couch too ashamed to speak. Kevin drained his drink. “I’m going to bed.” The Nsync singer recoiled from the indifference in his voice. Tears seeped down his chiselled cheeks as he made his way to his room, throwing himself fully clothed onto his bed, curling in on himself as he stared blankly at the rosy pink walls. He had alienated Justin and disappointed Kevin all in the same night. He curled tighter into the foetal position never moving his eyes from the swirling pinkness that slowly enveloped him.

Day four.

JC woke slightly disorientated, his tux wrinkled and sticking to him in the humidity of his room. He was startled to see Kevin sitting on the foot of his bed, the clothes he had been wearing on the evening of his acquisition piled neatly at his side. On top of the pile was JC’s small silver nokia that had been confiscated just a few days before.

“Get dressed JC, your cab will be here in about fifteen minutes.” Kevin stood up and walked to the door.

“You .. You want me to leave?” JC asked in a whisper as he fingered his phone. “Why? Why don’t you want me here?”

Kevin sighed turning to face the brunette, he struggled to keep his resolve hard. “Because you are more concerned with not upsetting Justin than you are with pleasing me.”

“He’s my boyfriend.”

“No JC! He’s your jailor, your abuser, your torturer. He beats the shit out of you, he humiliates you, he dictates to you and you let him.”

“It’s not like that.” JC muttered.

Kevin walked back to where JC sat, his leg tucked underneath him on the bed. He brushed back the brunette curls from his forehead, revealing the blue-purple swelling “And I guess you got that walking into a door.”

The Nsync singer began to cry, tears worming their way down his face. “I don’t know what to do Kevin, I don’t know how to stop him. I feel so insignificant around him, like he keeps me around because no one else would want me, that I should be grateful that he pays attention to me even if it is only hitting.” JC rubbed the heels of his hands into his eyes trying to stem the seemingly endless tears that flowed relentlessly from his eyes. “Don’t make me leave Kevin, I’ll try really I will try. Its just last night he was so angry, he made me leave. I’m sorry.”

Kevin sighed, “No I’m the one that’s sorry. I should have kept a closer eye on you. I knew you were scared of meeting him there. I shouldn’t have let you go to the bathroom alone. Get dressed okay.”

“I can stay.” JC’s eyes filled with hope.

“Ok. Look we have an appointment at Jive. I want you to come with me.”

JC swallowed. “At Jive?”

Kevin’s temper snapped. “Yes damn you! At Jive.” He slammed his fist down on the night stand making the bedside lamp topple over. “Now get the fuck dressed and be downstairs in five.” Kevin stormed out of the room slamming the door behind him. He reached into his pocket pulling out his cell phone, pressing speed dial.


“Yo Kev, how’s JC?”

Kevin heaved a frustrated sigh. “I’m calling it off, I can’t take it anymore. I’m bringing him to Jive at midday make sure Justin is there to collect him, I’m giving him back.”

“Kev think about it please. If anyone can help Jace see sense it’s you.” Chris pleaded.

“I’ve had enough. I’m on the verge of punching him myself. I can see why Justin belts him around I really can.”

“Dude I can’t believe you just said that!”

Kevin slumped in his chair and rubbed his eyes. “Look Chris, I know I said I’d help but I’ve had it.”

“Jace needs our help.”

“He doesn’t want it, believe me. Personally I think he gets off on being used as a punch bag, I really do. Anyway I want out.”

“I’m not happy about this Kev, but I’ll make sure Justin’s there.”

Both men hung up without saying goodbye. By the time Kevin reached the kitchen JC was waiting, his jeans riding dangerously low on his narrow hips and his tee shirt exposing a sliver of pale belly flesh. He chewed his nails nervously as the Backstreet boy downed a glass of orange and picked up his car keys.

“Come on.”

JC followed obediently behind his owner determined not to upset him again. He climbed into the passenger seat and sat in silence as they drove to the jive building. As they pulled into the parking lot JC saw a familiar Escalade waiting. “You said I could stay!” He stared at Justin who was standing stony faced leaning against the black car with his arms folded tightly across his chest.

“Get out JC.”

“He’ll be mad Kevin. Please, you said I could stay. You said I could stay!”

Kevin got out of the car and went round to the passenger side pulling open the door and dragging JC out by his arm. He pulled his along till he was standing in front of Justin, throwing him at the younger man.

“Have him back Justin, he loves you, I can’t compete with that.”

Justin grinned and wrapped his arm around JC’s waist. “I never worried for one minute that you could. JC knows when he’s on to a good thing don’t you baby?”

JC nodded numbly. “Yes Justin, I know when I’m well off.”

The blond slapped his boyfriend’s ass. “Get in the car.”

JC looked longingly at Kevin’s Explorer before dipping his head and climbing into the passenger seat of the black SUV.

“I don’t understand it Justin, he’s scared shitless of you, yet he won’t leave you.” He stepped closer to the smirking man attempting to intimidate him, but Justin just grinned his infuriating smile.

“It’s simple Kevin, Jace isn’t a confidant person, he never was. Even when we were kids on the mouse club. He never really thought he should be there, he always was waiting for someone to tell him that it was a mistake, that he wasn’t meant to be there. As he got older I just fed that fear, made him believe that he was nothing without me.” Justin smirked stepping even closer to the older man. “So he turned you down?” He whispered. “Ha, too bad, he’s real sexy when you push in hard and he groans that breathy moan he does and clamps those beautiful long legs around your waist. In fact as soon as I get him home I’m going to take my frustration out on that lovely skinny ass of his.”

“You’re a bastard.” Kevin hissed.

“Maybe, but as you said he loves me, so he’ll take it and he’ll keep taking it for as long as I want him to.” Justin started to walk away then stopped turning to face Kevin again. “And when I’m done with him … well who knows maybe you can pick up the broken pieces.” he grinned again. “I got to go, my baby is waiting for me.” He glanced at JC sitting his head bowed in the car. “Pretty isn’t he?”

Kevin nodded his eyes fixed on the brunette.

“Too bad I’m going to have to mess him up a little.”

Kevin’s head snapped up. Justin just laughed at the reaction. “You didn’t think I would just forget about that kiss the other night did you? He’ll tell me everything, every single detail and he’ll be punished for it all. Come over on Friday, we’re playing poker at my house.” The blond walked over to his car and got in the drivers seat. Kevin watched as he fisted JC’s curls, crushing his mouth in a hard sensuous kiss. The two lovers parted and Kevin flinched as Justin followed up with a vicious slap across JC’s face snapping his head to the side.

“So are you coming Friday?” Chris asked from behind him.

“I guess.” Kevin kept his eyes rooted on JC as the Escalade pulled away.

“See you there then.” Chris said as he walked away.

Kevin met JC’s eyes, he could see Justin’s handprint glowing bright red on his right cheek.

“Yep I’ll see you both then.”

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