The winner takes it all

Sequel to "The stake"

“Royal flush, my hand I think.” Justin grinned and scooped the chips into his pile. “What’s wrong Kevy baby, still not used to being a loser?”

The tall dark-haired man flipped his cards into the middle of the table, “Just shut up and deal.”

He kept his eyes adverted from the man hugging his knees on the sofa watching instead Justin’s cold blue eyes.

“Jace beers, now.”

JC got painfully slowly off the couch and went into the kitchen, keeping his face turned down so that his hair hung over it. He opened the beers in the kitchen and carried them back to the table placing the tray next to his boyfriend. As he went to move away he caught one of the bottles knocking it over Justin’s jeans. The 22 year old jumped to his feet. “You fucking useless piece of shit!” he slapped JC hard across his face, snapping his head backwards. Kevin jumped to his feet and had to be restrained by Joey and AJ. Chris grabbed Justin, holding him from behind by his arms while Lance tried to comfort JC.

“You fucking bastard!” Kevin’s eyes blazed with fury, “Don’t fucking take your moods out on him. It was you that lost him in a game of cards remember. It was HIM begging YOU not to bet him.”

“Mind your own fucking business Richardson, Jaycee is my boyfriend, not yours. He turned you down remember?”

Lance pulled JC to him, speaking softly, calming the distraught man; he gently brushed the long silken locks from JC’s face, flicking them behind his ear. He caught his breath at the sight of his friends face. JC’s right eye was swollen shut, black and blue bruises covered his sharp jaw line and his nose was bent crooked and obviously broken. “What has he done to you?” Lance gasped.

JC twisted away, pulling his hair down to hide his face before the others could see. “Don’t say anything,” he begged, “please Lance.”

The green-eyed blond swallowed the bile that rose in his throat. “I think its time we went home Chris,” he announced, “Kev, come on we’ll give you a lift.

The Backstreetboy was still fuming, “What and leave Jace here so that this psycho can finish the job?”

Lance spoke softly, “JC do you want to come with us?” JC shook his head. “There’s your answer Kev, now lets go.” Lance took a final look in his friend’s direction, his eyes tearing up at the thought of what he had gone through as he picked up his coat and walked out the door with AJ, Chris and Joey hot on his heels. Kevin took a deep breath, “come with me JC, please.” JC hung his head, pulling his hair further down over his face.

“I’m with Justin. I love him.”

Kevin sighed and followed the others, slamming the door behind him.

Justin sneered at his lover as soon as the last of his guests had left. “Clear this fucking mess up. I’m going to bed, and wash the fucking floor before you come up its filthy.”

“I’m … I’m sorry I spoiled your evening Justin, I didn’t mean it.”

“You never fucking mean it JC, you are too stupid to mean it. On second thoughts, don’t bother coming to bed you can sleep on the fucking kitchen floor, like the dog you are.”

JC couldn’t stop the tears that spilt down his abused face, “Justin, I’m sorry.”

Justin smiled sinisterly at his downtrodden lover. “You will fucking be, I promise you that.”

The four men drove home in silence, Kevin staring out of the window into the darkness deep in thought. Joey shifted in his seat next to the brooding brunette, “I didn’t like leaving him,” he said.

“None of us did Joe,” Chris said.

“He broke his nose,” Lance said quietly.

Kevin sat bolt upright, “what!”

Lance sighed, “I saw his face, he’d been careful to hide from us all night, keeping his hair covering it, but I saw, when I tried to comfort him I saw what that asshole had done to him.”

“Then why the fuck didn’t you say something?” Kevin screamed.

“Hey, back the fuck off my boy,” Chris yelled back twisting in his seat and yanking the steering wheel sharply to the right.

“Chris!” Lance shoved the wheel back straightening the car again.

“You was lucky there wasn’t anything coming in the other direction or we’d be fucking dead,” Kevin shouted back.

“Well it would save me having to kick your fucking ass for showing disrespect for my man,” Chris screamed equally as venomously.

“Yeah I’d like to see you try Frodo.”

Chris pulled the car to a halt, “bring it on asshole,” he shouted as he clambered out of the car. “If you’d done your job properly JC wouldn’t be getting his ass kicked night after night.”

“He’s your fucking friend not mine. You save his ungrateful ass,” The tall brunette climbed out of the passenger side and stared Chris down over the top of the car.

Lance, AJ and Joey jumped out intent on keeping the two irate men apart. “This isn’t helping JC guys!” Lance pleaded.

“Nothing will help JC, he doesn’t want help. I offered him a way out and he begged to go back to Justin. He doesn’t want help.” Kevin physically sagged against the car.

“He does,” Chris said softy. “He just doesn’t know it yet. Justin has him brainwashed, he’s made him believe that he is nothing without him.”

“It’s true man,” Joey added, “Jive want him to make a solo album but Justin has him convinced that everyone will ridicule him and that he will be the laughing stock of the pop world. He’s so terrified that he will flop that he’s put off his solo release three times already. He kept Dallas pounding on his door for weeks wanting a release date for Blowin’ Me Up.”

“He must know how talented he is.”

“He doesn’t, he has lived so long in Justin’s shadow that he has become lost, overshadowed.” Chris sighed sadly, “so he takes the beatings, and he believes Justin when he tells him that he deserves it, and all the time his sense of worth ebbs away. He’s an empty shell, a mere reflection of the man he could be and all because he is trapped in a relationship that is so destructive and controlling that it is smothering his spirit.”

“He needs us Kevin. He needs to know that someone somewhere cares whether he lives or dies.” Lance reached out and grasped the Backstreetboy’s hand, squeezing it tightly. “He needs us, all of us, please Kev.”

Kevin groaned and sighed heavily, “I‘m not getting involved again,” he said as he got back in the car.

