Part 3

The alarm sounded for Joshua to vacate his room and travel the elevator down to the lobby where his owner would soon arrive. When he stepped out of the lift he shuddered. Mr. Johnson was already there waiting for him, panicked he looked at the clock. It was only 8:47 he wasn’t meant to arrive for another ten minutes at least.

“Good evening JC.”

“Good evening sir.” Joshua kept his eyes adverted, he was forbidden to look directly at his benefactor in public. “May I get you a drink sir?”

“I already have one thank you JC. I want to go straight to your room. We have something to discuss, don’t we?”

Joshua’s voice trembled. “Yes sir.” his answer came out as a pathetic whimper. He opened his mouth, ready to apologise for the breach of trust when James came up to Johnson a sloe gin in his hands.

“James will be joining us tonight my pet. So you will not speak unless I directly order you to. Understand?”

Joshua nodded and walked dejectedly towards the elevator, holding the door open for his owner and the visitor.

On entering Joshua’s apartments Mr. Johnson pointed to a chair that sat by the wall. “James you will sit there and observe the nights proceedings. You will neither speak or interfere lest you want to receive the same treatment.” The blond prostitute moved quickly to where he had been told to stay and sat down. Johnson turned his attention to Joshua. The slender brunette stood up straight his hands behind his back and his feet together, presenting himself as he had been taught so long ago.

Johnson walked around him appraising his appearance, checking that he was wearing the exact combination of clothes and accessories that he had been instructed to. James saw how rapidly JC’s chest rose and fell. He stood his head held high, not meeting the eyes of his owner. He was bare footed as usual and James let his eyes travel up the long naked legs to the tight black boxers and open leather vest. A two-inch thick studded collar encircled his neck, a leash ring hanging in the hollow of his throat and around his wrists and ankles were buckled more thick leather bands, clips hung from them so that they could be fastened together if need be.

“Excellent JC, you look lovely.” James was shocked as JC actually blushed.

“Thank you sir.”

Johnson sat down on the bed. “Attend me.”

Joshua rushed to his feet, falling to his knees. Slowly he untied his owner’s shoelaces, slipping the expensive leather shoes from his feet. He then turned his attention to his socks, pulling them off one by one revealing perfectly pedicured feet.

“Well JC what are you waiting for?”

Joshua swallowed slightly then lowered his mouth to the toes of his owners right foot, kissing each one in turn, using his tongue to caress each digit before placing tiny kisses down the high instep. He ran the tip of his tongue from heel to toe pressing his lips to ball of the foot before he placed it back on the floor and repeated his actions with the left one

When he had finished he knelt unmoving and unspeaking, waiting to be addressed again.

“See how attentive my precious can be when properly motivated?” Johnson said to James. “Joshua strip.” The delicate prostitute stripped himself naked and stood straight waiting for his owner’s attentions. Ignoring James, Johnson addressed his whore again. “You allowed another prostitute into your room last week JC. Why?”

From where James sat he could see the thin man trembling. “It was unintentional sir, I never invited him, I would never disobey you.” Joshua kept his tone low and submissive, hoping that Johnson would believe him.

“And how can I believe you?” Johnson stood up walking round his ward.

“I wouldn’t lie to you Mr. Johnson. I swear sir. I didn’t ask for his help, please master believe me!”

“Get the whip JC.”

The brunette fell to his knees and grasped his owner around his ankles pressing his lips to his feet. “Don’t whip me! Please master don’t whip me.”

Johnson stood tall looking down on his property with contempt as James pressed his back into his chair; his hand covering his mouth to stop himself from crying out loud in the terrified mans defence. “I thought you said you would never disobey me JC?”

The blue-eyed prostitute drew himself up to his knees his mouth trembling. “I obey you sir,” he whispered. Getting down onto his hands and knees he crawled to the dresser and gathered the whip in his mouth. He dropped back to all fours and returned to Johnson, placing the whip in his outstretched hands.

Composing himself Joshua stood up and walked over to the left hand wall of his room. He lifted his hands above his head, fastening the clips on his wrist cuffs to the hooks that were attached there. James watched through tear filled eyes as the naked man stood waiting for his punishment to begin, knowing that it was because of him that this was happening.

