Thy will be done

He watched.

He had been watching now for a long time. They thought they were being clever. Hiding what was going on, But he knew, he’d watched. He saw the way they would brush against each other as they passed. The way there hands would touch when they thought no-one was looking. They were wrong. He was looking, watching.

It was wrong. The bible said it was wrong . Man shalt not lay down with man.

They were drinking tonight. Being more daring. Leaning close together. Lips brushing against ears as they spoke in hushed tones. The darker of the two let his fingers trace down the face of the blond spiky haired one. Staring deeply into his friends eyes as he did. His smile dominated his face as he lifted his drink and drained the glass. The blond one smiled shyly and threw back his own drink slamming his glass on the bar at the same time indicating to the barman to fill them up again. The watcher still watched.

It was Jc the darker mans fault this was happening. He was the corrupter, Lance hadn’t stood a chance, Jc had fluttered those blue eyes and Lance was lost. Jc was going to burn in hell. But not Lance. Lance could still be saved. The watcher was sick of watching, Sickened by what he saw. He wasn’t going to watch anymore.

Jc leaned close to Lance whispering in his ear, making the younger man blush bright red and burst into laughter. He never noticed the man standing behind him. He had no time to react to his head being dragged back by his hair baring his throat. Nothing he could do as the blade sliced through his flesh.

It had happened so fast. Without warning. Lance froze as the knife flashed across Jc’s neck. His green eyes seeking out the blue of his lovers. Jc fell to the ground his eyes still locked to Lance’s, he tried to speak but only blood escaped his mouth. Lance watched as the lights grew dimmer in Jc’s eyes. Fading to nothing. When the light finally went out Lance began to scream.

‘He can’t see you’

Three men stood before the window looking at the man that had murdered their friend. ‘Did he say why?’ Joey asked without turning to face the police inspector that was with them. ‘Why did he did it?’

The inspector passed some notebooks to Chris, ‘He wrote in these. At first about his crush on Jc, then about loving him. But when Jc and Lance got together his love turned to jealousy and finally to hate’ The friends leaned together drawing strength from one another. ‘What happens now’ they asked. ‘He’ll be charged, but he’s in no state to go to jail, he’ll go to an institution till he’s able to stand trial.’

The door opened in the cell and Joey and Chris watched as the inspector approached the man sitting at the table. Then they watched as the inspector spoke.

Justin Randall Timberlake I am formally charging you with the murder of Joshua Scott Chasez. You do not have to say anything but what ......

Joey and Chris stopped watching not wanting to see anymore. Lance was all that mattered now.


Note from Admin: There is a Sequel to this SS called "Deliver us from evil". Since it shows Lance life after JC death we can't post it here but if someone wants to read it either contact Michelle herself (her address is on her index page of this archive) or go to the Web of Tales.

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