JC dried his tears and tried to stop the sobs that racked his frail body. Opening the closet door he rooted around for the pail and scrubbing brush that Justin had made him buy. Filling the bucket with hot water and bleach he got down on his knees and began to scrub. He caught a sob in his throat as he realised the last time he had scrubbed a kitchen floor was at Kevin’s house, then Kevin had made him stop. Insisting that he went into the garden and played in the pool. It had been a lovely afternoon. He had been happy. A tear rolled down his face and he swatted it away, wincing as his fingers brushed over the tender bruises. It was a dream, a beautiful dream that’s all. He was JC Chasez, punch-bag of Justin Timberlake, too frightened to leave, too frightened to stay. He plunged the brush into the scalding water, ignoring the burning in his hands; he’d felt worse pain in his life. He scrubbed, meticulously cleansing every inch of the cream ceramic tile floor then he sat back and waited for it to dry. When it had he crawled under the kitchen table and curled in a ball, drawing his knees to his chest. He closed his eyes hoping that sleep would take him away from his misery and knowing that Justin would expect to find him there in the morning.

“You look like shit.”

JC jumped awake at his lovers voice and crawled out from his sleeping place.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered, “Please don’t be mad.”

Justin walked over to the breakfast bar, hitching himself onto the high stool. “Just fix me breakfast and quit whinging.”

JC hesitated slightly, “is there anything special that you want, I mean.”

Justin smiled sweetly, “cereal will be just fine darlin’. And JC, smile honey. Today’s going to be a nice day, I just feel it.”

The brunette forced a smile then grimaced in pain. Justin jumped off his stool and drew JC to him, lifting his chin and examining his handy work. “I think I might take you to the hospital today darlin’. You have learned your lesson haven’t you?”

JC nodded timidly.

“And you know I only hit you so you will learn don’t you?” Justin said as he brushed his fingers over JC’s lips.

“I know. I do try Justin. I don’t mean to do stupid things.” the brunette struggled not to let the tears welling in his eyes fall, knowing it would just piss Justin off and the ‘nice day’ he had been promised would dissolve like sugar in a cup of hot tea.

Justin leaned in and kissed JC’s forehead. “Fix my breakfast darlin’, and get something yourself, even if its just toast ok.”


“Good boy. I love you Jaycee, you know that don’t you?”

“I love you too Justin.”


Kevin pulled open his fridge and took out the orange juice, drinking straight from the carton, something he’d never do if his wife was at home, but lucky him, she was visiting her mother for the next two months at least. He walked over to the breakfast table and flicked on the TV. “FUCK, no I don’t believe it!” Justin strutted his stuff across the screen, wriggling his hips and looking like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. “Mother fucker!” Kevin exclaimed and slammed the remote down, pressing the off switch first. He rubbed his temples remembering what Lance had seen last night. The thought of what Justin had done to JC made his blood boil. Picking up the phone he dialled, the phone rang four times before it was answered.

“Hello?” JC’s voice was soft, flowing like silk over his ears. Kevin never replied. “Hello, who is it?” JC sounded slightly panicked now.

“It’s me, Kevin.”

“What do you want?” JC spoke in a low whisper.

“I just wanted to make sure you were alright, that he never hurt you after we left.”

JC was silent for a few seconds then said, “no he didn’t touch me. I got to go, he’s in the shower right now, please don’t phone me again.”

Kevin’s receiver went dead. He sighed and dialled again. This time Lance took the phone.

Kevin looked up at the ceiling. “What do you want me to do?”

He could almost see the smile in the blond bass singer’s voice. “You changed your mind? I‘ll call you.”

“Yeah. Well, don’t leave it too long or I might change my mind again.”

“I understand dude. I’ll get back to you.”

Kevin hung up and put the TV back on only to have Justin, this time in black and white whining along to ‘Gone’. He kept watching as JC filled the screen, standing in a room alone wearing a pair of black jeans and a black sleeveless tee shirt, his hair was much shorter, curling around his ears. He was so into the music, stretching out his bare arm, clenching his fist as his eyes closed. “Oh Jaycee,” he breathed, “what the hell are we going to do with you?”


JC kept his head lowered as he sat waiting to be called into the examination cubical. He knew he could have demanded a private room, but why draw attention to himself? It was bad enough that he had to be there at all. Justin sat next to him, his hat pulled low over his face and his shades firmly planted on his nose. He patted JC’s knee, smiling. “You alright darlin’? Does it hurt too bad?”

JC hung his head further, “it’s not too bad.”

“Good.” Justin pick an imaginary piece of lint off his pants. “So what are you going to tell them Jace?”

“I don’t know. I mean I hadn’t thought.” JC’s mouth trembled; Justin was going to get pissed with him for not thinking before hand, he might even make him leave before he got treatment. “I .. I could tell them I .. I had a door blow back in my face,” he said hopefully. “If .. If you think they will believe me.”

“That’s a good idea darlin’. They’ll believe that.” Justin lifted JC’s face, turning his head from side to side as he studied his broken nose. “They should be able to straighten it, if not we can always consider surgery.” He rubbed his thumb over JC’s bottom lip and stared into his eyes. “You have really pretty eyes JC, so blue.” JC winced as Justin stroked his cheek, pressing just a little too hard on the dark bruise under his eye. “I love you. I do.”

“I know.”

“JC, I heard the phone ring while I was in the shower, who was it?” Justin still held JC’s chin in his grip.

“It was Kevin.”

“Kevin? What did he want?”

JC caught at his bottom lip before he answered in a whisper. “He was worried about me, he wanted to know if you hit me again. Don‘t be angry, I told him that I was ok and not to phone again.”

“That’s good darlin’.”

