Part 1

Joshua busied himself getting his room ready. Saturday had come around again all too soon and his owner would be calling later. Technically he wasn’t a slave but he may as well be. He had restrictions placed on him, he wasn’t allowed to see any other client and he was allowed no contact between the other prostitutes that worked in Utopia. He was made to live his life in solitude, deprived of friendship and company. Loneliness dominated his life and although he feared and dreaded Saturday nights he craved them too. Just knowing that for a painful few hours that someone knew that he was still alive reminded him that he was too.

He stood with his head down and his hands behind his back as his door was opened.

“Make sure your room is spotless JC, you know Mr. Johnson will be angry if he finds anything out of place.” Joshua never answered, he wasn’t allowed to, it wasn’t expected. He had been forbidden to speak to anyone other than his ‘benefactor’

JC nodded sadly, not meeting the pimp’s eyes, his head dropping even lower.

“When he arrives I will expect you to be in the lounge waiting to escort him to your room. You may come down at 8:45pm not before.” The pimp left as Joshua slumped down on his bed, his knees curled to his chest. He hugged his pillow to him, his eyes devoid of emotion. He had long ago taken his feelings and locked them away where they couldn’t hurt him anymore. He kept them in the little box where he had hidden his heart and his ambition of becoming a lawyer. Spurring himself into motion he lifted himself off of his bed and began to remove the sex toys that were hidden away in his drawers and closets. He lined the collection of dildos, vibrators and butt plugs on the bedside table. He lifted the biggest, his lip trembling as he examined it in his hands. Sixteen inches long and three inches in girth, it was made of black plastic and had thick veins that covered the huge shaft. The bulbous head widened to four inches and Joshua smoothed his thumb over it. His hands began to shake and he dropped it on the floor watching as it rolled under the bed. He closed his eyes and thought about leaving it there, he hated the damned thing. It was pure torture when his owner inserted it into him and his owner knew how much it hurt him. Reluctantly Joshua got onto his knees and reached under the bed, pulling the dildo out and standing it in its customary place. If it wasn’t there he would be punished far worse than just the pain of the hard plastic. Once in a moment of bravado he had hidden the hated object, within an hour of Mr. Johnson arriving he was screaming and begging to be allowed to get it. He never misplaced it again.

He lifted two three-foot metal poles with cuffs attached from the corner trunk and placed them on the dresser. Then he rummaged around and pulled out the thick leather blindfold and gag placing them under the pillow where his owner would be able to find them easily. Optimistically he placed an small open jar of lubricant next to the dildos. Maybe, just maybe if he was docile enough he wouldn’t spend the next week unable to move. He looked up to the small bedside clock; it was still only 6, walking dejectedly into the bathroom. He ran himself a bath and sunk into the bubbled water to his neck, his eyes drifted shut and he began to dream. In his dream he was wrapped in loving arms as the skin on his neck was licked and kissed tenderly. “I love you Joshua,” four little words his heart ached for were whispered in his ear.

He jumped as the alarm sounded, letting him know he had lingered too long in his dream world. Getting out of the tub, he dried his long slender limbs and blow-dried his thick highlighted curls. He looked into the mirror that hung over the washbasin, staring into his own eyes as he tried hard to find the light that he knew used to be there, failing. It had gone out long ago, when on that terrible night he accepted an offer of help. It had saved his life in respect that he still breathed, but at what cost? Another thing he had locked in that little box and was hidden away where no one could damage it was his self-respect. Joshua fastened the cock and ball restraints on himself, buckling them unbearably tightly around his delicate organs. Punishment was dished out for failure to properly bind himself.

Joshua opened his closet and took out the clothes he had been ordered to wear, wriggling into the skin-tight leather pants and red leather tank-top. He looked over to the clock once more 8:30, fifteen more minutes till his life began again. Dropping to his knees he prayed, prayed for the strength he would need to get through the night, prayed that tonight would be the night that he was set free forever. He craved death, welcomed it, feared it.

Another alarm sounded and he got back to his feet and left his rooms. The only time he was ever allowed to leave them was when he was greeting Mr. Johnson. His bare feet made no sound as he padded down to the elevator. He felt the eyes of other whores watching him, their pity weighing heavy on his soul. He kept his eyes firmly on the ground, not meeting their inquiring gazes, slumping back against the lift wall as soon as the doors shut.

The elevator pinged at it reached the lobby and the doors opened with a slight whoosh. Joshua stepped out and went to his allocated position. He stood waiting, his hands clasped behind his back, his feet together and his head lowered, ignored by all around him.

A room full of people yet still alone.

Sounds of laughter assaulted his ears and he wondered what it felt like, it had been so long since he had laughed, so long since he showed any positive emotions.

“Good evening JC.”

“Good evening Mr. Johnson.”

The Armani suited man walked around his property, looking for faults in the slight man’s appearance. “Fix me a drink.”

“Yes sir.” Joshua ran to the bar, fixing his owner a sloe gin. He handed it to Mr. Johnson and stood back waiting to find out if he had done good or bad. The big man sipped it and a slow smile spread over his face. “Lets go upstairs JC.”

