Part 8

Night had caste its gloom over Joshua’s room by the time he clawed his way back to consciousness. He lay on his bed, the mattress and sheets of which had been changed. He himself had been washed and dressed in a white mid-length nightshirt. His throat still ached from the pressure of Johnson’s hands, and his ass throbbed from the brutal whipping he had received. Warily he rolled onto his side, careful not to put any pressure on his already sore behind. As he stood shakily, knees trembling he caught a breath in his throat. There on the small table where he usually ate was a gift. He stepped closer, trailing his fingers over the shiny paper. He slipped the card out of its envelope.

‘Joshua, I hope your throat isn’t too sore, accept this gift as an apology for your discomfort and my temper. I will be visiting you again on Saturday. Meet me at the usual time in the lobby.’

Joshua carefully peeled back the tape and unwrapped the present, folding the paper back. He lifted the book, rubbing his fingers over the embossed cover. How can a man that had such cruelty inside of him and take so much pleasure in the suffering of others also be so accurate and lavish with his gifts? The book was a collector’s piece, hand bound in leather. A book he had always wanted. Not that he considered it the best book ever written but more for the sheer size of it. War and Peace, hopefully it would take him at least three months maybe even more to finish. He pulled out a chair and sat down intending to start reading, only to stand straight back up again as pain shot through his backside. He caressed the leather once more before returning to his bed, hoping that when he woke again it would hurt a little less.


Saturday rushed upon Justin and his fellow conspirators, before they knew it they were sitting in Chris’ apartment putting the final details on their plans.

“Lance will greet us in the lobby, he has booked Justin in with him. But tonight we are asking for something special.”

Joey grinned, “a gang bang.”

Chris smiled, “A gang bang. Of course Lance is willing to subject himself to this and agrees.”

“That puts the three of us all in Lance’s - James’ room.” Justin corrected himself. “What ever we do we mustn’t slip. In Utopia his name is James. No one knows him there as Lance.”

“What’s the time?” Joe asked.

“Time we weren’t here.” Chris picked up the keys to Joey’s truck and tossed them at the tall man. “You drive.”


Utopia was crowded. Maximum passes had been sold for the night and the whores ran around busy fetching drinks and presenting themselves to clients that never had the foresight to book their favourites. James stood leaning against the bar, sipping a mint tea. It was getting close to 9 and Justin, Joey, Chris and Johnson had yet to make an appearance.

The main doors opened and James smiled to himself as Justin’s curly head bobbed into view. Nodding at the barman he sauntered over to where the three friends were chatting with the booking clerk.

“Well hi there sugar, how nice of you to come back and see me again. Can I get you a drink or would you like to go upstairs?”

The four men’s attention turned towards the opening elevator doors. Justin took in a deep breath, his heart beating rapidly. Joshua stepped into the lobby. He was totally naked except for the steel locked around his cock. His hair curled around the back of his neck and he was clean-shaven, completely clean-shaven. There was not one hair on his body. He blushed crimson as all eyes went to him. He shook as he walked nearer to the door, standing on the spot that he had been instructed to. The spot that meant Johnson would see him as soon as he walked in through the door and so would everyone else.

A couple of patrons whistled catcalls at him and one sidled up behind him, groping at his bruised ass. Joshua never made a move to stop him, even when the man reached around and pulled hard on his balls, the slender prostitute never made a sound. Only the pain registered on his face.

The doors of Utopia opened once more and Johnson smiled as he was greeted with the gorgeous sight of his naked ward. “We will go directly to your rooms my sweet.”

Joshua dropped his head, looking at his bare toes. “As you wish sir.”

He lifted himself back up to his full height and still keeping his gaze from all those around him padded silently to the elevator, allowing his owner to enter first.

Tears welled in Justin’s eyes as he saw the welts that still graced JC’s perfectly round ass. James stepped between him and the sight. “Come with me sugar, let James teach you the real meaning of pleasure.”

Remembering the plan and brushing away the tears that wanted to fall Justin forced a smile. “I want something different tonight James, my friends want to taste you too.”

“My, am I to be the honey pot?”