“Mr Scott?” a nurse with short red hair, holding a clipboard was looking around expectantly.

Justin chuckled, “that’s you dumb ass,”

JC forced a smile and stood up, he stopped, his eyes studying his feet. “Will you come with me? … please.”

“Of course I will darlin’.” Justin stood up and took hold of JC’s hand, squeezing it before he led him into the waiting cubicle.

It didn’t take long for the doctor to confirm what JC already knew, his nose was broken. He spent an agonising hour having it set, Justin by his side cooing reassuring words and promises of treats for being a brave boy. He walked into the kitchen of the house he shared with the blond singer and sat down on one of the bar stools, his head in his hands.

“You ok darlin’?”

“It just hurts so much, I’m sorry, I’ll get you something to eat.” JC went to get up only to be gently but firmly pushed back down.

“I’ll get you something. Then my darlin’ you can take your pain killers and go to bed.”

JC looked up shyly at his boyfriend. “Thank you Justin.”

The blond encircled his arms around his nervous lover. “I don’t want to hurt you JC, really I don’t. It’s just that sometimes you make me. I’ll tell you what you go upstairs and get into bed and I’ll bring you some warm milk and cookies.” Justin kissed JC’s forehead and turned him around, slapping his ass playfully. “Go on now before I change my mind.”

JC moved as quickly as his abused body would let him, painfully walking up the stairs to his bedroom. Once inside he kicked of his flip-flops and carefully bent to pick them up, placing them on the shelf with the rest of his shoes, he knew better than to leave them hanging around. He walked into the en-suite bathroom and stood in front of the full-length mirror. Now for the bit he had been dreading. Hooking his fingers under the edge of his wifebeater he lifted slowly. Grimacing as pain shot through his bony ribs. He looked up into the mirror with fresh tears in his eyes. The stark white plaster holding his nose straight was severe in contrast to the light golden hue of his skin. He let his eyes travel down his body as he dropped his jeans to the floor stepping out of them to stand naked before his reflection. His body trembled as he started crying at the sight. He was thin, painfully thin compared to how he had been when he started his relationship with Justin and his body was battered and bruised. He ran his fingers over his bruised ribs , pressing the tender flesh savagely, making himself gasp as agony shot through him. More tears fell as he repeated the action, deliberately hurting himself more. He deserved this. He deserved to feel pain. He’d had his chance to end it but hadn’t. He’d been offered a way out, a refuge and he had throw it back in their face. Now he was alone, truly alone. He pressed the sore spot again, too hard this time and he staggered to his knees, his arms wrapped around his ribs, tears coursing down his face. “I don’t know what to do,” he sobbed quietly. “I just want it to stop,” he looked at himself again in the mirror, at the pathetic creature he was. “Please make it stop,” he begged himself.

“You’re not in bed JC.”

The brunette bent down and picked his clothes up off the floor, dropping them into the washing hamper even though he had only worn them to go to the hospital. One of Justin’s little quirks was cleanliness and he sometimes took it to extremes as JC had found out when he had placed a tee shirt that he had only worn for ten minutes back into his closet. Only to have Justin fly into a rage and empty the entire cupboard on to the floor, insisting that JC washed every item by hand, and Justin made sure he had done it too standing over him with his belt in his hand. It had taken JC all night and the next morning to wash, dry, iron and put away all his clothes. He never made that mistake again, and never, ever put something on unless he intended to wear it all day.

“You’re not in bed JC, why?” Justin demanded again.

“I was just .. Washing my hands.” JC hung his head worried that Justin might catch on to his lie. He moved as quickly as he could and slid under the quilt. Justin sat next to him, leaning in and kissing his mouth softly. JC opened his mouth so that Justin could suck his tongue. He moaned as Justin deepened the kiss and pushed him back on the bed straddling his body. “I missed you in my arms last night darlin’. Your beautiful body pressed under mine. Squirming and wriggling as I fuck you hard, then later, spooned against you as I sleep, my mouth on your shoulder. I want you Joshua. I want you now.”

Justin pulled the quilt from JC and let his eyes wander over his long lean torso. JC trembled slightly and opened his legs wide. Justin smiled widely and rubbed his hand over his lovers cock, fingering his balls and stroking his thumb over the velvet sack. He bent his head, swiping at them with his tongue and leaving a long wet trail over JC’s skin. Making the brunette shudder as he blew on them. Sliding up JC’s body he brought his mouth back down on JC’s lips and rolled his cock against the brunettes semi hard erection. “Lift your ass for me darlin’.” He purred, smirking as JC obeyed. He pushed inside JC, not bothering to lube up first. JC choked back the tears as he was dry fucked hard and fast, only just stopping himself from screaming with relief when Justin came violently inside him then rolled off him, pulling his discarded jeans back over his legs. JC pulled his knees up to his chest, torn between the pain in his ass and the pain in his ribs.

“Stay in bed for the rest of the day darlin’” Justin oozed sweetly. He tipped two of the prescribed painkillers into the palm of his hand. “JC, lick them up and swallow them.”

The frail man moved slowly, getting on his knees and lowering his head till his mouth hovered over Justin’s hand. He flicked out his tongue, lifting the two pills and swallowing them, ignoring the bitter taste. Justin pulled the quilt back over his boyfriend, kissing him again before he left. “I’ll wake you in a couple of hours okay?”

JC snuggled into the soft downy quilt, the tablets already starting to take effect. “Thank you.” he mumbled as Justin closed the door.

JC sighed deeply as he started to regain consciousness; he stretched, and twisted emitting a tiny moan of pain. He blinked in the half-light and tried to focus his sight on the LED of his bedside clock. He jerked upright, it was 5pm Justin was going to be so annoyed with him. He gasped as he realised he wasn’t alone. Justin sat silently next to him his mouth set in a straight line. JC’s bottom lip trembled slightly as he sat waiting to see what was going to happen. The shaven headed man held out his open hand, two small white pills lay in his palm. JC did what he thought was expected of him and licked them up, swallowing them in one go. He was rewarded with Justin ruffling his hair as if he was a pet puppy.