“Yes sir.” Joshua pressed the elevator button and stepped back for his owner to step into the carriage first before following him inside. As soon as the doors closed Johnson stepped towards the thin prostitute and undid his pants. He reached inside and felt his genitals, checking that they had been bound. “Good boy, I’m pleased.”

Joshua let out the breath he had been holding and stepped into the circle of arms that were held out to him. He buried his face into Johnson’s neck and stood trembling against him until the elevator came to a halt and the doors opened. Joshua waited till his owner had vacated the lift then followed at a respectful distance till they reached his apartments. He opened his door allowing Johnson to enter first. He took another deep breath before following him in.


Justin lounged back on his couch, a pint of toffee crunch ice cream and a spoon in his hand and a remote control to his DVD player in the other. He pushed play and settled back a contented sigh slipping from his lips as the opening credits to The Lord Of The Rings filled his wide screen TV.

“Ohhh no.”

Justin jumped as his living room door burst open and his two best friends leaped on top of him.

“Ice cream Justin! What are you thinking? Dude a minute on the lips is a lifetime on the hips.” Chris snatched the ice cream tub and tossed it to Joey, who tucked in with gusto.

“What do you want guys?”

Joey grinned a creamy grin, “Dude we came to save you from celibacy, we got reservations in the hottest spot in the state.”

“I’m not going to The Spangly Thong again. That was just …” Justin screwed up his face and shuddered at the merest thought of the grotty strip joint his two bi-sexual friends had dragged him to the last time they wanted to save him from himself.

“Dude its not there.”

Justin looked confused, “Where else is there,” he asked.


Justin laughed, “No chance.”

Chris pulled three passes out of his pocket. “Depends who you know.”

Justin gasped and tried to snatch the tickets. “Utopia, The Utopia! How?”

“Friend of a friend who knows one of the masters got me some passes.”

“I need to shave and shower.”

“Well you got twenty minutes, they lock the doors at 9:30.” Joey said as he smiled a toothy, ice cream stained grin.

Justin’s shirt went flying across the room and he vaulted over the back of the couch anxious not to get left behind.

Chris leaned back ion the soft sofa and chugged down Justin’s bottle of beer that was still sitting untouched on the table. “Told you he’d go for it,” he bragged smugly.

It was an hour’s drive to the discreet bordello that was hidden away in a vastly wooded area 30 miles north of town. The three friends bounced excitedly in their seats and wailed along to ‘I Wanna Rock’ by Twisted Sister.

“Oh my god!” Joey gasped in awe as they pulled up outside the massive plantation house.

Justin gulped, “those passes are genuine aren’t they Chris? I heard that they can be really ruthless with uninvited guests.”

“They’re real,” Chris squeaked.

“Well are we just going to sit here till they lock the doors?” Joey asked as he climbed out of the truck he had borrowed especially for the occasion.

Justin checked his watch, 8:40. “Lets do this.”

The friends gawped in wonder at the internal decoration; everywhere they looked was rich rosewood. Expensive Persian carpets covered the hardwood floors and vastly overstuffed couches were scattered around. A multitude of boys and men were draped erotically over various pieces of furniture in various stages of undress. A master came up behind them. “Take your time gentlemen, please feel free to talk to some of our young men, once you make your decision tell the gentleman sitting behind the desk and he will book your choice and you will be able to accompany the young man to his apartments.”

Joey clapped his hands together. “Ok, I think I’ll have a chat with chat delicious little brunette over there.”

“A good choice sir, Andy is a nice boy.”

Justin’s eyes were drawn to the elevator door opening. His breath caught in his chest as a leather-clad man stepped out. He sucked in the vision of loveliness. His hair was cut short around his ears but hung to the base of his neck, crowning his head in soft curls. His face was long but perfectly proportioned with a nose that on anyone else would have been way too big. He had a moustache and a thin strip of hair ran from his bottom lip to the point of his chin.

The man kept his eyes lowered the whole time he stood waiting by the door; he held his hands behind his back and his feet together. An aura of immense sadness hung around him like a mantle. Justin watched as a expensively dressed man approached the thin prostitute. The thin man seemed to visibly tremble as his owner for the night walked around him, studying him closely. The whore jolted into motion rushing to the bar and not waiting to be served, prepared a drink before rushing back to his waiting master. He waited wide-eyed as the man sipped at the beverage, taking a breath when he received a smile of approval.

“There is only one whore that is out of bounds and that is JC.” the Master pointed to the prostitute that was now following obediently behind his owner towards the elevators. “He is private property. Mr. Johnson pays for JC to live here and because of that has all rights over him.”

Justin watched as the elevator doors slid closed and wondered what it would be like to have the right to love the beautiful man. He was shook from his daydreams by Chris. “I think I’ll try him.” He sauntered over to a blue eyed blond with a pretty smile and Justin found himself standing alone.

“Hi there.” he spun around and came face to face with a young man with blond spiky hair and pale green eyes. “You look a little lost sugar.” His deep Mississippi accent flowed seductively from his mouth and Justin’s knees began to shake. “My name is James, can I get you a drink sugar?” Justin stared speechlessly at the whore and swallowed nervously. The whore grinned back, a small chuckle rumbling in his throat, making his big adam’s apple bob up and down. ”You’ve never been to a whore house before have you?”