Joey wrapped his arms around the whore’s waist and nuzzled his neck, playing his part in the deception. “Most defiantly,” he said, and then mimicking James‘ thick southern accent said. “And Sugar, the bees are mightily hungry.”


“I’m happy to see that you made a good recovery JC.” Johnson circled the naked whore, his eyes drinking in the pale loveliness of the younger mans skin. “Did, you like your gift?”

“Yes sir. Thank you sir it‘s beautiful.”

“I will give you the opportunity to thank me properly later, but I believe that beautiful things should have beautiful things. You should have beautiful things Joshua. I could give them you.”

“But at what price sir?”

Johnson paused behind JC and lifted his chin, displaying the dark bruises around his neck and ignoring Joshua‘s question. “You have a beautiful throat Joshua.” Johnson’s hand closed around his wards neck and he smiled as he felt JC’s Adam’s apple bob when he swallowed with fear.

“Are you afraid JC?”

“Yes sir.” Joshua’s whispered answer was hardly audible.

“Do you fear for your life when you are with me?”

JC’s voice shook as he replied. “I fear for my life sir, but I fear more for my soul.”

Johnson slid his hand up Joshua’s throat till his hand was clamped around his jaw. He pulled the whores head towards him until the back of Joshua’s head rested on his shoulder. “You don’t have a soul JC. You are a criminal, a slut and a whore. God abandoned you a long time ago. You belong to me JC, I determine when you sleep, when you fuck, when you sit, when you shit, when you eat and what you eat.” He kissed the side of Joshua’s face. “That reminds me princess, I have ordered a change in your diet. From now on you will eat kibble. It has all the goodness and vitamins that you need and it will stop you from getting fat.”

The prostitute squeezed his eyes shut as he composed himself. “It’s animal feed,” he said in a lowered voice. “Sir please don’t do this to me.”

Johnson stroked down the front of Joshua’s throat once more. “It’s done princess, starting in the morning.”

Joshua’s head drifted forward resignedly. “Yes sir.” Johnson released his hold on Joshua and took a step back. “Bend over JC, feet shoulder width apart and hold on to your ankles.”

The prostitute obeyed and shuddered when Johnson’s fingertips traced over the raised welts that criss-crossed his ass. “It’s prettily bruised. You should always have a thrashed ass it’s very erotic. Johnson got down on his knees and kissed each reddened cheek, lapping at the sore skin. “Stand perfectly still JC and I won’t have to punish you tonight.” He parted Joshua’s ass cheeks and blew softly on his opening. “Perfectly still,” he whispered before he dived in with his tongue.


“What time is it now?” Justin asked for the fifth time in as many minutes.

“Just kick back Justin, why don’t you try and get some sleep?” Chris took the youngest of them by the shoulders and steered him to an easy chair, pushing him down into it.

James reclined back on his bed. “Come and sit with me sugar, I’ll relax you.” He patted the bed next to him.

“You’re serious!” Joey exclaimed, shocked by the young prostitutes brazen invitation.

“”Well sweetness we have all night to kill and y’all have paid for me.”

“Y’all? You all, YOU ALL, you want all three of us?”

Chris sniggered and Justin’s mouth dropped open in total disbelief. “James honey, why don’t I join you on the bed for a little while?”

The blond smiled coyly and shifted his ass so that Chris could cuddle up by his side. “How’s that sugar?”

“That’s perfect.” Chris leaned in planting a small kiss on James’ soft pink mouth. He broke away and licked his lips. “Vanilla?”

“Well everyone loves ice-cream don’t they?”

A smile tugged at the corners of Chris’ mouth as he leaned in and claimed James’ lips once more, this time deepening and prolonging the contact.

“Holy shit! Do you have any idea how hot that is?” Joey had pulled up a chair and now sat watching eagerly. Justin giggled nervously at the display of voyeurism and found himself unable to tear his eyes from the pair making out on the bed.

James pulled back, coming up for air. He smiled sexily at Joey who’s mouth was hanging open. He beckoned him over with his index finger, smiling when Joey followed. He arched up meeting the brunettes lips. “Come and play sugar. I’ll let you into a secret.”