“You going to get up darlin’?”

JC nodded and swung his legs out of bed. “Are you hungry?” Justin asked. Again JC nodded. “I could eat something small, if that’s alright.”

Justin smiled, determined not to loose his temper with his timid lover. “I asked didn’t I JC? Are you deliberately trying to make me angry?”

“no .. I never , Justin I never meant!”

“Maybe you had better stay up here, and think about what you did mean JC, because I think you are deliberately trying to wind me up.”

“I’m sorry Justin, I swear I never meant ..”

Justin snatched a fist full of brunette curls and twisted JC’s head back. “You always have to ruin it don’t you? We can’t have one fucking day.”

“Justin please.” JC eyes filled with tears caused by the strain on the roots of his hair as Justin twisted his fist tighter.

The brunette’s head bounced off the bedroom wall as Justin threw him from him. “You stay the fuck in here, I’m going out.” Justin pulled his pants on and wriggled into a tight tee shirt. He started to storm out of the room, pausing at the doorway. “And when I get back,” he snarled, “you will bend over and open your fucking legs and you won’t say a fucking word. Do you understand?.” The blond swiped everything off the top of a chest of drawers, smashing a bottle of aftershave. “I said do you fucking understand?”

JC nodded, not speaking, again he had managed to piss his lover off. He hugged his knees as the front door slammed shut.


“I don’t know why the hell I’m here. He took no notice of me last time.” Kevin swung back on the real legs of his chair and put his feet on the low coffee table.

“Down.” Lance swiped his feet back onto the floor and wiped where Kevin’s heels had been resting. “Keep your feet off the furniture.”

Chris laughed, “be glad you’re just visiting. If you lived here you’d have gotten a whole lecture on how it’s not polite to disrespect other peoples property.” Lance shot him a withering glance and continued to lie out the plates of nibbles that he had prepared.

“What time did you tell Joey and AJ?” Kevin asked.

Chris looked at his lover then back at the tall singer, “we didn’t.”

Lance continued, “ We figure the less people that know what’s going on, the less chance that something will go wrong.”

Kevin rolled his eyes skywards, “I’m almost afraid to ask, but what’s the plan?”

“We’re going to kidnap JC and take him to Mississippi and keep him lock up till he realises that Justin is no good for him.”

Kevin stood up and pulled on his coat. “When you got a real plan call me.” Lance walked him to the door locking it behind him, he turned back to face Chris. “Now will you let me think up a plan that might actually work?”


It was dark when JC heard Justin’s car pull into the drive. He prayed that his lover had, had a good night and had returned in a good mood. Hearing the front door bang shut JC slipped his boxers off and turned onto his belly, his legs spread wide. Ten long minutes passed before the bedroom door opened.

“JC honey, I got a surprise for you,” Justin slurred as he staggered over to the bed. Justin’s hand travelled up JC’s spine kneading gently at the back of his shoulders. “See,” Justin slurred, “I told you he’d be obliging.”

JC stiffened and tried to turn, only to be pressed down into the pillows, Justin’s hand clamped brutally on his neck. Another set of hands began to rub at his buttocks , the fingers sliding between his cheeks. “I told you he was hot didn’t I?” Justin said as he leaned down licking at the helpless brunette’s ear. The strong stench of whiskey and beer swept over JC, and he gulped, trying not to heave.

“I like his ass, it’s tight and round.” JC shivered, he didn’t recognise the other voice.

“Justin … don’t please don’t.” A sharp slap across the back of his head shut JC up and he sobbed into his pillow as the stranger felt him up, squeezing his balls, twisting them hard making him cry out loud and getting him another slap from Justin.

JC began to cry uncontrollably as a heavy weight pressed down on top of him. Justin slurred into his ear. “You owe me this Jace, you better convince me you want this.”

“Don’t let him Justin, please don’t let him,“ the distraught brunette sobbed. He cried out as he was cruelly penetrated and continued to scream as the stranger pumped in and out of him. Justin walked to the bedroom door, leaning against the frame, watching as the man he had picked up downtown fucked his boyfriend. “He’ll do what ever you want him to, if he don’t call me. You can let yourself out.”

Hours later, when the man had left, JC knelt numbly in the position he had been left in. His knees bent under him and his shoulders pressed into the mattress. His fingers gripped so tightly to the brass bed frame that his knuckles had turned white. Why? Why had Justin done this to him? He said he loved him. Insisted that he loved him and he had believed him. A strangled sob escaped from JC’s mouth as he crawled back on to his knees. The movement caused the man’s cum that was still inside him to leak out. JC vomited, the contents of his stomach covering his bed. He heaved again, wanting to purge his body of the semen he had been forced to swallow. Justin had told the man he could do anything he wanted and he had, even going as far as making him act as a urinal. JC heaved again as the memory ate away at his brain. He rolled off the bed, landing with a soft thud on the thickly carpeted floor. The smell of vomit hung heavily in the air as JC crawled towards the door. He reached up, tugging at the bathrobe that was hanging on the peg, vomiting again as even more cum oozed out of him. When his stomach stopped lurching JC wrapped the robe around his naked body and using a four-drawer chest as support got to his feet. He said he loved me. I took his abuse because he loved me. Why did he do this to me why? Am I so bad a person that I needed to be taught this lesson? Painfully JC opened the bedroom door and crept down the stairs. He took a last look around him before he stepped out barefooted into the predawn light.