Johnson tossed the whip at the blond prostitute. “Whip him,” he demanded.

James fumbled the hash leather in his hands almost dropping it. “Mr. Johnson, nothing happened, I told you it was my fault that JC was innocent!”

The middle aged man towered over the petrified blond. “Whip him James, and use your full strength or I swear to you I will have him admitted to my clinic and have him castrated.”

Joshua whimpered fearfully at his owner’s words.

Standing, holding the whip in his shaking hands, James shook loose the blades. Tears started to run down his face as he pulled back his arm and let the first blow fly.

Joshua screamed, his body arching into the wall as James let loose with another stroke. Five lashes in, the thin whore hung bonelessly in his restraints his lips moving in silent prayer. Johnson sat watching emotionlessly, stroking his erection. Every jerk of Joshua’s body brought him closer to climax. He noticed James’ arm was failing as the blond prostitute tired.

“James come to me now.”

The blond dropped the whip, and with his face stained with tears he hurried to where Johnson indicated on the floor between his legs. “Finish me off boy, then you may go.” with a heart wrenching sob James sucked the business mans cock into his mouth, choking down his cum as it spurted down his throat. Johnson pushed him away. “Get out. Next time leave him to crawl.”

Crying openly James rushed out of he room and back into his own. He threw himself on the bed, his face buried in his pillow sobbing until he couldn’t cry anymore


As soon as James had left Johnson lit a cigarette and took a long slow drag as he walked over to the man hanging helplessly against the wall. He traced his fingers over the new blood red welts that lined his back, kissing each one tenderly, tasting them with his tongue. Without warning he put the cigarette out on the small of Joshua’s back making the thin man scream once more. Johnson pressed his body up against his whores and ground hard against him, nibbling on Joshua’s neck. “Are you ready for your present precious?”

Wordlessly Joshua nodded, his breath coming rapidly in his chest. He never really wanted to know, but he was expected to say yes.

Johnson wrapped his arm around Joshua’s waist, supporting his weight. Then reached up and unclipped his restraints. The whore slumped and Johnson half carried, half dragged him back to the bed, dumping him unceremoniously on the floor. “Get up.”

Joshua used the bed sheets to pull himself up off the floor; he stood shaking with effort as Johnson sneered at him, waiting patiently. He picked up the box and held it out to his ward smiling.

“May I speak sir?”

“Of course.” Johnson sat down on the edge of the bed.

“Is it my birthday sir?”

The older man laughed. “Not your birthday no.”

“Then why?” Joshua asked confused.

“Does the 21st of July mean anything to you?”

“The day I came here.”

“Happy anniversary JC, you have belonged to me for a year. Open your gift.”

With shaky hands Joshua opened the paper, dropping it on the floor so he could open the box. “What is it?” he asked quietly, afraid of upsetting his benefactor with his lack of knowledge.

Johnson stood up taking the open box from his whore. “It’s a chastity device, each piece wraps around your cock and is bolted closed. There are enough pieces there to sheaf your cock from balls to rim. You will wear it for the rest of your time here.”

Joshua’s eyes filled with tears as his owner pick up two pieces and a bolt and locked it into place, using an Allen key. “You will still be able to take a piss JC, you just won’t be able to get a hard on, not that you need one.” Johnson locked piece after piece around Joshua’s penis until it was covered to just below the head. He then lifted his whore’s chin making him look him in the eye. “You’ll get used to it in a few days precious. Aren’t you going to say thank you for your present darling?”

“Th … thank you.” the pain was already beginning to build. ”Sir?”

“What is it JC?”

“I won’t be able to bathe.”

Johnson laughed. “It’s surgical steel so it won’t rust. Of course if you get water underneath it, it will make you sore. Maybe if you are a good boy I will take it off occasionally so you wont suffer too much.”

Johnson pulled Joshua to him, fondling his balls knowing that in doing so he was causing a reaction in the prostitutes cock. Joshua groaned as his penis tried to erect, pain multiplying with every thumbed stroke.

