Joshua walked down the steps that led from the court building to the car. He hugged a long black coat around his skinny body to stop it from blowing in the wind that had sprung up that morning. Beside him walked his boyfriend - Justin and just two steps behind him walked Joey and Chris. It had been a long hard case, the last two weeks had been especially hard on Joshua as he spent hour after hour being questioned and cross-examined. Forced to reveal the most intimate details of his imprisonment and subsequent torture. He had broken down and cried when he told how Lance had risked everything to save him from Johnson. He stood with his face stony, as photographs of his scars had been passed around, breaking down once again when pictures of Lance’s broken body were presented as evidence.

Johnson had stared at him the whole time barely blinking, watching with fascination as tears rolled down his former prisoners face. As Joshua left the witness box to return to his seat the foul man whispered to him. “I always knew I’d find someway of making you cry sweetness.”

As Joshua reached the bottom step a well-dressed man in his thirties approached him .

“Mr. Chasez, my name is Gabriel. I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for what you endured at Utopia. I had no idea that you were there against you will.”

The brunette smiled sadly. “It doesn’t matter anymore,” he said as he walked towards the car.

“Thank you for what you did for James - I mean Lance in there. If I had just left my office ten minutes earlier.” The older mans voice cracked.

“It’s not your fault.”

“I loved him you know. From the moment I saw him standing in front of that panel, when he skipped out on that Saturday night, I knew I loved him. I had set wheels in motion to buy him out of his contract with Utopia; I was going to ask him to move in with me. Be my lover.” The five men walked away in silence knowing that there was no more that could be said as the wind whipped around them.

The End.

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