Kevin turned over groaning, he didn’t remember setting his alarm, and defiantly not for 4:00 am. He smacked the top of the alarm clock, staring at it puzzled through bleary eyes when it didn’t turn off. His head still thick with sleep he sat up, rubbing the crust away with the heels of his hands, still the buzzing went on, unrelentingly. Recognition took hold, it wasn’t his alarm, it was his gate buzzer, someone was leaning on it. Using caution he lifted the phone that was connected to the intercom. “Who is it?”

Soft sob floated over the line, “Kevin.” his name was barely whispered. “Kevin, I didn’t know where to go. I didn’t know where to go!”

“Jace stay there, I’m coming honey.” Kevin leaped out of bed, pulling on his boxers before charging down the stairs, taking them two at a time. He flicked on the outside lights and sprinted to the solid wood gates that protected his property from the outside world. Nothing could have prepared him for the pathetic sight of JC crumpled in a heap on the sidewalk, dressed only in a pure white robe. The stark white plaster that covered his nose stood out against the red puffiness of his face and the dark black blue bruises that hung under his eyes. “Oh Jesus Jace! What happened sweetie, what happened?”

The Nsync singer was past words and broke down, sobs racking his frail frame. Kevin, tried to lift him, struggling against his dead weight as the normally light man made no attempt to help. “Jace, sweetheart, you have to try, I can’t lift you, not like this. I will carry you but you have to help me by standing up.” Hiccups caught in JC’s throat as he wrapped his arms around Kevin’s neck and used him as leverage to stand up. The Backstreet Boy, Hooked his arm under JC’s legs, sweeping him up into his arms and carried him inside. He laid the distraught man on the couch and sat down beside him. He poured a large brandy and lifted it to JC’s lips. The brunette sipped the fiery liquid obediently, sagging against the older man. The two never spoke, Kevin knew it was pointless at the stage to try to get JC to tell him what had happened, the younger man was way too upset still to form a coherent sentence. Almost an hour later when he was sure JC had finally drifted off into a restless sleep, he slipped from under him and went into the kitchen taking the brandy bottle with him. He took a long swig, relishing the burn of the alcohol as it made its way to his belly. Not knowing what else to do he lifted the phone and dialled.

“Yep?” Lance’s sleepy voice answered on the fourth ring.

“It’s Kev.”

“What the fuck man? Its 5:00 am!”

“Jace is here.” That got Lance’s attention.

“What! When? How?”

“He turned up an hour ago. He’s in a bad way dude, he won’t talk. He just keeps crying. He’s practically naked man, his feet are bleeding. I think he ran all the way here.”

“Where is he now?” Lance’s deep voice was marred with concern and Kevin could hear Chris swearing in the background along with the sounds of closets and drawers opening and shutting as the pair rushed to dress.

“He’s sleeping on the couch, finally.” Kevin scratched his fingers against his scalp, pulling his thick hair out of his eyes.

“We’ll be right there man.” as an after thought Lance added, “If Justin turns up don’t let him in.”

Kevin snarled down the phone. “If Justin turns up you won’t have to worry about him going solo because I’m going to kill him.”

“Kev, just keep calm man, don’t diss Justin in front of JC, it could send him running back to him.”

“Over my dead body,” Kevin growled back. “We go with Chris’ plan I vote we kidnap him and brainwash him till he recognises Justin for the asshole that he is.”

“We’ll talk about it later, just keep Jace there. We’ll be about twenty.” The line went dead and Kevin went back into the sitting room, slouching down into a chair opposite the sleeping man, praying that Lance and Chris turned up before he woke up again.

The sound of Chris’ Triumph roaring into the drive shook Kevin from the doze that he had succumbed to, feeling guilty he checked JC was still sleeping before he dashed to meet them. “He’s in the living room.”

The two Nsync singers rushed to their friend side. Chris’ face paled then went bright red as he contained his rage, his fists clenched at his sides. Lance sat on the couch next to JC and carefully brushed his hair from his face, his mouth trembling when he saw the extensive injuries the slender man had suffered.

“Jace,” he whispered, “Jace sweetie, its Lance. Can you hear me darlin‘?” JC’s eyes flickered open and immediately filled with more tears. He threw his arms around Lance’s neck and sobbed distraughtly into his neck. “It’s okay baby. You’re safe, you’re safe. What happened sweetheart? Can you tell me?”

JC shook his head, and continued to cry against the blonde’s shoulder. Chris chewed on his nails, not knowing what to do. “You got any brandy?” he asked Kevin.

The Backstreet boy nodded it’s in the kitchen, I already gave him a glass.”

“Not for him. For me.” the stocky brunette strode into the kitchen, and opened the bottle, taking a leaf out of Kevin’s book as he drank straight from the bottle. Kevin followed him, relieving him of the now half empty bottle and taking another long swig himself.

Chris’ eyes glowed with anger, “I’m going over there and I’m going to kick the living shit out of Justin for this.”

Kevin took another swallow of brandy before handing the bottle back to the shorter man. “Can I come?”

“You bet. Lets teach that little shit he can’t treat people like this.”

“Come where?” Lance stood in the doorway blocking the way out.

“You should be with Jaycee.”

“JC is sleeping again. Come where Chris?”

“We are going to give Justin a taste of his own medicine.”


“NO!” Kevin and Chris both yelled.

Lance came all of the way into the room, taking the nearly empty bottle from his lover and draining it before he spoke again. “That’s what I said. No. You go off half-cocked, and you may as well lay out the ‘Welcome Home JC’ mat outside Justin’s front door. We need to be diplomatic about this. First things first. And first thing is to get JC out of here and where Justin can’t find him.”

“JC won’t go. You know that, he’ll wake up and decide that Justin only did what ever he did because he loves him and will go running back for his next kicking.” Kevin pulled another bottle of brandy from the cupboard, unscrewed the top and took a mouthful before handing it to Chris.