“Ohhh it’s the tongue thing, please tell me you are going to do the tongue thing.”

James giggled and laid back between the two dark haired men, his eyes met Justin’s. “You told them about the tongue?” He frowned slightly then smiled letting Justin know he really wasn’t mad.

“I didn’t tell them what you did, just that you had this little party trick and it was incredible.” Justin swallowed hard as Chris engulfed James’ cock. It was like a car wreck, he knew he shouldn’t watch but he couldn’t help it. Joey groaned as he was in turn engulfed by James’ mouth.

“Sweet Jesus!” Joey howled out loud as the prostitutes tongue danced over his heat. Unable to take anymore of the sight of his two best friends double teaming the pale blond he slipped his hand down his own pants and joined in the fun.

He woke hours later still in the easy chair. On the bed there was a tangle of bodies and limbs. He looked around, looking for the time. “It’s 7:30 sugar.” James’ deep bass voice seemed even deeper in the early morning.

“What time will Johnson leave?”

“About 8:30. Why don’t you get a shower sugar, there’s towels in the closet. I’ll wake up these two.”

“Thanks.” Justin paused as if to say something, then changed his mind.

“You want to know why I let them do that to me last night?”

Justin gave a half laugh, it’s none of my business Lance.”

“James, when I’m in Utopia I’m James. Don’t mix the two up. I would never have done that if I wasn’t here.” James extracted himself carefully from between the two brunettes. “I work here Justin, I’m a whore, and I’m paid to have sex. Besides sugar it took your minds off of today didn’t it?”

“I shouldn’t judge you. I’m sorry.” James wrapped the younger blond in his arms and hugged him tight, kissing him on his forehead.

“No harm done sugar. Now get your stinky ass in the shower while I wake up my boys.”


Johnson traced his hand down the slim body lying next to him. He genuinely had feelings for Joshua. Unfortunately for the sleek limbed man those feelings included an immense pleasure of hearing him scream. He had made him scream last night, firstly with the scalding hot wax that he dripped all over his genitals and then with a mixture of cigarettes and dildos. He trailed the back of his hand down the side of Joshua’s face. “JC, wake up sweetness.” Johnson scowled when the whore didn’t move. He jabbed him hard in the ribs, adding to the countless bruises that already resided there.

Joshua yelp and recoiled, jerking awake. “Time to get up sweetness.”

“I’ll get your tea sir.”

Johnson’s cell phone ringing stopped him from answering. Knowing better than to stay in the room Joshua went into the bathroom and sat in the shower cubical with his hands over his ears. After a few minutes the door opened. “Walk me to the lobby JC I have to go.”

The brunette stood and moved to where he could be easily reached by his owner. “I never listened sir.”

“I know sweetheart.”

They rode the elevator down to the ground floor in silence Joshua’s back pressed up against Johnson’s chest so that his owner could grope and rub his balls. When they came to a halt Joshua waited until his owner had stepped outside the carriage then followed him out. Most of the night’s clients had gone and most of the men in the lobby were working boys on their way to breakfast in Utopia’s elegant restaurant.

“Don’t forget sweetness, your diet changes from this morning. If I hear that you refuse to eat your kibble I will be very, very angry.” Johnson lifted his wards chin and kissed his mouth. “You look beautiful naked, I want you to pack up all your clothes and I will arrange for them to be picked up.”

“Yes Mr. Johnson.”

“One day I will find the one thing that will make you cry Joshua and when I do -” Johnson chuckled, “well we will cross that bridge when we get to it. I will be in touch during the week.” He kissed Joshua again and waving to the clerk went outside into the early morning southern sunshine.

Suddenly very self-conscious of the fact that he was naked Joshua got back in the elevator, breathing a sigh of relief when the doors swished closed.

His scream was muffled as a strong hand clamped down over his mouth and he was held tightly as the emergency stop button was struck.

The slim prostitute struggled, stamping on his attackers foot and getting a curse in response, but still he was held tightly.

“Stop it! JC stop now.” Justin struggled to hold the frantic man. “James sent me. I’m here to help you.”