“Of course by the time you leave here and it’s removed for good you could be completely impotent, but again why should I care.” Johnson kissed his whore harshly, biting his bottom lip till he drew blood. He lapped at the split. “You never cry do you JC? No matter what I do to you, how ever I might humiliate or torture you, you never cry.” Johnson slapped Joshua’s naked ass with a loud clap and leaving behind a throbbing red handprint. “I will see you next Saturday JC, walk me to the door.”

The brunette bent down to pick up his boxers. “What are you doing JC?”

Joshua stammered realising that he had mad a big mistake. “I … I … “

“Did I tell you to dress?”

The whore backed away shaking his head, his lips clamped tightly together afraid to speak and make things worse. He yelped as Johnson’s hand snatched at his hair and he was pulled over his owners lap. The sneaker came down hard, each strike reverberating the sound of tracked rubber striking flesh around the room. Joshua screamed as the 16-inch dildo was rammed up his ass un-lubricated, forced in as deep as it would go. “Hold it,” the demand was barked. Disregarding the pain he was in Joshua clamped his muscles around the cold plastic. The sound of tape ripping had him whimpering for mercy. Johnson used duck tape to hold the dildo in place, securing it inside the willowy prostitute, he then tipped Joshua off his lap, “Get up.”

Joshua got tentatively to his feet, the dildo sticking out of his ass still. “Now you will walk me down to the front door.”

Joshua felt woozy; he was going to be forced to walk through the bordello naked with a chastity device locked on his cock and a giant dildo stuffed into him. His mouth went dry and the room started to spin. His stomach rushed up into his mouth and he fell onto the carpeted floor vomiting violently. Johnson spat at him disgusted, taking out his cock he pissed over the still retching man. “Clean this fucking place up you dirty fucking fag. I’ll remember this Joshua, I’ll remember.” He kicked the downed man in his gut making him retch again then slammed out of the room.

James was just about to go downstairs, having received a call from the lobby telling him to get his white ass downstairs and start earning his keep when Johnson stormed out of JC’s rooms. He glared at the Mississippi native making him cower back against the wall. Taking long strides the older man entered the elevator and was gone.

Timidly James pushed open his fellow whores door, gagging at the mess that Joshua was in. He started to take a step inside then stopped remembering the repercussions of the last time he tried to help. “JC, what should I do.” The blue-eyed brunette looked up his eyes pleading with the younger man to leave. James backed out closing the door behind him, sliding down the wall fighting the tears that were trying to start falling again. He was no help to JC, not if he couldn’t control his emotions. Controlling his breathing he pulled himself up and went back into his room, rummaging around in his bedside drawer he finally found his cell phone. Turning it on he pressed speed dial.


“Do you still wanna go?”

Chris sat on Justin’s couch, dressed in his best suit and new shiny shoes. They were waiting for Joey to arrive with his ride. Justin paced up and down his hands shoved into the back pockets of his designer jeans.

“Yeah, I’m nervous that’s all.”

“Still worrying about that Tom?”

“Yes … no, and don’t call him a Tom, its nasty.” Justin dropped down on the couch next to his friend.

“Justin you haven’t even spoken to him. You are never likely to speak to him. He’s out of bounds remember.”

“James spoke to him.”

Chris eyed him intrigued, “And how would you know that James has spoken to him?”

Justin shrugged and turned away, “Joe’s taking his time with the car.”

“Stop changing the subject Jup. How do you know that James spoke to JC?”

“I sort of gave him my cell number. Well he was really cute and he could do this really incredible thing with his tongue.”

“Stop!” Chris slapped his hand over Justin’s mouth. “That is way too much information.”

Justin yanked Chris’ hand away. “Anyway why are you all dressed up?”

“Dude, I told you! Interview remember?”

Justin rolled his eyes and slapped his forehead. “Shit Chris I forgot, sorry. Wait a minute its Saturday! Who interviews on a Saturday morning?”

“Dobson, Dobson and Hobbits, that’s who, and well it’s only the most important interview of my life. I didn’t study psychology and law for five years to shove my diploma into a drawer and forget about it.”

Justin sighed and rolled his eyes. “I said I was sorry. What time do you have to be there?”

Chris grinned “1:30. What say if I get it we celebrate at Utopia next weekend? You can get to see James again.” He laughed at the pale blush that coloured Justin’s cheeks. “I got to go. Smell you later.”

“Not if I smell you first.”