“I don’t think so, not this time. This time Jaycee came to you Kev. He made a cry for help and we are NOT going to ignore it.”

Chris handed the bottle to his lover, “what’s the plan Lance? I know you must have one.”

Lance screwed the lid back on the bottle. “Step one, we all remain sober for a start. Kev we came on the bike can we borrow your 4X4?”


“Chris go upstairs get blankets and some pillows. Kevin can you pack some of your clothes for JC?”

“Of course but they will hang on him.”

“It doesn’t matter, as soon as he feels up to it he can buy some that fit.” Lance chewed on his lip as he thought about what else he needed.

“Look guys, I have nothing to do for the next six weeks, well nothing that can’t be postponed. I wanna come with you.” Kevin shuffled his feet uncomfortably waiting for Lance to say absolutely not.

“Thanks man, I was hoping you’d say that, cus I want you to take him. Me and Chris are going to stay here and deal with Justin.”

Chris returned, his arms full of bedding. “Where you want it?”

“The back of Kev’s Escalade. I’ll pack up some food for the drive while Kevin packs for him and JC.”

Chris looked puzzled, “what about us?”

“We’re not going. Kev is taking JC away, not even we will know where to find him. Kevin will keep us posted to how JC is and they won’t come back till JC feels he can face Justin again.”

Kevin came down stairs a large holdall slung over his shoulder, “so where are we going?”

Chris grunted, “Apparently WE aren’t going anywhere. You and JC are.”

“I thought you was kidding.” Kevin said shocked that Lance had been serious.

“Please Kev, you said yourself you got the time. JC needs you, we need you.”

Kevin sighed, “I know somewhere, quiet, no phones, nothing. But I got to make a call first.” Lance took the bag of clothes off the tall singer, a satisfied smile on his lips as he pulled Chris out to the car, leaving Kevin to make his calls in peace.


JC blinked, disorientated having been roused from his sleep by Garth Brooks singing softly in the background. He shifted his body till he was sitting up. “Where we going?”

Kevin was startled behind the wheel, not realising his passenger had woken up. “Christ Jace, way to give a guy a heart attack!”

JC cowered back against the black leather seat. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean ..”

“No Jace, I’m sorry. You startled me that’s all.” silence ensued broke only by Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood singing ‘In Another’s Eyes.’

“I like this song.” JC’s voice was practically non-existent as he spoke. “I always did, but Justin hated me listening to country, he scratched my copy and threw it in the trash.”

“You can have this one if you like.”

JC smiled for the first time since he had turned up at Kevin’s door. “Thank you,” he breathed.

Kevin watched him through his rear view mirror, “Try to get some more sleep dude, I’ll wake you when we get there.”

JC hesitated for a second then in a weak voice asked, “Where are we going?”

Kevin smiled kindly at him. “somewhere safe.”

JC drifted back to sleep, lulled by the gently sway of the car. When he opened his eyes again they were pulled into a gas station.

“Hey sleepy head, there’s a Starbucks, you want a coffee?”

JC stretched ignoring the slow throb in his ribs. “I’d love one, Caramel Macchiato would be good.”

“Iced or hot?” Kevin asked his eyes gleaming at finding something that JC liked.

“Hot … please.”

“My pleasure, one hot Caramel Macchiato coming up.”

After they had drank their coffee’s JC climbed into the passenger seat next to Kevin and rested his head on his shoulder. “Thank you,” he whispered for the umpteenth time that day. Kevin never replied just concentrated on the road. They still had a long way to go and he wanted to get as far from L.A. as they could.


Justin woke up about noon, his head throbbing. He vaguely remembered last night, he remembered picking up some random guy and bringing him back to play with JC. Talking of JC he’d still be waiting for him to tell him he could get up. Justin opened the door to JC’s room and staggered back from the smell. Surely the little fucker wasn’t lying in his own vomit. He clamped a hanky across his mouth and nose and went into the room, ready to rub his boyfriends face in the mess. “Mother fucker!” Justin screamed at the top of his voice. The bed was covered in vomit so was the floor, and on top of that there was no sign of JC. I am going to kick you into next week for this JC. He stormed down stairs “JC, where the fuck are you hiding? You had better get your ass here before I count to three.” slowly Justin began counting loudly, making sure his voice carried through out the house. “One. Two. Three.” Still there was no sign of his wayward boyfriend. Justin locked the front door and then the back. If JC was in the house he’d find him and when he did he would wish he hadn’t been born.

Justin took the house apart, his temper growing hotter and hotter. Finally he snatched up his phone and pressed speed dial. “Fucking little shit!” the clear sound of Mozart floated from the kitchen. Justin charged though the already open door finding the tiny silver Nokia. He picked it up and threw it across the room, smashing it. He placed the palms of his hands flat on the worktop, taking deep calming breaths. Once he had composed himself he picked up the kitchen phone and dialled Chris’ apartment.

“What’z up Jup.”

Justin put on his sugar wouldn’t melt voice, “Not much dude, just wondering how y’all are?”

“We’re fine man, just chillin on the couch. You wanna talk to Lance?”

“Nah, it’s ok just say hi from me.”

“Hey Lance, Jup says hi.”

A deep voice came back, “tell him hi form me.”

Chris came back on the line. “you hear that Juppy?”

“Yeah. Err, Chris, you haven’t by chance seen Jace today have you?”

“Nope, I been here all morning. I can ask Lance if you like but he’s been here with me.”

“Nah its cool, he’ll turn up, catch you later. Bye.”

Chris controlled his voice. “Yeah bye.” He hung up and looked over to where Lance was sitting. “He was really pissed.”


“By tonight he’s going to be livid.”