Justin blushed, “No,” he confessed.

“Well sweetness just let me look after you. I promise that you will have a night you won’t forget.” He led Justin to a couch and encouraged him to sit down. “I’ll get you a drink baby, you just relax, I’ll be right back.” Justin let out the breath he didn’t realise he had been holding and watched as James’ ass swished back and forth as he walked over to the bar.

He returned with a tall glass filled with blue liquid.

“What is it?”

James slivered down next to him. “Just try it then I’ll tell you.”

Justin took a tiny sip and smacked his lips. “Tart!”

“What me or the drink?” Justin blushed and stammered as he tried to say he meant the drink. “It’s alright, we both are. Do you like it?”

“Yeah its nice.”

“Gin, blue bols, lemon juice and tonic. It’s called a St Christopher. Cheers.” he clinked his glass to Justin’s and sipped his cocktail. He reached out and moved a stray curl from Justin’s face. So would you like to see my rooms?”

Justin nodded eagerly and took James’ outstretched hand. They entered the elevator that the beautiful whore had disappeared into earlier and James pressed the button for the third floor. As they stepped out a pain racked cry surrounded them.

“Block it out.” James whispered.

Justin looked towards the source of the screams and James placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. “it’s not so loud in my rooms, come on.” Justin glanced once more towards the room at the end of the corridor then followed the southern blond into his apartments.

The cries were considerably lower when James closed the door. “Music I think.” James turned on his CD player and the soothing tones of Lionel Ritchie filled the room, drowning out the terrifying noise.

James took the glass from Justin’s hand and moved into his personal space. “Relax,” he whispered. He leaned in kissing him softly on his lips. “We have all night sugar, we can take it as slow as you need to.”

Their lips met again, James sucking on Justin’s tongue. “Mmm you taste so good baby, do you taste so good down there?” James slid down Justin’s body to his knees and unbuttoned his jeans. He reached inside the dark denim and pulled out the thick cock nestled in there. “Ohhh beautiful.” James looked up at his master for the night, his green eyes sparkling. “May I?” he asked.

Justin nodded, lust overpowering him.

James smiled sexily and sighed, letting his breath waft over the beautiful penis he cradled in his hands. He lowered his mouth engulfing the cock completely and Justin cried out with pleasure, his world blurring into a fluffy ball of ecstasy.

“Who was that screaming?”


“Oh,” Justin couldn’t help but remember the beautiful prostitute he had watched earlier.

“He was in pain.”

“He’s a whore.”

Justin propped himself up on his elbow and regarded the young prostitute laying next to him. “so that makes it alright then?”

James sighed, “I didn’t say that.”

“He was screaming, begging!”

“Like every Saturday night,”

“Why doesn’t someone help him?”

James sat up and pulled his legs up to his chest, resting his forehead on his knees. “He’s a whore, I’m a whore, no one cares what happens to us. Johnson pays for JC, he pays so much that he doesn’t have to work every night like the rest of us. Johnson owns JC, and he has certain tastes. Ones that make a man scream in agony. Forget it Justin, block it out. The rest of us learned to.”

“I have to go.” Justin started to get out of bed.

“Please don’t go, not yet.” James’ eyes pleaded for his John to stay. “let me convince you.” Justin sighed and laid back, letting James straddle him. He groaned with pleasure as the blond sunk down on his cock, embedding him in his tight ass.


“Great night or what?” Joey had way too much energy for a man that had spent the night fucking.

Chris grinned lazily, “ man that was the best god damned head I ever had. How’d you make out Jup?”

“I had a good time.”

“You know once you have been here its easy to get another pass don’t you?” Joey cast a look over to the booking booth, “we could make it a regular monthly thing, its only three hundred a night. We’d spend that in a club. This way we are certain of a fuck at the end of the night.”

Chris sucked his lips into his mouth then added. “If we do this we should do it together.” the three friends shut up as the elevator door opened and a man in an Armani suit stepped out a battered and bleeding whore limping closely to his heel.

The man held out his arms and the whore stepped into them, shaking with the effort it took him to remain on his feet.

“Goodbye JC, I will see you on Saturday. I will let you know what I want you to wear on Friday morning.”

JC’s voice was thin and pain filled. “Goodbye sir, thank you for bothering with me. I look forward to Saturday night and seeing you again.”

“Liar, you hate me.” the prostitute stood emotionless as he was groped openly and his mouth possessed. “keep your balls bound for the next two days.”

“Yes sir.”

“You know I will have them check on you to make sure you obeyed me?”

“I always obey sir.”

The suited man smiled, pleased with the whores answer. “You are a good boy JC. Go back to your room.” The brunette walked tentatively back to the elevator, returning to his room. Joey, Chris and Justin pretended not to eavesdrop as the man made arrangements for the following weekend and arranged a doctor to visit his pet whore.

“Make sure he keeps the bindings on his balls for at least three days, I want him to think of me.”

“Of course Mr. Johnson. Same time next week?”

“I’ll let you know.”