Lance snuggled up to his boyfriend, “It doesn’t matter, Jace is safe now. He can’t hurt him anymore.”

Chris hugged his lover, “So long as JC stays away this time.”

“If he doesn’t then we did everything we could.”

“He’ll kill him you know that don’t you?”

Lance nuzzled Chris’ neck sadly knowing his boyfriend was probably right.


JC sat with his knees in his arms laughing as Kevin ran into the sea then tried unsuccessfully to jump a wave, falling head first into the water. He wanted to join him but couldn’t because of the plaster that still covered his nose. The bruises had faded and the nerves had abated, but still JC hadn’t spoken about what had driven him to run three miles, barefoot and half naked through L.A. at three pm in the morning. He giggled as Kevin ran up the beach to where he sat, shaking over him like a dog, then dropping by his side.

“You happy?”

JC smiled, “yeah, I never thought I could ever be happy again, but I am.”

“I’ll take you to the hospital tomorrow, get your nose checked. Maybe the plaster can come off soon.”

“Then I can go swimming too.”

“It will be the first thing we do.”

JC leaned against the older man, “I know I have said it a thousand times already, but thank you. You have given up the last four weeks to help me. I won’t let you down, I promise.”

“What ever happens Jace you won’t be letting me down, only yourself. You are a beautiful, talented, sexy man, and no one, and I mean no one has the right to raise a hand to you or tell you otherwise.” Kevin hugged the still frail man to him as they lay in the sunshine with the sound of the ocean crashing on the shore and said a silent prayer that the first time JC saw Justin again he wouldn’t crumble.

They spent the next couple of hours frolicking on the beach, then returned to the beach house that Kevin had hired before they had left L.A. Kevin sat doing his paperwork and JC curled on the couch with his book. The Backstreet boy watched the engrossed younger man as he concentrated on the story he was reading, his heart lifted when a smile began to play at JC’s lips.

“Good book?”

JC ducked his head and his skin flushed a little, “Yeah, it’s Terry Pratchett‘s Equal Rites, I love reading but it used to piss Justin off, he said that I would forget about everything going on around me, and you know how he hates not being the centre of everyone’s universe.”

“If reading makes you happy, then you should read. Kristen loves to read too, so I’m used to the long silences.”

At the mention of his friends wife JC sucked his bottom lip into his mouth and lifted his book higher, hiding behind the hardback.

“Are you ok JC,?”

“Yeah, it just reminded me that you have a life and will be wanting to get back to it soon.”

Kevin moved to JC’s side, taking his book from he and lying it face down and open on the coffee table. “I’m here for you for as long as you need me. I’m in regular contact with Lance, cus him and Chris are worried about you too.”

“They never came with me though.” JC said sulkily.

“They wanted to, but they had to make sure Justin didn’t track you down, they are more use watching him. JC, they love you, so does Joey.”

JC dropped his head to his chest. “I know, I don’t deserve their love and support. I put them through so much in the past couple of years.”

“Jace you put no one through anything. The only one that has suffered here is you, and now that’s finished, you’ve escaped him. He can’t hurt you anymore.”

A tear ran down JC’s cheek. “I’m scared Kev. I’m scared I won’t have the strength not to go back to him.” JC let the tears fall freely as he rested against Kevin’s larger frame. Kevin’s arms wrapped tightly around him and they stayed like that till JC eventually cried himself out.


Justin checked the calendar. It had been four weeks since JC disappeared in the middle of the night. He had phoned everyone he could think of. Mamma Chasez, Tony, Dallas, Johnny, and if Lance, Chris and Joey knew where he was they weren’t saying. He had even tried to call Richardson and MacLean but they were out of town on BSB business. He snarled seeing that JC had pencilled in that he was due to have his plaster removed that day. In a fit of temper Justin ripped the calendar down, tearing it into pieces and throwing it into the bin. Oh yes when JC finally showed that pretty face he would be sorry.


JC came bounding out of the surgery, a huge grin plastered over his face. “No more plaster then Jace?” Kevin grinned, as JC’s happiness infected him too.

“Nope, all gone and perfectly straight too.”

“You look good.”

JC blushed then remembered something. “Hey you promised we could go swimming!”

“Did I? Are you sure? cus I don’t remember saying ….”

JC pouted. “You promised! on the beach the other day, you said as soon as my plaster came off …” JC stopped realising that Kevin was grinning widely. “You fucking tease!” the younger man found himself grinning again.

“You are so gullible at times Jace.”

“Fuck off.” JC snapped back, humour enriching his voice.

Kevin laughed out loud, “ohh so forceful.” He laughed even louder as JC walked away, showing him the bird as he went.

The two men splashed through the waves, laughing loudly. They ran up the sand collapsing back on their towels, relaxing back in the sun. JC laid on his back and Kevin laid next to him propped up on his elbow. His green eyes drank in the features of the giggling man beside him. He couldn’t help but smile, JC’s laugh was infectious. with a wicked gleam in his eyes he straddled the slight singer and began to tickle him mercilessly, causing JC to laugh harder and tears roll down his face. Suddenly Kevin found it hard to breathe, his breath coming in short pants as he gazed down into JC’s steel blue eyes. He caressed the younger mans cheek with his fingertips, and played with the chocolate curls that framed his face. He leaned in, kissing JC’s mouth tenderly. When he pulled back up JC’s eyes were closed and he licked his lips still tasting Kevin. Ever so slowly his steel blue orbs opened and gazed up at the Backstreet boy with lust. His fingers laced through Kevin’s dark hair, guiding him back down to his lips.

“I want you,” Kevin breathed as he rubbed his thumb over JC’s lush mouth.

JC arched up into him, his mouth covering the older man’s. he let his tongue dance against Kevin’s before he pulled back. “Take me then.” he replied breathlessly.

Giving in to the temptation he had been fighting for so long Kevin slipped his hand down the front of JC’s swim shorts, holding his rapidly thickening cock in his hand. “Are you sure JC? Are you ready to be made love to by someone other than Justin?”

The Nsync singer arched back up into Kevin’s embrace. “Touch me Kevin, love me. Even if its only for this one time. Please let me feel love again.”

Kevin’s mouth possessed JC’s as he pressed him back into the sand, his moans of passion joining JC’s on the light breeze.

The lovers lay naked, wrapped in other arms. JC’s face buried in Kevin’s chest. “He brought home a stranger.” Kevin stiffened and never spoke, JC was opening up at last about that fateful night when he turned up on his doorstep at 4 in the morning. “He had told me to be naked, on my belly with my legs spread. I didn’t know he wasn’t alone. He made … he made me have sex with a stranger … let him do what wanted to me … He left me.” JC began to sob softly as he carried on speaking grief making his voice shake. “He told him I would do anything he wanted … that if … if I didn’t he would make me pay. Then he left me alone with a stranger. He made me do things, disgusting things. Sometimes … sometimes I can still taste it, its sour in my mouth. I couldn’t stay anymore, I’d taken everything Justin had thrown at me, I never complained, never fought back. But I couldn’t take any more I couldn’t. So I ran. I didn’t know where I was going, I didn’t care. I just wanted the pain to stop and the taste to go away. I don’t know how I ended up at your place. But I’m glad I did.”

Kevin kissed JC’s forehead softly as he let him keep on talking, not wanting to interrupt.

JC’s lips brushed Kevin’s bare chest. “I know that this will end as soon as we leave here, that you have your wife and that you love her. I also know that you’re not gay, just curious. I won’t hold it against you. I needed to feel again Kevin, to trust. You gave that back to me and I will be forever grateful for that.”

The two lay in silence till the sun started to set, then made love again in the fading light, eventually falling asleep in each other’s arms.

The new day found them making love once again, drowning in each other’s desire as they writhed and kissed on the fine sand. JC gasped as Kevin slipped inside him, pumping rhythmically as he littered his face with loving kisses. When they had both exhausted themselves they snuggled together once more.

“I think I want to go back to L.A.”

Kevin squeezed his eyes shut not wanting to hear what JC had just said. “Why now? You’re not strong enough.”

JC lifted himself on to his side, leaning on his elbow. “If I stay here I’ll fall in love with you Kevin.”

The green eyed man sighed, understanding what JC was getting at. “I guess you are right. Don’t go back to him Jace, promise me you won’t go back to him.”

JC leaned in kissing Kevin’s lips softly. “I promise.”


Justin was laying down new vocals for his single when he saw a familiar person walk past the booth he was in. He ripped his earphones off and chased down the corridor and through the door that JC had disappeared through. He backed up realising that his boyfriend wasn’t alone. Joey hovered menacingly in the background and Kevin, Chris and Lance sat on chairs placed strategically around the room.

“Baby, I was so worried about you,” Justin gushed, trying to sound more concerned than he really was.

“I’m surprised you missed me.” the indifference in JC’s voice sparked Justin’s temper.

“Now darlin’ you know that I missed you and I can’t wait to get you home again, where you belong.”

Kevin grunted whispering under his breath. “I bet.”

Justin glared at the older man then turned his attention back to JC. He advanced on the slim man, making JC back up suddenly from his gut reaction, he recognised the look in Justin’s eyes and the tone of his voice, he’d hear it time and time again over the past three years. This was it, this was where he usually caved in and went crawling back like the kicked puppy.

“It’s over Justin.”

The blond singer stopped dead, not able to believe his ears. “What did you just say?”

JC swallowed hard. “I said its over, I’m not coming back to you.”

Justin’s face blazed red. “Like hell you’re not!” He took a step towards JC, who yelped and cowered behind Joey. Kevin was out of his seat in an instant.

“No.” JC shouted. “It’s alright Kev, I’m not scared of him anymore.” JC stepped out from behind Joey, physically trembling before his now ex-boyfriend. “I’m not afraid of you Justin. You can’t hurt me anymore.” Justin’s cold eyes bore into JC forcing him to use every ounce of strength he could muster. The blond slapped JC’s face sending him staggering across the room. Chris and Lance grabbed Kevin knowing that JC had to deal with Justin on his own.

The slender singer straightened up, wiping the blood from his mouth. He walked up to Justin till he was no more than a couple of inches from him. “Was that good for you darlin’?” he asked, imitating Justin’s accent. “It didn’t feel the same did it? Not the rush you usually get.” JC paused and pretended to look thoughtful. “I know what it is!” he exclaimed. “Please Justin, don’t, please don’t hit me, I’ll be good, I promise I’ll be good.” he whined, JC clenched his fists at his sides and lifted himself to his full height, something he hadn’t done for years with Justin. “That’s it isn’t it? It’s not the same unless I beg, not the same when you’re not the powerful one.”

“I can still kick your ass, you little whore,” Justin hissed venomously.

A tear ran down JC’s face. “I truly loved you Justin, and I believed right up to the end that you loved me too. If I’m a whore then its what you made me. You were my first and you know it. I won’t let you control me anymore. It’s over.”

JC took Justin’s face in his hands and kissed him hard on his lips, thrusting his tongue into his mouth. As suddenly as the kiss had began it finished. “Goodbye Justin.”

JC nodded at his friends and support framework and walked out into the L.A. sunshine. He paused taking a deep breath, not knowing what the future held. He was alone now and he had no one to fear. He got into his convertible and leaned back in the plush leather. No he thought. Not alone. He had friends and for now that was all he needed.

The end.

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